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Sign Up Love Is Dead [M-VLS]


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[center][size=1][i]I was one of them. What the Japanese call ?Shinigami,? or ?Soul-Slayers.? What most cultures have come to see as the Grim Reaper, the image of Death. But whereas most cultures have come to believe that there is only a single ?Death-Dealer,? there are actually thousands. We live in a reality beside that of Earth, and only when we must fulfil our duty can we pass through to the other side.[/i][/size]

[size=1][i]But when we are on Earth, no human can see us. Except for those anomalies that have what we call ?the Sight.? These humans have had a close encounter with death, and they are able to see the spirits that walk the Earth. For the most part, this is not a big problem, because the images of these ?ghosts? haunt them so badly that they are driven out of their minds. Most people with the Sight end up in mental institutions.[/i][/size]

[size=1][i]But there is the occasional human with the Sight who can control these visions. They can keep them under control, so they do not lose their minds. But these people have extremely strong minds and wills, and they only come along once every thousand years or so.[/i][/size]

[size=1][i]She was one of these people?[/i][/size]

[size=1][i]* * *[/i][/size]
[size=1][i] [/i][/size][size=1][i]I remember being called to Earth for my duty that one day. When I got there, it was evening in Spring. The trees were becoming green again after winter, the smell of newborn plants hung in the air. The air itself was crisp and sweet as I breathed it in. I entered her home, ready to do my duty. [/i][/size]

[size=1][i]As I walked through the door, my weapon appeared in my hand. She was standing by the oven, cooking something. It looked like a Ready Meal for one. She obviously lived alone. One set of cutlery, one bowl, one glass, the cupboards filled with single-serving meals. I walked up to her, and she turned. She cried out, seeing the weapon in my hand. [/i][/size]

[size=1][i]She could see me?[/i][/size]

[size=1][i]I opened my hand, and my weapon vanished. For some reason, I didn?t want to hurt her. She looked so innocent. She wasn?t wearing any make-up, but she was beautiful anyway. [/i][/size]

[size=1][i]She no longer seemed alarmed to see me. She was obviously used to seeing spirits like myself. We talked for a while, and then the urge took us both. I reached out across the table and stroked her face gently. She closed her eyes, and then I took her and I kissed her. [/i][/size]

[size=1][i]The warmth of the kiss spread through me, and I took her in my arms. We made love that night, but in the morning I realised what I had done. [/i][/size]

[size=1][i]It was the first rule of my kind. You must never become attached to one of the Listed. The people whose souls we are supposed to collect. But I knew that I was, and there was no way back now. I had fallen in love with a human, and the rest of my kind would be out for me, hunting us down like dogs until we were both gone. [/i][/size]

[size=1][i]But I will not let her die?

[/i][/size] [/center]
[size=1]The Reapers are after them. The renegade Reaper and his human lover are now on the run, trying to escape from the onslaught of his home Realm. The Reapers cannot let this stand, so he and his lover must die?

[/size] [size=1]However, there are those who will help him. Other Reapers who believe what they are supposed to do is wrong. Other humans with the Sight. And these people are the ones he is searching for.

[/size] [size=1]You can play either on my side, or on the side of the Reapers, who are coming to kill us. If you are on my side, you can be either a Reaper or a human with the Sight, but if you are playing on the side of the Reapers, you must be a Reaper.

[/size] [size=1][i]Extra Information

[/i][/size] [size=1][b]Reapers[/b]: These are the Grim Reapers of myth and legend. Their duty is to collect the souls of those who must come to the Other Side, and destroy any renegade souls. The first rule of being a Reaper is never to fall in love with those you are supposed to kill. They are armed with soul-collecting bladed weapons, such as swords, axes, or the classic scythe, but do not carry the image of the Grim Reaper. Essentially, they look human, but all Reapers have a chain emerging from their back which connects them to the Other Side. Once severed, the Reapers can never return to the Other Side.

[/size] [size=1]They also have certain powers which help them to collect souls. These can be various powers, such as destructive blasts to destroy the physical bodies of evil souls, or binding powers to capture the souls. Either way, when used in unison with their weapons, they are almost unstoppable.

[/size] [size=1][b]The Sight[/b]: This is a disturbing ability for any human. It gives them the ability to see ghosts and other spirits. For instance, they could see a family member who has recently died sitting in their favourite armchair, but they can also see the Reapers. Most of these humans end up going insane from the visions, but the most strong-willed can control the visions and keep themselves from going mad.

[/size] [size=1]The Sight is gained by close encounters with Death. For instance, if a small child nearly drowns when they are young, but are resuscitated, then they are more likely to get the Sight than a child who has lived a safe, sheltered life. These encounters can happen at any age, and can severely scar a person.

