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Request Naruto Banner Request (pics Included)


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  • 4 weeks later...
[color=#333333]I decided to make you a banner and avatar aswell. Two banners in fact. One with just your name, and another with what you asked for.




I hope that's what you wanted. I actually saved them properly this time so if you'd like anything changed, just ask.[/color]
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[quote name='angelkillerslay][color=green][size=4]hi! I HAVE MADE A DECISION![/size'] :D IWANT TO MAKE MY OWN NARUTO BANNEER AND AVATAR :D :D . BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE MY OWN :animeswea :animeswea . If any one could please tell me I WOULD BE VERY GREATFULL :D :animeswea THANKS[/color][/quote]Welcome to OtakuBoards, angel! I suggest that the first thing that you do is to read the rules, and note where it says that when posting, your comments should have relevancy to the thread at hand. ;) In this case, we're not talking about Naruto in general, nor should you request a piece of artwork here. If you don't have anything to add for Tical getting a banner and avatar, then please do not post. :) Many of your questions, however, can be found in stickies on the main art forums.

I also notice that your avatar is the one that White had made for Tical, so please remove it until such time that you get permission from the original creator. These things aren't completely up for grabs. AND PLEASE DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS, BECAUSE IT'S VERY ANNOYING TO HAVE TO READ. ~_^
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