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  1. childofthemorgu

    Cradle of Filth!

    Iced Earth is better lol... OR maybe Mayhem or some old school Judas Priest. I am not a big metal head though. :animeswea
  2. childofthemorgu

    Horror Movies

    I love horror films but the lack of interesting ones are starting to bother me. I just seen Hostel (which was horrible gore movie) and the previews before the movies showed all horror movies. After watching them all I can say maybe 2 I would like. It just seems like horror genre is falling deep down into horrble horrble movies. I do like some modern horror flicks but not many. My favorites probably are May, The Devil's Rejects, The Excorcist, Hellraiser, Omen, Interview with the Vampire, Wicked City (anime), Vampire Hunter D (anime), Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (anime), House of Wax (Original), Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining (Orginal), Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and others.
  3. childofthemorgu

    Cradle of Filth!

    Worst band in existence and Dani Filth is a short bastard. No offense if you l ike them but they are the worst kind of metal you can listen too. A bunch of idiots. I would suggest listening to bands like Iced Earth and then we will be talking. :catgirl:
  4. childofthemorgu

    worst movies you have ever seen

    Another movie I hated or consider to be the biggest disappointment of my life was Hostel. I wanted to see sex and violence but all I have seen were cut off scenes of what was suppose to be a sex scene or a great violent gore scene. They showed some blood and gore and showed most boobs, butts and maybe one stupid sex act or well two if you count the drugged up druggies. Anyway I just thought it was lame and a waste of money if you ask me. I should have waited till I can see it on demand.
  5. childofthemorgu

    worst movies you have ever seen

    [quote name='Retribution][size=1]I, for the record, thought that the [b]Rocky Horror Picture Show[/b'] was the absolute biggest piece of trash ever to hit a screen. The lack of plot and all out absurdity gave me a big "WTF" look throughout the entire thing. Don't waste your time on this one.[/size][/quote] *falls over laughing* It was never meant to be "good" or have a "plott". You really missed the point of the movie and the concept of midnight movies. Anyway probably the worst movie I have seen has to be those stupid Sci-Fi monster movies. They were not that great and even if they were B type movies they just didn't succeed to be such. I just thought they were just plain awfull.
  6. Warning there is Nudity involved but nothing major. [img]http://tinypic.com/kbdels.png[/img] [img]http://tinypic.com/kbdh8n.png[/img] Rate and tell me your thoughts. [color=teal]I edited the title to make it more accurate and so as to get people you may have scared away. :) -Syk3[/color]
  7. childofthemorgu

    Interview with a Vampire

    [QUOTE=Shi no Tenshi]I disliked Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned - mainly because it just didn't feel like the idea of being a vampire was accurately portrayed (I'm biased towards Bram Stoker). Besides all that most of them did was whine, roll around howling in the night and try to be erotic in the controlled sexuality sort of way (and I don't mean sexual orientation). Apart from that the plot structure seemed weak and predictable - for that I don't really feel motivated enough to read the books. Give me Dracula any day.[/QUOTE] Considering Dracula was pretty much not what a real vampire is as well. lol... It is not even traditional concept of a vampire. Anne Rice's version is not either but to me has more of an interesting take of vampires. Stoker's concept was based on certian elements but not accurately portrayed. Anyway I loved Interview with the Vampire with a dying passion. I also enjoyed reading the books (i have majority of them). However my favorite character is not from Interview with the Vampire but appeared in Pandora and Blood and Gold. His name is Marius. He was so badly used in Queen of the Damned that i wanted to cry. I also adore Lydia (Pandora). I do favor Lestat recently. His deviant behavior is amusing sometimes.
  8. childofthemorgu

    Manga Nana

    I love Nana. I read in Shojo Beat which is huge in there. I like Shojo Beat a lot. ^^ Anyway Nana is one of my favorite Shojo Beat story.
  9. childofthemorgu

    Manga I LOVE CLAMP! ANYONE AGREE? (you know you do!)

    I adore clamp expecially Card Capture Sakura and Tokyo Babylon. I pretty much like all their stuff and even have a few manga and anime by Clamp. I also collect the art books.
  10. childofthemorgu


    [QUOTE=renayiiq]Trust me, I know it started only around 50 years ago or so with Gardner (I think that's his name...correct me if I'm wrong). I know some of the root beliefs are adopted from older paganistic views, but I don't claim for it to be an old religion. I'll admit, it's a pretty damn new religion. I don't go completely "by the book," exactly a carbon copy of the mold of what a Wiccan is exactly supposed to be, I believe in alot of my own personal things that I've always believed in... Honestly, I do believe in a sort of heaven/hell situation. I believe that souls reincarnate, but they've got to go someplace to do it. I think that the general good people, and even the not so good, but not so bad people, go to wherever they find most desirable, be it the big blue sky (that's where I want to be!) or Summerland or even a dream world. On the other hand, I think that really bad people, like murderers (who do it for pleasure or who had absolutely no right, i.e war or self-defense, defense of fam./friends, etc.), rapists, etc., go to a place of eternal darkness. You can't see anything but pure pitch blackness...You only have your worst and most painful memories shrouding you, and you only feel pain and hopelessness....you can't even really think. Your soul just simply exists. The main reason I believe this is because it's what I've always feared happening to me, and I've thought of it as the worst possible punishment (for me, at least). That's just my own belief, because of a fear that I've had ever since I can remember.[/QUOTE] Hmmm your knowledge is way lacking. If you have to guess that it is Gardner then you truly are lost. Luckly you are right. To be called a Wiccan or even Pagan you have to have some knowledge even if you disagree with it. If you are taking beliefs from every section of religion then don't call yourself a Wiccan or Pagan. That just confusses the matter. Personally I don't think anyone goes to a hell. I think humans are a new race in this galaxy and beyond. I think the violent part of are society is do to confussion and misunderstanding of the psychological impact of a human being. We as humans are weak and don't understand a lot of things. When we do we end up fixing the problem. Most seriel killers and rapist have a mental problem half the time they can't controll or they believe in something taboo and diffrent. I think once we die we do learn new things or maybe everything. I think we better ourselves when we die and get a second chance.
  11. childofthemorgu


