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RPG Kingdom Hearts: Through the doors of anime rated m

Inuyasha Fandom

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A stranger landed in the midst of a feild of green......a darkened shade of white......

"where am i??????"

The stranger suddenly found himself to be an anime character!!!!!!!

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?????????" he panics, and he suddenly looks at other stranger popping out of thin air........

okay, this is how we start, when everyone gets together, the rp will truly take off
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[QUOTE=Inuyasha Fandom]WHOOSH!!!!!

A stranger landed in the midst of a feild of green......a darkened shade of white......

"where am i??????"

The stranger suddenly found himself to be an anime character!!!!!!!

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?????????" he panics, and he suddenly looks at other stranger popping out of thin air........

okay, this is how we start, when everyone gets together, the rp will truly take off[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=Plum]"Whoa...." Tifa says slowly as she examines the stranger...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Purple]OOC: is this right?[/COLOR]
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[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]... waking up... confused... five more minutes, Yazoo...
Wait, my brothers are supposed to wake me up!
*sits up*
Huh? Where am I?! Where's my brothers?
I'm lost?
I'm lost!
*starts crying, scared*
I gotta find my brothers!
*gets up, starts walking*
Hello? People? Why's everything so green? Where's the people? Where's my brothers? Where's--
*tries to hide behind a tree*[/FONT][/B]

[COLOR=Plum]Tifa: *sees Loz hiding behind a tree* Uh-oh. Wherever this is, we've got Sephiroth clones in the area...[/COLOR]
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A light whirl in the wind, the grass lightly moved by the breeze. A body stirs from the ground and rises up. He looks to his left and right seeing only the forest around him "I am.... Shun Ukiya." Shun gets to his feet and scans the area around him "Where am I? What happend to me?" He feels a light headedness and stumbles a bit and leans off against a tree. He scans the area once again, hoping to see any familiar signs. Sadly there were none, he was far away from any place he had ever been. The wind stirred again, as an over whealming cold chill hit his spine. He could feel eyes prying at him from the shadows, but where were they? He started to be over come by his paranoia. He could hear the russle in the shadows, but he couldn't see where it came from. His panic surged and he felt his fear build, which then turned to anger. His memory was restoring, he had one ace up his sleeve. He brought his hand above his head "GATE OPEN!" a round blue seal appeared, releasing and un imaginable amount of force in the form of the wind. The air whirled violently as the trees surrounding were ripped from the ground. The wind died and he waited to see who would come out of the destruction.
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The bright sunlight penetrated through his closed eyes, and Genjyo Sanzo moaned in discomfort as he stirred. A pair of violet pools opened, and he found himself staring at the brilliant blue sky. A wild thought rushed though his mind?an image of an orange origami airplane soaring across the blue.

[I]?The opposite colors enhance each other?s beauty,?[/I] He remembered his late master, Koumyo Sanzo, saying once.

Another memory flitted through his thoughts.[I] ?These airplanes should only be thrown across a blue sky??[/I]

He sat up and pushed the thoughts aside. He had a mission, of sorts, and he had a feeling that he wouldn?t be alone. ?Ah?ni?.mei?? He said, toying the word around in his mouth. The very sound of it, and the thought behind it, left a bad feeling in his mouth. He stood and dusted off his robes. Even if he was a work of fiction, he still existed?was alive. Nothing could change that.

Somewhere in the distance, he heard a familiar whine. He checked to see if his gun was loaded. ?I still hear that monkey,? He muttered, in reference to Goku. The wide eyed child with golden eyes, the one who had called to him what seemed like a lifetime ago, still called out to him.

[I]?Ah, yes.?[/I] A familiar voice chuckled in his thoughts, the voice of Kanzeon Bosatsu. [I]?And that?ll be your stigma, whether you like it or not.?[/I]

He snorted his acknowledgment of hir warning, and trodded off. There were voices nearby, and past experience told him that it was a good idea to get acquainted with the locals.
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[COLOR=Plum]Seeing Sanzo...Tifa walks over and starts to talk," Euh..hello? My name's Tifa! Whats your name?" she said as she swept her bangs out of her eyes and clenched her fist....hoping she would figure out what the hell was goin on!![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Plum]" And by the way, um how DID you exactly get here?" she said questioning him.

