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Five years later

Mutants have always been the outcasts of society. They have been shunned and some have even been killed just because they are different. But now some are bonding together to fight back. They are dteremined to earn their freedom at what ever the cost. All over the world, humans and mutants collide head on in the streets, homes, and every where else. The death toll rise drastically each day as more on each side die.
Not all of the mutants fight for the same reason though. Some fight for peace while others want to take the entire world over for mutants only. The ones who just want to live normal lives are being drawn into the conflict unwillingly as their very lives are threatened by being killed by humans or by mutants for being a traitor.

This is part two to Serenity View. Sorry it took so long to put up but i hope people still sign up for it and it is as good as the other.
There are several rules.
1.No more then one power.
2. No god powers.
3. No x-men or anyone of that sort.
4. No one can have the same power. People from the first get first choice only if they are using their original character.

Age: Original characters but their age five years ahead. 19-25
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Name: Duonai Algren (goes by Duo)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Apperance: [URL=http://images.quizilla.com/S/SuicidaLRaGe/1059400904_sAngelGirl.jpg]Duo [/URL](take off the halo) She wears baggy jeans and a dark burgandy tank top, with a cut off jacket the goes to her heels. Wears a leather band on her right wrist and a siver watch in her left. Black boots and a silver cros around her neck. She wears a silver ring on her right middle finger that her foster mother gave her, in the shape of a rose, a simple silver band on her left middle finger. Sometime is seen wearing a black hat.
Personality: Out going and freidnly she loves to have fun. Flirts with everyone she meets which sometimes gives of the wrong impresion. Laid back she just like to have a good time and live life tot eh fullest.
Bio: Duonai was born into a rich family and was supposed to have a happy life, she never got it, born with two small white wings. She was abandoned on the steps of an orphanage and taken in there, she met alot of friends and began to see it as her family but she was adopted at the age of 7. She went to the home willingly becasue the women accepted her for her abnormalty but her foster mother never told her about her foster father. Her new mother was sweet and kind, loving the way a parent should be in everyway...but him...he was crule and mean, he seemed possesed by something, by a demon. It was 10 years later when Duo learned of her powers, she got into a fight with her Foster father while washing the dishes, he pushed her to far and her barrier on her powers let go. She learned she could control water by drowning him...but she was never charged, no one was...the was no evidance of it...she had froced the water into his lungs. Now five years later she lives with her friends and bothers no one.
Ability: Contorls water and all it's atrobutes (rain, snow ect.)
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Name: Loki Girit
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has a tatto of three wolves on his back.
Personality: Nice, outgoing, supportive and flirty. He loves to talk to girls
Bio: Loki grew up in a nice neighborhood in Colorado. His parents were mutants as well and helped him control his powers and hide them as well. He attened Serenity View and made several new friends there. After that he decieded to move away and share a house with one of his friends.
Power: Channeler. (Gambit's power to be more specific)
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Name: Alexis(Everyone calls her Alex) Nickerson
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance:[URL=http://photobucket.com/albums/b289/TwinMoonBlades/Anime%20Pics/?action=view¤t=Lula.jpg]Alexis[/URL] (Except no wings)
Personality: Alex is normally a shy person inless she knows you, then she's clumsy, funny, and sometimes wild.
Ability: Alex can control and make ice. She can also freeze water as well.

Bio:Alex was seven when she first discovered her powers.

She was playing in her kitchen when she suddenly felt a huge chill cross over her. She ran to her parents room while the ground beneath her froze. She hugged her parents tightly and when she looked up both her parents were frozen solid, they both died instantly.

After her parents deaths she was sent to an orphanige, where she stayed until she was thirteen. When she turned thirteen she ran away from the orphanige and started living on her own. (While in the orphanige she learned Ti Kwon Do. T.K.D. does alot of kicking techniques in stead of punching techniques like Karate. So she has good leg's.)

At first it was hard, but then she found a job at an icecream shop (For two years)until she got enough money to leave for good.
A year later she joined Serenity View where she met Duo, Luki, and Kuken.

Now 5 years later Alex lives with her fiance' Kuken next to Duo and Loki. She is a figure skater(she's won many metals but hasn't gone to world championships yet) and a part time nurse. She has gotten almost full control of her powers, except for a few very highly skilled attacks that usually knock her out. Other than that she's mastered all her techniques.

OOC: Jake's son (Who is 8 now) from the first one is also in this story, and he is a wolf just like his father, except he is on the bad side...for now.

[COLOR=DarkOrange](P.S. If Kuken is still joining then you can P.M. me if you want to make it so their married or just friends, if not then their still just fiance's.)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue]OOC: We just got a new phone at my house and we have to get a new interenet conection, so I won't be posting everyday till we get a new one. (I'm using the school com. right now.)[/COLOR]
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OCC: chesemaster, what you did with their relationship is perfectly fine. It sounds good.

Name: Kuken Tenge

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: see below

Personality: Kuken is very cheerful. He likes to make everyone feel happy while they are around him. He usually acts happy alot to try and hide his powers.

Bio: When he was about nine, his father abused him both mentally, and physically. Every night his father would come home and beat him until Kuken passed out from either blood loss or because of the pain.

After about two months, Kuken learned to fake passing out, so the beatings would stop. His father got angry with this and turned on Kuken's sister, who was fourteen at the time. His father was about to rape her when Kuken had enough.

His eyes began to turn bright green, his hair began to stand on end. He couldn't contol himself. He bagan to pick his father up and throw him around the room until his father was dead from the constant beatings on the walls.

His sister was terrified. She quickly put on some cloaths and ran out of the room to get some help. All Kuken could do was stare at the dead body of his father. When the police came, theysent him away to Serenity View. They are trying to make a weapon out of him, thats what he thinks.

Now, five years later, he has gotten over everything that happened to him at Serenity View. He has come to live life to the fullest wilth his fiance' Alex. They live next door to Kuken's best friend, and work like normal people, trying to hid their powers from everyday life.

Power: Telekinesis [the moving of th mind right?]

thats it for me. PM me for any fixes.
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