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I have begun reading a shojo manga series called "Nana" which stars two girls with the name, one a girl who falls in love with every boy she sees and is completely dumb, always needing help from her friend Junko. The first half of volume 1 tells her story of love and loss and how she struggles to remain "just friends" with a boy who secretly loves her. I haven't read all of the other Nana's story yet, but she is a hard rocker chick who parties with her band and has tons of loving fans. According to the back of the book they are to become best friends, but I haven't read that far :animeswea anyway, has anyone else heard of this? Apparently it was in Shojo Beat Magazine.
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Nana is pretty much the most popular manga in Japan right now. It's a tremendous sensation, and it's already spawned one highly successful live-action movie (with more to come, I believe) as well as an upcoming TV anime.

I couldn't really get into Nana, personally. Maybe its sheer popularity made it intimidating for me, or maybe my expectations were too high to start with. Either way, I'm waiting for the anime and hoping that it doesn't turn out like Paradise Kiss.

As far as I know, Nana is still running in Shojo Beat.

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