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Best Singles of 2005!


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[COLOR=Purple]Alright, what did you think the best singles all year were? You know, songs that come on the radio and get videos!

1.[b]All These Things That I've Done[/b] by[b] The Killers[/b] - First of all, while this song is rather slow, I can't help but love the music. Sure, it gets a bit repetitive, but I love it. The lead singer has a great voice, IMO, and I love how he makes it sound so country XD. Not to mention the video is quite possible the funiest I've ever seen. How do they manage to keep strait faces??? And lets not forget the big battle between The Killer Sluts and The Killers.

2.[b]Suger We're Going Down[/b] by [b]Fall Out Boy[/b] - I just like the overall upbeat tone of this song. The lyrics crack me up, especially the lines

[i]Oh, don't mind me I'm watching you two from the closet
Wishing to be the friction in your jeans.[/i]

Once again, this song has an excellent video, depicing the love story of antler boy and the nice girl who's dad hates him but, alas! The dad is part deer himself!

3.[b]L'Via L'Viaquez[/b] by [b]The Mars Volta[/b] - It wouldn't surprise me if you never heard of this song, band, or video, but it was a great one. The video only holds a fraction of the actual song which is well over 12 minutes long and great, but the video is still awesome. Not to mention creepy, with rivers of blood, lots of skuls and some crazy little animations you may not notice at first. By far the best thing about this song is the insane guitars. Not to mention it's sexy.

4.[b]Feel Good Inc.[/b] by [b]The Gorillaz[/b] - Not only is this song great, but once you hear it you can't stop listening to it until you've heard it so many times that your ears ignore it when it comes on! The lyrics, just like every other song on the Gorillaz Demon Days CD make little to no sense, but they are still fun to sing. I love the transitions from rap to the soft guitar and keyboard melodies. Soothes the very soul ~_o Lets not forget th video with it's great computer animation and lots of corpses!

5.[b]The Hand That Feeds[/b] by [b] Nine Inch Nails[/b] - Mixing hardcore techno and Rock, my two favorite genres, you wind up with this. This song has a great guitar riff and I like the lead singer's voice. The video is okay, with the distorted image of the band playing, but the song is what's really cool. The lyrics are great as well. Bite the hand that feeds!

I'll add more later.[/COLOR]
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Guest Salty Bob
[COLOR=DarkRed]Ok here's my list...

1. [B]Rough Justice[/B] by [B]The Rolling Stones[/B]

The Rolling Stones are the only decent band to come out with a new CD this year, and Rough Justice is their best song. Reminisint of the Glory Days - the best song this year.

2. [B]Vertigo[/B] by [B]U2[/B]

Unfortunatly it's nothing compared to U2's classic past - but it's a significantly better than most of the other stuff.

3. Nothing.

4. Nothing.

5. Nothing

Well well, looks like 2005 sucked balls.

Can't say I expect much better from 2006. Maybe RUSH or the Tragically Hip will come out with a new album...

Doubt it...[/COLOR]
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[U][center]Mugen's Picks[/center][/U]

[B]Feel Good Inc.[/B]: Sold me the Gorilla's new album single handedly. Rekindled my love for the band altogether. Had one of the best bass guitar riffs this year. And much to my pleasure, the album was excellent. I also love their track "Dirty Harry", "White Light", and "November Has Come".

[B]Go Crazy:[/B] Once again showing me why Jay-Z is the greatest rapper around. This man sold me this song with his one verse. While Young Jeezy did have excellent verses on there, you could tell they where influenced by the man himself, Hova. I mean, how do you beat:

[center]"I'm A Hustlah's Hope, I'm Not His Pipe Dreams"
"So When They Speak Of Success, I'm What They Might Mean"
"I Track Money, My Worst Color Is Light Green"
"My Favorite Hue Is Jay-Z Blue"
"Don't Follow Me, Youngin', Follow My Moves"
"I'm Not A Role Model"
"The Bad Influence Got The World Drinkin' Gold Bottles"[/center]

Can't touch it... also the beat could only be described as 'epic'.

[B]Boy I Think They Like Me (Remix)[/B]: Every so often, a song's beat alone makes me love it, and causes me to do nothing short than dance my freakin' heart out. This is one of those songs. Dem Franchize Boyz, with the addiditions of Da Brat (who had the illest verse on the whole song) and Bow Wow (who thoroughly suprised me with his revised style) caught my energy on this song.

[B]Helena:[/B] While Emo-Punk Whatever, style of music My Chemical Romance is, usually isn't my forté, I really loved this song. The Guitar rifts and vocals where great and the song kinda stroke an emotional chord for me at the time.