    [quote name='Avenged666fold']Was that an attack on me? I was not judging her I was just sharing my oppinion just as she was sharing hers. Sure I try to convert my friends but only beacause I love them.[/quote] Actually I didn't even read your post lol... It is something I alway stand firmly when it comes to Christianity. I found it hard to believe that any Christian can say someone is going to hell and start judging based on that. Most of the Christians I know will either never bring up the subject or when the subject is brought up on religion of other people they find it more interesting and want to learn more. For it does say in the bible to be knowledgable about everything. :catgirl: If you believe that converting people is right then that is on you but I do not.
  12. childofthemorgu

    Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

    It is funny how people compare it to The Lord of the Rings because JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis were best friends. I always enjoyed the books and have a lot of information and other types of books talking about CS Lewis and his work. As for the movie I did enjoy it and felt it captured the book well. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is not my favorite but still was a good book and the movie was something I enjoyed. The only thing that bugs me is the music on the soundtrack. I like the instrumental stuff but it is the songs that bother me. They seem they lack the fantasy element that I always enjoyed with films like Labyrinth, Legend, The Lord of the Rings etc.... I guess it is a diffrent type of fantasy after all. The effects have holes but normally that is do to looking at the same scene over again in the editing and finishing touches. Trust me trying to find errors in CGI effects can be hell. Anyway I liked the CGI expecially with Aslan (being one of my favorite characters).
  13. childofthemorgu

    Racial Tensions & Lack of Coordination...

    I think it is getting a little stupid with the race card thing. It seems that race has so much to do with personality when it doesn't. It should not matter if you act a certian way whether you are white, black, asian, or whatever. Ussually who you are is based on your personal experience and who you hang with in your life. Just remember that. Anyway in this case I think it is the fact you lack in coordination. If you are on this team and everyone is way faster then you then in reality you are slowing them down. If there was more then one then I can see staying and maybe even getting help but there is only you (it seems like). I suggest just working on it everyday and if you don't get better then quite. It saves you from dealing with the girls on the team and saves you humilation in the end. Your coordination is do to your personally and not to your race. Yes sometimes it seems that but it is not true.
  14. childofthemorgu


    The thing is people who claim to be Pagan and Wiccan that bothers me. They don't understand it as well as they think. It is such a modern belief system based on older beliefs system that are still not understood today. Personally I did take interest but the lack of knowledge in many of the books and even the lack of understanding amoungst followers turned me away. As someone who believes much into varies religions expecially middle eastern cultures I most admitt that many so called Christian Zeolots can be cruel at heart and take their religion in places I doubt even God would like. Just ignore them because they really are taking the place of God by judging you. They should not even be judging you to begin with whether or not the bible claims that worshiping other gods before him is a sin and part of the ten commandments. True Christians would respect you for being you and hope to gain respect back. If you ever have problems just ignore them and walk away. They are only taken the place of God by judging you. I personally don't think you will go to hell. That is my personall belief. I feel if you are good hearted person and you help others as well as yourself you will probably most likely not even go to hell. To me the concept of hell is to scare people and I don't even believe in hell. Yes some religions do believe in a hell like place were your sould goes if you don't follow a perticular religion correctly or follow that religion but I don't really agree with that what so ever. I find that to be hard to believe that one religion is true out of thousands of religions out there. I feel there is truly more then one religion as being true. Anyway I hope you do well and please don't go around claiming Wicca as an old religion (for it isn't). Thanks.
  15. childofthemorgu

    Who Are You?

    This is probably a perfect place to introduce myself. :catgirl: Well anyway hello and if you are wondering about my name is is suppose to be childofthemorgue (with an e) but I regs. so fast I didn't realize the e went missing. :animecry: Anyway it doesn't matter because you will get what my username is (or so I hope :animeswea ). Anyway I am Nicole and I am 21 years old from New Jersey (I will be 22 in Feb.). Anyway I guess you can say I am a big anime fan and manga fan and also I love games! I am just one big freak when it comes to anything with animation and media arts. I did attend school for animation but failed horribly in that school. It just was not the greatist school. :animeangr ..... Buy Anyway I am back on track and starting fresh with game design and developement. I can't wait to begin and start a good career for myself. :animesmil Hmmm let me think of anything else to see. Well I guess I can go on about my home life but that is slightly boring (unless you want to hear a rant about how lazy my mom can be). :animesigh ..... Well I guess that is it. You can pm me for more information about myself. :catgirl: