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Stone Templet [M-LSV]


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Gaara walked through the gates to the small town of Tenna. He was shocked from what he saw. Fire, death, darkness, it was everwhere. The sight of the people made his stomach churn. His mind was racing with both rage for the loss of life, and saddness at the same time.

"You, boy, what are you doing in my new capital?" A dark stern voice appeared behind him. He turned around slowly and clenched his fist as he saw who it was.

"Whats it matter? I am here because I feel like being here. Is that good enough for you?" Gaara said with a cocky smile on his face. He realized that he was really good at making people think he was good at what he did.

"Boy, you and your five companions shall eat the words that come out of your mouth." The man said as a dark void came around him.

"Wow, remind me to get a candle." Gaara said with the same smirk, and then sparks began to fly off of his body.

"Stupid child." The man said, and then smiled as Gaara froze in his place.

"Whats going on? I can't move." He turned his head and looked at a girl that seemd buitiful to him. She seemed sad, like she was being controled agianst he will.

"What are you doing? Let me go." Gaara said to the girl. She closed her eyes and looked away, like she was ashamed of what she was doing. Gaara turned his head back to the other guy as everthing went black.

"You have to be joking me." Gaara said to himself as he opened his eyes. He looked up at the ceiling of a hotel that he had stayed for the past week.

"Only a dream. I guess its because of this." He said aloud as he pulled the gold gem out of his pocket. It shimmered in the light, like it was meant to be seen by all.

"So, he is after this, as well as the other gems that he does not posses. This will get interesting." He said as a smil;ed crossed his face.

OCC: Well I got it up sooner than I thaught. Had a little free time. In your first post, jus give a little intro on you person. No real biggie. You can do whatever after that. Have fun.
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Sarin opened his eyes slowly after invading the dreanms of the other gem holders. "It won't be long now" The quartz gem embedded into his chest seemed to absorb all of the light, making the room seem dim. A board of the cournty laid inf ront of him showing the different countries and the current size of their armies and where the gem holders were. "Lets test their strength" He looked over the already taken territroy that he had taken, no one stood in his way right now except for the five holders. He turned to the man beside him. "Bring the testers" Five men were brought in front of him and the gem in his chest flashed as a bolt of dark energy went into each, transforming them to a terrible demon looking creature. "I have given each of you a fraction of my power. You are a little under the holders current power level which isn't much since they haven't really mastered their skill at all. Go now and see how each fight. Don't come back till either they are dead or you are. If it is the latter case then too bad"
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"Thanks." Leon answered as the cafe woman gave him bread. She smiled as he paid her and walked away. He took small bites as it was 2 days till he reaches the next village. It was a wonderful day as the sun was out with a gental breeze. He waved at nearby farmers on the side of the trail. Leon took one last bite and but it in his bag. He thought he was going to have a quiet trail to the next village when a women began running towards him.
"Ma'm, what's wrong?" Leon could see blood on her dress.
"Oh traveler, demons are on the other side! They have already killed fred..." A roar and a pack of demons came over the hill.
"Run to the village, i'll cover you." The woman nodded and began her run the the village. The demons came closer, human blood was flowing down there teeth. Leon spat and pulled out his shinny gunblade. It was demons that are always the cause to people's problems.... He pulled back his blade and ran at them. He slashed,cut, and thrust through all of them. None of them put up a fight as he killed them before they could breathe. He stood in the middle of the dead demons. He grabbed a towel form his bag and slowly cleaned his gunblade of the blood. He had traveled through five villages so far in the month searching for the demon who destroyed his village and his parents. out of the 50 or so demons he had killed, none of them strong enough to kill his parents, they where too strong. He will find that demon, He searchs the villages to find info. He will find his parent's killer. Even if he has to kill every single demon that comes to him. All cause of that demon king. Non matter, not his war. He packed everything and began to walk the trail to the next village.
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Being 'mute' sure had its perks. None in the area really cared about the girl's presence as she toiled away, light green eyes cast apathetically at the ground in front of her.

