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RPG Aros Inc. M: VL, possible S


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Dr. Kathrin Ross Steadied herself against the wall of the coffea shop bathroom stall. She'd found the location of the Aros personel I.D. chip that was planted standard issue in every employee working there. It kept track of where she was at, and her vital signs, and relayed them to an Aros monitoring station, kept track of by their elite agents.
Today would be the day she openly switched sides. The time for half measures and minor supply drops was over, with Aros stepping up the pace of their plans further than she had predicted, the time to act was now. Her gray eyes flitted to her brown leather purse, set haphazardly on the filth ridden toilet. Her white coat shook with the movements of her trembling body as she drew a large syringe from a pocket inside her coat.
Her Caladbolg contact had assured her that the extraction would happen here, through the Coffea shop's sewer system. The plans for it had been made long ago, for this very event, nobody had known it would happen this soon though. She was to remove the chip as soon as the explosives went off, making it appear as if she had died, then another explosion would happen as soon as she dropped into the tunnels. It would destroy the building, making it appear as if her body had been incinerated.
She shook lengths of her long brown hair from her eyes, in the dim lighting, this would be hard enough. A single bead of sweat ran down the length of her smooth pale skin. A thunderous bell rang, dust and debris swarmed through the womens ba throom. The needle thrust into her skin, she gasped as she drew the plunger back, pulling the chip along with a spurt of blood. She coughed, the dust was thick and filled her nose and mouth. Out of the stall Dr. Kathrine stumbled, she found the gaping maw leading to the swere's. She dropped down, helping hands caught her roughly, setting her on her feet.

"Let's move, Aros'll be swarming over this place soon." said a gruff voice. she counted three in all, all male, all with cyber enhancments, some of which she had provided. The trundled off throught the winding system, water sloshing through their boots. Kathrine soon removed her high heels, they'd be useless now. when she looked up, only two Caladbolg people remained. They were still runnin, but the third was nowhere to be seen.

"Where'd?..." began the doctor when she heard a distinctive mechanical whine. She froze, fear flooding her veins, turning her to ice. whirling metallic blades sliced through the air, humming their deadly song. the clove through the two soldiers like hot knives through butter. they turned back, returning to the hands of their owner. An Aros tracking unit, type Z-3801. A model from the 'Bladedancer' series Aros had put out for the army. it had a black, humanoid frame, though it's true nature was painfully obvious in it's mechanical features. The red glow of it's infrared eyes gave it a demonic appearance in the tunnels, the shadows around it accentuating its 7 ft. frame. She could see through small slits in the shell of it's armor.

"Dr. Katherin Ross..."It's mechanical voice droned like dozens of worker bees "You are to be eliminated for disturbing the peace, for aiding known criminals..."It rattled off a list of other crimes as Dr. Ross stumbled away, drawing her DataPad from her coat, she'd feared that this'd happen. It was time for the back up plan, the Z-3801 unit was begging to ready it's curved double blade.

She moved a small brick from the wall, finding a small boatshaped droid, she set the DataPad in a protective slot, and powered up the droid. it splashed in the water, speeding off it's programmed route.

"I only pray it reaches them..." She turned as the droid let fly it's blade. The water ran red with blood...


In a dark chamber, secreted away from the rest of the world, twelve figures from around the world gathered. Each sat at their familiar, and well respected places at a long black table. Each was reathed in shadow, no light touched upon their bodies here, their identities were secret, even from each other. A gentle voice broke the silence:

"This...is a catastrophy." He said simply "Our finest research and development head went turncoat, and had been working with Caladbolg for who know how long!"

"Sir, please calm down. Even with her help, they can't touch us, our control is absolute." a third voice broke in:

"Not so. She had access to virtually every main frame we have, every bunker, every lab. Even locations not on the mainframe!" She took a deep breath to calm herself "Dr. Ross even had the security passwords to these places for the next month!"

everyone at the table gasped, save the head of the table. the silence was profound as they all considered the implications. a raspy, almost diseased sounding voice broke through the oppressing barrier.

"She was eliminated before she reached them?

"Yes" Said another, younger woman "Along with three Caladbolg agents, they know nothing."

"That may not be the case." Though they couldn't see each other, all heads swiveled towards the table head. "She always carried a DataPad with her, where she kept her notes always. It wasn't found on her body."

"But it was badly mutilated, it could have simply fallen into the water, where it would be destroyed, along with whatever information it could have contained." Claimed the gentle voiced man.

"No" the table head said flatly "it was not on her person, nor in the water, she sent it away, probably as a back up."

"We need to find that datapad before it falls into the hands of our enemies. It could prove to be our undoing..."

The elder woman pressed a switch in front of her she spoke with authority into the speaker:

"Get me the FLARE unit..."


Isendholdt punched throught the brick wall in a fury. Dr. Ross and he had been lovers for a long time, the destruction of Aros Inc. had been both their dreams. With out her, he felt broken, useless. Half of his body was missing again. One of his liuetenents touched his shoulder. His Hazel eyes regarded the young man with severity.
"What..." he choked out "What is it?"
"s-sir?" the man shook visible, his purple hair a rumpled mess. Even the fatigues he wore were out of place "We've confirmed that the back up unit was activated as planned, but it's locating device has been damaged."

Isenholdt ran a mechanized hand over his bald head, his brown skin contrasting sharply with the gleaming metal. He sighed, holding back his sorrow. If he failed as Caladbolgs standing leader now, they would all falter and fail their mission.
"Alert every agent we have to whats happened, and have them look for Junkshop Hammett, he'll know where the back up unit is."

"Yes sir, where can they find Hammett?" Isen sighed, he looked about the brick walls, his "office" as it were. It was bare, sparsly filled with a bookshelf, that held only one book "Tsun Tzu: The art Of War"

"That'll be the hard part. We're racing against Aros now, and it ain't gonna be easy."

OOC: That's the beggining, now get out their and do your Job! :D
A background and the particulars of Dr. Ross will be up in the undeground soon
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Interesting, most interesting. Though I kinda skimmed through. XD Here we go.