[/size] [size=1]If anyone wishes to play as the Woman (my character?s lover) then please PM me. Here is what you need to give me if you wish to sign up.

[/size] [size=1][b]Name[/b]:
[b]Gender[/b]: Reapers don?t have true genders, but this is what they appear to be
[b]Race[/b]: Human or Reaper
[b]Side: [/b]Human (this includes my character) or Reaper
[b]Weapon[/b]: Humans will have soul-collecting weapons eventually, but Reapers will have them from the beginning. These just look like ordinary bladed weapons.
[b]Powers[/b]: For humans this would consist of the Sight, but for Reapers it can be almost anything that would help with collecting souls
[b]Appearance[/b]: a picture or a good description should be fine
[b]Character Snippet[/b]: Give me a snippet of your character in action, it doesn?t matter what the context is. This is mostly what I will be judging sign-ups on, so make it interesting and detailed.
[b]Other[/b]: anything else?>

[/size] [size=1]I will be posting my own sign-up in a few days, so in the meantime PM me if you have any questions, I will be setting up an Underground thread around the same time as I post my character.[/size][size=1]

Happy Creating![/size]
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[color=crimson]Pardon any errors or missteps on my part. The first person to sign up always fucks up somewhere, lol.

[b]Name[/b]: Kira Selene. Self-proclaimed title is 'Goddess of the Flame'.

[b]Age[/b]: She has, in her own words, "lingered on" for some time now.

[b]Gender[/b]: Female.

[b]Race[/b]: Reaper.

[b]Side[/b]: Human.

[b]Weapon[/b]: The Epitaph, a sizable and ominous looking scythe that she can wield with surprising ease. She has several smaller throwing knives that she uses for when she is disarmed of her scythe. They are not nearly as powerful as the scythe but have been handy in several situations.

[b]Powers[/b]: A pyromaniac at heart, she has, unfortunately, been forbidden from using her main and most powerful skill: creating fire. Not just a little bit of fire but.. well, you'd have to see it to understand the sheer scale of what she enjoys creating. Fireballs, firestorms.. fire anything. Aside from the more extravagant displays of fire she usually combines her fire attacks with her melee skills, a potent combination that takes down most anyone in her way. Her control over the element is absolutely stunning and it had been her most potent weapon. However, it was decided that she was a little too flame-happy and she had been officially barred from using anything resembling fire for years now. Having defected from their ranks, she is gleefully back to using it- and the results are rather effective, if not overly destructive. "Whatever works, works." is all she'll say about it. It works a little too well but, you know, at least she's having fun, right?

Aside from that she has considerable physical prowess with her heftily-sized weapon. Wielding it with grace and speed, most consider this to be a skill from years of training.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Is as attached.

[b]Personality[/b]: Kira is elegant and graceful.. when she wants to be. Otherwise she is a rather brash, aggressive and intellectual person. She's smart, there's no doubt about it- but her smarts don't temper her risk taking or loudness of her mouth. She has some idealism and romance somewhere in her heart that comes out at times- mainly in regards to the "cute couple" whose side she is on. She spends most of her free time reading or just mucking around, trying to find something interesting to do with her seemingly endless amounts of free time.

She's likable enough. Friendly once she knows you. Well, if you get past that first wall of fire. If you [i]can[/i] get past it, that is.

[b]Character Snippet[/b]: [i]Several weeks prior to the present.[/i]

Kira stared boredly up into the sky watching the serene clouds drift listlessly across it. She sighed and stood to stretch. She was still searching for him- a pretty good friend of hers that had.. well, the fool fell in love. She clicked her tongue as she stretched, arching an eyebrow at that thought. Him, of all people. Well, maybe it wasn't such a surprise after all.. she had known him for a good while and it fit parts of his character. Of course, she had been around alot longer- even compared to him- but she'd never tell anyone her real age. That was one big no-no. All that aside, she was still pissed at herself for losing track of him. They were on the run but he was hiding a little [i]too[/i] well.

"Come on, kid. Where have you skittered off to?" She peered around herself as she pondered, trying to figure out where he had disappeared to.

Instead of an answer, she got a soft breeze.. which, while refreshing, wasn't much help at all. She muttered something and sat back down, returning to gazing at the sky. Some time passed before she got up and cracked her neck from side to side, a discontent look on her face.

"Sitting here isn't going to do a damn thing." She said with a shake of her head. "Time to get back to the hunt."

The hunt was more her searching for a needle in a haystack. Another sigh and she finally departed, seeking out her wayward friend.

"Don't falter, kid."

