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RPG Swords of Destiny[play]

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[color=crimson][i]Ken walkes up and stretches... the old dwarf has seen many things... but his life is far from over... he walks to the kitchen and gets himself some breakfast[/i]

Ken: Aye'... 'Nother long day o craftin... Me needs 'nother venture sometimes soon methinks...

[i]Ken finished his breakfast and trotted out of his house to his workshop... he put on his goggles and picked up his large hammer... [/i]

Ken: Aye'... What orders do i 'ave to fill in today... Armor... eh? A Round shield... I makes too many of 'des...

[i]Ken took a flat piece of metal and heated it up... he began to hammer away at it....[/i][/color]
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[color=royalblue]Akira:Thats not a real Dragon...no Dragons are pink...must be a dumb prank.*runs outside, and sacres the kids off*And don't come back*trips on a large package outside his door*What?*takes it inside*A note...

The note reads:[I]Dear son. This was once you fathers, but I am giving it to you. At Age 18, all young men journy away from home...It is high time you went to.

Love, Mom[/I]

Akira:Wow...Dad's Sword and Shield.....[/color]
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Leona Mikono sighed contentedly, as she stared at the rising sun from her perch on one of the village roofs. Birds were singing merrily, there was a light mist, and the sun was rising in a swirl of purple, blue, orange, and other beautifully coloured clouds. It was a perfect morning. A day to kick back and relax...

Or, it would have been, had not she seen what she did.

A huge, greenish blue dragon flew quickly over the horizen. It's giant wings spread, and it's proud head poised high and true as it flew across the sky like a flash of lightning.

She gasped at stumbled while she quickly jumped to her feet.


Leona jumped off the roof and landed on her feet, then took off at a lightning fast pace. She ran to her hut, grabbed her trusty and true weapon, the sword she used, then sped off into the forest, the way the dragon had flown.
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[color=crimson][i]Ken's long beard began to drip sweat...[/i]

Ken: Aye... Bein a craftsman is a hard job...

[i]Ken continued to pound away... he stopped and wipped the swaet off his forehead... He picked the roundshield up and looked at it[/i]

Ken: This one is goin jus' fine methinks... It needs to cool off... Now on to de' next orda'....

[i]Ken looked on his order sheet...[/i]

Ken: A sword' eh?

[i]Ken looks at several pieces of metal... he chooses a long one and begins to craft a sword...[/i][/color]
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[color=royalblue]Akira runs out of the Mountain village and into the flat lands. Sand everywhere, Akira thought. He watched as a Sand Wurm lept out of it's hiding place to catch an unwary Troll for it's breakfast. He saw a giant flock of riptillian birds fly over-head, due west. Akira started off after the brids, knowing that the birds knew the quickest way to a Dwarven village, as the Dwarves were kind to Birds of any sort. Shifting under the weight of the sword and shield, Akira thought he should let a Dwave Smith check them over.[/color]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken hears a knock at the door and he takes his goggles off and walks over to the door, he opens it and one of the tall people are there

[b]Aye... a tall person... they pay 'ell...[/b][/i]

Ken: What kind i do for ya kinda sir'?

Person: I ordered a tower shield...

Ken: that 'ou did! I 'memeber that... Wait a second sir...

[i]Ken walks back in and goes to his storeroom... he loks thru several shields and pulls outs a large blue shield... he walks back to the door... he hands the shield to the man, and recieves his pay[/i]

Ken: Thank ye' sir! Come again soon!

[i]Ken walks back in and gets himself a drink...[/i][/color]
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[I]Cid runs up to the dragon and slashes it in the chest. The dragon lunges at cid and he jumps on his head. Cid takes his lance and drives it into the dragons head.[/I]

Cid:"#$@%ing Dragon. Come into my work shop..."

[I]Cid cuts of the dragons fangs and gets into his truck, he ties a rope around the dragon and drags it out into the field.[/I]

Cid:"How did that dragon get up here? They seem to be getting more ruthless & Agitated..."

[I]He drops the dragon off and heads back to his workshop.[/I]

Cid:"Ok, now i need to get back to work on that new spear, Hmmm... Maybe I could use these dragon fangs for a blade..."

[I]He picks up the dragon fangs and the begin to glow brightly[/I]

Cid:"Whoa, there aren?t no ordinary dragon fangs... They must contain magic from the dragon. These will make a great weapon blade"

[I]Cid gets to work on carving the new fangs into a blade shape.[/I]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken walked out with his battle axe on his shoulder... he needed some wood for his fire... he went to the forest behind the village

This village as situated strangely... on one side a desert... the other a ancient forest, with some kind of ruin supposedly...

Ken walked into the forest... he looked up at the tall trees (especially tall to him... he's a dwarf mind you!) and found a nice one... he spit on his hands, rubbed them together and began to chop down the tree[/i][/color]
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[I]Cis needs some more wood for his new lance, so he goes into tjhe forest in search of a good tree to cut down. He walks around for about an hour until he sees, what seems like, the only good tree in the forest. As he approches it he notices a short man hold ing a very large Axe, for his size. He is allready chopping down the tree, cid begins to walk over to him.[/I]
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The forest village of Lorien is woken suddenly by a screeching wail.

Relvid: A dragon attacks!!!

Craig got up, and picked up his long bow and quiver. He climbed to the tree tpos, and saw it. A huge black dragon swooped over his head. It's skull alone was bigger than the tallest elf.

Craig: I'll have to take this one down with a poison barbed arrow.

Craig drew a large arrow, with a large steel tip, but the tip seemed to be glittering green and purple. He drew it to hisLong bow, and took aim.

Craig: Now, move out side of the forest.........

As soon as the dragon flew out over the river, Craig shot an arrow. It penetrated the dragons neck, and it wailed in pain. Blood flew down, and made the nromally clear river, a deathly red. The dragon swooped and landed on the bay, at the opposite end of the river, and he died.
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siren and kaii sit on the cliff top kaii paceing and siren stareing out over the forest


kaii: sorry... more dragon's have been killed... slaughtered like sheep!

siren: well being an outcast for bonding with me i doubt they'll listen to you... let's get some chow...

they head towards the dwarven village
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[color=crimson][i]Ken looked up.... a tall person approached him[/i]

Ken: 'Allo! 'N who might ye be?

Cid: Cid... and you?

Ken: Aye! I am jus' a normal dwarf... haha... the name is Ken! nice 'oo meet ye!

[i]Ken looked back into the village[/i]

Ken: Excuse me'! Seems i gots' a coustomer! We will meet again! Have a 'ood day, 'n stop by me shop!

[i]Ken grabbed his pile of wood and waved to Cid and quickly walked over to his shop where a Tall person was standing[/i]

Ken: 'Allo Sir! How can i help ye?[/color]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken walked back into his house and threw the firewood into the hot oven... he looked over the sword... and began to fix it... it had a few chipped out areas in it... and several large scratches...[/i]

Ken: Aye! This person has seen plenty o battles....[/color]
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Leona continued to run at a lightning pace as she searched the forest for the dragon. Branches, leaves and twigs brushed and snapped against her as she swept through the bush, but she didn't flinch or bother to slash them out of the way with her sword. She just kept running.

[i]"If I don't hurry, that goddam*ed creature will destroy the village, and all the people... I have to destroy that dragon, as I've destroyed others of it's kind who tried to cause us suffering. Run, Leona. Run!" [/i]

She stopped quickly, and drew her sword. There in front of her, was the dragon.

It was a beautiful creature. Huge, yet beautiful. Greenish-blue scales shining in the sun, piercing emerald-green eyes, a wingspan that must have been 30 feet at a minimum, spikes along it's long neck, and a long, graceful tail. It's head was held high and proud, eyes scanning the area, and it's tail slowly swaying.

Leona took a deep breath, drew her sword, yelled, then rushed out at the creature. She thrust the sword forward, and was mere inches away from the dragon, when...

She stopped. The sword fell to the ground with a clinck of metal against rock.

Leona couldn't move, she couldn't control her own body. Obviously, the dragon had control of her somehow, and had made her stop.


The dragon frowned, then blinked, and Leona regained control of herself. She walked towards her sword and bent to pick it up, but heard a warning growl behind her. She took the clue, left the weapon be, and sat down in front of the creature.

The dragon nodded, and spoke.

