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Art Help with Copic Markers

Guest CluelessMom

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Guest CluelessMom
I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so please forgive me if it is not. My 12 year-old has asked for Copic Markers for her birthday, however we do not have a store nearby so I have to order them online. She asked for some pretty specific colors but I'm not sure which markers to choose. If anyone has the time to help out a clueless mom I would greatly appreciate it! The marker colors are:

blondish hair color
cream/off white

Thank you again and apologies if this is the wrong place!!!
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Guest CluelessMom
Thanks everyone, I think I'll just have her pick the exact colors. Its so hard to see the colors on the computer monitor, I was hoping someone would have a suggestion for these colors!
I really appreciate the feedback!
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[quote name='Nomura']May I ask what exactly copic markers are?[/quote]
Copic is a brand of marker that is very popular among artists who like to draw Manga styled pictures.
They have tons of different colours, making it hard to choose at times, and different shapes and sizes of marker.

They bleed a lot, because they have a lot of ink. I've been told that using them is like painting with a marker.

My girlfriend and her friends got their marker sets somewhere on eBay. Somebody on there just sells (not auctions) copics.

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