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RPG High treason obscurer: Truth forgotten [M-VSL]


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[SIZE=2]Alex flew through the pouring rain and landed on the roof of the completely run down building she was now living in. It had been three weeks since she was bitten?changed. She rubbed her neck and used her left wing as an umbrella shielding herself from the rain. Alex looked to the sky as brilliant flash of lightening broke across it, lighting up the area for miles around. She could see the city she once belonged to in the distance, its lights shining. Alex spat out a gob of saliva and headed for the EXIT sign on the roof stair case.

She entered her run down apartment from the crumbling roof stairs. In fact it actually used to be a human ?office building?. The once proud companies logo was now faded beyond recognition on most surfaces. The place was a total dump, Graffiti lines the walls, cigarette buts strewn everywhere, burned office furniture, broken glass bottles and empty ones where the décor. Alex slumped against the far left wall and fell in a heap onto her stolen, ratty, burnt and torn mattress. She picked up a bottle of Vodka and skulled what was left of it. Alex looked at the label catching a glimpse of her reflection in the glass, she hurled the bottle at the opposite wall and watched at it shattered into a million pieces.

Alex looked at the walls, looked over the blood stains she had left there, the overturned furniture and holes in the concrete walls, which she put there when she stumbled upon the building 3 weeks ago when that fateful day occurred. Blocking the memory from her mind she focused on the rain.

The rain hammered the building from the out side; it fell in puddles, through cracks onto the floor. Everything was basically soaked. Alex pulled a wet cigarette from a soggy packet on the floor, when it wouldn?t light; she through the packet at the same wall the bottle was chucked at. Having enough of her surroundings Alex got up and walked to the only intact window and looked down at the street below where the humans lived.

Despite everything their race had been through she had to give them credit for their will to survive. She looked down at the children playing catch with balls, dogs running around playing in the mud, people buying from stalls, the occasional car chugging down the street. Alex came to the realization that people here were happier then the vampires were in their fancy cars, holding balls and living in their inherited wealth. Of course everything wasn?t as it seamed, drugs were rampant, murders happened every minute, people were raped and mutilated. But that happened everywhere no matter where you lived.

?I?m hungry? Alex said out loud to her-self. She walked to the old elevator and rammed open the doors and jammed her finger down on the down button. It was the only thing that still worked in the whole place besides the occasional flickering light bulb and the water that was a brown color.

The elevator reached the bottom floor and the doors chugged open. The ping that would have normally been heard died long ago. Alex hit the button for the top floor before she stepped out. She didn?t want anyone talking the elevator straight to her. If they wanted to kill her they would have to walk up 20 flights of stairs to do so.

She pulled off her trench coat, folded up her wings then replaced the coat. Humans were honest people, but even honesty has a price. If the price is right anyone will hemorrhage information.

Alex walked out onto the street, in the time it had taken her elevator to get down 20 flights the rain had stopped. The humans never saw the sun however, it always rained and when it didn?t it poured. A result of chemical warfare, both the humans and the vampires were to blame for that. The break in the rain was brief it started again as Alex started down the street looking through the various stalls for something to eat. She crossed the street and stood at a Chinese takeaway that gave the food through a window, that was it there was no where to sit down.

Something nudged against her leg and she looked sown to see a blue ball at her feet. She picked it up and looked up to find her self being smiled at by a small Chinese boy. He walked up to her, she crouched down to him and handed the ball back. He bowed to her took the ball and was off. If Alex could have smiled she would have.

Taking her Chinese she was about to lean against a railing undercover when a siren sounded. She looked up and heard a Monstrous wolf howl.

?Warewolves? was the only word she spoke. Alex put her food down and reached for her Pistols. People in the street scattered in all directions. The Chinese boy dropped his ball and was ushered inside by his mother. Anywhere that could be considered a hiding place was used as one.

Alex walked out into the middle of the abandoned street and looked along the roof tops. She could hear snarling and claws on metal. She held out her pistol in front of her ready for a shot when she heard it.


?Ahh ****?? Alex dove for cover just as not less than 25 warewolves came streaming along the rooftops. The horrendous symphony of howling, barking and starching claw on tin rooftops could be hard for at least a minute. Followed closely by a barrage of modified Vampire ?Bat AK-1Z attack helicopters?, formally known to the humans as the new Cobra attack helicopter. The helicopters where gone in a flash. Everything returned to silence. People started to file back out onto the street.

Alex went to pick up the child?s ball when a boot came crashing down on it. The ball popped under the weight of the army boot and deflated with a week ?pop fsssssssst?.

Alex looked up to come face to face with someone she hadn?t seen in a long time?
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OOC: ok were up and running, post a start/ beginning for your character. The PR will begin when those who wish too introduce them selves to Alex do so after she has a little "confrontation".[/SIZE]
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OOC: YAY! It's up! Okay, this post has only one of my characters in it, f.y.i.


Rain paced his office. He walked over to the window, his sword sheath clanking against his boots. He glanced out across the city, a look of confusion on his face. [I]So, another one of my men, killed, by that damn group of warewolves.[/I] "Damn," he said outloud, his voice lost by the rain pattering on the window. Although it was mid-day, the sun was completely blocked by the usual clouds. But the rain was uncommon. It never rained here.

"Ironic, isn't it?" said a familiar voice from the shadow of Rain's open door. "Raining on the day Rain plannes to reign? Quite the play on words, dont'cha think?" A female vampire stepped into the faint light cast from the window. Her short, bobbed hair and long cloak sparkled with wetness from the rain. Her boots left muddy prints on the expensive rug. Rain noticed these things. He always notices the little things.

"What do you want, Nami?" he asked, not turning. Agitation edged his voice, but so did curiosity.

"I've come to let you know that we're ready to commence, Sir!" she replied, mocking him with a put-on military accent.

Now he turned, and drew his sword, Stealer. As he pointed Stealer at her neck, he said levely, "Don't give me any reason to kill you, Nami. I still need you." Lowering Stealer, and resheathing it, he said, "Who sent you to tell me this?"

"It was Heinora," Nami replied, this time with her usual smerk. "You are to see her now, no questions. If you don't, I'm to force you."

"I doubt you could," he said, smiling at his companion's joke. "Go ahead, and tell her I'll be there within the hour. I have some other matters to attend to beforehand."