[COLOR=Teal][I] "Hey man, look at what I found in that last city."
"Wow, what a find. Great quality."
"Yea, surprised a big fancy pace like that had such measly defenses."
"I know what you mean. Such good weapons, and soldiers with no skills." [/I][/COLOR]

Ashleigh barely listened to the three laughs as she passed them. In one hand was a small flask, out of which she took a tiny sip of the liquid inside. Plain water. She stood silently atop a small hill, keeping a minor watch over the area. The watchmen seemed to have been slacking off. Again. [I]'Idiots.'[/I] she thought. [I]'Just because it's unlikely to be attacked, doesn't mean you ignore your posts.'[/I]

One swift kick to each gut woke them up effectively. A glint of the dagger in her outstretched hand voiced for her the words she didn't say. Grudgingly to two went back to their post, but as the girl walked away to attend to some minor chores, she knew they would only snooze again.
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=Navy]?You?ve gotten slow, brother,? Ceara laughed as a blow from her staff knocked Riordan down.

The man sighed and sat up. ?Either you?ve improved tremendously or I?m out of practice.?

Another man walked up to them, laughing. ?No brother, you?re just getting old.?

Ceara frowned. ?Don?t be stupid Oran. 27 isn?t old at all. Besides, you?re 24 yourself.?

?It?s just a joke, Ceara,? Riordan said with a smile. ?Oran knows I can still beat HIM at least.?

Oran offered his brother a hand. ?Your wife sent me out here to tell you supper is ready.?


?Yay!? Ceara cried, spinning in a circle, ?Nora?s stew is the best!?

?You only say that because everything you cook tastes horrid!? Oran teased.

Ceara hit him lightly with her staff. ?Does not!?

?Whatever,? Oran laughed, a stupid grin plastered on his face, ?I?m not staying for dinner anyway. I have [I]other[/I] plans.?

?Filthy womanizer,? Ceara hissed. She hit him with her staff again, a little hard than before, and took off running up the hill.

?Oy!? Oran shouted, chasing after her. ?Come back here you midget!?

Riordan watched them and smiled. They really never change. Suddenly, the light caught, blue and sparkling, on something around Ceara?s neck. That gem she found 4 years ago at the river? she still had it with her always.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=Purple][LEFT]"Gaaaaaaaaah," that was a yell from a very irritated traveler. This traveler was in fact the young girl who had a suddenly just vanished from her home. Her pale blue eyes looked down doubtfully at the ground with sadden eyes.

"I didn't think leaving would be this hard,"she mutter under her breath holdng her blades tightly in her hands. Her blades were dripping with what seemed of demon blood. Talon, the name of this young but dangerous girl, was yelling for the fact that she had killed her tenth demon on this monsterous trail she was walking on. Having no idea were she was or were she was going, she kept moving on with no care in the world.

"I guess it isn't too bad as long as I'm away from my aunt and uncle,"she said with a sigh. Her stomach growled loudly as she kept moving. She ignored it for what seem like the 100th time for her. She had recently finished feasting on rabbit she had skinned a while back but the little creature didn't satisfied her much. But no matter what she wasn't going to give up just over some hunger.