[b]Other[/b]: She knows the male main character pretty well and that is her main reason for switching sides to help him. Her power is due to her age.. and her age is, as mentioned, pretty much a mystery to most people. They have alot of fun trying to guess it, though, which irritates her to no end.[/color]
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[B]EDIT:[/B] Gomen ne, I kept forgetting and putting it off, but I'm finally done!
Let me know if I have to change anything.

[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Sakura Takeuchi

[B]Age:[/B] Sakura's been around for quite a long time, long enough that she's forgotten.

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Reaper

[B]Side:[/B] Human

[B]Weapon:[/B] Sakura carries a [URL=http://www.conqueronline.com/guide/images/tr.jpg]Glaive[/URL], it works like a scythe, but has longer reach and is lighter, while still being able to deal the same amount of damage as a scythe. The name of her glaive is Chiméiteki, or just Chi for short.

[B]Powers:[/B] Sakura's power is control over gravity, from making it heavy so no one can move, or light enough that people can float and 'fly'. Her physical power is also good, she's able to endure long periods of doing something, she has enhanced strength, speed, and agility. If she wishes, when she swings her glaive, she can release a wave of energy to injure an opponent. Sakura is also a natural gymnast, being flexible and able to pull off moves to help her throughout battles.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg]Here[/URL], she usually wears a black, long sleeve top with the sleeves pushed above her elbows, and long leather pants.

[B]Personality:[/B] Sakura is devoted to her job as a Reaper and will do what it takes to capture a soul. Even though she does so, her loyalty lies with the Main Character because her personal morals believe that he shouldn't be punished for falling in love, even though she knows she wouldn't do it. She's strong, smart, and firm about what she believes in and will do everything she can to protect those beliefs. Once you get past her barriers, she's very open and friendly, other than that, she's quite cold and devoid. For her friendship with the main male she is willing and does help destroy other Reapers that are after him.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] [I]Not too long after switching sides...[/I]

Sakura faced off an old friend. She stood there, legs at shoulder length apart, her left hand was clenched in a fist, her right hand held Chiméiteki, it's blade was pointed at an angle toward the ground, the tip barely scraped the surface beneath her. She glared at the other Reaper that stood across the way, he was wielding a large [URL=http://sow.thelostprophecies.com/files/resvrgam/weapon-pike.jpg]Pike[/URL]. He stood like her but the pike was vertical the butt of the weapon pressed against the ground.

[B]"Why did you do it?"[/B] he asked.

[B]"It's what I believe in, you know that."[/B] she replied solemnly.

[B]"This is your last chance. Return and face the punishment, or be killed here for....love."[/B] he spat the last word with disgust like he had just tasted something horrid.

[B]"The punishment I face at the Council is worse than what I will fare here. Try to kill me if you dare, Takeo."[/B]

He picked up the pike from it's rested position and twirled it above his head, holding it so the tip was diagonally pointed at her. She twirled Chi at her side, and around her body, holding it at the ready like him. He charged at her, wielding his large metal weapon. She caught the weapon in the sliced out part of her blade, she twisted with a lot of strength and wrenched it from his grip, catching the weapon and hefting it, she roared as she hurled it back toward him, he had retreated since he was weaponless. He stood to the side of it, and at the right moment he stuck his hand out, grasping the safer section of the weapon and swinging back in front of him, countering the momentum and spin she had put on it.

Sakura charged forward, dodging under a slice and sweeping the blade up from bottom right to top left, leaving a slice on his chest. He swung at her again from above, she held Chi in both hands and back hand-springed away from her opponent. She cried out as she made a slash from top right to lower left, releasing a large wave of energy toward Takeo. He dodged it as she expected, and as he landed from his backflip, she plunged Chiméiteki's blade straight through his abdomen. He made made a gasping noise and he released the grip on his pike, it clattered to the ground. Sakura's cold eyes focussed on his body as it slumped, hands clasping the shaft. She twisted and pulled, yanking the weapon from his body, letting it collapse beside his fallen weapon.

Sakura walked away from the body as it started to disappear, returning to the realm of the Reapers. Her eyes softened and they glistened with unshed tears. Takeo had been her best friend growing up, they had shared everything together, until she had shifted sides. She sniffed and blinked a few times, destroying any traces of tears as she returned to "Unknown", she had made the choice, knowing she would have to do things like face old friends and family, now she had to go through with it, there was no turning back.