Pale light broke through the hazardly-drawn curtains in the messy, yet liveable, apartment. A music player went off, playing a resonating tune from a cor anglais.
"B flat G, A D F E flat F sharp..." mumbled a voice. The comforter on a one-person bed shifted around, the wrinkles sliding up and down, diagonally, left, right, and down. Finally, a head emerged.
"I don't want to be waking up to this," the voice grumbled, sliding out from the comforter. Wild black hair, accented in silver, was nothing more than a spikey mess, falling onto the loosely-clothed figure it belonged to.
Sitting up, Ruya Hjorr yawned, stretching her legs and arms. She looked to her left shoulder, right where her cybernetic arm was connected to the torso. Even now, thirty-three years after the accident, she was still able to tell where the arm began and where the real part of her ended. She blamed it on her hobby of graphic designing, which had her staring at a computer screen for hours on end.

[i]"Good morning Ruya,"[/i] said a pleasant voice in her head. It was Voice 1, or, as Ruya had called it, Pallav. "Pallav" was of the good nature, his voice fresh but mature, resonating with a tone like a bass string being plucked.
"Mornin' Pallav," Ruya replied aloud. She stood up and walked over to the music player, switching the alarm off.
[i]"'bout time, lazy bum,"[/i] came Voice 2, dubbed Arian. Her personality seemed cocky and sarcastic, yet able to be serious from time to time.
"Quiet Ari," Ruya snapped, stepping into the apartment's small bathroom and preparing her shower.

[i]"Missed a spot. Missed a spot. Missed a spot -"[/i]
"Shut UP!" Ruya gurggled through toothpaste as "Arian" went on, irritating the crap out of the woman.
[i]"Mmm, not my fault you suck at brushing your teeth. Hey, why don't you go over to those [b]real[/b] bruses - the ones that clean with...that...beam...thing."[/i]
"Haha, you don't know," Ruya replied, drying her face off.
[i]"Bet you don't."[/i]
"I know more than you."
[i]"Doesn't count."[/i]
Now was the time "Pallav" decided to step in. [i]"Now now ladies, it isn't polite to fight. Especially over petty things like that."[/i]
"Thank you Pallav," Ruya said, a smile crossing her lips. She opened the curtains slightly and looked out at the street below.

It was the same, never to change. Even though Aros was making efforts to reduce waste, the garbage still piled up in the streets, especially in a place like this. Ruya sighed and cast a glance at her computer station. A thin, compact harddrive sat on the desk, adorned by four small speakers and two bass ones. Hanging on a sticky-hook was a small earpiece-microphone, along with a pair of large, noise-cancelling headphones.
"No matter how much they say technology changes...I still like the olden stuff. Always reliable, never gonna fail." She picked up the microphone, staring at it for a good minute before clipping it on.
Sitting down, Ruya pulled out two cables from the back of the harddrive. Flicking off the silicone caps underneath her ears, she plugged in the USB cables. After a pause, she unplugged the one on the left. [i]No total submersion right now,[/i] she thought, placing the cap back on.

Ruya closed her eyes.

"On." The wall in front of her held a small black screen. Once her command had been said, it flashed on, shooting out a beam that became the computer screen.
"Open program: Notepad."
In an instant, the way too familiar view of Notepad popped onto the screen.
"Open internet. Access folder: C://My Documents/Web/Code/Hack/Terminal/Entrance."
[i]Bleep bleep bleep.[/i]
"Oh. Password: inasmuch."
"Internet: Access http://www.aros.gov/specialprograms/500219834288-75...456198732111328stl."
A quick compute. Now began the hard part.
"Open page of the previous URL, plus..." Her mind drew a blank. "Um...983."
[i]Warning: Page Not Found.[/i]
[i]Warning: Page Not Found.[/i]
[i]Warning: Page Not Found.[/i]
"Gragh! DAMMIT!"
[i]Warning: Page Not Found.[/i]
[i]Warning: Restricted Access. Please Insert Password.[/i]

Ruya paused. The page she was trying to crack was new to her...she hadn't gotten this far before. Man, how dumb she felt for not trying '666' before.

"Internet: Save URL to C://My Documents/Web/Code/Hack/Terminal/Entrance. Set password to 'iwantsomemore'. Set restriction to high."
"Notepad: Insert k4t4oi. Upload to URL via FTP port ninety-two. Delete port after use."

Ruya slowly opened her eyes, letting the code have a chance to rest. She unplugged the jacks, turned off the computer, and threw on her brown jacket. Snatching a breakfast bar from the countertop of her kitchentte, the hacker hitched a bag onto her shoulder before trekking out the door.[/color][/size]
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Olivia slid the key card through the access panel, she couldn't afford the voice active security doors, the beeps and a grren light later the door slid open. She let the door slide shut behind her as she ocked it behind her. She didn't want anyone bothering her as she opened shop. She counted the money in her register, checked her tools, and booted up her computer system. Everything was slightly out of date and definately second hand, but it all worked and she was able to do her job, which is all that mattered. She pushed a button on her computer and the tunes of people much happier than herself sang aloud. A samll labador follwed her around, his tail wagging joyfully. She bent down to scratch his chin, and he rolled onto his tummy.

"Oh I see how it is." She stated smiling, rubbering the puppies tummy. "Well its time to open." She moved over to the door and entered in the code to open all window panels, allowing the light of the day into her small shop. The "Open" sign flared to life, and she sat down at her desk.

"Now we wait." She spoke to the puppy half to herself. She picked up an antique pocket watch, and began to tinker. The electronic bell sounded as the door slid open and a man walked in. He was a tall fellow, kinda lerpy though. He had mouse brown hair that was messy and came down around his eyes. His left leg was a cybernetic replacement, she could tell from the sound of his foots steps.

"Morning, what'll it be today Vick?" She asked warmly. Vick was a "regular", meaning that he worked with the Caladbolg resistance group. Normally when he came in it meant he had something to report.

"Good Day Liv," He was interupted by a bark. "You too Ratchet. Theres somthin screwy with my ankle joint, I was hopin you could take gander at it." He stated sitting on a near by table. Olivia stood and walked over to the table, she brushed her hair out of her eyes and bent down to get a closer look. Vick pulled up his pant leg. Olivia used her cyber implant to zoom in on the joint.

"The doc didn't come home from the coffee shop last night." Vick replied while Olivia pulled her a fine wired tool from her counter, to make an adjustment.

"Failed arival?" She asked.

"Interupted delivery." He answered. Olivia shook her head, and stood up.

"You cracked pieces C-72 and C-73, you should be more carful when taking your morning run. But other than that, you're all good." Vick handed her a card and smiled.