Without another word, Nami walked out, leaving Rain to do his business. [I]Well, it's time.[/I]


An hour later, after he had ordered an underling to clean his floors and he had finished his mandatory paperwork, Rain walked the streets towards Heinora's bunker. Thankfully the rain had stopped, and the sun was still hidden behind the dark clouds. That made the going easier. He never looked directly towards the other ones on the street, and neither did they. Although it was odd that he was walking, and without a guard, he was a government official, and they would never even consider looking at him, let alone ask questions.

A few blocks from Heinora's, there was a large crowd gathered in a small alleyway. Rain decided to ignore it, but then saw what everyone was looking at. It was a bloody scene. In the middle of the gore was the body of another dead soldier. One on his side, too. [I]Damn[/I], he thought.[I] I'm beginning to think these deaths aren't just random accidents. Maybe...[/I]

His thoughts trailed off as he approached Heinora's place. He entered the door, and found himself in a small hallway, filled with guards. [I]Strange. This wasn't here last time.[/I] He nodded to the guards as he passed, walking towards the door at the end that he knew was the entrance to Heinora's room prior to the new renos. He tapped on the door, then walked in.

He was happy to see that he was right. Sitting at an old, wooden desk was Heinora. Next to the desk was a fire place, and infront was two chairs. Other than that, the "office" was empty.

Heinora was beautiful, although she [I]was[/I] a human. Long, silky, black hair, piercing gray eyes, and an all white ensamble. Almost breath taking. [I]Almost.[/I] Standing next to her was Nami.

"Ah, Rain. Glad to see you decided to come. Nami here said that you were reluctant?" she asked.

"As always," he replied, playing along with the little game. "So, what oh-so-great information, that couldn't wait, did you interupt my work for?"

"We've found her," Heinora said, cutting to the chase. She sat up, rested her head on her hands, excited to be sharing the news. "She's in a small human outpost just east of here."

"Good work," Rain said, glad that they had finally found her. "I'll go as soon as nightfall." With that, he turned to leave. But Nami's voice made him hesitate.

"You can't go alone. I'm coming with you," she said.

Rain turned, glanced at Nami, then set his eyes on Heinora. "Is this what you want? Remember, I'm the ranking officer here."

"Yes, yes, Rain. Whatever," said Heinora. "Just let Nami go with you. You'll need the help."

"Fine," he said. He didn't really care. On his way back, he was lost in thought. Nami was prattling on about something, but he didn't listen. [I]So, Alex, we're finally going to meet face to face[/I]...

OOC-2: Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to put some back story into it.
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The red hot rounds poured from the barrel of the Israeli made pistol. They streamed like a metal river , flowing into the chest of the unfortunate human that had crossed his path. He cared not for any life these days , werewolf , vampire or human. In fact Mr. Westwood didn?t even care for his own as he walked through the human settlement , razing it to the ground.

He let the blood of his victims spray over his face , licking it up greedily. He clicked a new magazine into his Desert Eagle and stopped in the centre of the shanty town.

?Cast a cold eye , on life , on death. Horseman pass by!? Dakota murmured to himself. He unmercilessly shot a wounded man , crawling , trying to get away from this monster. Dakota stopped and turned around , to see a figure in a long cloak looking straight at him.

?Werewolf? growled Dakota ? If its my flesh you want , then you?ll have to claim it?. His opponent growled and shedded his cloak as Dakota slammed his pistols against each other and fingered the triggers.

Both beasts , both unholy , both sworn enemies ran at each other , the were wolf running on all fours and Dakota taking long steps. The were wolf slunk underneath as Dakota jumped over the top of the beast and fired 2 rounds , striking it in its left shoulder.

The wolfs head snapped back in pain and bloodlust overcame its instincts as it ran for Dakota while his back was turned. The wolf struck the vampire in the back with its claws , knocking down Dakota and pinning him.

? I don?t want to be killed by something related to a Chihuahua? Dakota thought to himself. The ware wolf bared its saber like fangs and went to maul Dakota , just as he pushed backwards and drew his pistols with the blades outstretched into the unprotected sides of the wolf. Dakota flung the beast of his back and quickly put a full clip from both pistols into the chest of the abomination. Dakota kicked the beast and stepped back , admiring his handiwork. He pushed fresh clips into his pistols and slammed them back into his holster.

Dakota walked back to the centre of town and surveyed the hell he had created. Bodies, torn and blown apart , created obscure sculptures in rigour mortis. Dakota grinned to himself. This will teach them for killing my family.

Suddenly , Dakota felt a roar above him as two Cobra gun ships flew over the top of him , heading for an outpost. The roar subsided as they slunk below the horizon. Looks like fun.

Dakota went to a small hut and slammed the door down with his boot and sunk his fangs into a villager he had tied up beforehand. He watched as the blood slid down the woman?s neck and dripped onto the flow. He wiped his mouth with his overcoats sleeve only adding to the blood stains all over it. He stepped outside onto the barren , scorched earth and jumped on his motorcycle and revved it twice , before burning rubber and heading after the gun ships. I wonder if Alex still loves me?
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Dominic was trudging through the waste land, he was waiting for someone else to request his services. As he walked through the rubble of what was suppose to be a town, when he saw his own image up on one of the walls. It was a wanted poster, most likely put up by the local vampire guard that would come through the towns from time to time. It appears they wanted him in dead of alive, the bounty was over $50,000.

It was a hefty sum, but it didn't really worry Dom, in fact he found it to tbe a compliment. It mean the was soing a good job. He knew that in these times of prejudice and hatred, no human would turn him in. Being a human was like being in a frat, everyone looks out for there brothers.

Dom smiled a bit at how loosy the shot they had of him was, then continued on his way, trying to keep up appearance. He hadn't gone but ten feet when he heard someone behind him "What is it you want?"

The person stopped and began to speak "I have an assignment for you."

He began to turn, and the person snapped "Don't look at me!"

Doms eyes fixed forward again, and Dom began to speak "What kind of job is it that needs my doing?"

A large manilla envelope floped in front of him "In her is your targer."

Dom bent over and picked up the envelope. He opened it up "Alex Hurst. She's pretty high up according to this. This won't be cheap."

Another envelope flopped in front of him "This the first half of your payment. In ther is a note, take it to the address on the back after you've killed her and they'll give you the rest."

