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Sign Up Keeper of Dreams [PG-13 L,V]


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[CENTER][FONT=Palatino Linotype][U][B]Keepers of Dreams[/B][/U][/FONT]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]I thought I was an ordinary teenage kid. I thought that my life would be just like everyone else's. Unfortunately, in this society that I live in, I don't have much of a say in what I do. So why is this power bestowed upon me? I don't get it.

I thought that I was just an ordinary teenage kid.[/FONT][/I]

[SIZE=1]Welcome to the Civilization of Existence. The oldest NG civilization on Earth.

Here in Existence, we strive to make everything a Utopia. Everyone here is happy with what they receive, and here, everyone is perfect.

Before Existence began, there was a time on this planet in which people roamed free in a mess of all sorts. Corrupt politicians ran the governments, homeless people lined the streets, and there were many that were stricken with greed.

NG, a birthed collaboration of the brightest minds that the Earth had to offer, stands for Neo-Genesis.[/SIZE]

[I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]A New Beginning...[/FONT][/I]

[SIZE=1]NG has taken the world, shaped it into a universal standard of utopia, and done it a favor.

I tell you this because this is what is important for you to learn.

As an adolescent in this society, you will find that you are at the stage where you learn most in life. That is common sense. But I'm here to deliver a more important message.

You have been chosen...

To be a member of a secret society that not many people know of.

You have been chosen to be a Keeper of Dreams.

Allow me to elaborate.

I am Azariel, the Guardian of this Civilization. I protect all of the 600,000 souls that wander within these barriers. I have lived ever since this began, and will continue to do so as long as you are here.

You have been chosen to keep the dreams of those within. Why? Because it is often that trouble stirs within the minds of the innocent while they sleep. One of the most vital and vulnerable times for one to be encountered by the Darkness.

My two assistants will be here with me to train you for your selected duties. They are Andras and Kerenza. They are the keepers of Victory and Affection, respectively.

To you, this might not seem like a very hard job to fulfill, but you will soon learn of what is to come. So are you up to the challenge?[/SIZE]


Okay. Time for the background and sign-up info.

This civilization is doing everything it can to keep it's inhabitants as 'safe' as possible. This limits all outside of the box, critical thinking. The keeper's job is to eliminate any objection to the ways of this utopian city. Sometimes against their own will. However, more and more of these 'unholy' thoughts are slowly creeping into the minds of the innocent.

As a keeper, they must venture into the very dream of the person, and fight off the sin that they dream of. Who goes depends on what sin has crept into the dream. Sometimes, all will go, sometimes only one.

You will be signing up for a spot as one of the teenage keepers. And I will list their jobs as follows:

Name (Gender Preference) - What They Protect

Sloane (Boy) - Safety
Sheridan (Boy) - Control
Dermont (Boy) - Good-Will
Timeus (Boy) - Modesty
Moira (Girl) - Generosity
Dierdre (Girl) - Happiness
Brietta (Girl) - Freedom
Alethea (Girl) - Honesty

You may sign up for another emotion of some sort, PM me with your idea, and I'll see if I can approve it. I'm open to ideas, don't be afraid to ask. The only thing I ask is for a name that is somewhere along these lines. Nothing Japanese or anything like that.

If you are looking to sign-up as either Andras and Kerenza, PM me first with your sign-up.

Mind you before you sign-up. [B]I am looking for serious RPG participants.[/B] People who are willing to see this through to the end. Not just 'sign up because it seems cool and then back out when something seems different once you start.'

Rules: [They're simple.]

1. No killing off another character unless they (and/or) I say so.
2. Do not go against my decisions.

Here's how you sign up.

[U]Name:[/U] Above if signing up for that position (If not, an older name. I used Greek and Celtic Names if that helps.)
[U]Age:[/U] 13-19
[U]Gender:[/U] (That's Obvious)
[U]Appearance:[/U] Picture or Detailed Description (1 Paragraph)
[U]Chosen Position:[/U] (Above or suggested through PM)
[U]Weapon(s):[/U] (No guns!)
[U]Personality:[/U] (This should be about 6-10 sentences.)
[U]Writing Sample:[/U] (I want to see what you're capable of)