"Thanks Liv, perfect as always." He waved as he left the shop, leaving Olivia to slip the card into a hidden compartment. The bell rang only moments later, and she looked up to greet her next cutomer, only to recieve a pistol whip to the side of the head, knocking her back against the wall. She could feel the warmth of blood trickle down her cheek. She opened her eyes as she felt the barrel of gun shove itself under her chin. She opened her eyes only to find her father, the man she despised and feared more than anything.

"Hello sweetheart." His voice was that of a 40 year smoker. "I just came to check up on you. Hows buisness?" His breath wreaked of alcholhal. Olivia said nothing. She trembled beneath his gun, and he smiled cruely. "I'm so glad to see I still have somthin up my sleeve." The bell rang a thrid time.

"Oy Livia, I was wondering---" The girl tok a look at the situation. "Maybe I came at a bad time." She replied.

"Nah, I was just about to leave." Olivia's father replied, eyeing Olivia as if she had this planned. He took his gun and shoved in his pants, then pushed his way past the girl and out the door. The young woman rushed forwad making her way around the desk.

"Livia, who was that? And what buisness does he have pointing a gun at you." She asked pulling bandana out of her pocket and placing it over Olivia's bleeding cheek. "Was that your fther?" Olivia shook her head slightly.

"When you gonna stop letting him treat you like this. He doesn't have any power over you anymore." Her voice was stern but full of genuin concern. I saw Vick, did he visit you?"

"Yes, he brought me an update, but I haven't been able to look at it yet." She replied quietly pointing to the hidden drawer in her desk.

"Well then lets take a look."
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[COLOR=#87684C]If you wanna disappear, the city?s technology hub is the place to go. With so many people and cyborgs around, no wonder it?s prime target for terrorists. Just a few hours earlier, a series of bombs went off near Coffea. Ten wounded, three Caladbolgs nicked and one Aros casualty (intended, of course). Right now, they?re holding a press conference over at the Information Control Division lobby. Standard operating procedures have it that ICD must release an official statement four hours after such incident. Enough time to sweep the scene, form an investigative body and piece together a story from the rubble. As we say in ICD, it doesn?t matter if it?s logical as long as it?ll sate the public?s curiosity.

Simple, yes?

Not really. In every incident, there are always unfortunate individuals who know what actually took place. Though what we mainly do is economize truths to Aros? advantage, part of ICD?s job is to limit the spread of information either through detention or extermination of the information carriers. You get what I mean, yes?

Which brings us back to the case.

[b]Voice Record
ICD Rm. 129
**/**/2115, 1728H[/b]

?Looks like the whole gang?s here. What?ll it be this time? ?Another futile attempt at disrupt the industrial district?s pace?? Or how about ?A resistance faction trying to make itself known?? It?s been months since we used that account.?

?You talk too much, Escherman. Let the boss talk first.?

?Thank you, Archer. Well then, I?m assuming you?ve read everything they?ve recorded about the case so far. And you?re well aware that Dr. Ross was involved in this?[i]incident.[/i]
With that, the Board Members have ordered ICD to claim the bombings as part of an effort to isolate the patrons of Coffea from the sewers, where Caladbolg terrorists and Ross were. Also, that the good doctor had defected will be made known, to serve as a warning to those who wish to follow her example. They believe that this should keep the number of defectors down, yes??

?She?s fifth one this year, right??

?That?s correct. It?s only the second month but with Ross we?ve already surpassed last year?s mark. Such unmotivated workers, Aros Research has.?

?What about witnesses? Involved individuals? Have we anything to track??

?The bladedancer?s video caught an image of a droid carrying an object away from the doctor. Common sense tells us that it is something valuable. FLARE should be on it, but it won?t hurt if we join in the fun as well, yes??

?We hear you, Boss.?[/COLOR]
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Korbin, or Drake as most people called him for his temperment, groaned after Vic left the bar "clockworks". He didn't like the sound of things, and the card he left for him seemed to have a great wieght around it.
"Hey!" The barkeep, Jones, slammed a glass on the card "Is that a payment her owed ya?" Korbin sighed, he knew what was coming.
"Cause you still owe me 500 credits, you low-life scumbag!" He swept his beefy arms about, and indicated with sausage like fingers to the crowd around them "They all have to pay, they keep up and pay me back for their tabs!" Korbin kept calm and slid his widebrimmed hat over his head, it fit snuggly while his headband was on, and he like the mysterious wanderer look it gave him, it fit well with his Shirasaya.
"I havn't had a job in weeks Jones." He slipped the data card from under the glass "And no, it's not money. It's my next job." the barkeeper simmered
"Alright then," He growled viciously "But when ya get paid, 500 of that's mine!"
"Yeah Yeah." He turned, sliding his way in between chairs, and stumbling customer alike. It wasn't even past noon yet and people were passed out! "Christ, these people are pathetic.
The outside world reeked of garbage, though no one noticed anymore. the only ones that did were the upper class, which were almost never seen anymore, they were all off to Mars, or the moon colony. Most of the earths populace were the poor now. He stepped off onto the pavement, the thunking of his boots was pleasent to Korbin. a few blocks away was a repair shop run by some woman. Oh what's her name...Olivia...yeah Olivia. She was Caladbolg. as was he, for the moment.
He didn't get paid often by them, and when he was, it wasn't very well. but her did get free repairs from them, and parts when they could be spared.
he sighed wistfully. by the tone of vic's voice, it was going to be a long day, and he was probably going to need help. Besides, Korbin wanted to find out if she knew anything about what was going on.
He stepped into her shop, the bell made it's jingle...

Dr. ross's background is up on the Underground
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Well this was it, Cracking her neck Noir could hear her bones crack and make grinding sounds against the metal that in habited her body. She glanced around the vacant sewer like area and sighed. Tapping her fingers over the steering wheel of the Tommy kaira Advanced Type R she became agitated. She was supposed to wait here for a contact from Caladbolg. However it seemed that they had yet to show up.

"Dammit" she cursed her voice etched with annoyance.

Pulling her twin guns from her thighs she exited the car her mind becoming online to her fathers combat interface. When she turned around her ice-blue eyes caught movement as she shut the car door silently. How she hated being a cab driver, especially when no one ever showed up.
watching the shadow run into the alley Noir quickly followed pulling both cartridges of the magnums and making sure the saftey was off.
This was how she lived her life, never fearing but always wary of who could kick your ass first. As she reached the alley she smiled a sinister hatred laying dormant underneath the calm exterior.