Talon stopped only for a minute to replace her blades back on her waist. Afterwards she kept moving on with her head held up hight. [I]'I'm not going to be defeated. I'm going to continue on,'[/I]she thought to herself. She then suddenly flew one of her hands to a crimson pounch that was wrapped tightly to her waist. "And this little thing here will help me gain that strength,"she said smiling down at it. Her face appeared to gain some more confidence as she patted the pouch gently. You could say it was true, the gem did give her a bit more strength as she trailed down the trail to what hopefully would a rest area up ahead.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial] Leon walked down the trail to the next village. He had been none-stop walking for 4 hours now. Insane. He stopped to rest at a nearby poud. He refilled his jug as he sat, his back against the wall. He went through his bag looking at notes he wrote down. To find the mighty demon, he would have to follow his trail. People said, that the demons are searching for these so called gems. If he found someone with a 'gem' then he could stay with them and wait for the demon to strike. So far he wasen't had any luck. He felt alittle hungrey, so he started a fire and went to search for something to eat. He took off his black jacket and took his gunblade with him on the trail. He took afew steps and stopped. He waited....waited...waited... Now! He turned to a bush and fired a bullet form his blade. Leon smiled as he walked over and found a dead deer laying on the ground.
"Some good lunch here."[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain walked through his tiny village, minding to himself as others would wave to him. He would wave them off and just keep walking, his gem lied his his pocket and he fiddled with it as he thought to himself.

[I]"What was with that dream, that man invaded and spoke. He said four others, what others."[/I] It soon faded from his mind, and he came to his old house. It was still burned even thought it was almost 5 years ago, he looked at the ashes and kicked them around with his boots.
"Damn gem. You have brought me nothing but pain, why should I keep you?"[/B] The gem responded instantly.

[I][B]"Because I give you power, your wife needed to pass on so you would be aware of what is really going on in the world."[/B][/I] The voice faded and Kain chuckled lightly.

[B]"Oh I know now."[/B] Kain said to himself, he had spent his years traveling to see what he could uncover about his gem. He found out about a man who had found a gem 2 thousand years ago and used it for evil, Kain didn't think this was a good way to use his gem. But the again, he wasn't the "perfect" citizen either, he had used it for personal gain as well, but not to that level. He stood in the ashes of his home for a few more minutes, he then headed out to his wifes grave. He kneeled down and bowed his head to her tombstone.
"I hope you are in a better place now."[/B] Kain said and stay kneeled for a good hour, he then stood up and walked on into the country, hoping to find any answers he could find. Or find the "others" that the man in his dream had mentioned.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=Navy]Ceara was woken by a crash. Had Oran taken up drunkenness on top of womanizing? Or could it be? ?Thieves?? she breathed. What on earth did her family have worth stealing? She grabbed her staff and slipped out into the hallway. Riordan was already out there, waiting at the top of the stairs.

?If it?s Oran waking me up coming home drunk?? Ceara whispered.

?I?m a lot of things but I?m no drunk,? someone hissed behind her. Ceara whirled around to see Oran standing behind her. His date must not have gone as well as he planned.

?It looks like a man but it moves like a beast,? Riordan whispered as he watched the intruder shuffling around downstairs. ?It?s heading this way, we have to stop it. Ready Oran??

?Of course.?

?What about me?? Ceara complained.

?If it gets past us, you can?t let it get upstairs. Protect Nora for me, okay?? Riordan whispered. He turned to Oran, nodded, and the two men charged down the stairs at the creature, staffs ready.

Riordan struck the creature with a blow that would knock a normal man unconscious. The creature however, seemed unphased. It rewarded Riordan by slashing into his arm.

?Bastard!? Oran shouted, moving in to attack. The creature merely spun around and slammed him into the nearest wall. He slid to the ground, unmoving.

Ceara was practically frozen in shock. This? this THING had just taken out both her brothers effortlessly. Instantly, her shock turned to rage. She walked slowly down the stairs. The gem that hung as a pendant around her neck was glowing.

?I?m going to make you wish you never came here,? she muttered.

The creature was pleased. This was just the person it had been seeking. ?I came for you,? it growled in an inhuman voice.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Sarin smiled as he watched his servants locate each one. This Ceara girl was kind of good looking. "Let's see how she fights my little friend" He leaned back to enjoy the show as he steepled his fingers. "I could kill them all with one finger right now"
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=Navy]?If you came for me, I?ll fight you? But get out of this house!? Ceara screamed. She ran at the creature and jammed the end of her staff into its chest. The creature wasn?t forced back much, but it DID move.