Dom opend the envelope, enclosed was roughly $100,000. Dom put both envelopes under his arms "Alright. I'll get done what need to be done. Watch the news from the city for the next few days."

With that Dom walked off, as he started to look over her file again. But he was less interested in his target, and more interested in his employer. From the scent and air alone that the man carried, he was obviously not a human. So why did he want her dead? Could this be treason? Or maybe something more?

Dom shrugged it off and headed north to the city where the vampires could be found. He was now on the clock, time to do what has made him famous amoungst his human breathren, and infamous amongst the monsters of this world.
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Alastor gather a group of her men.She was planed on haveing some fun in a near by human city.Also the hunger and lust of hunt was starting to take over.Her and her men gather outside near the blazing fire.

"I know you all are hungry and ready for some fun."she said in a thik romanian accent."IM SICK AND TIRED OF THOSE VAMPIRE FREAKS WALKING ALL OVER US!WE WILL RISE NO MORE LIVEING IN WASTELANDS ITS TIME TO SHOW THEM WHO THE REAL BOSS IS!"she growled her men let a roar of aproval."MOVE OUT!"

Alastors body twisted and popped as her body changed from human to wolf.She let out a ferious roar spit dripping from her razor shap teeth.She led her pack of unholy creaturs to the small village jumping from roaf to roaf.Alastor stood on the tallest building an watched as her children reaked havoc on the city.She let out a deep and long howl.She jumped and plumited twords the crouded street.Landing on a beautiful human she stared into her eyes.Fear was think in them.

"Please dont hurt me."the girl cried.She loved it when they begged.She sunk her jaws depp into the neck of the girl who let out a blood curdaling cry the feel silent.
She ripped out a chunk and swallowed.the blood dripping down her chin.She let out another fiece howl as her bretheren leeped around her.The blood tasted good in her mouth.She moved on snapping at the panicing humans.

Bullets wizzing by her eyes she jumped over an white minin van and looked around.Two police men were running twords her."ha what do they think they can do."She said to herself.She transfromed back and stepped out from behind the van.
Acting as though she was wonded the man walked up to her.

"Lady are you alright?"he asked.He came close."It was soo terrible."Alastor let a few tears run down her face.The police officer took her in his arms.She grinned a toothy smile.She dug her sharp nails into his side.He let out a painful cry.Alaster laughted."Stupid human.She hurled him through an glass show case,the other police officer tried to club her but she was to fast.She dodged him and grabbed his arm and pulled it behind his back."Thought youd be a hero huh hahaha look at the hero now."She laughed and tour his arm off.She feel to his knees in pain yoaling.With a deep growl she sunk her teeth deep into is neek.Her eyes glowing red.Pulling away she roared flinging her head back.She speed off and as the building blurred she transformed again into her beast
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OOC: wow, Alex is the focal point so far...one more character to add!

Adriana stood with a group of humans and low-cast vampires. In the center was the mutilated body of a vampire guard. It looked like a warewolf attack, but Addy new better. She had seen it before. It was Vampires who killed this one, but they were good. Even Addy, a vetran killer, had trouble noticing the signs. She glanced up, and saw a government official walk past. She didn't recognize him, and she didn't care who he was. She jumped up onto the roofs, and made her way back to her apartments. She had lived there with her late brother. He was a soldier, and was killed in the Wars. It was a long story, and she didn't want to dwell on it, so she just went to bed. She drempt of Alex, and how she would kill her...

In the middle of the night, before midnight, she heard a wolf cry. She grabbed her brother's dagger and her sword, then went out, happy to have something interesting to do. [I]Those damn warewolves are'nt going to know what happened to 'em,[/I] she thought maliciously. She searched the streets for them, but she couldn't find them. [I]They must be outside the city.[/I] She decided to go to the gates, just for fun. As she approached, she saw the Vampire Gov. rep she saw that afternoon. He was talking to another vampire, a female. The female was talking.

"You're really doing this Rain," she was saying. "You're going to see Alex." At the mention of that [I]bitch's[/I] name, Addy perked her ears.

"Yes. It's about time," he said. "I've been waiting along time for this, Nami. Don't do anything stupid."

"Yes, Sir!" Nami mocked. Addy could tell that these two could be valuable to follow...for now. Luckily, they were traveling on foot, so it was easy for Addy to stock them. She waited until they were out of ear-shot, and then followed them, anxious to find Alex, and finally avenge her brother's death.

OOC: sorry for the "low-budget" post, I've got to go to work.
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Grace yanked the ball out from under the boot of the stranger as she looked up. Standing there in the pouring rain surrounded by humans she came face to face with the one vampire she should have let die when she had the chance.
?Well well well, General?? The vampire bowed to her, none of the humans took notice and if they didn?t they were acting as though they didn?t. ?I am pleased to find you in such an excellent state of health?. The male vampire looked to either side of him at his lackeys for approval of his obvious joke, they smirked in response and the vampire turned to Alex once more.
?Sergeant Jack F. Welch, I hadn?t expected to see you in such a Lovely place? Grace motioned around her to the human slums.
An angry look washed across his face, he hated it when she called him by his proper name using the F which stood for Francis, before he tolerated it as a joke because she was his commander, but now, now he would take her head off for it.
?It is colonel now ma?am? he said in a condescending tone.
?Well colonel, you will have to excuse me ?but I have a prior engagement? Alex turned to leave. Welch turned to his lackeys.
Automatic and Semi-Automatic gunfire erupted in a fountain of metal squarely aimed at Alex. She turned at the last minute before they fired and in a kind of spectacular slow motion through her trench coat off whipping up the heavy rain and spraying it, what happened net was the lat thing Welch?s idiots saw.
Alex?s eyes glinted in the rain taking on a silvery glow, her rain soaked hair stuck to her face and hung over her eyes, her fangs slowly extended themselves from her jaw and she gave out a loud spine chilling hiss.
Alex?s shoulders thrust themselves backwards and her black wings shot out from her back, they we?re magnificent, they took on a wet leather look soaked in rain.
She spun and shot forwards in the rain, drawing her primary black samurai sward from its sheath. Before Welch new what was going on one of his men lay headless in the rain.
Alex now stood behind the two that were left. Welch and his man spun, only to see a blade come rushing at their faces.
Welch?s man brought his gun up in defense to block the sword at the last second and succeeded, only in coming face to face with Alex. She lent in their faces were only 3 cm apart.
Welch opened up with automatic gun fire; she shot up into the air carrying the man by the collar with her. Alex impaled the man on her sword and threw him down at Welch?s feet dead. She re-sheathed her sword and unhooked her pistols from their holsters, shouted down to him, from her height his bullets we?re missing by a large margin.
?Three against one just isn?t fair Francis? Her comment served only to anger him more. He yelled at her and let go even more bullets. She flew down to him firing her pistol hitting him in the gun shoulder. This guy is pathetic she thought. He cried out in pain and dropped his weapon. She walked over to him and pulled his head back by the hair.
?Who sent you!?? she laughed at her. ?Who!?? Alex stuck her fingers into his wound and twisted, Welch gave out a primal cry of pain.
?See you in hell? he spat into her face and stabbed her in the arm with a short dagger. Alex grunted and pulled out the dagger as Welch started running for a near by building. She threw the dagger and it stuck into the concrete right next to Welch?s head as he ran inside. An attack helicopter rose up from the building and let go a volley of bullets in Alex?s direction. She dove behind a cart full of rubbish, the rubbish rained down on her.
Welch in the helicopter ordered the pilot to bug out.
?Next time we bring a whole ****ing squad full? he spat at the pilot as the helicopter?s nose went forwards and it headed back towards the vampire city.