"Combat Mode Initlized...ready to attack" came the electronic voice inside her brain.
She nodded and made sure that the Cpu understood her intentions. This thing in the alley was to be dead. Her arms became tight as the FMJ became active. Kevlar tighting itself over her human-like skin.

"Father..I will avenge you, Mainframe accessed, Command...Command...Destroy"
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"Ah ha i have found you again my spiritual guild," as a filth covered midget stands up in a heap of reffuse holding a grease coved weasle wiggling with all its might, "Now why do you have to keep running from me like that, now we have to take a bath again because your covered in who knows what."
"Now where to get a bath at?" Looking around spotting a 6' foot man with a black and jade cane walk into a shop, "That looks like a good place to go, now if only i could get down?" pulling his legs out of the garbage, and snagging himself on something losing his ballance and falling down the trash screaming like a wailing banshee untill he slams
into the shop door with a loud crash, stands up dusts himself off and stumbles into the shop like a drunkard.
"Excuse me do you have a bath that me and my spiritual guild could use?" Holding up the grease covered weasle and falling back over.
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=RoyalBlue]

Johs Rok Tull examined the removed brick carefully. Four 1st Class FLARE hunters stood in a semi-circle approximately six feet behind their storied leader, standing easily, the rush of the hunt beginning to come upon them in the early hours of the morning.

"The transport droid is long gone, however, I think it is going to the black market districts, sir." Rimmer Dall, FLARE Lieutenant, 1st Class offered.

Johs Rok Tull stood up, turned to Rimmer Dall slowly. His deep, musical baritone echoed throughout the sewers. "There is no evidence here to suggest that, however I agree with you," he paused, sensing something stirring deep in the sewers. More gruffly, he began again, "Take these men and the entire squadron, equip anti-riot gear and sweep the junkshops of sectors 8, 17, 64, and 97. Alert ICD, and activate at least 6 S.T.A.R.S. teams, the conventional support will aide in calming the crowds. I want this DataPad in my office within 72 hours. Also, I want the tech people closing all data transfer ports possible, ASAP. If Caladbolg has already recieved the DataPad, God only knows what damage they will deal if it spreads."

Rimmer Dall saluted, and with blinding speed disappeared into the darkness with the three others.

[i]What is this presence down here? 600 meters away I imagine.[/i] He made his way towards this stirring with incredibly speed and stealth. His heightened senses began to reel at its strength, but his endless desire to push his own limits forced him onward. [i]I am coming for you, fool.[/i]

Quickly covering the 600 meters, he found not an enemy, but a trapdoor. The energy emitted from below was incredible, but Johs Rok Tull's veins coursed with euphoria at the though of a powerful foe. He opened the trapdoor, and was thrown back by a flash of light.


Meanwhile, FLARE, S.T.A.R.S., and ICD agents began pouring over the black market sectors, hunting the Doctor's DataPad.

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Olivia looked up from her data-station as the bell rang its tune. She recognized the man as Korbin, she heard most call him Drake, but she prefers to use peoples real names in a customer situation.

"Welcome Mr.Korbin." She greeted him with a shy smile, then winced remebering the gash she had on her cheek now. Korbin saw the bandaged wound, but said nothing, he held up his card and approached the desk. "Ah I see Vic paid you a visit as well." She stated motioning for him to come around the table to stand next to her as she sifted through the files on the data card.

"What's up?" He asked simply. He watched her hands as she searched the files, they shook with a kind of nervousness that was often there, even when he was getting repairs. The files were disguised as cyber scematics, but it only took her a few moments to locate the information they were looking for.

"It looks as though Sleeper was killed by one of the corporations "Blade Dancers", along with three of our agents." SHe skimmed the file further. "She was carrying a datapad with valuble info on it. This data pad was not located at the scene, and Aros is even still in search of it. This needs to be located by us not by them." She summed up the file almost to herself, tapping nervously on the desk as she read.
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Korbin shook his head as Olivia rattled off the information, then sniffed. He smelled something funny in the shop. He turned back to see the odd 'Shaman' midget laying in the doorway, his pet weasel's tail could be seen flailing beneath him
"What do you want me to do with him?" Olivia shook her head, her face strained with worry.
"Oh...just leave him there, I'll toss him out in a minute if he's okay. You better go get yourself in order for what's coming." Korbin chuckled, Olivia really was one of the last good people around. He was glad to have her on his side, she was the one he went to see for tune ups on his cybernetics, he just had trouble remembering her name sometimes, he wasn't always around.
Korbin stepped carefully over the fallen, filth ridden midget with some care, tapping him on the side of the head with his shirisaya. He stepped out doors, cars drove by, drunkards yelled curses at the drivers. Gunfire popped off somewhere in the distance. Korbin turned north, walking along the road, he needed to requesition(SP?) a few things. He needed someone good with computers too, he needed to find out if Caladbolg had anyone nearby for that.
His brown eyes caught the faintest fluttering of movement in the alleyway to his left. His eyes narrowed, but he kept walking foreward, ignoring the five thugs that stepped out from the alleyways corner, three more ran up behind him blocking him in. The wore leather coats, arms cut off to reveal the kevlar lining within, and their cybernetic arms. A few brandished bats, a few drew daggers and chains.
"Hey now...we got ourselves a rich man here." They chuckled as their leader paced around korbin. "Nice clothes, fancy cane." He stopped in front of him, snarling his words "Hand it all over, rich man!" Korbin sighed, letting his body settle on the balls of his feet.
"I don't have any money, and this cane has sentimental value I-" The leader moved to bring his knife to bear on Korbin, then stopped suddenly, doubling over, gaspin for air as Korbin drew his knee from the man's groin. The rest of the gang gasped, then rushed him, trying to overpoewer the man before he had a chance to swing.
"Your dead you dumb fu-!" Korbin drew the shirisaya from it's case, taking a knee, he swung twice above his head, and resheathed the blade all in the same motion. The gang stopped moving, quivering as they held their ground. A sound of metal sliding against metal, then their cyber arms slid away from their bodies, leaving the thinest slip of metal blocking the blood vessels.
Korbin slowly stood, drew Zephyr from it's holster. The pistol barked once, the bullet tearing through the back of their leader's head, splattering blood and brain matter acrossed the pavement. His eyes narrowed dangerously as he gazed upon the group.
"Go home" Korbin's voice lowered to a harsh whisper "Before I end you here." The thugs took off, scattering in different directions. Korbin Holstered his pistol and kept walking.
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Zeke woke up when his started buzzing , showered , got dress and went out of his room through the inventory room and into the front of the store. An hour later Zeke had a few people come in and out and was now drifting into a daydream when someone walked through the door "hello and welcome to my shop , what can i do for you " the woman, who Zeke had noticed was a total babe replied" hi , i um need a gun, that is if you have any " Zeke pointed behind him were the wall had a bunch of pistols, machine guns , and shotguns " pick whatever you want " "ill take that one " she said and pointed at a glock 17 subcompact pistol . " ok just be careful and give me a call " Zeke said sliding his number across the table along with the gun. she replied " maybe once you cut your hair " and walked out the door leaving the money on the table .
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[FONT=Arial Narrow] [SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]

