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Anime which Anime Charcters would you pair up? match-ups


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[quote name='kurin']:catgirl: I would probably match up yukina and touya up if I had the chance but who would be with Kuwabara?? :( Maybe Genkai.. :p[/quote]

Hmm ok Inuyasha and Kagome {Inuyasha}, Miroku and Sango {Inuyasha}, Shippo and Rin {Inuyasha}, Sesshomaru and Kagura {Inuyasha}, Roy and Riza {FMA}, Ed and Winry {FM}, Ranma and Akane {Ranma 1/2}, Sasuke or Naruto and Sakura (cant make up my mind :animeswea ) {Naruto, Ino and Shikamaru {Naruto}.

I think thats it from those animes. :animesmil
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Well lets see:

Tenchi Muyo: Tenchi and Ryoko, Washu and Kagato (she can soften him up)

Blue Seed: Kusanagi and Momiji, Kaede and Susano-oh, Mr. Kunikida and Ryoko, Koma and Yagashi

Furuba: Hiro and Kisa, Haru and Rin, Tohru and Kyo, Yuki and Hana, Shigure and Uo

Ranma: Ranma and Akane, Moose and Shampoo, Ukyo and Ryoga, Kuno and Nabiki
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Saki and grandfather happosai (think about it pervet +pervert =happy)
Manga Naruto+Manga Hinata (screw sakura)
Motoko(love hina)+Kenshin (it would work dammit there both clumsy sword people)
Jr(R.O.D.)+Anita(R.O.D.)(U could cut the sexual tension with a knife)
Slash(Mohoromatic maiden)+That cat from sailor moon
Elpalatzo+Pedros wife
Minewa+and that guy who liked her alot in the show
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This thread is not working out at all. Honestly, I'm kind of astonished that it's gone unchecked for so long. Anyway, to repeat what we usually say in these situations, listing character names isn't sufficient--no matter how long your list turns out to be. It's really important that you give reasons for your choices, or else the discussion won't be a discussion at all. On that note, complete sentences are beautiful and wonderful; try to use them.

That mostly covers it. If you want more details about what good post quality insists of, feel free to PM me. Darkartic, I apologize for cutting your thread off prematurely; I merged it because it dealt with the same basic subject material as this topic, and only afterward did I realize that the original topic needed to be killed. You're welcome to create a new thread--just try to set a good example in your starting post. Thanks.

Thread closed.

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