Alex came out from behind the garbage cart to find her self being stared at by the humans. She washed off the popped ball in the rain and handed it back to the little boy who was hiding behind his mother. He reluctantly took it bowed and smiled at her. She nodded back and walked over to pick up her coat. The humans were busy repairing there stalls. Alex dumped the bodies of the men in a place where the creatures of the wastelands could take them without endangering the humans. She flew back to her home and started to help the humans fix up their bullet riddled shops. Alex heard rustling and growling she turned to see a warewolf clutch a girl and rip half her neck out. The girl screamed and fell limp as the werewolf ate some of her body.

The people in the street scattered for the 3rd time today, the wolf looked up and charged towards Alex its teeth barred wide, growling.

Alex backed away and put her hands up.

?I have no fight with you warewolf??
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Alastor stopped in front of the vampire.Changing back she stood there."You and your kind killed my father i can never forgive you of that."She bared her fangs.She could smell calmness withen the vampire but also knew she was stronge."This is our territory so if you dont mind step aside.

"Go home there are bodys else where for you to feed on."

"I dont find it quit as fun to eat off of dead bodys,it takes away the thrill of the hunt.You should know all about that, i know how you vampires like to play games."

The boy with the ball ran past Alastor and she grabbed him."You cant tell me this poor pethetic life means anything to you.They are sheep and we feed upon them."
She raised the boy up.He started to cry, as alastor bared her teeth at him."You would make a tasty snack.HAHAHAHA........
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Alex eyed the she-wolf.

"That boy has done nothing wrong let him go?he is not your problem.? The wolf growled. ?I know you werewolves aren?t to forgiving but it was your fathers time to die when he did. That doesn?t mean you can go around killing innocent young boys!?

Alex lunged at the warewolf, spreading her wings and grabbing the boy. She flew him back to his mother; she turned to see the wolf running for her. Alex ducked and the she-wolf flew over the top of her crashing into a stall.

Alex yelled and put her arms out beside her, shoulders hunched and wings now folded.

?I said I had no fight with you she-wolf! Leave me and these people to our misery and return to yours!?

It was time for the warewolf to decide whether she was friend or foe?
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Alastor got up.The vampire had a point.

she let out a loud and long cry.The other werewolfs returned to the woods."Ill make you a deal we take what we need and we will not terriorize this village again.Theres something about you i havent figured out yet.You are different then the rest.Alastor lundged at the vampire but lundged over her and on her way.The vampire felt some blood dripping down her face.She knew it was a sign of alliance.
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Alex wached the she-wolf go. She turned to the boy and he smiled at her. She didnt show any emotion. Alex picked up her now dirty, cold and wet food.

she flew to the top of her appertment and left the humans to do thier work. She had just made a deal with a warewolf. crazy. The afternoon had been strange to say the least. Perhpas the winds were finally about to change.

She walked down the EXIT sign steps and into the top floor bath room. Running the hot brown water from tap in one of the many basins she set about cleaning her wounds and eating her food, Alex didnt care what state it was in. She thought about the she-wolf and Welch and why everything was starting to happen now...
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Alastor couldnt believe she made a pack with a vampire. As she ran through the woods with her kind she could sense uncertenty on there minds.She thought about what might happen now.Things were going to change and she knew it.Weather someone would try and over throw her or even here whole pack.Would they stand with her or would they throw her out.She would now know where her true alies lie.

They returned to there broken down where house.It looked small on the outside but was acuttaly big.There were 2 stories and a basement.The top floor was where they held meetings,bottom was an area for loungeing and sleeping quarters.Basement was where Alastor stayed and her councel.

She stopped at the entrence of there coven,and changed back.Here brethern behind her.No one said a thing until they were inside.She called a meeting.

"I need all high concel to report to the confrence room."she called.Sando her most trusted friend didnt even speak to her.She sat down at the head of the table.The concel bareing there silent judgement on her.

"For years we have fought against the vampires,many have died and one did so today.Lune has been taken from our ranks but he did not die in vain.I know you all have questions some i can answer some i cant but i need you all to trust me.The vampire whom i met today is different,she made me relize that we must rethink our ways.I do know that she is not against us and she may even be able to help....

"That doesnt change the fact that she is a vampire!"a voice called from the concel.Alastor recognized it at once.It was Sando.

"We took a vow to slay them all to avenge our fathers have you forgotten Alastor what they did to yours?"he bared her teeth at her.

"Yes i relize this but there is something different about this one."She snapped back.
She couldnt believe her best friend was butting against her,how could he not after all they had been through."You were the last one i thought would stand against me."

"WE CANNOT STAND FOR THIS THEY MUST PAY ALL.NO MATTER HOW DIFFERNT!Sando yelled."Concel will you let her do this to our honorable brethern?"he asked

Murmurs floated around,Alastor was growing uneasy."Im not saying we not get our revenge,but this one could help us."

"It could be a trap?"sando questioned.