[B]Gold Digger:[/B] I love Kanye West forever. While his latest album doesn't hit the same heights as his first did, I still have a love for this song. Jamie Foxx hits Ray Charles' voice just right, and Kanye's words accompanied with a beautiful beat sold me this song.

I guess thats the first five...[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Purple]6.[b]Helena[/b] by [b]My Chemical Romance[/b] - At first I despised this song because I was trying to be all anti emo and stuff but I quickly fell in love with it. I mean, it is undeniably good music! I love the video as well the whole gothic musical thing was cool. I'm not into the whole paint yourself white and wear black thing, but hey, anything's cool with me.

7.[b]BYOB[/b] by [b]System of a Down[/b] - Bring your own bombs. I probably only really love this song becase I come from a family of rabid System of a Down fans, but then again it is a just plain awesome song. Political mesage in a bottle, baby! The video was pretty cool too with the TV heads.

8.[b]Boulevard of Broken Dreams[/b] [b]Green Day[/b] - Okay, this does get a bit tiring after 15 mllion playthroughs, but I loved it before all the hype. The guitar solo is frikkin bad (in a good way) and the lyrics remind me of life. I don't so much like the video though.

9.[b]Holiday[/b] by [b]Green Day [/b]- Another great Green Day song. I like this one for the hidden political messages and stuff. Also, I love the background guitars. The solo rules as well.

10.[b]Wake Me Up When September Ends[/b] by [b]Green Day[/b] - Very good for a slow song. I love the melody and I like that it's very long and soothing. The video is very sad as well.

DISCLAIMER: American Idiot was released last year and I have yet to hear St. Jimmy.[/COLOR]
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1) Helena- My chemical Romance= I love that song from my home boys from NJ. Well its a reminder that the people who left are always in our memory.

2) Sugar we're going down- Fall out boy= I just love the sound of the song, its just so new and the lyrics are so out there.

3) The suffering- Coheed and Cambria= I love Caludio Sanchez (sorry a bit off topic) anyways, its so original and the video I haven't seen people use mythology in their videos from all the music I've heard in my life, good drumming, good guitar, good vocals.

4) Vertigo- U2= I love Bono, he is the best, the sound of U2 is never to die as far as I'm concerned.

5) Fell good inc- Gorillaz= They were just crazy as ever, I mean is the Gorillaz.

6) All that I've got- The Used= The video is so cool, the song might have a differnt meaning but its still cool.
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[COLOR=Purple]11.[b]Girl[/b] by [b]Beck[/b] - This song calms my soul and rests my heart, and I could never get tired of it, probably because I could never get tired of trying to figure out what he's saying beteen My and Girl. Plus the video is cool with all the mysterious folding objects and Beck hangin around town. I can't wait till Im old enough to do that...

[center][i]And I know I'm gunna steal her eye
She doesn't even know what's wrong
And I know I'm gunna make her die
Take her where her soul belongs
And I know I'm gunna steal her eye
Nothing that I would try[/i][/center]

Beck ownz!

12.[b]Only[/b] by [b]Nine Inch Nails[/b] - Yeah, the lyrics don't rhyme, they're offkey, the beat gets terrifyingly boring and it's too long. Still I can't help but love this song. Though I must say it isn't quite as magical in the unedited version. Now the video for this song is probably the most kick *** of the year *** it fully animates the lead singer in a pin press!

13.[b]E Pro[/b] by [b]Beck[/b] - This song has quite possibly the best rhythm of any dong this year. I love the guitar riff and the words, while intangible have a cool sound to them, and when Beck gets to the nana's you can't help but sing along. The video is trippy but in a good way.

14.[b]I'm Not Okay[/b] by [b]My Chemical Romance[/b] - I couldn't remember if this was this year or last but either way, what a great song. I mean, I don't wanna hear some guy complain about his life but somehow this song captured my heart and got stuck in my head. Not to mention the video is hilarious XD.

15.[b]Cigaro[/b] by [b]System of a Down[/b] - Released early and videoless, Cigaro gave me a sneak peak at Mezmerise and man, was it great. For the love of god the guy is screaming "my cock is much bigger than yours!" I love this song cuz it's so upbeat and energetic and just plain fun.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Purple]16.[b]Best Of You[/b] by [b]Foo Fighters[/b] - This song is great because it's so deep and meaningfull. The lyrics remind me of a personal experience. I don't like the video because the guy is practically grouping the microphone >_<.

