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Writing the pessimistic pesticide ran out [E]


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the pessimistic pest seems to be dead
yet do you believe in demons?
especially, it must be true, the ones within
that will never go away, eating on your humanity

perhaps it's only a matter of time
before it manifests itself -- again
but with will alone i will be sustained
and here i am, in surreal survival

i used to devour the greatness of this land
now, instead, i cultivate the fields
that i used to lay in ruin
and instead of dancing to thanatos
i dance to dance alone
living life with dark shades between

you all must dance, dance and see
this is the dance of survival
this is the dance that is the essence
that is what human is
do not be afraid, and open your eyes

fear makes us tremble, and to shake is ruin
trembling without fear makes mountains, oceans
and a life so endless and new
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[size=1]I really liked this one. In a way, I sort of relate to it. I really don't wish to get into the details of how I relate myself to your poem. A bit personal.

But, I do have one nag. The last two stanzas. The repetition of a word kind of threw me off. It would have made sense to me if the rest of the poem had repetition.[/size]
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Y'know, reading all of you guys' poems makes me feel I need to improve, as yours are supreme.The last three lines, I thought, were simply brilliant and extremely well thought out. Wiser words are scarsely heard. I have to agree with Goddess that a certian word was used a lot in stanzas three and four which felt a bit unnatural in the fact that it was only repetitively used in those stanzas.
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