"If so then you can shoot a silver bullent into my heart Sando if you can bare it,but i fallow my gut and it tells me shes friend not foe.When have i ever led you wrong?Will you crucifie me now that i make aliance with this vampire?"Or will you fallow.I will give you all time to ponder this, in the mean time i need rest there is much to be done still.Also no more needles killing take what you need and leave.If any of you have a problem with that take it up with me Im sure you will change your mind."She growled now becomeing angered by her friends betryal.With that she stood."This meeting is agerned.She turned and left,the others talking amoung themselves.

She didnt feel much like eating.She walked to the elevator and pressed down.She entered and fell to her knees.Tears streemed down her face.The time of judgment was upon her and she did not know if she could bare loseing her closest friend.
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Dakota Westwood rode his jet-black turbo-charged Kawasaki down the road into the slums of the city. The place was a war zone. It stunk of cordite and freshly spilt blood. Dakota rumbled slowly around the block and watched the humans scatter as he passed them slowly.

He pulled his motorbike over to the side of the road and sat there, watching, waiting and listening. Westwood then turned the engine off and stormed across the road into a shanty. He knocked the door down and grabbed a small child and held his pistol to the small , quivering boy?s head. ?Where is she?? He yelled at the mother. ?I..dont know? cried the horrified human. Dakota clicked a round into the chamber and pulled the hammer back. ?One last chance?human? The woman finally submitted to him. ?Up there , in the abandoned office block? Dakota let the child go running back to his mother. ?Next time , I wont be so considerate?

Dakota stepped outside of the shanty and walked across the road , catching a glimpse of his fiancé up in the office block. Dakota broke into a run , crashing heavily through the doors of the office block. He ran upstairs into the office block and stood there with one of his guns drawn , looking at Alex , his one love and thinking of what she used to be and whoever?.whatever she was now. He took a step towards her.

?Its been a long time??..
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Guest Lisa Lynn

The smell of blood reached Fujiko's nose. It was a mettalic smell and made her nose hair burn and her head feel dizzy. Recalling her senses, Fuj instantly knew what type of blood it was: human. But there was another kind, a more sweet smelling waft that Fuj also identified: werewolf. A werewolf had died in the village somewhere, along with hundreds of humans. Common sense told her that there had been another attack.

Fujiko herself couldn't give a hoot what the werewolves did to vampires, but humans were another matter. Even though a vampire, her father told her that humans were generally good, and not just another meal ticket. It was that thought that put him in his grave, and made her a wanted criminal.

Fujiko sighed and looked in a mirror. It was broken, but Fuj could still see her reflection amongst the disgruntled glass: She was in her regular form. Risky, but Fuj had to remember what it had been like before, before she ever learned how to morph.

Giving a disgusted shiver, Fuj changed back into her schoolgirl form, something that no vampire would ever suspect. To them, she was just another annoying human in weird clothes. To humans, they often misjudged her as ghost, and even went as far as saying she was killed in the End of the World (what humans call it when the vampires took control) and returned to this mortal plane as a reminder that someday humans will come back into power. Fuj always thought that some humans had way too much time on their hands.

From the window of the run-down complex she lived in, Fuj heard voices of a man and woman. Careful not to be seen, Fuj watched a male and female vampire in the distance. The woman was ordinary looking to her, but the male looked important. 'That's signed his death warrant,' Fuj thought to herself.

Fuj grabbed her father's sword from under a loose floorboard and stuck it inside of her clothes so it wouldn't fall out when she morphed. Fuj morphed into a raven and followed them into the distance.

OOC: Sorry for posting so late, and so short. I've had a lot to do. There will be more though!!
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OOC:No worries lisa, :)

Alex has finished in the bath room and gone back to sit on her worn out mattress when the last person on earth she expected to see came busting up the stair well pistol drawn.
She spun to see Dakota her fiancé of all people standing there pointing a pistol in her face. She looked at him staring into his eyes.
?Oh?it?s you??[/COLOR] Alex turned to look back out her window. She didn?t expect to see him ever again, a deep sadness over came her. ?What do you want?? She saw Dakota out of the corner of her eye pistol still drawn.

[COLOR=Teal]?I want answers!?[/COLOR] Alex turned to face him.
?You won?t find any answers here, at least not from me anyway? [/COLOR]Dakota became increasingly agitated with Alex?s apparent lack of emotional skills. He thought she would be a werck but this was the most in control he had ever seen her.

[COLOR=Teal]?You have been all over the news! You left with out so much of a word. I come back from a job three weeks later to find that you have bitten another vampire and killed him! Traitor! Why aren?t you dead!?? [/COLOR]Dakota was breathing hard with all the yelling he was doing. The vampire was noticeably frustrated. This however was not the way he invisioned meeting his fiance after such a long time.
Alex shrugged and looked him up and down
[COLOR=Teal]?You want answers fine, go see General Killian?I?m sure that he will be most happy to answer all the questions that you have?.my love. Would you kindly put that gun down, if I wanted to kill you, you would be dead already??[/COLOR] Dakota lowered his gun but not completely.
?Why Killian??[/COLOR] he questioned waving his gun.

[COLOR=Teal]?I?m pretty sure it was Killian who ordered that Vampire to attack me in the back streets that night??[/COLOR] Dakota stared at Alex then looked away. [I]why would Killian order something like that!? That was absurd. He IS the most decorated and revered general in the entire Vampire Military Dakota thought and an old friend. What the hell would he want to do?oh no?he realised somethig she just said...
[COLOR=Teal]?Alex!?? [/COLOR]he yelled but she was already gone. Alex flew out of her apartment silently while Dakota was still thinking to himself. Landing a few blocks over, on a roof top she jumped to the ground to find herself with a pistol sticking into her back.

[COLOR=Teal]?Don?t move!? [/COLOR]The voice sounded, it was difficult to tell because of the low tone weither it was a man or a woman. Alex slowly raised her arms above her head in surrender?
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Dakota stayed at the office block , thinking to himself. [I]Why wasn?t she dead? Why had she fled? Why accuse the General of doing such a thing?[/I] He needed to answer all of these questions. It seemed as if all of this was a nightmare. He didn?t know who he could trust or who he could turn to. It was like his fiancé was a totally different person , she used to be able to be so sweet , so loving , so caring but now it was like talking to a machine. Whatever she had turned in to , it wasn?t what he had fallen in love with.