Johs Rok Tull's head slammed into the stonish wall of the sewer. [i]Fuck! SDK-6100.. there shouldn't be any of these battle-androids on earth.. I am not equipped to deal with this.[/i] He dodged another blast from the Aros Shock Assault droid, drawing his pistols and unleashing a few slugs into his deadly foe.

The SDK's lithe, humanoid body launched itself out of the passage beneath the trapdoor, absorping two of Devil Hand's shells. It opened fire with its main battery machine gun, however Johs Rok Tull was far to fast to bit hit by primitive machine weaponry. The SDK chased the FLARE Captain at an incredible pace through the sewers, rank with filth and faetor.

Soon the ammunition in the SDK's gun was exhausted, forcing it to change strategy. It began charging its laser weaponry, however, the AI detected a dead end, and forced Johs Rok into it. The SDK drew its cybernetic vorpal blades, advancing upon the cornered human slowly.

[i]Hand to hand combat.. there is hope. I only get one shot at this..[/i] Tull drew his mighty vorpal slayer, and assumed the readiness stance his master had taught him some fifty years before. Even in the face of near certain death, these Assault Droids were designed for advanced deep space warfare, Johs Rok Tull's heart never increased from its steady pace, his brow was dry, and he had no fear.


Rimmer Dall directed FLARE members to assume command of S.T.A.R.S. teams, briefed the ICD agents, and generally organized the black market sweep through from his hastily constructed command tent in sector 16. He was uneasy without Johs Rok Tull, however Rimmer Dall also knew that he was not 1st Lieutenant for nothing.

"Joh Ten Garden!" He snapped.

Aa young, promising FLARE officer reported instantly. "Sir!" Joh Ten Garden saluted.

"The S.T.A.R.S. team Cantico reported data decryption involving a Bladedancer report in a small shop in sector 9. Go with them and find where this is coming from. I want them alive, not dead."

Joh Ten Garden saluted again, and with blinding speed was off.


The SDK and Johs Rok Tull rushed forward simultaneously, however Rok's vast combat experience allowed him to survive meticulously programmed AI's assualt. Johs took the SDK's cybernetic vorpal in his left (dominant) shoulder, while his blade severed the droid in half, destroying the operation circuit.

Losing a vast amount of blood very quickly, Johs Rok Tull sprinted with all of his incredible speed and power to the exit, radioing for medical assistance, and ordering an elite FLARE team properly equipped to clean out the sewers.


P.S. Please don't kill Rimmer or Joh Ten yet, do so later, but I have hard times coming up with names, so kill the other Aros dude first please :p
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"Well fine! Don't need my help." Trey said in a sarcastic tone to Drake. "Here I was, running for all I was worth to be your calvary and you go and take care of the lowlife mass all by yourself. Hiya, Drake. Been busy?"

Drake lifted an eyebrow at the girl. He knew her from Caladbolg, but only as a name and face. "Trevaylen, what brings you here?" he asked her.

She grimaced at the name he used. "No one calls me that." She sighed. He obviously wasn't in the mood to crack a smile -- again. "Other than unnessisary heroics, you mean? I was on my way to see if live would make a housecall with me. One of my new patients has a pretty large glitch in the new arm our oh-so-loving-Orwellian-big-brother just gave him. I was hoping wonder-mechanic could make a few needed adjustments so he can live a normal life sometime soon. Oh, and I was sent to help [I]'Someone'[/I]" She made quotation marks with her fingers, "find Sleeper's datapad. That wouldn't be [I]you,[/I] would it?"

"Olivia will be out any moment." Said mechanic made her appearance at the exact moment, as if on cue. "Come on, both of you." He said without much enthusiasm.
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Her boots softly praddling against the cracked cement, Ruya made her way down the street, past the corners, across the intersections, dodging past the random gangs and thugs of the street. She drew the bag closer to her torso. Her laptop, holding valuable codes and years of work, was way too prescious to even let slip.

"Mmm, here we go." She looked up at the windows panes, where neon green letters blared out "OPEN". It was a simple cybernetics shop, the outside appearing a little on the worn side. [i]People say this kid specializes in the hard-to-find crap. I doubt she will for my needs, but it's worth a try.[/i]
[i]Man I'm hungry...[/i]

Ruya opened the door, the jingling of bells meeting her ear. Inside was merely the shop's owner, known simply as Olivia. People said that the two looked oddly the same. Ruya merely smiled.

"A flat," she said once the bells stopped ringing. Olivia looked up at her.

"Hello ma'am. Do you need any help?"

[i]Nice professional mode.[/i] "Yeah, actually, I was hoping you might be able to help me." Ruya made her way around the shop, her fingers grazing over various screwdrivers, metals, wires, chips, and memory cards. "See, I'm looking for a type 22A-3 USB 4.0 line."

"No problem, that's right here." Olivia indicated towards a small section of wall, devoted to cables.
"That's not it. I need them to fit - right - here." Ruya popped off the left silicon cap underneath her ear, drawing close to the register. Olivia looked at the port, slid her finger over it, and nodded.
"Right there."

Brainnumb, Ruya picked up the cable and looked it over. "Any specialties to it?"

"Specialities? ...It's...a...It's a cable."
"No, sorry ma'am."
Ruya placed it back on the wall. "I don't need it. But you wouldn't by any chance have a screw driver for - [i]oomph[/i] - this little guy, would you?" She pointed to a practically microscopic screw in the USB port.