"I come not to cause pain, I come only to speak to you, slayer."
"You are a slayer, are you not?"
"I guess... I guess you could say that... Yet I slay only to protect."
"Please, wise dragon... Continue..."
"I came to speak to you. I lured you into the forest alone, so the others in your village shan't panic."
"Why did you come to speak to me?"
"You shall learn that later. Now, I need you to answer me of these..."
"What is your name?"
"Good. I am Wind. Dragon of nature, earth and air."
"Wow indeed, young one."
"Young one? I'm 19!!!"
"You are young... Compared to my life of 200 years."
"Then YOU are the young one."
"Hah! Yes. I am. 200 is rather young for a dragon, is it not?"
"Now. Back to the questions... Do you have an item you keep... But do not know it's history, or value? A mysterious item... With a dragon on it?"
"Yes... I do..."
"May I see it?"
"Oh-- okay..."

Leona reached into her pocket, and pulled out a golden medallion. It had a dragon on the front and a few words enscribed on the opposite side of which the picture was on. The words were of some unknown, lost language, and could not be deciphered.

Wind nodded, as she turned the medallion over in her claws.

"How long have you had this medallion?"
"As long as... Forever.... I've had it ever since I can remember... Even before my parents were killed..."

Wind handed Leona back her medallion, and the girl put it back in her pocket.

"My search is over... This proves it..."
"What? Proves what???"

Wind took a deep breath.

"I have finally found you. I have spent as long as I can remember searching for you... You are my partner."
"Your WHAT?!?!?!"
"Your partner. I am your dragon partner..."
"No buts about it, young one. I am your dragon, you are my tamer."
"I... Have... A... Dragon?"
"How do you know I'm your partner?"
"I don't know. I just know..."
"But, only royalty has a dragon partner."
"I'm not royalty..."
"That does not matter. You are my partner."
"oh- okay... But, what do I do with you?"
"I can stay in the forest until we leave on our search."
"Our search???"
"Yes. Our search."
"For what?"

Wind looked out at the horizen.

"The Sword of Destiny..."
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[color=crimson][i]Ken finished fixing the sword and a knock came at his door[/i]

Ken: 'Aye... sumone always 'as to call on ya...

[i]The dwarf walked over to the door and opened it and a messenger stood there... he handed Ken a letter.. Ken slowly read it...

Dear Ken,

We are sorry to inform you that your Father has died and your mother's whereabouts are unkown...

The Dark Dragon Raided The Dwarven City of Geortyal and destroyed most of it...

We are sorry to inform this...

[b]DDRT (Drwaven Disaster Relief Team)...[/b]

Ken dropped the letter and slowly went inside....[/i][/color]
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[I]Zack walks out of the woods. It had been a long day of hunting to help provide for his village. He and 3 other hunters dragged their kills behind them with another hunter warding off any monster that might try and take advantage of them. Zack still felt vigours...today was his 16th birthday. Today he became a man in his village. Zack was not surprised to see the messanger from the elders approach but watched him come coldly.[/I]

Messanger:which one is Zack Mansfield?

Zack:...I am

Meessanger:The elders summon you

Zack:...ok I will come

[I]Zack releases his part of the burden and the Messanger takes his place. Zack walks off towards the Elder's hut. When he arrives he kneels at the doorstep. Just beyond the hut 3 Dragons roar. One is bronze, another a sky blue and the last is a dull brown.[/I]

Elder1: Welcome Zack, today you become a man.

Elder2: As you know it is custom of our village to send out our warriors to tame a dragon upon reaching manhood

Elder3: We charge you with this mission, our clan is one of secret, The only ones who even know we exsist is the royal family of the nearby Kingdom of Alterone.

Elder2: Zack you are skilled in the ways of the warrior so we believe you will succede in your quest for a dragon.

Elder1:Their is one thing you must remember though, do not give away our clan, We have lived in secret for a reason, Our clan is feared for our ability to control Dragons...The common people would hunt us down like they attempted to do when we first came out. So we made a pact with Altones Royal family, We fight for them and help them and they help keep us a secret and help our Clan.

Elder2:Zack you have recieved your orders, head first to Alterone as it is customery for the King to meet our new riders, remember in Alterone you are one of the royal family, a noble.

Zack:Thank you elders

Elders:Go Zack you leave imediatly

[I]Zack walks to his hut picks up his sword and packs his traveling bag then set off on the secret path to Alterone[/I]
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[color=crimson]Muhahaha... Dont ask.. i felt like doing that...


*cough* moving right along...

[i]Ken walks into the Bar and hops up on a chair next to a female tall person...[/i]

Ken: Bartender... give me ye strongest!

Bartender: Donnoe why ye wants the strongest Ken! But here is ye drink...

[i]Ken takes a long sip of it...[/i][/color]
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