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Scion [M-LVS]


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Javen listened as the council was in an a uproar. Elves and humans never really got along, so this was going to be interesting. The head elf and the king stood up as everything quieted down.

"This meeting has come to order. We will chose two from each side to search for the sword. The sword is important if we are to win this war..."

"But who will get teh sword?"

"That will be asked later after we have the sword. We will now name the soldiers going. First is Javen Ilkar"

Javen stood up and walked off to the side where they pointed.

"Second, Sashanea"

Javen watched as one of the elfs nudged a very tough looking female elf who stood by him except had quite a bit of distance between them.

"Third, Kalysta"

Another hot elf got up and stood by Sashsnea.

"Fourth is Suzu"

Another guy stood by Javen. Javen smiled to himself. "This is going to be fun"

"You four shall begin on your journey now. Javen, you shall lead them"

Javen could feel the cold stares from the two elves and thought to himself. "They had to make it worse" He turned and walked out the gate and onto the road. After several hours of silence Javen decided to break it. "So, what is everyone's name?"
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Kalysta looked at Javen and Suzu. [I]Spiked hair? That's what humans wear?[/I] She mentally shrugged it off. She had to get over the indignity of a human leading her, but she became a tad less conceited in herself. [I]Well...Javen is good looking after looking past the human exterior.[/I] She was willing to give him two chances. [I]First impressions must be made diligently.[/I] Yet, she didn't know what to expect. She had never had to deal with these creatures before now.

"So, what is everyone's names?" Kalysta's ears rang from the tone off his voice. [I]Quite loud for sensitive ears, but no matter.[/I]

"I am Kalysta Erei." She said confidently. Her blue eyes danced like flames in a roaring fire. Her hair swayed in the breeze as water in a current. She wanted to keep moving...

[B]"Such a solitary girl." An old female elf whispered as Kalysta walked past in careful, long strides.

"She seems not to need someone to support her." The younger looking woman said to her mother-in-law.

"For losing her whole family, she stands so straight." The mother-in-law spoke softly.

"Filled with pride and faith in herself." The old elf nodded.

"That's usually mistaken for being arrogant or conceited."

"She may be." Said the younger elf.[/B]

Kalysta had lost her family when she was at a young age. It wounded her deeply, and over time it scarred her heart and spirit. She didn't become too close to anyone for the fault of everyone being death. She stands prideful and expressionless, protecting what's left of her. That's why she hides behind a mask, a mask that covers all of her pain, sorrow, and any other feeling that might course through her.[/COLOR]
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Javen smiled, he had at least gottewn one answer. "Javen Ilkar" He made a small respecting bow. "Pleasure to meet you" The others would follow soon.

"Suzu" The guy next to him spoke and held out his hand which Javen shook.

Sasha spoke up next and introduced herself to which JKaven made the same gesture as to Kal

"This way" Javen

"But we are supposed to go this way" Kal looked at him with impatience.

Javen came out leading four horses, a red roan, black stallion, white mare, and a brown steed. "I bought these so we could make faster time" He mounted the roan and waited on the others to chose their horses.
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He mounted the black stallion. After everyone picked a horse we were off. Racing through the forest to get to the next village. Dodging trees in our way .

"How much further?" Javin asked.

"Not much longer" Suzu answered.

Eventually we got there. As we did it was going on noon.

"I think we should eat lunch" Suzu replied.

"Yea" Everyone said.

He reached into his pack handing everyone a peice of bread and some fruit.


We took at stop there for sometime, probably because it was probably going to be the last village we visited.
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[COLOR=Sienna]"I am not hungry. Thank you anyway," [/COLOR] Sashanea said as she got off the brown steed in order to sit comfortably on the grass. So this was it. A group of four, and being led by a human. Oh well, she didn't care. He seemed able enough to know what he was doing. The elf looked around at the people she was traveling with, a semi blank look on her face as they all enjoyed their lunch. This was going to be a long journey...and not in the literal sense of time.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Is there any important information that I missed during that boring meeting? I have the general idea of our goal but that is about it."[/COLOR]

Sashanea caught Kalysta's look from the corner of her eye. Although not saying anything, she got the feeling the other elf was thinkng something stern.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Kalysta began to build her patience, humans were hasty...but Kalysta was just a bit more than the humans in the group. She would need to be patient. Sashanea had in fact let everything in the meeting go in one ear and out the other, but Kalysta didn't say anything. Harsh words at this point wouldn't cause anything but a disablement in the group. She would have to be allowing mostly.