"Yes, in fact, we do." Olivia produced a tiny screwdrive, the top like that of a needly. "Is that all for you?"
"...Yeah, I guess so."
"Fifteen credits please." ((OOC: What is the currency? Credits? Dollars? Yen? Euros? *sweatdrop* )
"Ach, the painful passage of time." Ruya handed over a card, to which the charge was made. Screwdriver in hand, she bid good-bye and left.

"I was impressed, I suppose," she said, walking about ten paces past the shop before finding a bench to sit on. "No shop sells these damn screwdrivers. But ahh, disappointment in the USB drive..."
[i]"What, were you grading her?"[/i] asked 'Arian', who sounded as if she chewing something.
"Maybe." Ruya grinned. "I want to try and access the Aros network one more time...After I tighten this stupid thing."

[i]Rip riiiiiiip. Squeeky. Schrrp skreeep. Grunt.[/i]

"Wow, that was easy."
Now it was time for pure hack mode: No microphone, no mechanics, just her, the internet, and the keyboard. After booting up the laptop, turning on the black cover function (shading the screen from everybody but herself, the person looking straight at it), and opening up Notepad and the internet, Ruya plugged in a small USB stick. It turned out to be the wireless connector between her and the laptop.

[i]Click clack clack click clack click.[/i]
[i]'Accessing URL: www.aros.gov/specialprograms/500219834288-75...456198732111328st. Please Input Password.'
'Password Accepted. Entering High Restriction Access. Please Input Password.'
'Warning: File Not Found'
'Warning: File Not Found'
'Warning: File Not Found'[/i]
Frustrated, Ruya furiously typed, "aroswilltakeoverandthereisntanythingonecandoaboutit."


'Accept file transfer of blue.txt?'

Click. Click click clack.

'Downloading file to port 78.'
'Download complete.'

Click click. Click.

'Deleting FTP port 78.'
Clack click cluck clack.
'File saved.'

Clack click clack click click clackit.

'File uploaded via FTP port 14. Deleting FTP port 14.'[/i]

Ruya stared down at the computer screen. "Dammit, why is it all my bad ideas are the ones that work?"


At Aros, the routine began for the web portal update. An assistant to the webmaster began to type in the long URLs, passwords, clearance codes...etc. He was used to this by now.

[i]'Accesssing blue.txt...'[/i]

Adding to the code. No one would be able to decipher it. Long ago had the language died out, replaced by simplier versions for the masses. Of course, there were [i]some[/i] people that knew of the coding, but they either belonged to Aros...or had long been exterminated.

The employee sighed. Why did he get the .txt files? They were long, boring, and never breached -

No tags. No lines. No symbols. No zeros, no ones. No...just six symbols.


"Sir!" the assistant cried out, indicating for his overseer to investigate. Annoyed at the disturbance, the webmaster scuttled over.
"What is it? You better have a good reason to -"
"Sir! Sir, look!"

The Aros webmaster looked at the screen. His frown grew deeper, his bottom lip twitching.
"Shit. 'K4t4oi' just got access."


I'm not Godmodding, I promise. XD[/color][/size]
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Turning her head Noir heard the shuffling near the ally and pivoted on her left foot her gun was poised. She tried to access the combat mode at least to terminate the destroy command. Fo some reason somebody had been hacking into her fathers mainframe that was specifcally created for her usuage. Noir shook off the uncanny feeling that there might be another who knew the acess code to her Gui interface, but how could that happen? Unless...

"Never" she whispered.

She caught sight of the man who single handly took care of those few thugs and it came to her that she saw an attraction to one so good in a close combat.

"Who are you" she called out in her sickening velvet voice.

Within seconds the guns were out of the holster and pointing at the individual. Both safety's pulled and her face held in a sadistic smile.

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Korbin looked about, two different people had just shown up, trevaylen chastising him for going off and finishing things without her, and now a woman was eyeing him down the sights of her twin guns. today was turning out to be a bad day...
Trey went to the defensive immeadiately, her snapping behind behind her back where she kept her shurikan pouches. She bent her legs at the knees, ready to move in an instant.
The mystey woman was clothed in a full body black leather outfit that hugged her snuggly. Her peircing Ice Blue eyes caught trey's movement. She turned the gun in her left hand to train on the woman.
"No swift movements now," Her voice flowed smoothly, it even seemed to [I]feel[/I] smooth. "I want an answer, who are you?" her eyes narrowed dangerously on Korbin. Korbin settled back, letting his body relaxe, readying itself to move swiftly, he'd need it at this range, those magnums she was wielding packed a good punch, he'd seen similar guns turn a person into a canoe...

"I'm Korbin," He slid his wide brimmed hat back on, then let his hand settle back next to his pistol, Zephyr. "I'm also known as Drake." A spark of recognition flashed acrossed the woman's face "Now that I've given you my name, what's yours?"

The woman shook her head slightly, surprise at the question, but her trained eyes never leaving her quarry. "I'm Noir...that should suffice for now.
Olivia trotted out of her shop, stepping over the fallen midget.
"Come on now, both of you.." She stopped seeing the akward situation before them.
"Wow...this must not be one of our better days..."
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"Now I'm sure this is all just one big misunderstanding." She took a slow step forward her hands wandering to her pistols. "Shall we put our weapons down and discuss this like civalized beings. I mean after all we all are responsible adults." Her hands rested on the handles.

[I]I sure hope this works I don't wanna have to do anything rash.[/I] Olivia thought to herself, keeping her composure completely calm.

"Who is she?" Noir asked Korbin nodding her head in Olivia's direction.

"My names Olivia Heartily." Olivia spoke softly, nervousness shone through her voice. [I]Keep cool![/I] Her hands came out in front of her, showing her lack of hostility. "Can just talk, theres no need to shoot anyone."

"Shes no threat to you." Korbin stated.
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[size=1][color=royalblue]*needs to take a break from CG coloring* o.O;;


Feeling like a sack of potatoes, Ruya continued typing as the people to her side continued on with their "negotiation". She was quite used to not being noticed, and just plain blending into the scenery. Her clothing choice helped too.

[i]Click click clack click.

"Opening file blue.txt."[/i]


HTML tags. As a hacker, she obviously knew this language, but the coding was quite obscure in these days. In fact, nobody except Aros web people even bothered with the practically ancient text. Nowadays, with the internet being the sophisticated thing it was, anybody could create a somewhat good looking webpage by merely typing words. How you saved it and uploaded it on programs such as Word was how it looked online.