[B]Other:[/B] Sakura is good with a variety of weapons and can use most in battle. Her control over Gravity is very strong and well refined that she can do it without much effort. She trusts the main male character and is a close friend. Since she's been helping out and killing other Reapers, she too can't return to the Council in fear of being punished and sent to eternal damnation[/color]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Jix, meaning God in the secret tongue of the Ronsu *see other*
[B]Age:[/B] He has been around long enough to see a hundred empires rise and fall.
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Race:[/B] Reaper
[B]Side:[/B] Reaper
[B]Weapon:[/B] Jix's weapon of choice is not the typical scythe used by so many of his compatriots, but instead a [I]kusari-gama[/I], or chain-scythe, modeled after the Japanese weapon. It's a weighted, serrated scythe on the edge of a long barbed chain that only he can touch without being harmed. In addition, the chain seems to be able to stretch with his will, a symbol of its spiritual nature. The weapon has Ronsu runes carved into it's head, reading "Mirdiz Jur," which translates to "Typhoon Edge."

In keeping with this ranged weapon, he has been known to carry a long-bow from time to time, using barbed-tip arrows.

[B]Powers:[/B] Jix, being very combat-oriented, has a number of destructive techniques that he uses to tear apart evil spirits - or even just the reluctant ones. In particular is his ability to create large spirals of wind, often concealing hidden blades of pure energy that tear his opponents apart. He also uses this to create shields or just throw opponents back. Still, his power is mostly offensive, and he finds no greater joy than cutting random objects in twain from afar.

His other capability is one he is only just beginning to get a handle on. He has lately started using not just wind, but lightning as well, smiting his enemies like a God with bolts of blue electricity. However, his electrical abilities are still far from refined, and he avoids using it around many people for fear of it bursting out of his control.

He uses these powers and ranged weapons mainly because his own physical strength and endurance are lower than some. However, it must be pointed out that he is quite quick and agile.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/Babes%20and%20Bishies/K.jpg]Jix[/URL], except he wears all white with red instead of black with red. Plus, he has the runes for Jix on his back.

[B]Personality:[/B] There are three words that best describe Jix's personality: Arrogant, Wily, and Sadistic. He has named himself God, takes pleasure in shredding the innocent, and has learned at least 22 languages during his life-time. He is a clever warrior and strategist, and always thinks ahead at least 50 steps whenever he forms a plan. This has given him a big head, of course, and his cocky attitude has made him few friends. Not that he cares. The fewer people that he has to associate with, the less he needs to worry about killing.

His weapons, a serrated blade and barbed arrows, help to illustrate his sadistic nature. He never aims to kill until he becomes bored, preferring to draw out the agony to a fever pitch when fighting a skilled opponent. And even when he faces someone he could obliterate easily, he holds back only so that they can get their hopes up before relieving them of their honor and their limbs.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] [I]In the lair of the Jix Okuza[/I]
Jix narrowed his deep black eyes and stared at the wizened old man in front of him. Kurr, he called himself, meaning "sage" in the language he had been teaching the Reaper. Kurr had been alive for a long time, years longer than most humans ever saw. All because he had won Jix's favour with his words of power. The language that he spoke, and the runes that he wrote. He said that they would make Jix strong. And now, it appeared, there was nothing left to learn.

[B]"Is that it, old man? No more secrets?"[/B]

[B]"No,"[/B] Kurr said in his voice like dry reeds. [B]"There is no more."[/B]

Jix smiled calmly, and started pacing in front of Kurr's throne while the Jix Okuza watched in awe. Finally, Jix turned back to his teacher.

"When I came to you, near 10 years ago, I was to end your life," he said, his own voice slick and cool like wet obsidian. [B]"But you told me of your people, and of your books and secret tongue. You promised to teach me so that I would not kill you. Isn't that right, Kurr?"[/B]

[B]"Th-that is,"[/B] the sage stammered.

[B]"Well,"[/B] Jix sighed, a contemplative look flickering across his features. [B]"What shall I do with you now, hmm? You have taught me so well, Kurr. And you have been so kind to this visitor of your palace. Your [I]Guna Jixna[/I], as it were. Earth Heaven, right? That's what it means?"[/B]

Kurr nodded slowly, and Jix chuckled.

[B]"Well, I have bad news for you, old man,"[/B] he said, with a false sigh. [B]"You see...there is no Heaven. No Jixna awaiting you, or your devout followers. There is only the Other Side, and that is where I am going to take you."[/B]

[B]"But...you said..."

"I said I would keep you alive for teaching me. You taught me. Now, our bargain is through."[/B]

In Jix's hand, the Mirdiz Jur materialized, it's edge gleaming wickedly. Candles flickered in the background, making the runes carved into the weapon's edge flash omniously. Jix chuckled as he twirled the weapon slowly by it's long chain.