17.[b]Lose Control[/b] by [b]Missy (Misdemeanor) Elliot[/b] - Come on now, you gotta love this song. Missy with her crazy fun lyrics and upbeat weird keyboard sound thingies, not to mention Ciara is in there which is cool as well. I love the video for this song, as I do all Misdemeanor songs, simply because it's so innovative and new. For the love of god, they dance in wedding dresses! Though Tommy Lee looks like a dork on those strings...

18.[b]Ohio Is For Lovers[/b] by [b]Hawthorne Heights[/b] - God, please forgive me for choosing this song dspite covering my ears and screaming every time it came on. Yeah, I admit I love this song and sing it when no one's looking, though I used to hate it because I was anti-emo. The video, though, is terrible. Like that girl would really still be waiting for him.

19.[b]Number One Spot[/b] by [b]Ludacris[/b] - The Ludameister got the feeling so randy! Got a double XL so I call her my eye candy! This song ownz all. The beat is awesome, the little flute noises are awesome, and Ludacris is awesome. Not to mention Goldmember is one of my favorite comedy movies. I like the actual song more than the video because The Potion is stupid!

20.[b]D.A.R.E.[/b] by [b]The Gorillaz[/b] - Despite being my least favorite song on Demon Dayz, this is still a great song. It's so lively and upbeat, it can have me dancing in seconds. On a related note, the video with Noodle dancing around the large live action head was awesome. She reminds me of myself. ^_^ Also, the end where Murdoc wakes up nex to the guy was screwed up XD.[/COLOR]
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[center][U]Mugen's Picks Vol. 2[/U][/center]

[B]Brand New[/B]: this collaboration of little known Chicago rapper Rhymefest with his close friend, Kanye West is amazing. I like this song better than most of the songs on Late Registration, and the song isn't even Kanye's. Rhymefest kills it when it comes to lyrics... I mean honestly... "Wack-Tos-Intolerant"....

[B]Sugar We're Goin' Down[/B]: I have found myself enthralled with rock music again because of My Chemical Romance, and this little band, Fall Out Boy. While not as punk as I usually like my music (and no, not punk like f***in' Good Charlotte or Simple Plan... bastards), I still thoroughly enjoyed the lyrics and music, even if you can't completely understand what the singer is trying to get at... (Load a God Complex? Or is it Load a Gun?)

[B]Number One Spot:[/B] with the most original beat I've heard since "Hard Knock Life", sampling the Austin Powers theme was a brilliant move by Ludacris and the song is just a goofy fun time. The lyrics are mostly non-sense, while still sounding relevant, but mostly just using Austin Powers jokes. It may not be the most original song, but it's still great.

[B]Beverly Hills:[/B] Now heres a song that catches my ear. Great guitar and bass rifts, lyrics that are relatable, and a song thats stays at a certain level of originality. No, their not preppy rock like Switchfoot, and no, their not pop punk like Simple Plan, their just themselves. They dress like they want, they play like they want (which is beautiful) and I just love Weezer, and I always will. Plus, the bass solo? in that song was brilliant.

[B]Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Holiday:[/B] It's Green Day... who doesn't like Green Day?

[B]Where's Your Money:[/B] Busta Rhymes brings it back in this song. It's what I loved most about '90s New York Hip Hop in the new millenium. Plus, the collaboration of ODB aka Dirt McGirt was poinet... I miss the man, and I'll miss his style and flavor in Hip Hop. R.I.P.O.D.B.


P.S.- Listen to [B]"The Potion"[/B] on the CD and tell me it's stupid. That one of my favorite songs on Red Light District, right behind [B]"Everything's Gonna Be Alright"[/B].

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[COLOR=Purple]21.[b]Leading Us Along[/b] by [b]Chevelle[/b] - I think that was this year... anyway I love this song. I'm not sure why, but I just love Chevelle music. Something about the underlying intelligence behind their words. I also love when he screams something along the lines of "All the hassle of... all the SCREAMING FANS" that kicked ***. The video was weird but cool.

22.[b]Question[/b] by [b]System of a Down[/b] - Not one of the better songs on Mezmerise but still a great tune. Daron can hold his breath for eternity it seems. Guy can scream his lungs out... mine always die when I try to keep up XD The video was weird, but interesting. I liked that it was supposed to be a play/musical.

23.[b]The Clincher[/b] by [b]Chevelle[/b] - Once again, I'm not sure why but I really like chevelle songs. This one is rather slow but the lyrics are intriguing. Once again I like when he starts screaming stuff (I don't know why.) The video was very cool with the kid capturing the butterfly girl and stuff.