Sighing, Ruya closed her eyes. Flicking open her right eye lid, the cybernetic gold eye became exposed, the pupil receeding in the light.
[i]"Enter public submersion."[/i]

The eye quickly scanned over the tags, quickly sifting through simple table coding to hex codes. Letters, number, quotations marks...Trying to determine what was important and what was not. It was difficult.

[i]"< a href="http://www.aros.gov/specialprograms/500219834288-75456198732111328st >

Ruya couldn't help but giggle a bit. "Huraah for dumb answers," she said aloud.

[i]"leadto:pageURL < a href="http://www.aros.gov/specialprograms/500219834288-75456198732111328st/vault19.htm >"[/i]

A grin.
An actual page. No login prompt in site.

[i]Scroll scroll.


"God do they like long and dumb passwords..."

Ruya clicked and tapped in a blur, opening up the internet browser, copying the URL into the bar, and inputing the passwords. It led her to a page of all black...with nothing but a single red pixel in the center.

A decoy page. Aggrivated, Ruya went back to the notepad, editing the text around. What had before read "access-code:aroswilltakeoverandthereisntanythingonecandoaboutit, she proceeded to tap down "coranglaisistheEnglishhorn". Ahh, capitols, how they screwed on over.

And the top of the page, for the mere fact of pissing off the webmaster, read three simple words:
"K4t4oi was here."


I would like to add that Ruya is pretty much free to do anything. Just to tell you. I need something to do. XD[/color][/size]
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"Look, I don't know what we did to tick you off, but I feel pretty safe in saying that everyone here would feel much more at ease if you would lower your weapons." Trey said with only a touch of venom in her voice.

Noir looked at her sharply, and gave her the blackest look. Her eyes appeared to have a slight vacancy to them. That was a tell-tale sign to Trey that this new-comer was direct-feeding into a system. She saw the same touch of blankness frequently at her day job.

The tension was getting thick enough to cut with a dull butter knife, and if it didn't diffuse soon, something catastrophic would happen. This time, when Trey spoke it was completely devoid of sarcasm. "Look, no one here is your enemy. Please take your kill and distroy codes off-line. Stay on alert if you want, but we're not going to hurt you if you don't give us a reason to."

Noir blinked, but looked as if she was having trouble computing the request.

OCC: Sorry it's so short, but I didn't want to put words in any character's mouths till I get more familiar with them. Please forgive me. :animeswea
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This was it, twice there was someone trying acess her interface and now some random human thought they knew about her commands. What silly little infintile animals these humans were. And thats when it hit her...the feeling of regret and sorrow. Noir looked to the one named Korbin. Her eyes began to filter memories starting to overflow her mind. Memories...

Inside her mind Noir could tell who ever was trying to make her reply with thier demands was clearly an ametaur. She took in a deep breath and glanced to the ninja looking woman and a smile creeped up onto her stern and emotionless face.
Contorting shadows played themselves against her frame and she gave one simple sexual smile to Korbin whom had sparked some kind of lustful response from her body.

"You...with the shurikans.., To be a better Ninja one must know first how lay down arms, in front of a stronger and more able foe.."

Within seconds Noir had replaced her twin brethern guns and had her sword Rekka in front of the womans face. Her breath was hastened quick and pentrable as she laid Rekka towards the womans cheek.

"And to you, the one known as Korbin..., You should keep better Bodyguards, I could have annilated them both, however I am low on energy..and that would be unwise to leave myself open..."

Noir turned around and dropped a single piece of paper for Korbin on the allyways ground. And then she was gone, into the darkness not even a piece of her remaining for them to find. It was as if only an astral projection was the one they has been talking to..maybe they were.

It said..."Korbin only...34 west heights, Lower sewers red exit 4 miles south...come alone of you want to fathom who I am...NOIR- THE BLACK ANGEL
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OOC: AH! I didn't know this got so far! Sorry. If I write something someone has already written, let me know. I can't read some of the posts for the small light colored text. (crappy library computers) Oh, and forget that faceless stuff. I can't express without expressions.


Phade scrolled idly through the data pad she had retrieved from the sewer. .?Hmm.. This is interesting? Nothing I?d pay millions of credits for though.? She tucked it back into her cloak and shrugged. What Aros wanted was really none of her business unless she was getting paid. Phade glided down the dark hallway, enhanced eyes causing it to be as bright as day. She stepped outside and sighed. She missed the night sometimes.

On her way back into the building, she heard a rustling in the garbage behind her. Phade lifted her hand to her necklace and the small gunmetal colored beads lifted away with her hand. She turned hand splayed. No one was there. She looked down and raised an eyebrow.The cat rubbed affectionately against her legs purring its delight at finding her. Phade sighed. ?I don?t have any more room for you my newfound feline compatriot. I already have three cats. Belager will kill me if I come home with another.? The cat chirped at her and Phade bent to pick him up. ?Alright, but no fighting with the rest of them.? She turned and ran smack into Belager himself. ?Speak of the devil?. How is it you manage to sneak up on me still??

?You?re not fifteen anymore, Delirium. No more cats!? He said, dodging her questions like always. He glared something akin to disapproval at the shamefaced woman and the squirming cat. The grey tabby meowed plaintively at him. Phade turned away. ?Cats are the only thing I care for anymore. Let me have my happiness, Belager. It?s not like you?re allergic.? She dumped the cat into his arms. ?Please take him back to the flat. I have yet to finish the task assigned to me.? Belager frowned at her but sighed and nodded. ?Very well. But return as soon as you have the data pad.? Phade nodded and pressed a button on her waist. Her skirt stiffened then split and wrapped around her legs creating comfortable black leggings. She darted away into the night.

Her legs pumped steadily, carrying Phade over rooftops and through neighborhoods. Should she have told him? No? There was something more to this mission and she didn?t think Psylabs had much to do with it other than her. She touched the pad in her cloak and shook her head. She would put it somewhere safe until she knew exactly what was going on.

Eventually Phade came to a dilapidated graveyard. This is fitting, she thought as she slowed to a virtual crawl. It wouldn?t do for her to get caught. She slunk down to a stone where the inscription had been worn away years ago. Phade crouched behind the stone, running her fingertips across the worn surface. There. She pulled the catch gently and a foot wide hole opened in front of the grave. Swiftly Phade dropped in. It was a tiny chamber meant for the discussing of rebellion. Not that you could ever get a rebellion off the ground with only three people. That being the number the chamber would hold, uncomfortably.