"Nothing too big," Javen said calmly. "You already knew why we were there. To get the sword that will end this war." Sashanea nodded. Kalysta looked at Suzu and Javen again seeing their hair and thinking what a waste of time to do that. However, nothing was going to change who was leader, so she might as well re-adjust.

"Where are we due next, Javen?" He gave her a look that stated 'I thought you knew everything'. "You are the one chosing the routes. Not me." When she spoke those words, she realized that she said them without any resentment. [I]I may be happy that I don't have the responsiblity.[/I] She looked at him, eyes showing compassion. [I]If we fail, most-if not all-of the blame will fall upon his shoulders.[/I] [/COLOR]
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"I think we all slept through it" He stood up. "It is only about another hour to the next village" They mounted again and made it to the village as night fell. They made hteir way to a tavern with an inn and got two rooms. AS Javen walked over to a table a large fight between two groups of people. It began to spread around the room as a guy stood up and began hitting people then throwing them out. Javen punched the guy next to him, knocking him out, then turned as a punch came flying at him. Javen ducked then looked at the guy. It was the one that was throwing people out for fighting."Hey an, I am trying to help you"

"Yeah, right" The guy brought his fist back for another punch
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Suzu was in his room thinking about things. He heard a bunch of noises [I]What the hell is going on down there?[/I] He stood up. Looking out the window it was raining. Two black riders rode up out of no where. "The hell?" Suzu said to himself. A black rider looked directly at Suzu he dropped to the ground horrified those red eyes, no face.

He got up shaking looking out the window he saw the back of one, slautering villagers. Where ws the other one he thought. He turned to go down stairs but the red eyes stared at him in the face. It drew a sword. Suzu reached for his at the same time Thier blades clashed in a clang sound. The rider drove Suzu back stabbing him in the shoulder.
He fell to the ground in pain.

"I'm going to die" He said with fear in his eyes.

The rider raised his sword.
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[COLOR=Indigo]Ruby sighed as a huge fight broke out between two tables that quickly spread through the tavern. He got up with a sigh and started clearing out the drunken customers. All was going well until one of the men fighting dodged his fist.

?Hey! I am trying to help you.?

?Yeah, right.? Ruby had heard that one before, a classic excuse to avoid being tossed out for the night. Admittedly he didn?t move like the usual riff raff that started a fight, but the excuse never changed.

To Ruby?s surprise he continued to dodge his attacks, but even more startling was that other than to block or dodge he never once tried to hit him back. [I]What the hell? Is he serious about trying to help?[/I] He thought.

Ruby felt a chill go down his back and he jumped back out of range, the stranger doing the same thing. Something was wrong he could feel it. The two of them just stared at each other for a moment, ignoring the fight going on around them.

?I suggest we discuss this later, you can feel it too can?t you? Something?s not right.?

Ruby turned his back on the stranger and retrieved his sword sitting by the bar. He glanced towards the door and caught a flash of movement. Damn! What ever it was, it was cutting down anyone who stood in its way. And it was headed for the tavern!

He glanced back at the stranger to see that he was facing the door.[I] Good[/I]. He thought. [I]He has noticed it as well. I wonder if he is a soldier as well? [/I] Ruby started to move forward but was stopped by yet another chill that ran down his back.

[I]There are guests upstairs what if there is more than one?[/I] He wondered. Ruby hadn?t survived all these years as a mercenary without developing a bit of a sixth sense for knowing when trouble was around, and his was practically screaming at him that there was likely one entering the Tavern from one of the guests windows. He turned and ran up the stairs, ignored the looks from the bartender and the other guests.

Sure enough he had barely made it up when he heard the clash of two swords coming from the room at the end of the hall. He swore under his breath and with a running kick knocked the door off its hinges sending it flying into the room.

The door hit a rider as it was raising its sword to strike down one of the newly arrived guests. The man was injured and Ruby could see that he wouldn?t be able to lift his sword in time to block the blow. Ruby didn?t give the attacker a chance to respond. With a swift stroke of his sword he cut the assailant in half.

