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Gaming So, you think you know Nintendo eh?


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(dontchya just love these?)
1.What year did Nintendo start?

2.In 1951, What was the name of the nintendo company?

3.What year did NINTENDO release its first home gaming system?

4.What year did nintendo start the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System)?
5.What year did the first ever NINTENDO POWER magazine go on sale?

ok, thats it, i'll post answers after 5 entries,
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Well I'm usually around the sony, Final Fantasy, and anime boards, but I was a big nintendo fan til the N64 hit, so might as well take a crack at it.
1. I forget what year, 1889 or something before 1900, they were a company that made playing cards
2. Nintendo ltd.?
3. 1985 with the NES I assume?
4. Huh? 1985
5. 1986 or so
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[color=indigo]1. In 1889, the company was started by Fusajiro Yamauchi, the great-grandfather of the current president of the company.

2. In 1951, Marufuku Co. Ltd. changed their name to Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd.

3. In 1983, Nintendo released the Family Computer (or Famicom, for short) in Japan, which was their first home video game console.

4. In 1985, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES, for short) in America.
The system also included R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy.)

5. In 1988, Nintendo published the first issue of Nintendo Power magazine, which was mailed to verious NES owners and subscribers to the Fan Club News. It went on sale the same year.

And did you know that Nintendo's Game Counselors started in 1986?

C'mon people! This is your chance to outsmart me, the grand master of Nintendo and Nintendo related knowledge! (I've got quite an ego, haven't I? lol!)[/color]
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:eek: damn....i knew you were good at nintendo stuff but..damn.,,,, Congrats JC!

surprisingly, you even got the trick question correct....(1.What year did Nintendo start? )
because when you think about nintendo now, you think of electronic gaming...not card games...
anywayz, very good, jc...
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[COLOR=darkred][SIZE=1]Not to try and sound harsh or anything, but ANYONE could find the information on this stuff with only a few minutes of research. I don't mean to bash on JCgoudy, because if he knew it, congrats on the knowledge you posess. I am horrible with dates, but knew most of the info you posted myself. Good questions though, and ya, I knew about the card game too ^_^ one of those useless facts that float around my head that I never really need, but are Oh so fun to have up there =)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Yeah, if you cared to look around [url]www.nintendo.com[/url] you'd be able to find out the anwsers to all of those questions. Heck, that's where I found out the anwsers. (I did have to look up the spelling for Fusajiro Yamauchi, though).
And I tend to memorize the important dates for video game history. Ironically, I'm terrible at memorizing dates for other things. :whoops:
It is fun to have all that totally useless information floating around in your head. I guess it's not [I]totally[/I] useless, if you talk to other gamers. I've impressed my friends on more than one occasion because I've known these really obscure facts. For example, did you know that Nintendo invented the D-Pad? Or that the Zelda games started out with an old Game & Watch game? Or that Donkey Kong got his name because he was supposed to be stupid like a donkey? All these and more will probably never help me in real life, but are just fun to know...[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Squashed Snail [/i]
[B]Ok, I'm a bit stumped on here, because even if I had the Nintendo site for help, I still wouldn't be able to answer all them. :( [/B][/QUOTE]
[color=indigo]If you cared to look hard enough, you would find the anwsers to all of those questions on [url]nintendo.com[/url]. Specifically, [URL=http://www.nintendo.com/corp/history.html]this[/URL] page.[/color]
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