Phade wrinkled her nose. It would be right next to the dump too. She crouch-walked to the far side of the room and slid open the only compartment she had ever found placing the data pad inside. She glanced around the room, longing for a little more time to explore. She sighed and tugged at one of her gunmetal beads. It hovered over her palm then floated through the opening, soaring into the air. Phades? sight soared with it, taking in everything in and around the graveyard. Convinced the coast was clear the bead returned and Phade levered herself out of the hole, flicking the catch and closing the room.
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[SIZE=1] Korbin stood blinking. [I]bodygaurds? they're just people I know by reputation, for the most part...[/I] He let his hand drop away from Zephyr, didn't need it now. His eyes cast themselves onto olivia and trey...and he young woman typing away at a computer?
[I]How in the bloody hell did I miss that![/I] the more he looked at her, the more he understood. She was unasuming, she did nothing to draw attention to herself in this crazed violent world.
Korbin relaxed, thinking maybe he'd found the help they'd need to get the datapad.
"You, with the computer." he took a few steps toward her, Olivia and trey whispered to one another "What's your name?" Her eyes never left the screen when she answered him flatly:
"I take it your good with computers?" Her eyes finally unglued themselves from the screen, pointing to the computer putting that sarcastic look on her face that said: 'god your stupid'
Korbin chuckled, he'd walked into that one. And this girl had guts, exactly what he needed, what they all needed, to go against Aros Inc.
"Interested in a job?" Trey's face tightened with concern.
"Do you think it's a good idea Drake? How much do we know about her?" korbin shrugged, indicating he knew jack about this person.
"I'm just wondering if she wants a job."
"what's the job..." everyone turned back to the computer woman, her face contorting in surprise with what she found.
"We shouldn't talk about it here." the woman gave a quick laugh.
"[I]That[/I] kind of job." She turned her intelligent eyes on the trio. "Who do you work for, may I ask?" Korbin held his hands up, sighing.
"Again something we can't discuss in public." His eyes darted about, most everyone was giving htem their space but they couldn't be too carefull. Trey tugged on Korbins arm.
"Come on. We can go back to my shop and talk about it" her eyes fell on Olivia "once we take care of that customer, he needs a tune up let's go!"
As they hurried along, Korbin found himself thinking about that woman, Noir. Something about the way she carried herself, and looked at had him made him wonder. The smile she gave him was a dead give away to what she was thinking of.
He smiled, almost wolfishly, could be fun. he did like the kind of woman that could kick his ass.

none of them noticed the eyes that watched them from above...[/SIZE]
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Phade paused, something was tingling at the back of her mind? ?[I]Danger[/I]? it whispered. She crouched, looking for the problem. Nothing. Motionless, Phade considered. She was very rarely wrong. She stood and pressed the button on her waist, unfurling her skirt. No one would question a member of Psylabs in a graveyard. She brushed the dirt from her knees and stepped forward.

An explosion.


White hot light seared Phade?s eyes causing her to scream in agony.

Darkness. Dust settled all around her. She felt it but could only sense-see it.

Her eyes! What happened to her eyes?! Phade tenitively put her hands to her face feeling the gaping holes and smooth metal bits where her eyes should be. She staggered to her feet, clutching her face and moaning. She swayed then sat upon a head stone to clear her mind. ?[I]I am a still winter lake. Like ice. Frozen. No fear may taint my water[/I].? Slowly her thoughts cleared and she touched her beads, and two of them floated to the empty sockets. "[I]A decoy... The pad was a fake...[/I] Phade sent out her mind to them and she could again see but in the swirling blues and greens of telepathic sight.

Cautiously, she made her way back into town, searching for the mechanic?s shop she knew to be around here somewhere?
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"Ooooh-kay" Trey rolled her eyes as she, Liv and Korbin made their way back into Liv's shop with the computer girl. She gave a big grin to Liv. "I thought we were a mechanic and a physical theripist who happen to be good at rocking the boat, but apparently we're Drake's [I]bodyguards[/I]." Then she turned her attention to the large man next to her. " No offense to you, Drake, but the last time I checked, you didn't need bodyguards."

"Just drop it." Korbin muttered.

"Sorry, it bothers me that anyone would assume that I was dumb enough to even think of throwing stars at someone with a gun pointed at my direction. Gun wins, hands down. Duh."

"Well, I think it's nice to know that she carries a sword as well as fire-arms, but why did she try to intimidate Trey instead of Korbin?" Olivia wondered out loud as they shuffled into the back room of her shop.

"Maybe us females offended her?" Trey offered.

"No, I think it was more than that. I guess we'll just have to find out when she decides we need to know." Olivia began pulling various and assundry items out of any cranny possible looking for -- something.

"Could you just drop it." Korbin reiterated.

"Sorry, Korbin." Trey said sincerely. "I only tease because I know you can take it. Now, you seem to be the imperious leader for this, so lead away and let us know what our next move is."
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"Imperious leader?" Korbin stared blankly at her "Look, we've got a mission, I was just trying to get things together." He indicated towards Ruya "I just know that were going to need a computer expert with us. Other than knowing what we need, planning and coordinating's not my thing." He slumped back against the wall. This was going to be a troubling day.

Trey just chuckled at him. Olivia shared in her mirth. Drake just grumbled, letting himself smolder out his annoyance.
"Like I said Drake, just teasing." Olivia scooted closer
"that Noir woman seemed to take an interest in Drake now that I think about it, maybe she was jealous?" Trey chuckled, enjoying Korbin's sudden discomfort as he sweatdropped.
"Yeah, she was looking him up and down, threatening us! hehehe...she's really jealous!" they dug through boxes as they worked, finding the things they needed to fix up Trey's customer.
Korbin harumphed and turned towards Ruya.
"so, want to hear more about what I have in mind?" She looked up, giving him a wry grin, that suddenly broke into a face of shear delight.
"Sure thing...lover-man." Drake sighed in frustration "I take it you need dating advice?" Drake let his head drop giving up against the onslaught of the three women. they laughed at his hepless predicament
ooc: sorry, just felt light hearted at the moment. Feel free to continue the humor if you like, it may be serious, but hey, nothing says you can't have humor with it.
also Holy gunman has retired from the RPG.
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