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Manga Yotsuba fans, welcome to the Yotsuba fan thread


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Well, I've known about this manga for a while, and I've been waiting to see if we have any fans... The only one I know of really, is Kat, and her colorful banner... :animeswea So..Yotsuba fans! Please post here!

PS...Just wondering, is there an anime of Yotsuba?
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I got the first two volumes for Christmas. I enjoyed them quite a bit--definitely more than I enjoyed the first two volumes of Azumanga, to be honest. A lot of the gags in the first volume caught me by surprise and really made me laugh. I do hope they make an anime of it at some point; I loved the fan-made opening that was synched to Soramimi Cake (the Azumanga OP music).

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[u]Warning: The following post was created at one of those weird times of the day. Randomosity ensues.[/u]

Yotsubato! was the only manga I've ever read by fansubbing (I guess you would call it that). Actually, since the guy that subbed it called it by the original Japanese, that's how I'm always referring to it. Ugh. - -;;

The real draw to it was the fact that it was by Kiyohiko Azuma, my hands-down favorite manga-ka ever. I loved Azumanga Daioh so much that it's my fansite...
But between Yotsubato! and Azumanga, I cannot decide which is my favorite. Yostuba makes me laugh because it reminds me of my childhood...which was not so long ago. AzuDai gets me going because of how freakishly similar the girls are to me and my friends. o_O;;

Whenever I read a manga, I want to laugh. To quote The Producers: [i]People want laughter when they see a show. The last thing they're after is a littony of woe.[/i] (Spelling mistakes abound.) And that's basically want I want happening with me and my manga. I don't want to be going "Oh no..." or "How are they gonna get out of this one?" or be screaming or relishing in the blood...or...whatever. You catch my drift.

As far as volumes go, I've managed to get my hands on all three that have been domestically released. The first two I snagged via bookstore, but the third I had to order off of AnimeNation. Of course, a month after getting it, I found it at the store...I'm waiting for the fourth, but because ADV has released 3 of the 4 volumes in Japan, we get to play the waiting game for a while.
Can't wait.

"How did your revenge go?"
"I died!"
"See? Revenge won't get you anywhere."

PS: Yes Nomura, I love(d) my holiday banner as well. It's quite hard to find Yotsuba images, so I can't believe I found a holiday one to boot.

PPS: Dagger...must...see...video...[/color][/size]
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Aww, you got rid of the banner, LOL. Well, Yotsuba is sort of kid friendly as Azumanga Daioh is totally unkid friendly...But I'm sure they dubbed the manga to make it more kid friendly! Sadly, I've only snagged the first volume, as I can't find it in the usual Waldenbooks! Darnit! I know pitiful, ain't it? Yotsuba and Chiyo-chan look so much alike...So much alike...LOL.

It's so funny, because Yotsuba has no knowledge of the world around her, and she usually misunderstands stuff...A blonde green headed girl!

That's so wrong... I'm blonde...
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