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Art Mangaka Showdown (probably image heavy)


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I myself am a manga-ka and doujin-ka(recently figured out), and I'm hosting a lil' championship. Here's how it's played.

I name a plot, you guys draw an anime, manga or original character in that plot.

For example, "School day". You guys would draw a character in a school uniform, holding his/her lunchbox standing out side the school.

Understand? It doesn't have to be colored either.

And your first plot is just what I said a couple of words ago. Schoolday!
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While this would be a rather interesting competition in my opinion, I don't think that this would be the proper forum for it, being that this is an art-based competition. That being said, it might be better off in the Art forum.

I'm not saying this to be mean, trust me. But like I said, being that what you have in mind is largely art-based, it would go there. MW is largely for the purpose of helping develop ideas with other members and talking about existing manga series. ^^;

I'll just go ahead and move this now, heh.[/color][/size]
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