"Look, sorry for the 20 questions thing but I'm just as confused as you are...I think..." she said putting her hand on her forehead in a sign she had a headache from all this mere confusion..

She sat down on the emerald green grass and started to twirl the grass between her fingers[/COLOR]
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[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Confused.
So many people!
So many living things.
And not my brothers!
WHERE'S MY BROTHERS??[/FONT][/B] :bawl: :animecry:

Sanzo: *looks up, startled out of his conversation with Tifa* Whoever that is had better shut up! I've got a Sutra and I know how to use it! *to Tifa* God that sounded so corny.
[COLOR=Plum]Tifa: ... ... "Whoever that is" beat me up one time, and he's rather sensitive about his crying. I don't think you should push your luck.[/COLOR]
Sanzo: *smokes*

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Somebody scary and mean just yelled at me.
*shuts up*[/B][/FONT] :animedepr
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Sanzo regarded the woman--Tifa--in silence as she began tearing the grass out in clumps. Social skills may not have been his area of expertise, but he knew enough to realize that she was peacably venting her frustrations.

The other one who lurked in the trees might meet the fan sooner or later.

"You don't know?" He questioned after a beat, momentarily surprised that she knew nothing of what was going on.

Not that he knew much, save that there was a newcomer to the area who needed assistance. Strength. Protection. He didn't know, nor care. He just wanted to get this over with quickly.

"No, I don't." Tifa said. "And I wouldn't be asking if I did." She stood back up, so that they could see eye to eye, and scowled. "Besides, you never answered my questions!"

He made a noncommital noise, and drew from his cigarette. "What is there to know? We're here, apparently as a result of our status as 'anime' characters, and there is something that must be done." He glanced sidelong at the woman. "Not that it matters."

He went off in the direction of some other voices he had heard. Surely the Goddess of Mercy hadn't led hir Chosen Priest astray.

"Hey!" Tifa called, easily matching his pace. "You never really answered my questions. And, what do you mean that it doesn't matter?"

He ignored her, and continued on his trek.

She darted in front of him, effectively blocking his path. " You know, it's not nice to ignore people."

Well, how could he ignore a woman standing in front of him, now with her hands clenched on his robes?

"It's also nice to answer people when they are talking to you," She continued. "Are you listening? Do you understand?"

Sanzo gazed directly at her, and pushed her hands away from him. "What I understand is that, regardless of how I got here and where I come from, it doesn't matter. Just like it wouldn't mean a thing if I knew where you came from." He pushed passed her. "What's important lies just over this hill..." He paused a moment to gather his bearings.

"I think," He added as an afterthought.

In truth, he had no idea where he was headed. In Togenkyo it was easy--just point Jeep west. Now that the truth had appeared, nothing seemed so clear anymore.

"And your name?" Tifa's voice called from behind him.

"Genjyo Sanzo," He muttered, and gestured for her to join him at the apex of the hill. Just on the other side were other people he didn't recognize--a child, another blond, and a child who could blend in with the fallen snow.
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[COLOR=Purple]"So...Sanzo.." she said, kind of frustrated,"What weapons do you use and what kind of fighter are you? I could challenge you to a match!" and a big grin spread across her mildly porcelain face.