[B]"But it would so be a shame to end a soul such as yours so quickly. So, I think I'll let you live just a little longer,"[/B] Jix said, with a warm smile. It quickly vanished, replaced by a grin of manic glee that flashed in his eyes. [B]"Long enough to have some fun, at least."[/B]

Mirdiz Jur lashed out like a hungry viper and cleaved Kurr's arm from his elbow. Blood sprayed out across his books, staining them with the crimson ichore. He let out a howl of agony that sent a shiver down Jix's spine. It had been so, so long since he'd heard someone cry like that. Maybe he'd have to slaughter the entire Order. In fact, that sounded like a [I]wonderful[/I] idea...

It only took an hour or two, as it happened. Within that time, Jix killed just about every man, woman, or child that was even close to the order's headquarters. Kurr was the last to die, however. Jix took his time with his ex-teacher. It took nearly an hour alone on him, tiny blades of win shredding his parchment skin until his was a flayed, bleeding husk. Then, at last, Jix let him die.

[B]Other:[/B] On one trip to the human world ages ago, Jix was sent to kill the leader of a secret society, the Jix Okuza, in the northern region of what would eventually become England. When he came across the leader, who possessed the Sight, the man begged him to spare his life. In exchange for this, the sage replied, he would teach Jix their ancient language of power and wisdom. Jix accepted the offer, and has sinced mastered the language the old man taught him, called Ronsu. He killed the man as soon as he was done teaching him, of course, but he maintains that he did uphold his part of the deal.

Inform me of any ills I should correct.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sage Rashna

[B]Age:[/B] He doesn't quite remember anymore

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Reaper

[B]Side:[/B] Human

[B]Weapon:[/B] A dagger that glows a ominuos blue light that coveres the blade from tip of the dagger to the start of the pommel. And his imfamous chain know to many reapers as his " Daggertail", it is connected to his body through his left arm and its length is unmesurable.The daggertail is made of slender knives that are sharp on the edges and a wicked arrow point on the end, it is serrated and only about a inch of the tip is straight, the Daggertail is used to pull in souls that desire to remain in the mortal realm.

[B]Powers:[/B] Sage has not used his powers for several centuries since it has not required any power to collect the souls. But his power is called Shadow magic, it is the power to manipulate any shadow that he comes across. He can turn it into whatever he can fatham or whatever is necessary for his soul collecting. Shadow magic is forbidden in Reaper life so he can rarely use it, but when he does it can have devestating effects on the soul that has called down his power.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/Prince_Throne.jpg] Sage, a portrit drawn back in the days of Babylon[/url] drawn by a Babylonian artist who had the sight.

[B]Personality:[/B] Sage is cold and calculating, he is merciless when it comes to the pleas of the souls. His intellgence is kept to himself, he speaks his mind when he feels it is required. He will share any useful information to a fellow reaper if needed. Sage sometimes has an arrogance problem and makes him lose a rational sense. He also is a bit of a pain the *** for higher authority. He loves to go against rules that will piss off the council and will give them a hard time.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] Sage stood in the darkness of the allyway, stalking a soul that refused to leave when he had the oppurtunity. Sage smiled as the souls back was facings Sage, he opened his hand and drew his chain. The daggertail slowly turned as it pushed it's way through his flesh of his opened hand, he drew about 10 feet. That was his estimation of about how much he needed to reach the soul from his current position.
"Your mine."[/B] Sage said to himself as he lifted his arm and prepared to hurl the chain at the soul. He hurled the daggertail and the chain passed right throught its body, it then solidified and the spirit groaned. He reeled the soul in and touched it with his right index finger, the soul screamed in anguish. Shadows then took on a horrifying form of demonic faces, all of them twisted and gnarled with expressions of pain and suffering. The made there way to the soul, the clawed and scratched and pulled on the soul.

Slowly pulling him over to a pit that just had opened up, fire spewed from the mouth of it and a dark laugh could be heard from deep with in it. The soul clawed at the ground as the demonic shadows dragged him to the pit, it pleaded and wailed for Sage to have mercy. Sage turned a blind eye to the soul, not caring for its pleas. The soul screamed and wail as it was dragged into the hole, it closed up and Sage heard no more wails from the soul.
"He was a noisey one."[/B] Sage said to himself, he then at that moment recieved a message from the reaper council. Tell him all of the details of what had happen between a reaper and a human, they also re-told him of their rule agaisnt human and reaper relationships. Sage shooked his head at the councils message.
"This is ridiculous, we should be celerbating this event rather then hunt them."[/B] Sage growled, then an idea hit him and he smiled wide.
"I will help this reaper, mabye if we succeed the council will see the real problem is with there rules and not what we do. Good, I like this idea more and more."[/B] Sage drew the chain back into his body and walked into the shadows.
"And mabye I can finally be able to use my powers without the council sending me to Hell again."[/B] Sage said to himself as he passed into the shadows and disappeared from mortal sights.