Ceara ducked away from a slash of its claws and made for the door. As she ran out into the misty night, the monster followed. When she was far enough away from her house, Ceara spun around to face her opponent. The creature was faster than she had thought, it was right behind her. ?What the hell do you want??

The creature answered with a strike. Ceara blocked it with her staff. Because its attack had been blocked, the creature threw its weight into the staff and knocked Ceara over. She rolled down the hill and the creature leapt after her.

That?s when Ceara heard it, the sound of rushing water, the river. If she could lead that thing to the pier, she could knock it in. So, Ceara got to her feet and ran towards the river.

A sudden blow from behind left Ceara sprawled out on the wet grass. The creature stood over her, looking as vicious as ever. ?Damn it,? Ceara hissed as she tried to get to her feet. She could see the river? she was so close? Ceara looked up at the monster, and with all her strength, she struck it across the face with her staff. The creature barely seemed to care but it was distracted enough that Ceara could get to her feet. She took off running and this time managed to get to the pier. She ran to the end and spun around, panting with exhaustion but still ready to fight.

Her attacker charged down the pier to attack head-on, of course. Ceara waited. She had to wait. When it was only a few feet from her, the creature leapt into the air, intending to attack mid-jump. This was what Ceara needed. She swung at the monster with her staff and knocked it out of the air. It landed in the rushing water with a chilling wail and began thrashing about, trying to stay afloat.

[I]Drown! [/I] Ceara thought. [I]I want it to die. I want it to die.[/I]

The gem around Ceara?s neck exploded with blue light and the river began to churn around the struggling creature, as if complying with Ceara?s request. The creature was dragged under and Ceara stood on the pier for several minutes afterward. She had to make sure that thing wasn?t coming back.[/COLOR][/FONT]

OOC: sorry for posting so much so often ^^;; I wrote a huge chunk all at once and its hard not to post it...
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Ashleigh walked the grounds like she always did, the big bad boss had locked himself up in his quarters like usual. Of course she was aware of most things that go on around the place, the time old survival theory of 'keep your mouth shut and your eyes open' was to thank for that.

A messenger ran over, and shoved a sealed letter at her, telling her to take it to the boss. She narrowed her eyes at the man, knowing just how much everyone was afraid of disturbing him. Nodding, she turned away and walked the distance to Sarin's quarters. She knocked. [COLOR=Teal]"What?!"[/COLOR]

Ashleigh didn't answer. How could she? [COLOR=Teal]"Answer me!" [/COLOR] came the yell. The girl walked though the door and unceremoniously dropped the letter on the desk in front of Sarin before finally taking the time to briefly bow her head in 'respect'.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the head of the messenger, most likely waiting to see if there would be a reply or not. [I]'Most likely awaiting orders for his division to move in on some unsuspecting town,'[/I] she thought.
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Sarin skimmed the letter. "Do what ever you think is necassary but if you fail you will die" Sarin threw the note back down and stood up. He walked up the stairs to the top of his tower and looked out over his domain, which was arpidly spreading. He could see poepple not doing their jobs and being lazy. Sarin walked back down and turned to Asleigh. "If any one is not doing their job, put them in the torture chamber. That should get them going again." Sarin wrote down the memo and handed it to her. "Put this on the board so everyone can see it and see the new rule"
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Gaara stepped out of the hotel and looked down the street. It was buisy, but seemed to have a personality of its own. He began walking, taking in what the venders were selling.

"Wow, if only I had some more money, I would be able to buy some stuff." He kept walking, saying hello to those that said it to him. After about ten minutes of walking, he heard a scream. Then a roar that seemed to churn his blood.

"What was that? Better go take a look." He ran in the direction of the roar and saw a demon. It wasn't exacallly attacking people. but more of searching. Suddenly it stopped and looked at Gaara.