She gathered all of her energy up just in case he surprised her with any fighting moves. Her eyes darted across the field. She saw him looking at the blonde child...
"What is it Sanzo?" she asked carefully, as so not to startle him in his train of thought[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]They're arguing.
*remembers arguing with brothers*
Where's my brothers!
They're going away!
Where are they going?
Do they know where my brothers are?
But I don't want that lady to hit me again. That hurt. *flashes back to getting kicked in the jaw by Tifa*
And the other person's a big meanie. *flashes back to [/B] [/FONT] [QUOTE]Sanzo: *looks up, startled out of his conversation with Tifa* Whoever that is had better shut up![/QUOTE] [B] [FONT=Comic Sans MS] end flashback*
But if they know where my brothers are, then I need to know that, too! :animedepr
Maybe if they don't see me, I can follow them.
*decides on this course of action as being the best, starts following and doing his best to stay hidden... not very well, but he tries* [/FONT] [/B]
(OOC: Pssst! Hey, Tifa! Sanzo-sama said, "a child, another blonde, and a child who could blend in with the fallen snow", aka 2 kids & Cloud! He's looking at Cloud! Just thought I'd let you know...)
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The wind from his gate settled and nothing seemed out of place, aside from the fallen trees and craters in the ground. Shun looked over the landscape again "Huh...Guess there really wasn't anything here. I'm going nuts in this place. Where ever this place is." He turns and looks to the east, toward the encroaching night "I better find a town soon get a hotel or else I'll be camping tonight." He started to walk when he heard a whistling sound in the wind. Shun dropped to the ground "Invader!" He landed flat on his stomach, where he saw three kunai land just in front of him. He rolled to his back "Okay, not invaders." As he said this he saw a kid in orange standing, hands on hips, in front of him. Shun sits up "Who the hell are you?" The kid in orange jumps at him "Hey, that's suppose to be my line!" Shun looks him over "What the hell are you suppose to be anyway?" The kids face starts to turn red "I'll be asking the questions here! Now where is your village, where did you come from?!" Shun stopped for a moment "Village......uhhhhh....I guess, Tokyo." The kid shots him a weird look, like he was the one who's crazy "What kind of weird name is that? Never heard of it." Shun got to his feet "How have you never heard of Tokyo? Do you live in a cave or something?" The kid jumps again "Why you....." When another one, this time in black appears behind him "Stop being an idiot Naruto." The one in orange, obviously named Naruto, snapped around to the other "Shut up and stay out of it Sasuke." Shun had established names now, but was dumbfounded by the fact that the two seemed more interested in fighting each other then fighting him. Yet another one appeared, this one a girl with pink hair, began yelling at the one called Naruto "Naruto, stop picking fights with Sasuke." Naruto stumbled through his words for a moment "Uhhh...but....Sakura." She snaped at him again. SHe continued on at him while the one in black approached "So, who are you really? I've also never heard of this place your from." Shun looked around himself once more "Where am I exactly?" The one in black, apparently named Sasuke, sighed "Your just outside our village. The village hidden in the leaves." Shun stopped again as he heard the voice of the girl settling down and all there eyes fixing on him. He layed back on the ground "How the hell did I get here?" This question was only one of many more puzzling and ominous ones.
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"Fighting you would be a waste of my time," Sanzo said to the woman, and pushed passed her as he set forth down the hill. If she didn't understand, then it was useless waiting for her to finally get it. Even Goku knew better than that.

As he moved, he felt a tug at his robes. He glanced around, ready to draw his gun, and confirmed that it was only Tifa. "Now what?"

"What exactly are you going to do?" She asked.

"Simple. Afrim that those three are involved in all of this." What little he knew, it centered around finding others who were newcomers to the land. Those three...their clothing was different.

"Well I'm going too." Tifa said, her voice a chirp. Then a wicked grin crossed her features. "Unless you've reconsidered about that fight..."

He arched an eyebrow. "I'll pass on the fight." He muttered, "There are more important things to be done." Who ever this girl was, she also failed to understand that he had no reason to fight a human, none the less a human girl. Who was she in the grand scheme of things? In fact, who was he?

They lived. They died. That was what it was to be mortal.

"Then I'm going with you." She repeated.

Sanzo fought the temptation to point that out to her, and simply motioned for her to follow. "Suit yourself."

A lot of noise had broken out at the bottom of the hill, in the form of children's voices. Unfortunately, he had a hunch that he would have to deal with it.

He heard Tifa stop, audibly gasp, and squeal the word 'Cloud' before they were even partway there. Reflexively, Sanzo reached for the ever present fan, but decided against hitting her as she streaked passed him.

Besides, there was another way to take out that frustration.

Instead of the fan, he pulled out his trusty Smith & Wesson and pointed it into the bushes. "You." He said, clearly talking to the one who was trying to hide, "You can't accomplish anything by hiding." He clicked the safety off on his gun, slowly and deliberately. "Come out. Now."

He heard a whimper and a rustle of leaves, but saw no one come out. If there was one thing that bothered him, not including noise, excessively stupid monkeys, or Kappas who were sub-monkey, it was those foolish enough to hide from life. He fired a warning shot into the bushes, and waited for a reaction.
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[COLOR=Purple]"Oh uh hey Cloud!" she said cheerfully then looking back at Sanzo who was now pointing his gun into the bushes.