[B]Other:[/B] When Sage discovered his power of Shadow magic he used it without any really consideration for the consequences. He ended up killing a fellow reaper on a job for soul hunting, the council didn't take this lightly and literally sent him to Hell. He stayed there for about a week in his own personal level of Hell, this was orignally to get Sage to be obidient. But it failed and made Sage more rebellious towards the Reaper ways. Sage also picked up some acrobatics from his days in Babylon, he learned from one of best persian warriors. Years before there defeat.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Hope everything is in order. Trying to make this sign in good, Pm if anything needs changing.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]Well done to everyone who has signed up so far, they are all excellent. Sakura, if you could finish yours as soon as possible then that would be much appreciated.

[b]Name: [/b]Unknown, will be revealed soon enough

[b]Age: [/b]Over 3500, but he appears to be little more than 25

[b]Gender: [/b]Male

[b]Race: [/b]Reaper

[b]Side: [/b]Human

[b]Weapon: [/b]The Chirurgeon, a blade so fine it can cut through the very essence of soul energy. It took almost one thousand years to sharpen it to its current edge, which is so sharp it can cut through almost anything. It appears, at first, to be little more than a regular jet-black katana, with red leather wrapped around the hilt, but when he releases its power, it becomes something much more.

The blade extends, and turns from metal to tough black wood, and the end of the blade elongates and curves, becoming a scythe, but this scythe is much more powerful than any other owned by a Reaper. Not only can it sense soul energy, whether it is good or bad, but it can also absorb souls into its blade, which increases its power. Since he has turned it on its creators, however, its power is much more unreliable, and slightly uncontrollable.

[b]Powers: [/b]He has many powers, but not many of them are known to anybody except himself. His primary power is that of destructive blasts, which can wipe out both physical forms and soul energy, and not just immobilise it, but destroy it completely, something which many Reapers fear.

He can also bind soul energy, and store it in the blade of his scythe, before releasing them into the Next Life. His binding powers are far stronger than most, however, and he has even been known to bind Reapers before, something which has never been achieved before.

One of his many other powers is a huge amount of self-repairing abilities. Any limb that is severed can be reattached, and any Reaper-related virus he contracts can be flushed out almost immediately.

[b]Appearance: [/b][url="http://photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/?action=view¤t=aaaa.jpg"]Here[/url] is a picture of him, except his hair is jet-black

[b]Personality: [/b]He is a very wary person now, knowing that the Council is after him. He is fiercely protective of living humans, which the Reapers who are out to get him are not. They will destroy humans to get to him, but he will not let them die. He is also very different in battle to what he is normally. Usually he is calm, and although he doesn't talk much, he is friendly. However, when he begins to fight, he becomes cold and almost completely silent.

[b]Character Snippet: [/b][i]Another day, another Reaper...

[/i]This one was stronger than some of the others. His axe was swinging around wildly, but with calculated effort. The strength put behind the weapon was incredible, and he was having trouble trying to block it. The blades clashed together on occasion, when he stood still for long enough that he could land a blow.

But this Reaper was quicker than the others as well. The blade swung down when he wasn't expecting it, and it hacked through flesh and bone, blood gushing out of the wound. When he looked back, his arm lay on the floor, his sword still clasped tightly in the hand. As soon as he looked at the severed limb, a spray of blood squirted from it, but instead of spurting straight out, it curled through the air, eventually reaching the stump where it had been before. This trail of blood then pulled the arm quickly back into its rightful place. He twisted it round until the joint cracked.

[b]"That's better," [/b]he said, facing his horrified opponent. He ran towards the Reaper, his sword flashing, but he was almost too fast for the eye to see. Within a moment, he had run past his opponent, and his sword had passed straight through him.

The Reaper fell to his knees, blood dribbling from the open wound. Suddenly, the entire top half of his body fell off, and blood fountained out.

[b]"I hate having to do that," [/b]he said softly, sheathing his blade.

[b]Other: [/b]He now realises that if he returns to the Council, he will be punished and sent to Hell for eternity. So, he must stay on Earth, and protect those he loves, and it doesn't matter how many Reapers that means killing.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=Navy]Name:UnKnow but ppl call him Mute
[B]Age:[/B] He forgot a long time ago.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Race[/B]: Reaper
[B]Side:[/B] Human

[B]Weapon: [/B]Two long Swords that have a kind of power in them.
[B]Powers[/B]: He has powers but he doesnt know what hey are. He doesnt know how to control or use them.

[B]Appearance[/B]: well im just using this ic for now. Im gonna draw my own person if u dont mind. [URL=http://yoyo.its.monash.edu.au/groups/macc/img/raven3small.jpg] pic[/URL]
[B]Personality:[/B]Quiet. Rarely Speaks.

