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Screwed & Crunk: Southern Hip Hop


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While I do feel like one of the only Hip Hop fans on the OBs, I must ask: has anyone noticed the impending movement of Southern Hip Hop? From ATL to Memphis, and more recently, Houston and Miami, the south has taken the world or hip hop by the reigns and hasn't let go for the last five years, if not longer.

Starting with acts such as Three 6 Mafia (outta Memphis) and 2 Live Crew (from Miami). Then huge acts such as Outkast and Ludacris came out of ATL and started the whole Crunk Movement, with Lil' Jon becoming the apparent King of this. Today, Houston's laid back slur and thumping beats have been predominant. I am a huge fan of every aspect of Southern Hip Hop (well, most of it).

The music is kind of like what early Punk was to Rock and Roll, which is mostly just energy surge music. Being from the South, I feel kind of represented by the current stars, but my fandom lies in the underground acts. The homegrown artists coming out who are just every where. Paul Wall, Young Bloodz, Purple Ribbon All-Stars, Three 6 Mafia, Outkast, and Ludacris are currently my favorite artists in this movement. While alot of people ridicule it for being just mindless chants and what not, but to tell the truth, that is the original roots of Hip Hop. MC's who do crowd driving chants behind the DJ's music.

Now, I am asking. What are your comments on this whole movement?[/color][/size]
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I enjoy Ludacris, largely because he lives up to his namesake. I like that he has fun, but still comes off as intelligent in his music. Chicken and Beer was really damn good and this year's release isn't so bad either. I've always been a fan of the more energetic rappers out there... a lot of that lazy stuff just doesn't do it for me.

I've been into Outkast for a long while now. I don't really remember how I got into them, but I had ATLiens and Aquemini. To be honest, I still don't pay attention to who exactly fits into this genre, so I at the time I certainly never considered it anything aside from what it seemed to be: good hip-hop. I like their new material as well, but for different reasons... I don't know that it lives up to the earlier stuff, but songs like The Rooster still amaze me.

Anyway, like I was saying, I don't really keep up on the differences between the subgenres, so it's all just "hip-hop" to me, for better or worse. Stuff like Handsome Boy Modeling School, Mf Doom (and his spin-offs), Diplo, Smif-n-Wessun, Cannibal Ox, Nas, Shadow Huntaz, Disposable Heroes of Hiphopricy, Quasimodo... while I know for a fact many of these don't fit into crunk, I'm not really sure about all of them (not to mention some more I've not bothered to mention). I'm slightly ignorant as far as that all goes.

As for 'Lil Jon, my only thought on him is "Why?"
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I don't like the misogyny of it. I think that these artists have a mistaken mentality, that women are to be won over by money, cars, clothes, and then screwed.
And the lady rappers just love to make themselves sound like whores. Sometimes they wear little enough clothing to look like whores, too.
It's always about busting a cap in someone's ***, represent here and there and your clique and blah blah, treat women like queens with money but yet you're with a whole bunch of different girls, god knows how many stds and unclaimed kids you've got.
Wow, that's really great. I don't care much for southern hip-hop, and there are my reasons.
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[B]renayiiq[/B] while I will admit that many hip hop artists are guilty of disrespectful lyrics, that is not something to base your opinion on an entire genre on. That would be like me saying that I hate all Metal music because some of them are pro-satanism, and that doesn't tickle my fancy. Try listening to some of the artists listed by[B] NPC[/B]. MF Doom and Nas are some of the best artists to listen too if you want some intellectual lyrics. (MF Doom was genius on Demon Days. I havn't heard a flow so smooth in my life.)

Hip Hop isn't about cars, clothes, and women. But there is an understandable reason that some is. Many hip hop artists came up from extreme poverty. All of a sudden they get a record deal and a stack of money, what do you expect them to do? Put it away in a savings acount? No. They rhyme about what's around them and what they are aspiring for. So, that's my explanation for this.

Hip Hop artists, and especially gangsta rap artists, are notorius for creating over sized characters of themselves to make their lyrics more interesting. Basically, their telling a story through the eyes of that 'character'. Unless you're the biggest drug slinging pimp hustler around, then your gonna run out of stories to tell, so they create these larger than life personas for themselves.

But this is slightly off subject. Southern Hip Hop is about having fun and partying more than anything else. Just in your face kinda stuff. Like NPC said, Ludacris is a great example of a good southern artist who just rhymes about ridiculous things over strange beats (The Austin Powers Track is sampeled in one of his recent songs) but he also has a serious side about the hard life he had before he became famous. The same goes for Outkast, but the an even more 'wacky' extent.

Right now though, I'm enjoying the semi-underground personality, Paul Wall. I don't know why exactly, but I enjoy his songs to a great extent. No, he's not a great lyricist, but his beats and his songs just have such a laid back, yet energetic, quality, it justs keeps me listening.[/color][/size]
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Gladly. And I understand your veiws. Here are some regular artists that you may like:

MF Doom
Nas (though he was recently signed to Def Jam by his former rival)
Kanye West (dido)
Frog One
The X-Ecutioners
MC Chris (who does MC Pee Pants etc. for adult swim)
Invisbl Skratch Piklz

There's more, but I can't remember right this second.

I'm more knowledgable about the southerners:

Paul Wall
Mike Jones
Slim Thug
Lil' Wyte
Dem Franchize Boyz
Purple Ribbon All-Stars (fronted by [B]Big Boi[/B] from [B]Outkast[/B])
Young Jeezy (not so much, but he's there)
Young Bloodz (who come out with a video every year or so)
Three 6 Mafia (who just came out with their first video in a long time)
8 Ball & MJG

There are just a few 'underground' kinda acts. While you may here about some of them on MTV or something, you won't here alot of their best unless you find their mixtapes and radio singles which they come out with every month or so. It's constant.
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MF Doom (& Danger Doom)
Guru (Gangstarr)
Klashnekoff (sp?)

Just to name a few underground hip-hop artists.

Back on topic, I don't get much of a crunk scene down here in England, it's mostly lil'John's "Yeyaah!" in the background of someones tune.
I think that Crunk is the best form of Hiphop in a way, it's like feel-good music. huh?
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[size=1][color=darkred]Well I'm not the biggest fan of Crunk music, partly because I'm not that big of a party person, as well as I like my rap to be alittle bit faster, smoother, and most of the time meaningful. Though you can't go with out acknowledging the recent popularity of Lil' Jon, wait I mean southern hip hop. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]So far I haven't really liked Paul Wall, my friends do (remembers drive slow, or whatever the song is called). I think Mike Jones would have been better if he didn't say his name so g** d*** much. [/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Though I really like Lil' Scrappy, David Banner, Lil' Flip, Three 6 Mafia, Outkast, Boyz n da hood, and I gotta give mad props to Luda. I just have to be in a really good, happy hyper mood to listen to crunk. Though most of the time I'm just chill, so I don't listen to it regularly. Most of the time I listen to Tupac, The Diplomats, The Game, Dr. Dre, Nas, Zion I, Shyne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem, Scarface, and then a lot of R&B lately.[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]And to name some underground artist as well,[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Zion I[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Tupac (Simply because he has a ton of songs)[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Nas (Somewhat main stream, but underground as well in my opinion)[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]The Diplomats[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]Kanye West (Mainstream but good)[/color][/size]
[size=1][color=darkred]and thats all I can think of for now.[/color][/size]
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Crunk music tends to get me just pumped up and ready to do some serious a** whoopin'. That's why I listen to it while I'm playing fighting games or before I go to my martial arts class. However, the Screwed music from Houston is more of a laid back style, but still makes you feel like your just ready to throw down.

By the way, Paul Walls song is called [B]"Sittin' Sidewayz"[/B]. Not "Drive Slow". The inspiration for that song is Houston's car culture and what not. Not his best song in my opinion, but it's still great. His remix with [B]Ashanti[/B] and [B]Method Man[/B] is great, though. That may be one of my favorites from him.

Other than southern hip hop, I listen to alot of Jay-Z, who is my favorite rapper of all time, Nas, Eminem's old stuff, Busta Rhymes, ODB, Kanye West, Rhymefest, who is the most promising new act I've seen in a while, Lloyd Banks, and The Game. But since I live in the south, I have better access to local Hip Hop on the radio. See, I don't have a whole lotta money, so if I don't get a free burned CD, the most of my hearing comes off the radio, which I enjoy alot better than MTV.

Oh, and another southern underground artists who's up and coming is [B]Chamillionaire[/B]. He looks to have potential.[/color][/size]
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[quote name='Mugen][color=sienna][size=1]By the way, Paul Walls song is called [b]"Sittin' Sidewayz"[/b]. Not "Drive Slow". The inspiration for that song is Houston's car culture and what not. Not his best song in my opinion, but it's still great. His remix with [b]Ashanti[/b] and [b]Method Man[/b] is great, though. That may be one of my favorites from him.[/size'][/color][/quote][size=1][color=darkred] I'm thinking of a different song then, the song I am thinking of features Kanye West if I remember right. I've heard "Sittin' Sidewayz" so I know that song for sure. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]But alot of southern music makes me feel pumped, and I listen to it when I need to get pumped up, for example "South Side" by Lil' Scrappy ft The Game. But I'm pretty easy to get riled up as it is, and crunk music pushes me over the edge lol. If I am in a really good mood I love it though. Put hardcore Tupac and Dmx pump me up a lot more for some reason, though I love Lil' Scrappy, Lil' Wayne and Trick Daddy. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]With the party style music, thats just not how I like to party lol. Some of the lyrics are just like foul, funny but foul. SO like if I wanna party I'll throw on like Loon, Nelly, Juelz Santana, Dip Set, Pharell, stuff like that. It just feels more smooth to me.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=darkred]Also for more underground stuff I forgot to mention Bone Thugs N Harmony. They have had a couple mainstreme songs, but they have a way unique style.[/color][/size]
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I'll start off by saying.... My favorite rapper / rappers are Bone Thugs N Harmony... I mainly like fast rappers, but they take it... "shrugs"