"Hey Tifa.." Cloud said thoughtfully, looking in to her eyes. She sighed and stood next to him, looking to the sky. "This is hopeless.." she whispered to herself hoping no one would her it but her...[/COLOR]
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Saio rushes into all the people.... loking around, he realizes they are both like and unlike him.
"you.... you guyts are not from here, are you??"

A rushing through the trees exibits frightened screams and a Hreartless emerges.

"No.... that's a video game bad guy............not real..... none of this is real!!!!"

He looks at all of the others, both kindly and off setting, and realizes again, this is not a fickle dream.

"Come on!!! We're anime now!!!!! we can take this Heartless on!!!" Looing through the trees, He spots Naruto......

[I]So, this Masashi Kisimotos' work........let's play......[/I]

Beleiving he could use abilities like those of the manga and anime, he usees all of his concentration to summon up his chakra......

"Tiger! Lion! Horse!!!!!" The heartless bears down on hoim and he panics, while his chakra is being summoned.

"God damn!!!! Shit!!!" His mind Races..........


The others eyes nearly pop out of their skulls, in the traditional naruto illustrated way. Giant lollipops appear out of no where and start pummeling the heartless, untill with a pop. is explodes into money, which was it's way of entering the world, manifesting on the greed that money is associated with.......

Too bad no one knew that......

my fellow rpers.......i'm afraid this must be put on hold, as i have been faced withg tragedy before this holliday season. untill further notice, i will have to put this in hold. it would dishonor you thr players if i was unable to put mu best efforts into this at the moment. I am sorry.
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...Reflexively, Sanzo reached for the ever present fan, but decided against hitting her as she streaked passed him.

Besides, there was another way to take out that frustration.

Instead of the fan, he pulled out his trusty Smith & Wesson and pointed it into the bushes. "You." He said, clearly talking to the one who was trying to hide, "You can't accomplish anything by hiding." He clicked the safety off on his gun, slowly and deliberately. "Come out. Now."

He heard a whimper and a rustle of leaves, but saw no one come out. If there was one thing that bothered him, not including noise, excessively stupid monkeys, or Kappas who were sub-monkey, it was those foolish enough to hide from life. He fired a warning shot into the bushes, and waited for a reaction.[/QUOTE]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]WAAAA!!!
He's shooting at me!!
*dodge/teleport to the brush on the other side of the man, terrified*[/B][/FONT]

Sanzo tracked the streak of silver-blue that denoted the path of motion and again aimed the gun. The man (? one can never tell, especially when one has so much experience with demons and their disguises) clearly recognized the gun and what it meant, and just as clearly knew exactly how to evade gunfire, but Sanzo hadn't lived for so long as the target of how many? assassination attempts without knowing how to hold his own even against lightning-quick demons.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Why's he shooting at me?!
He's mean! :animecry:
What if he shot my brothers! :eek:
Hiding isn't working. I gotta fight.
Okay. I can fight![/B][/FONT]

Sanzo saw the man step deliberately out from behind a tree, tracking the gun even as the gun tracked him. Cropped chrome hair and slanted green eyes that seemed... unnatural. Evidently another anime character. Wariness and caution in his movements, but confidence, he could fight, who or whatever he was. Also a certain level of worry-- he wasn't sure if fighting was the right thing to do, but he was prepared to fight.
Perhaps fighting was all he could do, which could be a problem.

[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]"Where's my brothers?"[/FONT][/B]
Sanzo: How the hell would I know? You just started stalking me.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]"Where's my brothers?"[/B][/FONT]
Sanzo: *. . .* :animeangr I. Don't. Know. I don't even know who your brothers are. :animeangr
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]*tilts head* "You... don't know?" :animedepr He shot at me! Why did he shoot at me? :mad: "I'm looking for my brothers!" *Dual Hound spikes extend, rotate, retract, static sparks crackle* "You tell me where my brothers are!"[/B][/FONT]
Sanzo: *surreptitiously checks robe pockets for extra bullets, figures he'll probably need them* I told you already, I don't know!
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]"You shot me! Why? WHY?"[/B][/FONT]
Sanzo: *getting angrier by the second* If you're looking for your brothers and you need help, all you have to do is ask, dammit! I don't have the bullets or the time to waste on a fight with you! Whoever you are! SO DON'T START. :flaming:
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]"You... you don't know..." *confused, trying to make some sense of the situation* "I can't find my brothers..."[/B][/FONT]
Sanzo: Finally, we're getting somewhere! *sigh* Do you need help looking for your brothers? More importantly, can you behave yourself if you get it?
[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]*starts crying*[/FONT][/B] :bawl: :animecry:
Sanzo: *says nothing, taps foot impatiently, a tricky thing to do on leaf litter while wearing cloth shoes and a heavy robe* Alright, then. You behave, and let's go.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]*sniff* "I'm not crying!" *sob*[/B][/FONT] :animecry:
Sanzo: ... ... *no comment*
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Abruptly, Sanzo switched his Smith & Wesson out for his paper fan, and deftly smacked the child-like creature over the hed with it. A resounding crack was heard, joined by a cry from the stranger. "Silence!" Sanzo shouted. "If you're crying, then don't deny it. Better yet, don't cry at all; tears can't solve anything."