?Quickly, come with me, it isn?t safe here.? He reached over and helped the man up and then helped him towards the stairs. Hopefully the first guy he encountered was doing something about the other attacker. [/COLOR]
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Javen dodged the other rider's strikes. Why did he have to leave his sword in the room at a time like this. He ducked as the rider lodged his sowrd on a sign and sweeped the guy. The rider fell on his back as a half of another it the sgin making it fall, the piont impaling the rider. "Well that worked out well" The fight settled down as Javen walked upstairs in time to see the two elves shut the door to their room, muttering something about human men always having to fight. Javen walked into the room he was sharing with Suzu and saw him and the bouncer standing there. Javen held out his hand. "Name's Javen"

Suzu seemed irritatied. "Hey I got stabbed over here"
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[COLOR=Indigo]Ruby didn?t even get to the door of the room when the man from downstairs walked into the room.[I] Good[/I], he thought.[I] That means he took care of the other rider. I was right, he is a soldier, or at least he use to be one.[/I]

He held out his hand and said. ?Name?s Javen.?

Ruby helped the one who was hurt over to the bed and then turned back and shook his hand. ?I?m Ruby.?

He let go of his hand and then continued. ?Care to explain to me why two riders are after your group? Riders don?t usually attack villages unless their intended target happens to be in them.?

?Hey! What about me?? The wounded guy said, ?How about you get me some help, you two can sort things out later.?

Ruby glanced at his wound. ?Unless the blade was poisoned, you?ll be fine, the wound?s not that serious.? He turned back to the one named Javen.

?Well? I?m waiting for an explanation. I need to know if there will be others, otherwise I?ll have to ask your group to move on. Nothing personal, but most of the guests lack the ability to defend themselves against raiders.? Ruby stood there waiting to see what Javen would say.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Kalysta got to the top of the stairs, hearing the commotion multiply. Javen and this guy were fighting with people in the tavern. Suzu just got stabbed...[I]wait. Suzu got stabbed? By one of those...[/I] Cold fire clenched her chest, her facade staying up over her face. The riders had red eyes and no visable face.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sashanea said over the banister. Kalysta backed into the shadows as she heard feet coming up the stairs at a fast pace. She was followed by Sashanea, both elves rushed into their room. Sashanea and Kalysta were both muttering under their breath about how they always had to fight.

"Why do men always see a need to fight? It makes no sense." Sashanea said to Kalysta. Kalysta looked at the elf.

"I would think that you knew that. Seeing as a human man must let everyone know exactly how tough he is." She said immatating how some of the dumbest men acted. Sashanea laughed. Kalysta did too, it was the first time she had done that in a while.[/COLOR]
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Sahanea sighed, looking out a nearby window at the dark road below as the shadowed horses the riders arrived upon disapeared in whisps of black smoke. [COLOR=Sienna]"Those Riders...there will be more of them. And it will not always be this easy. There will be even stronger enemies to encounter." [/COLOR]

The girl was acually serious for once, a very rare sight. But before Kalysta could say anthing, she reverted back to her nomal posture. [COLOR=Sienna]"Sorry for ruining the moment. I am just dead tired,"[/COLOR] she grinned, sitting down on one of the beds. [COLOR=Sienna]"I am going to get some sleep. Maybe I will forget to ponder the idea of showing the boys up at their own game sometime."

"That's a bit mean, and could seriously backfire on you,"[/COLOR] Kalysta said.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Yes, but you must admit the looks on their faces to be shown up by a couple of girls would be highly entertaining."[/COLOR] The two laughed a little.
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Javen shook his head. "Probably cause we are after thw sword"

Interest showed up in Ruby's eyes. "Scion?"

"Yes, the four of us were chosen to find it, but I fear we may need more people to help us on our journey. Would you like to help? By the way, were did you learn to fight, if I hadn't been trained in the acadamy then I would have been a goner
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[COLOR=Indigo]Ruby thought about the offer for a moment. So they were after the legendary Scion. Interesting. Such a search would definitely be more entertaining than his current job, or that of serving as a mercenary again. Why not? He had been wanting to do something different for a change. This was definitely different.

?Very well, I accept your offer to assist you on your quest.? He told Javen. If nothing else he kind of liked him. He obviously had the ability to think even in battle, as he had not attempted to hurt him over the misunderstanding in the tavern. Did that mean he was the leader of the group? Most regular soldiers didn?t have enough restraint to back down from a fight. Which was a bad thing as it could get you killed.