[B]Character Snippet[/B]: Battling reaper. Swings sword at another reaper and misses. The other reaper is to fast for him. The Reaper Slashes me on the right shoulder going down my arm. It was a deep cut. I was on the ground wen the Reaper was about to kill me..Until A bright light showed up out of no where and i ended up somewhere else. I was confused.
[B]Other:[/B] He wanders around most of the time thinking.

Sry that i dont write much. If i need to change anything tell me.[/IMG][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Name: Alitthia Morignaua
Age: She doesnt know.

Gender: Female

Race: Reaper

Side: Human

Weapon: Alitthia carries a long sharp sword, its longer than any normal sword , but has a handle thats made of enchanted silver metal, and it is decorated with all kinds of engravings.

Powers: Her powers are that she is able to control the rain and wind, while molding anything thats aluminum.(I know I know it isnt that good but...) She can summon things and she hasnt discovered her power of premonitions yet.

Appearance: She has long strawberry blonde hair, below the shoulder, pulled back in a side ponytail, she wears a red tank, with black leather mini skirt. Her green eyes make her shirt stand out. She wears long black combat boots.

Personality:Very solemn at times, but around her friends, she is very hyper and fun to be around. And she's serious...

Character Snippet: Alitthia walks down the weed ridden path, dark forest...She sees another reaper and it lunges at her....She strikes with her enchanted silver sword, and as it plunges through the reaper's leather jacket, he says,"Why? Why did ...I have to die...I was... supposed - to ...kill...you..." It grunts as it falls to the ground...with frozen eyes staring up at her, she silently turns the body over..and continues down the path, with a blank expression her face

Other: -----
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Trebuchet MS][U]Name:[/U] Trianna Spade
[U]Age:[/U] 23
[U]Gender:[/U] Female

[U]Race:[/U] Human
[U]Side:[/U] Human

[U]Weapon:[/U] Two razor-sharp blades that resemble japanese fans, when she throws the weapons they turn into a full disc of impenetrable metal that can slice through the toughest armor including that of the soul stealers.

[U]Power:[/U] The Sight is the only ability she's presently able to use

[U]Appearance:[/U] [URL=http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/3071/girls267mv.jpg] Here|[/URL] She normally wears a short black trench-coat the ends about mid-thigh. Tall black boots cover most of her legs and a thin leather strip is tied around her brow.

[U]Personality:[/U] Trianna is pleasant and gracious, usually making small talk with those around her including strangers. Around her close friends she's mischevious and lightheated. In battle she grows silent and grave, when against an opponent never once does she break eye contact, a trait that can unnerve even the fiercest of Reapers.

[U]Character Snippet:[/U]
Frigid wind blew across the snow-covered ground as more of the substance fell about thickly. A single figure trudged through the barren land, shivering and frost-bitten she looked up, no sign of living creatures showed, just a desolate field of glaring white terrain. She'd beent traveling for one day in these conditions, death was fast approaching and Trianna knew this, but refused to give up. [I]I don't want to die alone...[/I] She stumbled to her knees, gradually the wish for sleep engulfed her every thought and slowed any progress she had presently been making. Shakily Trianna rose again, new determination set in her mind as her lids continued to close.

Another ten minutes passed and she collapsed aware that if she shut her eyes now, most likely she'd never open them again. Lazily Trianna blinked a few times when a shadow crossed overhead, when she gazed up she was met by the face of a young man, no older than 26-27. Her blue lips moved quietly before finally a voice could be heard. "Please...help..." It was then that she noticed he held a weapon in his hand. With a somewhat defiant sigh she closed her eyes and waited for the enevitable.

It never came, a week or so later Trianna awoke in a hospital. Where, she had no idea, how she'd got there, also no idea. She was alive, that was all that mattered. But something was wrong, people she'd never met, people only she could see, made themselves known. Slowly Trianna came to accept them, choosing not to allow others the privilage of knowing what was going around outside if their ignorant little 'reality.' That was four years ago, this is now.

[U]Other:[/U] Trianna is still a little weary of the Reaper race, even those that call themselves her allies. She'd never tall any of them this, it's just part of who she is. But fear has never stopped her before and won't start now. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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name :Namarook

age : Has been around for ages

gender : male

race : reaper

side : reaper

weapon : long sword , projects a cureously strange light

when combined with his power

powers : his powers consist of electricy destructive blasts. Deadly when combined with his skills of the sword and are rarely matched.

