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Art Art for Zan


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[size=1]That's right, it's Sean's birthday and I wanted to celebrate this! But the graphics sort of failed to be honest ¬_¬

[center][b]'90 to '05[/b]

[i]Everyone, it's Sean's birthday today! Let's celebrate with pixels!.... Right.[/i]

If you have anything to want to give to Sean for his birthday, go ahead, the thread is for that stuff :^D[/size]
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[SIZE=1] I haven't been on the OB for awhile so i might as well make my comeback with a big "Happy Birthday!" to Sean. I currently don't have the recources to make you a proper gift as of now but I tried.

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[SIZE=1]=O These all own major bottom!

Cheers to everyone! But...so I don't get this closed then I'll comment fully on the pieces.

<33 Advent Children...
This is tré cool, you made a pink 'Cloud', well that has to be awesome doesn't it. The colours blend amazingly with the stock image. The lines and abstract background work great as well. The text, whilst being plain comes together with everything else in the picture to give it that...finished look.

So danke!

Big rockety thing...<33
Awwww...t'is so cool, I <3 the text so much! And of course, I couldn't expect any less from my favourite partner in crime! =D So, thankies so much...I'm so in love with that text...=O.

You just love capturing the essence don't ya, it's so professionally done...I could so see that in the shops. But it's special and for me!!!!! OMFG! >>;;
The candles and cake, traditional, and the classic font of professional-ness brings this together. Thankies! =D

So now, my massive group e-hugs! *hugs for all*

Thank you! =D[/SIZE]
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