?As to my training, I was trained by several different teachers. I never attended the academy. Until about six months ago I was serving in the war as a mercenary. My contract was up and I decided to not re-new it for the time being.? Ruby said.

?I?m assuming you are the leader of the group, so now what do we do?? Ruby asked.[/COLOR]
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"They're not dead" Suzu said" I don't think they can be killed"

They walked back up to the room, no body.

"See" He replied

They looked at where the body had been. Why wouldn't they die? Are they immortal?
After awhile they left the room Suzu bandaged his arm knowing he wouldn't be able to move it for awhile he put it in a sling.

Suzu sat on one of the beds. Thinking about the riders. Until he relized something. They'll send more. His eyes open in terror. He rushed down stairs to tell everyone.
It was too late a scram could be heard ouside, then the spill of blood.

"We have to move" Suzu exclaimed.
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Javen shook his head. "Are you going to get the elf chicks up?"

Suzu looked around. "I'm hurt" He smiled

"Dang't" Javen slowly opened the door to their room and walked across the room over to one of the beds, he didn't know which one. He gently shook her. "We got to go" Suddenly he caught movement and a flash of metal and caught the blade of a knife, the point barely touching his neck and his hand bleeding since he had caught the blade.
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He had been gone for awhile now. [I]What's taking so long?[/I] Suzu thought. The bridgade broke in but it wasn't cloaked things it was orcs. Suzu drew his blade slicing through orcs. One orc stabbed at him, he ducked severing its arm.

It ran out of the room. He stood there slicing down orcs. They were pushing on him though he had been nicked in the arm and leg a few times. They stopped coming. Suzu ran up stairs to see what happened to Javin.

"What are you?" Suzu replied as he showed his blade to the things neck. The thing trembled. It swung at Suzu he blocked and sliced it in the ribs it flew out the window.

"Where are the girls?" He asked

" don't know" Javin replied coldly.
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Sashanea was already outside. In the confusion though, she got separated from Kalysta because she wasn?t paying enough attention and didn?t think. A slight drawback. Crouched on the ground beneath the room's window (of course using a pile of barrels and wood to get down) she saw it was only a small band of orcs, maybe a dozen tops. Nothing much to worry deeply about.

Drawing her weapon, the elf met one of the creatures outside the nearby doors. She blocked a few attacks, then countered with one of her own to neatly slice open it's front as soon as she had the opening. A second that she wasn't aware of almost hit her with the ax it was carrying, putting a nice tear in her clothes.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Watch where you swing that thing, you could put an eye out!"[/COLOR] She yelled at the creature. It only seemed to get more ticked. A shout from the window pulled her attention, and she turned around completely to look at Javen and Suzu.

[COLOR=Sienna]"Where's Kalysta?" [/COLOR] Javen asked.
[COLOR=Sienna]"I have not a clue. I was half asleep and got separated, didn't know we were using a buddy system." [/COLOR] She didn't like the look she got in return. Oh well.
[COLOR=Sienna]"Behind you!"[/COLOR] The kid Suzu exclaimed.

The same annoying orc with the ax was going to lob her head off from behind. Sashanea looked at the thing in surprise, she had forgotten all about it. Jumping out of the way of a downswing she glared at the creature.[I] 'Oh no you will not,' [/I] she thought bitterly while returning the favor.
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Suzu jumped out the window in a stab stabbing a orc. Turning around for a counter attack slicing one in half. He looked around and saw the leader of the orc group. It was a hooded figure.

He charged getting into a lock on the figure blade to blade. The orcs watched in awe and circled around them forming an arena. The thing slashed he parried giving a slash slashing into its arm. With its other hand it attacked he moved slicing the things hand off.

The orcs gasped. They all chanrged in circling around him.

"Little help here, guys?"
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Kalysta had no idea where she was. She was lost. She admits it. She just needed her bow and arrows. She had left them in the room in the confusion. Where were Javen, Sashanea, and Suzu? An orc came at her, she stood her ground. No, close range was not her strength, but it was her last resort.

She attacked when he got close enough, but he grabbed both wrists in one hand.

"Don't be foolish, Elf." Was all it said, and her eyes filled with fear. She didn't know where she was-she blacked out.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo]Once things settled down Ruby went downstairs to start cleaning things up. Even if he had agreed to go with Javin on his search for the Scion he was still working for the owner of the tavern. He explained that he would be leaving in the morning with the others and then proceeded to start cleaning up the mess. Sure the one member was wounded, but he didn?t like waiting till morning. Sometimes riders were only the foremost scout group and that meant there could be more close behind.