"Oh, crap. That bastard in black sent you didn't he? Did that girl try to stop you? Wait, what the hell am I talking about. I don't even know that girls name. You know it weirdo?" Garra asked the demon as the drew his sword.

"Master said to watch out for you. He said he wanted you alive." The demon said in a strange popping voice.

"So, he has taken a liking to me? Well, one in a million." Garra said as he charged the demon. He braught his sword up, but only struck air. He had to quickly turn around and block a strike as the demon shot its claws at him.

"Time to get a little brighter." Gaara said as he clenched his fist, small waves of electricity flowing off of it. Suddenly, the gem imbeddedin the hilt of his sword began to glow as a giant bolt of lightning shot off of his sword, frying the demon in a matter of seconds.

"Well, I think I over cooked him. In any case, I think its about time to say hello to the master guy that won't stay out of my dreams." Gaara said as he put his sword back on his back and started walking twards the city gates.
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=Navy]?Ceara!? Riordan cried as he ran down the pier towards his sister. ?Are you okay? Where?s that monster?? His arm was hastily bandaged and obviously still bleeding.

?I killed it,? she whispered.

Riordan wrapped his uninjured arm around her. ?Are you okay??

Ceara nodded.

?Then let?s go home.?

Back at the house, Nora was waiting in the doorway. When she saw Riordan and Ceara coming, she ran out to them, golden hair streaming behind her. ?It?s not coming back, is it??

Riordan shook his head.

Inside, while Nora bandaged Riordan?s arm properly, Ceara sat down beside the still unconscious Oran. ?Hurry and wake up, you idiot,? Ceara whispered, taking his hand, ?so I can stop worrying about you.?

?As if I want a midget like you worrying over me,? he whispered, putting his free hand over his forehead. ?Damn? my head is killing me.?

?Idiot!? Ceara shouted.

?Not so loud?? Oran moaned, sitting up.

Ceara dropped his hand. ?Making me worry for nothing?? she muttered, irritated. But then the tone of her voice changed, grew sad. ?I?m going to leave tomorrow.?

?What?!? Riordan and Oran both said at once.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Ashleigh nodded, and closed the door behind her as she exited. The messenger ran off, having received his answer. Approaching the board, she posted the new rule. Without hesitation, she was quick to pull the nearest lazy bums over to take a look so they could spread the word. [I]'Finally,'[/I] she thought.[I]'Now maybe I won't have to do everything anymore.'[/I]

She sighed, resuming her walks and watching the word spread. Some groaned in protest, but she shut them up with a look and body language that clearly said she would cut out their tongue if the operation became necessary to keep them in line.

Eventually she came in a circle, smiling lightly that the watchmen ere more alert than she had ever seen them in the past months. The smile was warm, but the eyes were cold. They shivered at the look, knowing very well they were in for more than a kick in the future.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain stood in the field of wheat and looked about, he wasn't to far from the village. He took this moment to relax and meditate, his meditation was cut short as he heard a blood curtiling scream from what sounds like a women.

He instantly jumped up and bolted to the village, passing by people who were just looking at what was happening. Kain soon saw a demon stand atop a women, it looked human but still had mutated featuers of a monster. Kain growled and drew his sword, then the creatuer sniffed the air and looked directly at Kain, smiling and pointing.
"You are the one I am looking for."[/B] The monster siad with a grusome hiss, Kain looked a little surprised at what the monster had said.
"Why are you looking for me? I have nothing that would interest anyone."[/B] Kain lied to the monster.

[B]"Yes you do. To my master, you carry something very valuable. And he wants you alive."[/B] The creatuer smiled and took a step towards Kain, Kain snerd at the monster.
"You won't be taking me easily."[/B] Kain held his sword out and drew his gem, he jammed his gem into his pommel and the blade instantly turned to white flame. Kain smiled, and charged the beast, it ran at him to and Kain swiped it with his sword. Cutting it across its stomach, the wound was on fire and the fire began to spread across the demons body. It dropped to the ground trying to put it out, Kain just laughed and yanked the gem out of the pommel. He sheather his sword and stuck the gem back into his pocket.