With that being said. I listen to Eminem, Tupac, DMX, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Outkast, Fabolous, Pitbull, Twista (for freestyle) and Nelly every once in a blue moon. Some of y'all may know where I'm getting ready to take this.

In this day in age..... I don't really listen to the new generation of rappers simply because all I'm hearing is the same thing I've heard back in the day. Just much more of it. This is why I listen to or prefer the older rappers. (Run DMC, LL Cool J and Tupac.... If you want, Bone could be thrown up in there as well)

While I will admit. I use to listen to a few of the middle age - newer rappers. Some of them have slipped off completely.

Ludacris.... His 1st album was nice as well as Word of Mouf. I didn't care for Chicken and Beer at all. I only got it because of Stand Up. And his latest album, I heard it was bogus.... (That Austin Powers kind of theme speaks for itself..... )

Lil Jon - I just find him funny.... other than that. I don't really listen to him.

That was just to name a couple....

One of the main reasons I don't listen to the newer generation of rappers...
The jewelry in the mouth gotta go. Yin(g) Yang Twins, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, and whoever else got that stuff in their mouth needs to get rid of it. You... well I can barely understand any of the words that's being said. Which is really a shame because I listen to mainly fast rappers... (fabolous, eminem, and dmx excluded) or people that have rapped fast on a song. And I could understand what they would say before any of these people with the jewelry in their mouth.

Now that I'm done ranting..... I'll answer the question... ^_^

[quote]Now, I am asking. What are your comments on this whole movement?[/quote]
I haven't really paid much attention to it. (I'm more of an R&B and gospel [shup, it's soothing XD] type of guy) Although I have noticed that ATL has takin over the hip hop industry though. I don't really have anything to say about it though. How long do you think it'll last is the true question?

If none of that made any sense at all let me know.... It's late right now (4:36 a.m) and I'll reword it.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Do you guys like [b]Aesop Rock[/b]? He is amazingly smooth, very talented, and VERY VERY intelligent. The last thing he sings about are women, money, and clothes. He's very clever, too. Just thought I'd give him a short blurb so maybe you guys can check him out.[/color][/size]
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As far as southern hip-hop goes, Little Brother is probably the only group I enjoy.

All of my friends buy all the chopped and screwed mixtapes and what not. Like "Whut It Dew" and all that crap with Bun B, Cham, Slim Thug, etc. etc. And as much as I've tried, I can't enjoy it. Other than Cham completely destroying Mike Jones on that 3 CD mix he put out, I've gotten absolutely no enjoyment out of any of them. In terms of "underground" artists (not talkin Jeezy or Ludacris), there is nothing distiguishing them from eachother. While I agree with Mugen's statement on a general basis, " Hip Hop isn't about cars, clothes, and women. ", it just isnt true with a majority of the artists getting airplay.

Also Jeezy is probably the most overrated rapper of all time. People were calling Thug Motivation album of the year, placing it above Be and The Minstrel Show, so I automatically went out and bought. Biggest. Dissapointment. Ever. Not only is it not even close to the AOTY, it's a contender for worst album of the year.

Personal favorites of mine are: Big L, Gravediggaz, Giant Panda, Buck 65, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Geto Boys, Quasimoto, Gang Starr, Dead Prez (flawed/annoying political views aside, they still kick ***), KRS-One, Sage Francis, Dizzee Rascal, Common, Little Brother, etc. etc.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I've been a big fan of Southern hip hop for a while. Probably because I live in the south and I hang around my cousins a lot and that's all they listen to. Some of my favorite Southern rappers are Ludacris (he's one of my favorite rappers period), Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat ( I know he's a part of Three 6, but he's good by himself too. I hope he gets out of jail soon), Yo' Gotti, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Lil' Flip, Lil' Wayne, the list goes on and on.

My favorite underground rappers include Murs, El-P,Deltron 30 30 (or whatever he goes by these days), Ill Bill, Danger Mouse, Atmosphere, Royce Da 5'9, and that's all I can think of at the moment.

My other favorite rappers are Kanye West, Twista (I know he's sort of underground), Eminem, Jay-Z, Mike Shinoda, Nas, Tupac, Public Enemy, NWA, Wu Tang Clan, Mos Def, Common, and last but not least Snoop Dogg.[/COLOR]
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