Dakota took a deep breath and took one last look at the quagmire where his once wife to be now lived. He jumped through the window and landed on the street just next to his bike , which he quickly fired up and burnt down the road to the vampire city .. his home. He slowed down and passed quickly through the checkpoint at the entrance and headed straight to the High Command centre.

He stepped up the stone staircase to the large double oak doors , rumored to be those of Vlad the Impaler?s castle. He quickly passed through the security check point and passed his gun belt to the sergeant on duty. [I]? Ahh long time no see Captain Westwood? [/I]Dakota grinned at the sergeant. ?[I]And you too Sergeant Oxford , its been too long?[/I]. Westwood and Oxford has fought together during the Battle of Paris and had been among the only squad members to make it out. [I]?So how?s that pretty fiancé of yours?? [/I]The sergeant asked. ? [I]Not herself , my friend , not herself?[/I] With that , Dakota marched through the barriers and up to the Generals office. He nodded to the receptionist and went straight in to the office of one General Joseph Killian.

[I]?Dakota .. please , please sit down? [/I]The general said looking up from his paper work.
[I]?Sir , I need to talk to you about something? [/I]
[I]? Alex? ? [/I]
[I]?Yes sir? [/I]
[I]? You don?t need to call me sir , Dakota , you know me better than that?[/I]
Dakota nodded , wondering how the general would deal with the news he brought from Alex.
[I]?Well Joseph , my fiancé has accused you of being a traitor and ordering a fellow vampire to bite her?[/I]
[I]? That is absolutely preposterous! .. Dakota you know I would never order such a thing? [/I]
[I]? I know Joseph , she?s changed totally , she is like?. I don?t know , shes a shell of what she once was? [/I]

The general stood up and looked out his window behind the desk to the bustling metropolis.

[I]? I have some news for you Dakota?[/I]
[I]?What is it sir?? [/I]
[I]? I don?t know how to tell you this , but it appears as if Alex is fostering an alliance between herself and the werewolves?[/I]
[I]? You?ve got to be kidding me? [/I]
[I]?I?m not Dakota , An aerial UAV spotted her talking with a were wolf and sources placed also suggest that.? [/I]

Dakota stood there , shattered. His one love was a traitor to his people. Dakota sighed and thought about the problem. There was no way she was going to get out of this alive..
?Dakota , I have something very important to ask of you?
?Yes sir , what is it? [/I]
[I]?I want you to assassinate Alex Hurst?[/I]
Dakota reluctantly nodded.
[I]? I need you to find out if this alliance is true , and then kill the traitor ? she is not one of us anymore? [/I]
[I]?Yes sir , consider it done.? [/I]

Dakota saluted the general and left the room , collected his pistols and some equipment and headed back outside to his motorcycle. The engine purred to life as he put his helmet on. He revved his metal steed and tore off down the road , not sure what to make of the situation. He headed back to the human settlement and found a hideout overlooking the office block , waiting for his prey?.
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Rain walked along the road with Nami...but he could sense they wern't alone. [I]One...no, two others, behind us.[/I]

"Nami, prepare yourself," he wispered to his companion. "There are others following."

"I know, Rain," came Nami's hushed reply. "I've known they were there since we left the-" But Nami never finished her sentence. Another female vampire had split Nami's head from her body, and the blood had splattered all over Rain.

"Tell me what you know about Alex," the unknown vampire yelled at Rain, her sword level with his neck. "NOW!"

"Alex Hurst, you mean?" he replied, showing no fear.

"Don't play stupid with me, bastard," came the venem-filled rely.

"Why don't you put down that sword of yours, and we'll talk," suggested Rain, although his voice implied it was more of a demand.

The female vampire stared curiously at Rain for a few moments, then lowered the sword. But not all the way, he noticed. "So, what's your name, and why do you want to know about Alex Hurst so much that you'd kill my partner. Choose your words carefully."

"Call me Addy. My reasons concerning Alex are none of your business, and I mearly killed the female to better get my information," she replied, her eyes filled with hatred.

"Well then, Addy, I cannot tell you anything if you won't," came Rain's comment.

"Stop treating me like a child, Rain. I know you know. I heard the female talking about it to you. So," she said, raising her sword once again. "Tell me what you know, or I'll kill you where you stand."

"Addy, put your sword down, and we'll talk while we walk toward that far settlement, okay?" Rain said, in hopes of calming the young Vampire down. [I]Be grateful, you little bitch. I'd have killed you right here and now if I hadn't of seen something that I could use...[/I]

Addy complied, although hesitantly, but never sheathed her sword. She walked next to this Rain, and gradually began warming up to him, as much as she didn't want to.

Rain could sense an immaturity in his new traveling companion, but he could also sense purpose, drive, and a nasty habit to kill on a whim, as testified in Nami's unfortunate death. All the while, however, he could still sense the other one, following behind him and Addy. Only time would tell what this one wanted.
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The lone vampire walked timidly into a broken down what seemed to be abandoned gas station. The area reeked of blood. Again for what seemed a hundred times, he looked at the back of the envelope, this was where he was sent. The directions read:
Walk in
State your business
Give the message
Walk out

He began to do what he was told.
?I am here to deliver a message from General Joseph Killian.? He thought he saw a flicker from with in the shadows. He continued again, with less assurance in his voice, shaking, ?I am here to for?formally request a meeting between you and General Killian.? Again the flicker occurred in the shadows. Now he was completely frightened, ?He requests a special favor of you. If you accept, he says you know where his office is and try to be there as soon as possible.?
As the messenger prepared to leave, from what seemed everywhere in the room, a voice sounded, ?He requests me? Fine I?ll be there at a price.?
The messenger about fell over but from the wall behind him emerged from the shadows, Shadow, one of the greatest mercenary assassins. At a flash a sparkling sword swung right toward the messenger?s neck but stopping short of causing a fatal wound but enough to cause a trickle of blood to run down. The messenger urinated himself; he knew this mans reputation and didn?t want to be another anything on his list.
?Tell him I?ll be there.? Commanded Shadow in a raspy voice.
?ye?yes s..sir.? he said very shakily. He was flown from the building out into the street by what seemed a gust of wind. He turned toward the general?s office, and ran never turning back.