Appearance :

Personality : Normaly precise his ways ,although they are not fully known . He does not feel mercy towards any one ,especially non-loyal reapers

Character Snippet : A few days before the current


I glanced around the room looking for my target "What

you don't want to do is make me mad, little girl.", I

said. It was as if she were little, although she

wasn't. It was exciting. It has been a long time since

killing someone such as her, gave me that kind of a

rush. Maybe it was the fact she was young, or was it

that she had the sight? A whisper was heard... "Try

over there." I paced myself as I walked toward the

closet she was in. "I see you.", I said, glancing down

at my target hiding the the closet. "Tisk tisk", I

murmured. " Did you think that would stop me?", I asked.

As my weapon appeared in my hand, she screamed. And, to

my surprise managed to hit me .She ran, then threw a dagger at me.I screamed in agony as the pain ripped through my right leg and she got away.

They pulled me back to the other side and I waited with

great patience for my punishment. They demoted me and

sent another reaper in my place. I was dishonored. Not

in a century has a reaper been beaten by a human.
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[size=1]Ok, here is the accepted and declined list. To be honest, a lot of you could have posted far better sign-ups if you had put the effort in, but here goes anyway.

[/size] [center][size=1][u][b]Accepted

[/b][/u][/size] [center][size=1]Kira Selene-DeathKnight
Sakura Takeuchi-Sakura (as long as you finish your sign-up)
Jix-Unborn Lord Xion
Sage Rashna-Achilles
Trianna Spade-Asahai


Alitthia Morignaua-Raine14

[/size] [left][size=1]To 1nOnlyCloud, Raine14 and anime-lover, I'm sorry but your sign-ups were not of the quality I expected. 1nOnlyCloud, you gave me hardly any information on your character, and saying "he can't remember about his past" doesn't really cut it. Raine14, while your sign-up was better, I don't think having a single paragraph for your character snippet really challenged me, and anime-lover, you just didn't give me enough information about your character to really keep me interested.

To DeathKnight, Sakura, ULX, Achilles and Asahai, welcome aboard. Hopefully this RP should be a lot of fun, if you can all keep it going. I will be posting an Underground thread later, and it should go up in the Square later today.

Thank you all for signing up.
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Name: Sodom
Age: Since the days of the Old Testemant (absorbed all the souls of those lost in the destruction of Sodom and Gamora)
Gender: Male
Race: Reaper
Side: Reaper

Weapon: Silver and Gold Scythe with a metal spike at its end tip. (see picture for detailed look) The Scythe is Sodoms life force...as long as the blade survives...Sodom is immortal. As time goes on, as he grows older and stronger...so does his blade. His golden eye as well as the golden eye on his blade sense the presence and power of all souls.

Life Drain: Tapping into the soul of any known spieces, Sodom drains the life source and power out of the victim...giving him a boast of strength and power (Stamina, agility, speed). This causes the victim to be very vulnerable and weak. If done long enough it will bring them to brink of death.

Life Tap: By sacrificing his own life energy, Sodom gains a boast in all physical ability which result in a burst, surrounding his entire body in a purple flame. If done consistantly and often enough, Sodom will become drained and weak.

Soul Mastery: Not only is Sodom a Soul Reaper, bringing all his souls gathered to the other side, he is a Soul Hunter who kills any who he feels has a soul worthy enough to be added to his own personal collection. Sodom is able to harvest a soul...even if the victim isn't near death.

He may call upon these souls at will and summon them to his presence, turing them into physical form for his aid, or for him to absorb to increase his power. These souls speak to him...and serve as his slaves.

Appearance: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sodom has a very intelligent and powerful character which coincides with his sedistic nature. He doesn't contain his power at all...giving him a very intimidating persona. Having no regard nor compassion for life, all souls are seen as unworthy except for a select few. He isn't one to lead, but he certainly is one to kill any oppositionand command a difficult situation.

Character Snippet:
[I]You...are....beautiful my friend. Your essence flows through the temples of my soul...satisfying my desires...my unquenchable thrist for power and knowledge.[/I]
You are...all my dream...my every waking moment...those apart from you are not worthy of such glory and honor for me to care for you. [/I]

The pulsing globe levitated around him as he opened his eyes and stared down at an old and powerful monk in the open plains of Japan. The monks eyes were opened wide, obviously filled with death and pain as it lay motionless upon the floor.
"Your soul has been preserved...death will not take your wisdom away from this place...but will live on in my tender care."[/B]

The chain fused into Sodoms back suddenly became extremely hot...spreading through his entire spine, motioning for him to return home. He was allowed to wander the world without interruption until told otherwise to collect certain souls. But this felt different...

Other: ULX, Wraith told me that you are basically in control of our kind. Just letting you know that I won't hinder that...but look forward to siding with ya. Thanks for letting me participate in this Wraith...and hello to the rest of you:) [/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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