The stranger whimpered, his green eyes welling up with new tears. "Why are you hitting me?" He whined, earning another smack with the fan.

"I said 'silence'." He turned away from the stranger, and didn't believe what he saw. "What the hell?" He asked, Gojyo-style, as a wide array of lollipops appeared out of nowhere.

By the ghost-like child he saw a strange looking youkai...one that looked very familiar. Before the events concerning Kougaiji and the journey to India, he remembered Hakkai bringing a game over for Goku to play. It was some sort of electronic bit that he never bothered to pay attention to--it kept the monkey occupied, it didn't matter what it was--but in that game there were creatures like the ones he was seeing then.

[I] "The game is called 'Kingdom Hearts,"[/I] Hakkai had explained to him, ever the patient teacher, [I]"In that game, the player character travels through the worlds so he can protect them from the Heartless--"

"What does that mean?"[/I] Sanzo had asked, in reference to the word 'heartless'.

[I] "Ah ha ha. You could say that it's a kind of youkai that they use in the game--basically cannon fodder for the boss character."[/I] It was at that point that Sanzo had stopped listening, not caring what it was so long as Goku didn't whine for food.

It clicked. That strange youkai must be something like those sub-level youkai in that game--the 'heartless', what ever that meant. The kid didn't seem to know what he was doing, either...

"Hold still!" Sanzo called over to him.

He looked up, eyes wide. "Huh?" He questioned as Sanzo shot the youkai that was sneaking up behind the kid. The kid cried out in surprise, and fell to the grass.

"I thought I told you to hold still?' Sanzo asked, firing again. This time the creature went down and stayed down.
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As they escorted Shun, who was tied up and bound, to the village for further interogation. They began hearing a strange sound in the trees. They all stopped and looked around dilegently, searching for any sign of an attack. The one in black, Sasuke, passed on the order "I'll go see what it is. Naruto and Sakura, stay here and guard the prisoner, make sure he doesn't escape." Naruto snapped again "You don't get to give me orders!" With that he jumped off toward the trees, despite the protests of his two friends. Sasuke started swearing under his breath and went after him, leaving Shun with the girl named Sakura. Shun saw something black rushing through the trees. He jumped "Reiji, come out." Suddenly thsi small black creature jumped from the tree and landed at his feet "Wait, this isn't Reijis shadow gate. What is this?" The creature howled and suddenly the eyes of many could be seen peering at them from the trees. Glowing red, these were not the eyes of allies. He could hear the growling of them in the trees, while the one infront of them jumped a them. It was quickly struck by a kunai from the trees, one of the other two must have been watching, but could they handle so many. Shun looked to the girl, Sakura, who seemed very nervous now "Hey, would yoube able to untie me?" She looked to him "No way, you'll just escape if I did somethin like that." Shun just smiled to her "I promise I won't, you have my word." She just huffed and looked back to the trees "What good is the word of a crazy stranger like you." Shuns expression quickly became much more dire "Listen, if we don't do something were both going to die. Those things don't look like there here to make friends. I know your friends are strong, but can they take out so many at a time?" She looked back at him harshly "And you can?" Shun smirked "Sure, just give me the chance and I'll blow them all away." She hesitated "Alright, but you better be just as good as you say. And if you try and escape, we'll have to kill you." As the ropes dropped "Shun rubbed his wrists "Seems like a fair trade. Now let the captain of gate keepers east show you how we do business back home." Shun pushed his hands out on either side of him "Open the Gate!" A pair of blue spheres appeared just inches from his hands and emitted the same unimaginable wind from before.
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With a sudden rush of swirling wind Recca feels a chill fall over his body disturbing his sleep.?Close the window I?m trying to sleep here. Hey close the damn window.' Recca slowly and groggily opens his eyes to what appears to be an open field surrounded by a forest with only one clear way path leading out. [i]Okay I know how these dreams turn out I beat someone?s ass and I wake up.[/i] Recca heads out of the clearing into the woods where he sees three boys and a young girl. Two of the boys seem to be questioning the other. Recca realizing this isn?t just a dream ducks behind a tree. What the hell is going on and where the hell am I.