[B]"No matter how much you roll in the dirt or put water on the flame, it will continue to burn until you are dead."[/B] Kain turned and walked away, and thought quietly to himself.

[I]"I should find this lord who wants my gem so badly."[/I] Kain walked out of the village and head for the nearest town, thinking he would find information thier.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=Navy]?Leaving?? Nora asked, her pale blue eyes reflecting concern. ?But this is your home??

?That?s why I?m leaving!? Ceara cut her off. ?That monster was after ME, but my brothers got hurt instead. What if someone dies next time? I can?t live with that thought.?

?But you killed the monster,? Riordan pointed out.

Ceara was shaking now. ?It?s more than the monster? I?ve been having dreams? horrible, awful dreams and I ignored them? but now I know better. That monster won?t be the last.?

Oran grabbed her arm. ?Like hell you?re leaving! It?s because someone?s after you that you should stay here.?

?I?m not a child!? She shouted, wrenching her hand from his grasp. ?I?m going to leave and find out why this is happening. And, when I stop whoever is responsible for this? I want all of you to be here waiting for me.?

Riordan looked at Ceara for a very long time. ?I understand,? he sighed at last.

?What?? Oran shouted. ?You?re going to let her go? What?s wrong with you! What would mom say to that if she were here??

Riordan looked away. ?She?d smile sadly and remind us that Ceara really [I]isn?t[/I] a child anymore.?

?And dad?? Oran pushed.

?I DON?T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT BASTARD!? Ceara shouted. She turned away from everyone. ?I?m going back to sleep and then I?m leaving in the morning.?

Oran opened his mouth to object again, but a stern look from Riordan silenced him.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Sarin smiled as he watched his helpers die. "Ah so they know limited use of there gem, not much but able to keep themsleves alive." He snapped his fingers as several more creatures of darkness appeared each one being aws strong as the person they were facing and began to take shape. Sarin laughed. "Now they will have to fight themselves" He watched the demons leave, he loved doing this.
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Gaara sighed as he finnaly came to the gates of a clouded city. The gates were a black metal. He could tell from the ground, that everything was dead.

"Wow,he has great taste. All black death. Couldn't get any happier." He said as he let out a yell. "Hey, open up. I wishto talk to the ruler of this place." He looked on top of the gates as a girl leaned over. HE tried not to look shocked, but he couldn't help it.

"Hey, do I know you?" The girl had a coldish expression on her face, but kept quiet.

"Guess not. Will you open the gates?" He let out a grin as he heard a soldier yell at the girl. A second later she dissapeared then the gates began to open.

"Strange girl. Wonder why she doesn't talk." He said to himself as he walked through the gates, only to be met with a blade by the neck.

"Hey, now. No nead for that." He said as he looked over to the mute girl's eyes.

"I pose no threat, honnest. I do not feel like fighting you." HE saw her motion to the sword o;n his back.

"I can not give it to you. Tat is one thing that is not possible" He said taking a step back from her.

"Hey, Ashleigh, boss said to let him come see him. I do not think it would be a good idea to kill him yet." another guard said walking up to them.

"Cool, not about your blade." Gaara said as she put ber blade back. She motioned for him to fallow, which he did. "So, whats he like?"
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=Purple][LEFT]Talon was running. Running for her life from a monsterious creature. Of course she could fight it but she rather not. She was still so weak from the lack of eating and her fighting abilities would be cut in half. She was panting so fast and hard that her chest felt like it was going to burn. It felt as if someone had light a huge fire within her chest but she still kept running.

[I]'I need to get to a nearby village, quick!,'[/I]she thought to herself panting harder. She could hear the creature's strides as it followed her a low growl in the back of it's throat. The weird thing about the demon was...it looked like her in an odd sort of way. But Talon couldn't think about that now. She still kept running at a very fast pace.