* * *

Shadow walked the halls of General Killian?s office. The guards spaced along the halls, all but froze in the chill Shadow swept with him. He strutted to the end and opened the door with no prior knocking involved. He swept in the room and sat down in the seat, the General still looking out a window.
?What is it my old friend?? Shadow asked.
?I know you?re a busy person so I?ll get to the point. I need the best for this favor, it pays a lot too. There has been a Vampire Alex Hurst, she is a blood traitor, she is known for biting another vampire, and killing another, she is creating alliances with were wolves, and she is presumed very dangerous. I need you??
?To kill her yeah I know the drill.? Shadow cut in. He stood up preparing to leave?
?No, I need you to bring her in alive, we need to question her.?
?Where in the hell do I get off bringing in people alive??
?This pays more than you?ll ever need, don?t ask questions.? Killian said gruffly, but still wearily.
?Fine, but if I do this, heh, I?ll make it interesting, I get your office.?
Killian stared at him thinking. ?Fine.? He said as a dismissal.
He handed Shadow a picture.
?Oh, Rain is already looking for her I hear, so if you find them then you should find her.? With those final words Shadow streaked out silent as death.[/COLOR]
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Alex turned around at the pistol in her back. It was a vampire. Alex smirked at the vampire and nodded towards the gun.
?[COLOR=Teal]You think you can kill me with a measly little pistol??[/COLOR] she had never seen this vampire before, he was scruffy wearing shabby cloths and in need of a good shave and a wash.
[COLOR=Teal]?Don?t move or ill shoot you!?[/COLOR] he was noticeably nervous.
[COLOR=Teal]?She tilted her head to one side... Who sent you?? [/COLOR]he smiled as the gun shoot in his hand.
?[COLOR=Teal]General Killan. I?m not the only one that will be going after you. He?s sent a lot of people out after you to skin your traitorous hide.?[/COLOR]

Alex shot out her left wing from behind her back flinging the pistol from the novice bounty hunters hands. He whimpered and backed away.
[COLOR=Teal]?Killan really needs to step up his game, get out of here.?[/COLOR] The bounty hunter didn?t move, Alex drew her own pistol and fired above his head. In a scampering of feat the hunter left.


Rain and Addy were walking along the dilapidated streets of the human settlement when they head the shots.
[COLOR=Teal]?That has to be her? [/COLOR]Addy growled, Rain looked over at her and nodded
[COLOR=Teal]?Only one way to find out?[/COLOR] Addy and Rain headed towards the direction of the gun shot. They didnt know however that they were being folowed by shaddow. It han't taken the vampire long to find Rain. And he was leading shadow straight to his prize.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Addy, and Rain shot off toward the gun shot, sure that this was their target. The dashed the streets and took an alley way between two large buildings. A large metal link fence stood in their way, one swift jump up to the wall and a rebound off and they quickly cleared it. The finally found their way into a street corner, another lone vampire streaked past them screaming about some demon. They had guessed correctly. They rounded the corner the man had come from and stood face to face with Alex Hurst.
?Alex? what a disgrace to the vampires. I?m here to take you into custody, by force if necessary, dead as well??
?I don?t think that?s going to happen, you??
?What!?? Spat Addy, ?You think you?re some superior race that you can just tell us we won?t take you on, you got something??
Rain cut her off, ?she?s right? look at her, you can almost feel energy rolling off of her?? I?ve got to come up with a plan to take her down. ?I doubt we?ll get as much as a step on her?? during this time he was already reaching for his weapon he carried ?stealer?, but he was going too slowly for Addy, she had lurched up toward Alex. One swift moment from Alex?s right wing, knocked Addy clear in the head and lurched her right into a nearby building knocking her unconscious.
?Let?s go easy Alex?? he had just swiped out his stealer, slicing a cut right into Alex?s wings, short of her head, due to her quick jump back.
?Aaaahh, just go away, and leave me I don?t want to hurt anyone.?
?I can?t do that Alex; you are partnering with Were Wolves, and dangerous to anyone.? This time Alex struck first a fist blowing wind next to Rain?s head, he was fast but not fast enough to see the blow come at his gut. He flew across the street, but flipped backwards and deftly landed on his feet. He rushed in jumping to the right before anything had happened and pushed his feet off a nearby wall thrusting himself toward Alex. The Katana swept nothing but air, while a large foot slammed him in the back of the head propelling him to the same building as Addy was lying at. He slowly stood up, preparing for another bout, then fell over as well.
Slowly out of the shadows of an ally, Shadow walked out purposefully.
?I don?t know why everyone wants you, and frankly I don?t care.? Shadow said menacingly. ?Now if you?ll be so kind as to come quietly, my orders are to bring you in for questioning, and I am not allowed to kill, but maybe an unfortunate accident my befall.?
?You?re not taking me any where.? Alex said coldly.
?Look, save us both a large deal of trouble and just come. I?ll make you a deal, from what I?ve heard you always take deals no matter whom. Personally, I don?t care what Killian wants with you, and I could care less about anything he has to do with. You come with me for questioning, and if anything happens, you?ll be outta there, no questions asked, I don?t mind going against Killian. There?s just something about you that is alluring? oh well, so what do you say??
Alex stared at him blankly, an all too trusting look. She scrutinized his being up and down. ?Anything goes wrong, and you?ll get me out of there? Just questions?? She questioned.
?Exactly, on my word.? He bowed a deep bow.
Thus another alliance was born between this, new breed, and a mercenary, who all but hated being tied down.
They started down the street, staring at nothing but the street that lay ahead of them.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Takamor'e , you might wanna delete your double post. :animesmil

?Oh, come on!? Dakota whispered out loud to himself , from his hideout as he overlooked the events between the vampires on the street corner. ?No one steals Captain Dakota Westwood?s kill? Oh well , time for some action he thought. The soldier vampire loaded 2 blue and 2 red cartridges into his combat shotgun. He affixed his gas mask and visor and made sure his harness was secure underneath his overcoat. Dakota had lost the ability to fly after a close quarters battle with 5 werewolves. Needless to say , he took a lot more out of them than they did him.

He watched them scuffle as another vampire emerged from the darkness , looking quite the professional. He laughed to himself ? Typical , one cant get the job done?. He quickly burnt all of the papers he had as well as photographs, Mr. Westwood liked to keep things tidy.