Ruby sighed. He probably wouldn?t get much in the way of sleep before leaving. Hell the others hadn?t even introduced themselves. He wasn?t too keen on the kid who got hurt. He seemed friendly enough, but well, it was fairly obvious to Ruby that he was inexperienced. [I] Well I guess he?ll get plenty of experience on this trip, if he lives to tell about it.[/I] He thought.

And then there were the elves. Ruby didn?t really care for elves. It wasn?t that he disliked them personally; it was because he himself had a bit of eleven blood and he didn?t want others to know. Elves were harder to be around as he was very familiar with a lot of their ways and traditions and he always had to be more careful around them or they would realize it. He sighed again. Well he would worry about that later.

Ruby finished cleaning up and as he started towards the stairs he heard a loud commotion outside in the town.[I] Well looks like I was right about their being more[/I]. He thought to himself. Sometimes he hated being right.

He grabbed his sword and ran outside to see what was going on. It looked like a party of Orcs were invading the town. He raised his sword in challenge and rushed to greet them. Within a short time he was out of visual range of the tavern. [I]Dammit![/I] He thought! [I] There are too many of them![/I] He couldn?t get back to the tavern until he finished off the ones attacking him.

Orcs weren?t to terribly bright or fast for that matter and he was cutting them down fairly quickly, but if there were more they would be attacking the others at the tavern. He needed to get back! He continued to dodge and parry their attacks. He had taken a few blows but his lightweight armor protected him from any harm.

Movement caught his eye as an elf came running around the corner. Obviously she was lost and she was weaponless as well. She stood her ground as an Orc rushed her. She tried to attack the Orc but he caught her wrists effortlessly. The Orc said something but Ruby couldn?t hear what it said. To his surprise the elf seemed to faint.

Ruby cursed under his breath. He had to get to her before they decided to kill her. Probably the only thing saving her was that she was currently unarmed and not being so bright the Orc was probably confused by that.

He started fighting towards where she was, but there were still quite a few of them between him and her.
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The orcs circled in on him they all stabbed. He jumped up so a lot of them stabbed each other and died. One threw a punch at him he grabbed the orc's arm with his free hand and snapped the arm.

He drew his sword.

" Die by my blade" He yelled charging in killing all in his path.

It was as if a demon had taken over him. Slioing here and there. Wiping them out one by one. One orc in the group was alive. He looked up at Suzu. He had blood all over his blade and armor.

"You" the orc said." You have his sword. How do you have it?"

"Hm?" Suzu looked at the sword.

He grabbed the orc by the collar.

"Who's sword was this?" He asked.

"You go by the name of Suzu right?"


"It.. was your brother's mystical blade..." The orc replied as he died from blood loss.

"Mystical? How?" He said to himself.
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Sashanea finally had made her way through the throng to the injured kid but it looked like he had handled himself pretty well regardless. She couldn't help but narrow her eyes; something was slightly off for a minute before the feeling returned to normal. [COLOR=Sienna]"Child, are you holding up well?"[/COLOR]

She didn't wait for an answer before cutting down an attacking orc. The numbers were growing thinner, thankfully. Sashanea was getting bored. She pulled the boy by the back of his shirt collar. [COLOR=Sienna]"Come on, let us start to round up the group in one location."[/COLOR]

Suku struggled. [COLOR=Sienna]"Hey, let go! I can walk you know."
"I am sorry, it just looked like you were planning on standing there all night." [/COLOR] The elf let go of him and looked around. She spotted Ruby trying to make his way somewhere, but couldn't see the destination. A stray orc charged toward them with a cry, but tripped over a rock. Sashanea laughed as the creature slowly got up on its knees coughing up the dirt it almost swallowed.
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Suzu almost fell to the ground laughing his ass off. But didn't he had to stay on his guard after all this was an orc.

"Had enough dirt?" He asked.

The orc got angry and charged at Suzu he dodged making the orc trip again right into horse poop. Suzu almost wet his pants laughing Sashanea gave a little laugh. THe orc gave up walking away.

"Hoo, that was a good one" Suzu said.

"I have to agree" Sashanea replied.
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