Then a joy of hope ran threw her chest as she approached what appeared to be a gate. The city was colded and everything looked oddly dead around it but she didn't care.[I]'As long as I am safe there,'[/I]was the only thing that ran threw her mind. She approached the gates slamming into it with a loud crash!

"Who goes there,"said one of the gate keepers as the looked out to see what the sound was.

"Just a traveler asking for enterance,"Talon said in the most innocent voice she could summon.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Ashleigh turned her head temporarily to glare at the guy who just walked up with the attitude like that. What part of she didn't speak did he not seem to understand? Or was he just a bit slow? She pondered possibly the later as she resumed the escort, knowing that he kept looking at the back of her head after seeing enough of the boring scenery.

[COLOR=Teal]"So your name's Ashleigh?"[/COLOR] She nodded curtly.
[COLOR=Teal]"Obviously you work here?by choice?" [/COLOR] [I]'what's with the small talk?'[/I] The girl tilted her head to the one side for a brief moment and then shrugged, it had never really occurred to her. Just something she was used to.

They had arrived. Knocking, she didn't have Sarin waste his breath asking before she walked into the room, half dragging Gaara from behind, half gently pushing him forward a step. Immediately taking her eyes off the guest, she bowed for real this time. [I]'I still don't see why Boss bothers toying with them. It'll eventually end up his downfall?I will not be stupid enough to question it though?'[/I] she thought.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain found himself about a mile away from a city with huge metal gates, he assumed this is where he was supposed to go. The gem lead him there so he was gonna go all the way until he got his answers, he made his way to the gate until he stood right in front of it. Looking over the gates, he smirked.
"Looks like a pleasnt place now doesn't it."[/B] He said to himself, the gate open slowly and a man with a wicked looked dagger in his hand.
"Who are you?"[/B] He said angrered. Kain smirked again.
"A man who has been called here by an artifact I carry."[/B] The man approached Kain.
"I'll have to take your sword sir."[/B] Kain shook his head.
"Not a chance my friend."[/B] Kain gripped the pommel, and the man stepped closer with a smile on his face. Another grabbed his should and he looked back.

[B]"Can't hurt him, Sarin wants him alive and unharmed."[/B] The man groaned and Kain smiled, he released his grip on the pommel and smiled at the man. He grolwed and started walking.
"Follow me."[/B] Kain followed behind him, bringing his hood over his head and walking a couple feet behind the soldier. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Sarin faced the window with his back to the newcomer as another was brought in. He buttoned his shirt covering his gem as he felt for their power. Each one was a fraction of his, but if all five were together then that might pose a problem. "I will just have to see what happens. Guards there is anopther at the gate, please let her in" The two guards left as more netered. Each carrying a long staff with a evil looking blade. "So what can i do for you today?" He turned to Garra.

The young man replied. "I would like to join your army"

"Very well, on one condition. You must kill him" One of the soldiers stepped forward and got in a ready stance. He saw Gaara reach back and saw a glint in the dim light. "But only with your sword fighting skills. No use of anything else" He smiled as Garra paused. "Ashielgh, you will be in charge when he wins"

"How do you know that i will win?"

"Because then you would die, and you do not want that. Not when you have come this far I don't think." He turned to the other. "And for you, young Kain. What can I do for you?"
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Ashleigh nodded. [I]'Very well?'[/I] What was with that guy? Clearly he had one of the gems; she wasn't stupid enough to let a thing like that go unnoticed. But in all respect to table turns?no, she would keep a close eye on Gaara. Especially if it was what she was starting to suspect.

Stepping back, she crossed her arms to watch the proceedings very carefully. One eye fell on the others around briefly in turn, keeping tabs on any changes in situation. If anything was out of line, she was ready to react on command. Now there were three gem carriers in one place, not counting the Boss of course.
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