Recca comes to the conclusion that he may have been a bit hasty in his earlier assumption. "Ok if this isn?t a dream how the hell did I get here and why does this place look so funny. ? At that very moment what seemed like a puddle of water arose next to Recca and began taking form. ?Oh come on this is weird even by my standards? Recca dodges and calls forth his first dragon Nader as the black form bears down on him. [b]*A gatling of fire balls rained out of Recca?s hand.*[/b] With that the black figure melted into what appeared to be money. As Recca knelt over the money he remembered the kids in brush just a few feet away. Recca stood just in time to see a gust of wind violently carrying a handful of the black creatures toward him. [i]?Now what!?[/i]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]He hit me!
What a mean person!
*wipes face*
And I wasn't crying!
*wipes face again*
What's that?
*a 2-dimensional Shadow approaches*
I don't like it! Go away!
*scuffs shoes on it, kicking up leaf litter and not doing a thing to the Heartless*
*pulls up nearby tree and smashes the Shadow just as it goes 3-d, smacks a few more Heartless around, puts the tree back, charges up Dual Hound*
*wild fighting ensues with lots of Matrix-y pauses*[/B][/FONT]
(OOC: Imagines Sanzo pulling the paper fan to hit Loz, all of a sudden the frame slows like it's the Matrix. *LOL*)
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  • 2 weeks later...
(OOC: I know I'm not supposed to double up, but IT'S BEEN OVER A WEEK SINCE MY LAST POST AND NOBODY'S REPLIED YET, so I'm posting again. HINT HINT.)

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]*bashes through a Soldier Heartless and crushes a Shadow hiding behind it*
*sees a Large Body, who stands nearly as tall as he does, and smashes it, too*
*scatters the little blue guys and little red guys, taking a few spells in the process and shaking off embers and little ice crystals*
*a horde of Heartless actually attempt a strategy-- mobbing him-- and while that slows him down some, he shakes them off and zaps a few with the Dual Hound. The Yellow Operas grow bigger when he does so*
*all rational thought and capacity is lost in the stress of battle*[/B][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1]/Well.../ Tifa thought as she put on her glove and in a stance. Lots of fighting,[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Black]Loz: HEY! What are you doing?! I'm the BAD guy!*eyes dart*[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1]" I dunno...but I know the Heartless will surely destroy you if I don't help..." she sighed as she killed off another Heartless.

After all the Heartless that were around got destroyed, Tifa laid back on the green grass and said, " I wish that Cloud were here..." and a hot tear rolled down her porcelain cheek, and she quickly wiped it away....[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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(OOC: Ahem. I'm TRYING to play him SYMPATHETIC, if you don't mind! [SIZE=3]Loz DOESN'T think of himself as a bad guy![/SIZE] I let it slide for now, but if you do that again I'm gonna tell a mod-- and Loz is gonna cry, though he'll deny that.)
***(back to the game)***

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]That mean lady again!
*flashback of getting kicked in the jaw by Tifa*
Why does she always get herself involved!
*hits a Large Body in the face and zaps it hard*
She's always getting in my way!
*dodge/teleport/smashes through a whole bunch of Heartless, the remains sparking from the Dual Hound's electric charge*
Why is she always so mean?!
*Tifa plays smackdown with a few Heartless*
Well, she fights good... but she's still mean to me. I don't like her.[/B][/FONT]

(OOC: Did you see the latest batch of KH2 promos? Vivi from FF9, the girls from FFX-2, Chicken Little & Stitch summons... this is going to be one crazy game when it comes out!)
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