24.[b]Beverly Hills[/b] by [b]Weezer[/b] - Not a particularly exciting song, not particularly exciting lyrics, not particularly exciting in any respect. And yet, it gets into your head and never leaves and, as Mugen said, it's very relatable. I like that Weezer actually goes out looking as nerdy as possible. The video is downright sexy. I mean come on, they're at the playboy mansion!

25.[b]We Are All On Drugs[/b] by [b]Weezer[/b] - This is a better song in my opinion and very funny. It reminds me of those old rhymes kids used to make up about diarrhea and stuff. It is true, we are all on drugs. The video for this was great especially when the firemen are sprying the wrong house. I nickname this video 'Attack of the Junkies.'[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Hug Monster][COLOR=Purple']I sincerely apologize for any feelings that are hurt, but in my opinion, Gwen Stefani is the most horrifically terrible musical artist who ever picked up a microphone. She's worse then those guys who sing 'When Soul Meets Body' and that's pretty damn bad.[/COLOR][/quote]

While I do agree that Gwen Stefani does sux NOW, it wouldn't go as far as to say she it worse then those one guys! LOL....No Doubt when they FIRST came out were pretty bad ***! IMO....And for the record "Holla Back Gurl" is one of the worst songs ever concevied by the musik industry!!! Thank you, have a nice day...
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[quote name='SuddenDemise']And for the record "Holla Back Gurl" is one of the worst songs ever concevied by the musik industry!!! Thank you, have a nice day...[/quote]

I think for a song that had over one million legal downloads, they must have done something right. Most albums don't get those kind of sales.


1. Hung Up (Madonna): Everybody needs a good techno song! The Abba sample didn't hurt either.
2. Hide and Seek (Imogen Heap): There is something so horrifyingly beautiful about this song, and I just can't put my finger on it. It's a pretty cool concept for a song.
3. Lose Control (Missy Elliott): Missy is a genius. I really don't know what else to say.
4. La Tortura (Shakira): I don't think either of her Oral Fixation albums are that great, but when she strikes gold, Shakira creates a masterpiece.
5. Take It Easy (The Fugees): I'm glad Lauryn Hill isn't too weird to come back to music. I think this song is more monumental in terms of the reunion then the actual
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Beverly Hills is easily one of the worst, most superficial, poorly written songs Weezer has crapped out and I still can't figure out what is getting people about it. The whole album is pretty damn bad and while Beverly Hills is probably not the worst one on it, it definitely epitomizes the mess they've become. I've read this idea from the band of "We're older now and don't listen to or play the same stuff!!" Apparently where they are now includes writing stuff that sounds just like their old material with worse lyrics and poorly realized butt rock solos. I guess Rivers doing his "wooo-wooo" thing is all fans need anymore.

Beverly Hills gets stuck in my head because it is damn awful and I think it's funny. When I saw them live, their new material has such a different vibe. I don't understand the attention. The band needs to get humble and Rivers needs to go nuts again so they can really put out some decent material, apparently.

That said, I have a few, although they're not in any particular order.

1.) Super Furry Animals - Laser Beams: A great song boosted by two great b-sides. I'd think this band would be more popular considering all the material they've got out, but what can you do.

2.) M83 - Teen Angst: The anthem for OB! An absolutely amazing song with a great remix. Definitely worth a shot if you see it cheap and are not sure if you'd enjoy them.

3.) Redjetson - This, Everyday, For the Rest of Your Life - One of those more "prog" influenced rock groups out there, but without a ton of the pretention that usually goes along with it. A pretty solid single and I'd like to see where they go with it in the future.

4.) Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle

5.) Test Icicles - Boa vs. Python

Both from the same band... I don't think they actually have an album yet. Insane is a pretty good description for these guys, I suppose. A great mix of genres that will work for some and probably seem obnoxious to nearly every one else.

6.) The Pipettes - Diry Mind: Pop with female vocals that's getting a good amount of hype behind it as far as dinky indie bands go. It's likely they'll be gaining some steam in the future and it's seems to be deserving.

7.) Tricky Nickson - Tricky Nickson EP: I assume EPs are allowed here. Reminds me of a lot of early 90s style alternative bands such as the Pixies or Nirvana. Definitely worth a listen and another one that has good potential to become popular in the next few years.... Not that I mean selling 5 million albums, but popular by indie standards.

8.) Art Brut - Good Weekend: I like Art Brut a lot. Their LP this year was amazing as far as I'm concerned. This single comes with some good b-sides that, while they don't really match the quality of the stuff on the album, are still damn good.

That's all I can think of. I don't feel like writing about Yeti or Morning Runner... they're pretty standard, but still pretty good stuff I've come across this year. I pay far more attention to albums than singles.
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