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Jinn Ryujinn

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When you say "get," do you mean create or something?

To create characters, you could go by the usual RPG character stats. You've got your swordsman who's balanced out, a mage who's defense and magic are higher than his/her power and speed, a thief who's speed is the highest out of everyone, the big guy who does some heavy-duty damage, etc. You can build them from there.
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Well there is plenty of ways to get people to join into your RPG, but first you should finish it.

When you have finished you should first make a website, which is probably the best way to get people to join in. Second no one is going to find your site if you just make it, you have to submit it to search engines. How you ask?

1. Find a site that submits your URL [Uniform Resource Locater] along with a summary of your site to search engines like yahoo,AOL,MSN,google,and ask. This can be hard to find, but I've always used [url]www.dmoz.org[/url]. Just click the category that best fits your site untill it says "submit URL" in the top right hand corner. They do have to review your site firs, this can take from a week to two months.

2.Once you have your site done [information and all], you should make it interactive. Get yourself a forum; if your a cheap guy like me you head for the nearest free forum site. I often use bbfree.com, but IPB [Invision Power Board] is probably not the best choice. I suggest phpBB.

3.Now that your site is interactive, why not invite some people personally?
A. Advertise on forums, but only if its allowed, otherwise it's just annoying.
B. Affiliate with other RPG sites! Good way to get people to at least consider playing your RPG.
C. Submit your site to "Top Site Lists" for RPGs. Then put a vote button on your page to get more hits.
D. Submit your RPG to free RPG sites! [assuming your RPG is free, if not expect a lot less players]

Now that thats over with you should have a decent amount of players, remember that it does indeed take a LOT of time to do this.

Now I'm not sure what you don't understand about HP and stuff but I'll explain what they are.

HP[Health Points]: The basics for nearly every RPG; when a player loses all their HP they die. Pretty simple.

Death: Every RPG I've played there was a way for bringing your character back to life. Whether it be an item or spell. It's not cool dragging around a dead guy for the entire game.

Damage:Well damage is when you get hit, dude. The damage you receive in an RPG can be negated or decreased in a game by your stats or attributes. Speed, will help you dodge and get the first move in turn-based RPGs. Strength will lower the damage recieved by physical spells and attacks as well as increasing your attack power. Magic will lower the magical damage recieved from spells, but some weapons do have magical attributes in games. Magic not only lowers magical damage recieved but increases magical damage. Dexterity will raise your chance of hitting a person, also known as luck. Luck can also raise your chance of dodging or getting the first strike. Personally if I ever made an RPG I'd have luck decrease the time a physical spell has on you, such as poison.

Hope I helped out a little.

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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

As you seem to be new to the concept of forum-based RPGs Jinn I suppose the first thing I?d advise you to do is check out the Adventure Inn and the Adventure Square in order to get a good solid idea of how forum-based RPGs work as they are quite different to other RPGs. Most if not all RPGs here Jinn do not used stats or attributes in the RPG, they are solely based around the characters of those people who join them, so you?re not going to have to deal with things like HP/Hit Points or other attributes or stats.

After you think you?ve got the hang of how RPGs work here, you should join a couple and get some experience in how an RPG works when you?re involved in one rather than just reading up on what other people have posted. I?m not sure I was a hundred percent clear there, but basically I was trying to say that role-playing isn?t really something you can pick up well by just watching it. And finally after you?ve got your feet wet and are willing to create your own RPG, the most important thing to remember is that most of our role-playing members, myself included, are attracted by a good story to an RPG.

In all honesty if you?re not familiar with how forum-based RPGs, also called Simms on other sites work then I wouldn?t advise you try and start your own yet. If you are then there?s really not much point in me going on as you?ll already know the basics. One last tip I could give you is that if you?re having problems, speak to the Moderators in the Arena and they should be able to help get you on your feet. [/SIZE]
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[font=franklin gothic medium]reach is not talking about OB RPGs, he's talking about other online RPGs.

First you have to define what you're talking about. Are you talking about RPGs on OtakuBoards (ie: interactive stories with multiple players)? Or are you talking about something else?

All RPG discussion should remain in Arena Underground, by the way. Please check out the sticky thread here for more info on OB RPGs.[/font]
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[font=Trebuchet MS]Yeah... what we're talking about here are text-based forum RPGs, not actual full-blown RPGs with elves and HP and all that good stuff. Look in the Arena if you need an example... but after reading this several times it has begun to [i]confuzzle [/i]me.

So, instead of answering your questions directly, I'll just tell you things I think are relevant and hope that I manage to achieve something.[/font][font=Trebuchet MS]
[*][font=Trebuchet MS]This forum is for discussion of text-based RPGs performed here at the forums.[/font]
[*][font=Trebuchet MS]If discussion of the creation of video game RPGs would go anywhere... it would probably go somewhere in Hardwired.
[/list][font=Trebuchet MS]However, make sure you're clear about your intentions with a thread, since I'm kind of confused about what you're trying to say. If you have any other questions or comments you can PM me or any of the other moderators.

Since this doesn't really belong here and I don't want to throw it at someone else, I'm going to close it.

[img]http://www.otakuboards.com/images/liquid/statusicon/thread_lock.gif[/img] [b]Thread Closed.[/b]
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