As for everything else, be as creative as you like. So, enjoy! I'll post my sign-up after I get a couple sign-ups.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]Name: Sloane
Age: 14
Gender: male
Appearance: [URL=http://photobucket.com/albums/a159/KayPocky/Anime/?action=view¤t=CuteBoy.jpg]pic[/URL]
Chosen Position: Safety
Weapon(s): a iron sword with a golden hilt, but barely uses it.
Sloane is a quiest person, but isn't afraid to speak his mind. When duty calls, he is focused on his job and will never back down until it has been done. for a 14 year old, he acts much older. He knows whats right and what's wrong. Though he likes to stay close to his fellow keepers. His job is not boring nor is it exciting, a job and nothing more. More like a curse.
Writing Sample:
Sloane walked down the halls of darkness. clown faces and evil teddy bears surrounded him, but this wasn't the main core of the dream. Sloane then spotted it, a young blonde-haired boy ran towards Sloane. Tears streaming down his face. A larger boy with giant arms was gaining up on him.
"A bully figure... Should have known...." Sloane pulled out his sword as the little child hid behind him.
"Be gone, a minion of nightmares!" He slashed away, cutting the bully in half. The boy looked up at Sloane. He put away his long sword and smiled at the boy.
"Do not worry my boy, for this may never bother you again." The boy grinned as the halls of darkness turned to light. The boy ran freely into his dream.
"Another mind safe from unpure thoughts."[/FONT][/SIZE]
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Name: Sheridan

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Chosen Position: Control

Weapon: A long katana with a gold hilt and silver sheath.

Personality: A righteous man, with high and firm belief in his mission. He is respectful to those appointed over him and follows orders well. He is often very indiferent in his emotional state, in that, It's hard for others to get close because he's so obsorbed wit his job. He's very formal and never allows himself to condecend to others. The only thing that seems to upset this otherwise rock solid individual is witnessing an injustice on a another innocent.

[I]Writing Sample[/I]

Sheridan walked through the hollow streets as fires burned and structures lie in ruin. He could her the screams of people in the far off distance, still he marched forward with out even the hint of hesitation. This was only the side effect, not the cause. Knowing this he knew he had to push forward, there was a deeper source for this chaos. As he walked the long street that seemed to strech all to the horizon, he feel the deepest and saddest thoughts of this dreamer. They were sad, haunted by an image they could not be free of, someone close to this person had died. He stopped at a point and allowed these images to sink in, to find that the truth was tragic indeed. This person had lost there mother in a tragic accident, but this person still bore some grudge against the other party. The images became clearer, it was a car accident. The other driver had stopped paying attention for a moment and hit his mothers car head on. The other driver was okay, but his mother was killed almost instantly. When there was nothing done to the other person as punishment for this he began to seal alllow this hatred to seeth and boil. Now it had finally manifested itself in his subconsious. He marched the long road once again in search of this poor lost boy. He stopped once again, he could hear someone crying, it was the boy. The boy was then cooperative though. He wished to see punishment for his loss and was now taking it out on all things around him. he had congered a massive beast, created from the anger and sadness he harbored, ripping through the buildings. The beast was large and bulky, with very ape like features. It was of a crimson red color with bule running down the spine, physical manifestations of the boys emotional state on to the creature, consumed with anger, sad at the core. Sheridan reached to his hip and drew his blade "You are the true cause of this boys impurity. I will see you purged from this innocent." He leapt for the beast and split the large animals face. Then riding down that strike and spliting it's stomach as well. The beast groaned and disappeared. Now all that was left was the crying boy, still unable to deal with the tragedy. Sheridan walked to the boy, who sat curled up on the ground. Sheridan placed his hand on his shoulder and sithout changing the somber expression on his face "It's alright child. You have lost something important in you life, but that's nobodys fault. You need to forgive. Otherwise you'll be unhappy forever and I know your mother wouldn't like that." The boy turned his head up to see Sheridans cold face staring down on him. The boy wiped his, only to leap and grab hold of Sheridans legs and start crying again. Sheridan set his hand on the boys head "Now wake up and live your life to make her proud of you." The world filled with light, he was finally able to be content and mve on with his life.
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]My Sign Up:

Name: Azariel
Age: Unknown (Appears to be 19)
Gender: Male
Appearance: See Attachment
Chosen Position: Guardian of Existence
Weapon: Azariel has no physical weapons. However, he has immense telekinetic power bestowed upon him to keep the civilization safe.

Personality: Azariel, named after the Archangel in Heaven, is extremely protective. He does try and 'speak' wisdom to the newcoming Keepers. And with Andras and Kerenza, he is much of the time successful. Azariel otherwise, is naturally quiet, he does not open his mouth to speak, rather, his telekinetic power speaks for him. Azariel has rarely had to use his power in a violent matter, however, because of his fierce loyalty to his position, he will not hesitate to strike down a problem in a matter of seconds.