The professional and Alex started off down the street as Dakota watched his prey. He clicked the crossbow bolt into place and fastened the line to a small charge on the ceiling of his hide. Slowly , careful he clicked the trigger and fired the silent weapon across to the top of the building they were walking in front of it. Both vampires looked intently at the road but took no notice of the crossbow bolt or the figure in black whizzing across it. The small charge blew and the line swung down. The combat shotgun of Dakotas belched out its four cartridges one by one. The two flash bangs dazzled both of them and the two gas grenades put them both straight to the ground.

He hooked a harness around Hurst and tugged on the rope , which sent them both rapidly to the top of the building. He ran for what seems like miles over the rooftops until he reached his motorbike. He put Alex down on the ground next to it. The transponder on Dakotas belt bilked red, which meant he had intercepted a message. He had tapped a well known dignitary?s phone a few weeks earlier when Killian requested it. Now it seemed that this was finally paying off. Dakota put the receiver up to his ear and listened to the recorded conversation.
?How?s the schedule?? a deep voice asked belonging to a male.
Everything?s going to plan, diagnostics will begin this afternoon and it will be ready in 6 days as you requested.? Replied a female voice.
?6 days and there will no longer be a human race to contend with, very well. Inform me of any changes.?
?It will be done sir?
The conversation ended.
?6 days and there will no longer be a human race to contend with...? What the hell was that supposed to mean?

Dakota got Alex Hurst to a safe house and kept her handcuffed. She was worth too much to let go or to kill so he would just hold on to her until the time was right?
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Shadow, was coming out of the daze, as he saw Alex be dragged away in the net, Dakota driving his Motorcycle down the street. If he hadn?t been in such a daze he could have stopped Dakota in an instant; the most he could do at the moment was follow as best he could. He quickly jumped on top of the nearest building, running and jumping across buildings like a blur. He followed the motor cycle, through many twists, and curves, as if he knew shadow was following. He obviously knew nothing about Shadow, or would not have tried this.
Finally Dakota stopped at a broken down house, but looked like it had enough left standing to keep unwanted intruders out, just not Shadow. Shadow leapt down from the building, his vision, and his abilities were coming back to him. He jumped up on to the fire escape of the other house next to the house Alex was in and peered inside the boarded up window, where a crack resided.
Alex lay handcuffed around a pole, and the man Shadow knew nothing about sat in a chair just looking at her.
?What a creature. But hey, who woulda? guessed you were worth so much? Oh well, I have you and you?re not getting loose.? Alex has obviously been drugged, she was still out, even with her bumpy ride, she shoulda been up by now.
All of the sudden Dakota stood up and dashed over to the boarded up window peering out where Shadow Wolf had been, but all he saw were shadows, and an empty fire escape. ?I guess it was nothing?? He went back over and sat back down in his chair, still staring at Alex. Dakota had been tired before he started this he never got a chance to rest, now was not the time either, but he kept drifting in and out, keeping a conscious ring around him, waiting for anything.
Once again he closed his eyes, as he did, The floor beneath him smashed to bits, causing him to fall through, he landed right on his back, the wind knocked out of him. He saw, what seemed a creature of darkness towering over him, and then a swift punch in the gut sent him into dreams.
Shadow, unsheathed his Diamond blade, and swiped the binds of the hand-cuffs off Alex, tossed her over his shoulders, and started off yet again toward Killian?s office.
A few minutes later Dakota came to. He eyed what had used to be his unfaultable safe house. That guy won?t get away with this again! He swore to himself. He got up from the rubble, and walked out the door, and hopped on his motorcycle. And started following anything he could that could lead him to Alex, and that shadow spawn. At least I know what to expect next time.

Alex started regaining consciousness by now, and she looked around. All she saw was building top after building top. She stood up and felt of her sore wrists. Out of the darkness came Shadow.
?Feeling better? Anyhow I don?t care, are you ready to go on your own, or do I need to carry you??
She looked at him menacingly, ?I?m fine, let?s go.? She said angrily.
As, Shadow started to peer over the ledge of the building, a gun shot hit the corner of the building right where he was. Instinctively he jumped back.
?Stay here!? he said hoarsely, ?I got this one.?
He pulled out his Diamond Sword, and jumped down the building, stuck the blade in the side of the building to slow his descent, and stood face to face with Dakota.
?What the hell do you think you?re doing?? Shadow spat.
?I have orders, and I want money.?
?Well, I have requests too and I?m going to fulfill them.?
?We?ll see about that demon.?
He pulled out his gun and fired at Shadow. The bullet seemed to go right through him, then the after image disappeared. As soon as he saw that he dove forward, into a summersault, just when a slice of a shiny sword flew over his head. Again Dakota fired, but to Shadow it seemed like a life time for the bullet to reach him, he took his sword and swung it clean through the bullet, a small explosion occurring. He took advantage of the distraction and leaped to a bullet a pushed off flying toward Dakota, Dakota had moved, but he hadn?t noticed with the smoke. He saw where he was, but was out of blade range. The Diamond sword he held in his hand slowly melted and reformed into a powerful 50. cal pistol.
Just as he did this Dakota fired, so Shadow aimed at the bullet, and they both ricocheted off of one another and fired into nearby buildings. Just as this happened, they saw a winged Alex Hurst fly over their head toward safety, or away from them
?Shit!? they swore in unison.
When Dakota looked back down, Shadow was gone.[/COLOR]
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OOC: delete your double post dude. if u want anything Pm me k? :) Ive been buisy lately sorry havent posted sooner.

IC:[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Alex flew away from the battling two, she needed time to clear her head with all that had happened today and she knew the perfect place to do so.

Flying at a very high altitude so as not to be detected by any of the vampires monitoring equipment, Hurst gilded on the wind currents. It hurt to fly as her wing was injured in one of the many previous battles but it didn?t worry her too much.

Hurst gauged she would be upon the city so she made her decent downwards as an excruciatingly fast speed. Pulling up just before she hit one of the roof tops Hurst glided towards the centre of town. She saw the building she wanted in the distance. The commercial building that housed all the cities lawyers. It was the most gothic looking building in the whole city. What was good about it wasn?t the way it looked, it was who occupied it. Vampire lawyers weren?t many to stop and look out the window.

Reaching the building Hurst flew to the top and sat upon one of the metal gargoyles that stood proudly on the roof of the tall building. A few lashes of lightening cracked across the sky and it immediately started to downpour. Hurst sat on her haunches in the pouring rain atop of the massive building staring down at the city below.[/COLOR]
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