There is a secret that lies within Azariel. Because he has such immense mental power, he is physically weak. This is how he keeps in check with the Keepers. If necessary, they could weaken him into a comatose state. However, after doing so, he will wake up in a Berserker state. This threatens the state of Existence, as he could destroy it.

Writing Sample:

Azariel waited in that lone, circular chamber. A chamber with a dome above it, letting the starlight shine in. He had sent the messages to the Chosen Keepers in their dreams, and now, he awaited their decision. He wasn't waiting in any ordinary room, this was the Chamber of the Keepers.

Surrounding him stood eight pillars, each with something different carved in them. There were murals of four boys, and four girls. Each holding their own emotion, protected. A knock on the large ivory door boomed throughout the room.

"Enter Kerenza." A voice replied, though Azariel never opened his mouth.

The door creeped open and a young woman stepped forth. This was Kerenza, one of Azariel's assistants.

"Azariel, all of the Keepers have received their premonitions of what's to come for them."

"Good. Now all we must do is wait."

"Do you think that they will be ready?" The young girl asked.

"We can only pray." Azariel lowered his head in thought. "We can only pray."

"Do you need my services anymore?"

"No, you may go to rest now. Thank you, Kerenza."

Kerenza bowed before him quickly and walked out, shutting the door quietly behind her.

Azariel knew that every decision he made was to effect Existence, whether it be good or bad. At least with the newly chosen Keepers, his burden would be lightened a little. However, if something was to happen, he was to take full responsibility.

Azarial stared at his pale complexion through the glass panes of the dome. And thought a little more about his weekness.

'I hope I never have to fall back onto that state of which is dangerous. The Guardian before me had failed, and I hope to never do the same. Please, give me the strength I need to continue my duties. If I fail, everyone...

...everyone will die...'

He walked to the edge of the Chamber, and looked out a narrow window. Existence lay below, sleeping like a baby. He smiled a little, and looked out onto the horizon. Daybreak was to approach, and the Keepers would come.

"It is time, for the initiation." The voice whispered. "May the eight Keepers step forth."[/SIZE][/CENTER]


[SIZE=1]Good sign-ups so far. However, Lionheart, I was hoping that you could maybe add a little more to your Writing Sample. I would like to see a little more description.

And Starwind, you have a good, solid sign-up. However, in the future, I ask that you could separate your paragraphs a little more. Just so that it's easier for everyone to read.

Other than that, everything's great so far. Hope I get more sign-ups!

Sakura has PMed me about the position of Kerenza, so she will most likely post her sign-ups soon.

Still looking for some girls! We can't have all guys. (I know I don't help. :p )[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid][LEFT]
[B]Name:[/B] Alethea

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B][URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/girls178.jpg ] Alethea[/URL]

[B]Chosen Position:[/B] Honesty

[B]Weapon:[/B] Crescent elbow blades for head to head combat. Alethea is more of the type to go head on then stand back. So these weapons fit her best in head to head combat with its easy grip and the thickness of the blades she could take out an enemy instantly.

[B]Personality:[/B] Alethea is sort of shy around new comers. Although she maybe shy she will speak what is on her mind. She isn't afraid of telling the truth. She is an honest girl and stays true to herself and others. When in battle, she is a tought girl to beat. No she isn't all powerful but you never except a girl to hold such power such as herself. She wields her weapon with such skill it seems she was the master of a clan or the teacher of a school. It is weird though. In battle she acts as if she was totally a different person.[/LEFT]

[CENTER][I][B] Writing Sample:[/B]

'I...I...can't breath...This can't be real. It...It has to be a dream.' It was a dream. A dream that hunt Alethea late at night when the moon was bright with the stars guiding it as light. In her dream, she was floating in the air. But it was different. How so different? The air was...empty. The only thing that filled the air was darkness, bitterness, and a great cold that sent chills down her spine as the dream deepen.

Images started to float past her as she stayed in the pit of darkness. The images where of her past life. The life she abandon long ago and hoped never to returned to again. But these dreams, these dreams kept hunting her every night as long as she could remember. "I just...I just want to leave,"she said in her sleep. She tossed and turned in her bed but didn't awaken from her slupper.

At first the images were blurry but soon they became cleary in her child-like mind. The images shown a dead body lying in her coffin. The body was of a woman's shaped wearing a white laced gown. In her hands she carried a many verity of flowers. From tulips to roses to anything you could think of, there they laid. From this point, Alethea could move. She sat up right in her dream and walked over to the coffin afraid of what she might see.

Alethea rested her hands that shook violently on the coffin and peered inside. Her eyes became wide with terror. Blood suddenly oozed from the coffin and spilled over. She backed up trying to escape it but where was she to run? She was in total darkness, surround by it all. The blood ran down the coffin and ran against the floor at her.

"No! Not again. Why? Why do you do this to me, mother?! Why,"Alethea shouted as she tried to run but the thick ooze off blood followed after her. Then she realized she was surround. The blood had leaded her into a trap but how? It wasn't something that could think? But for some reason it tricked her into a dead end where she was surround by it.

The blood slowly made its way up her leg, slowly devouring her body little by little. She screamed as loud as she could but no one heard her in her sleep. Then shortly after the scream when the blood had arisen to her chest, a bright blinding light approached her in the depth of her dream. A young figure approached her slashing the blood away. She collapse to the ground sweat falling from her face.

"You are safe now,"said the young figure the voice of a young boy,"You put up quite a fight. By now you would of been gone to the darkness. Maybe you should considering joining the Keeper of Dreams." She just stared at him confused but nodded anyways. Shortly afterwards he explained everything about the Keeper of Dreams and their mission. Eager to join, she did all the necessary requirment to become a member.

"I want to protect those that have fear the darkness for so long. I want to destory which that that tried to destory me," Alethea said with such passion that she believed she could do it. She grasped her weapon tightly and set out for her mission to destory the darkness that only appeared in the mind of a child, in their dreams.[/CENTER][/I]

[B]OOC:[/B] I hope this is good enough since I'm the first female to join. :animesmil Please PM me if I need to make any changes.
-BlackTigerGurl :catgirl: [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][b]OOC: [/b]Sorry about not posting this sooner.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Let me know if I should change anything.[/size][/font]
[color=navy][font=Verdana][size=2][b]Name:[/b] Kerenza[/size][/font][/color]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Age:[/b] 19[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Gender:[/b] Female[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Appearance:[/b] [/size][/font][url="http://img91.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ai9yl.jpg"][font=Verdana][size=2]Here[/size][/font][/url][font=Verdana][size=2], but she usually wears a black, long sleeve top with the sleeves pushed above her elbows, and long leather pants, with gloves that only reach her wrists. And her goggles are a permanent accessory.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Chosen Position:[/b] Guardian of Affection and Love[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Weapon(s):[/b] Kerenza has strong telepathic powers that helps her in her duties as one of Azariel's assistants and other types of magic so she can train others too. Kerenza also has the ability to teleport so she can reach places immediately, and because of that she gets a lot of things done in short amounts of time. She usually carries a [/size][/font][url="http://www.conqueronline.com/guide/images/tr.jpg"][font=Verdana][size=2]glaive[/size][/font][/url][font=Verdana][size=2] as her main weapon of choice and she's incredibly skilled with it along with a variety of martial arts.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Personality:[/b] Kerenza is confident in what she does, and is very reliable and takes her duties and responsibilities seriously. She rarely fails in a task that she's been appointed to because she wants to complete it no matter what. Kerenza only has a few friends, mainly Azariel and Andras since she works with them and over time they got to know each other better. When training new Keepers she makes a connection with them, they trust her and she does her best to train them to their full capacity. Kerenza will do anything for her friends and loved ones.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][b]Writing Sample:[/b] Kerenza sat in the centre of a lush green field, if you were to look at the surroundings around her, you would see the peaks of the mountains, each covered in a carpet of green like the one she was currently perched on. She sat Indian style, her palms rested flat on her knees, her back was straight and her eyes were gently shut, not clenched.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]She took in a slow breath, counting silently to seven. She held that breath for another seven seconds, before slowly exhaling to the count of seven. She repeated the process, her mind was clear, just taking in the energy from her environment. This particular group of mountains was Kerenza's favourite place to be, and whenever she wanted to relax, rest, or just laze around she would come here because it's so peaceful and undisturbed.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Kerenza opened her eyes slowly and blinked. She picked up her glaive that lay beside her and she stood. She started to train, fighting an invisible opponent. Kerenza did a few backflips holding the staff part of the glaive horizontal as she did so. She disappeared and reappeared, slashing her opponent with a flourish.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][b]"Kerenza." [/b]a voice called to her in her head.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]She stopped immediately and stood straight, nothing followed which meant Azariel wanted her to report to him. She lifted her glaive in her right hand and brought it down, as it hit the ground, she disappeared, appearing in the hallway outside of Azariel's chambers. Kerenza lifted her left hand and knocked on the door, the same voice allowed her entrance, she pushed open the door and went to see what Azariel asked of her.[/size][/font][/color]
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