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Writing Reminisce [general; everyone and anyone can see it]


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This beautiful place
Your beautiful face
I want to kiss your lips
And reminisce
Of things passed
And things to come
Will we grow old together?
I can't predict the weather
So hold me tight
As we sleep all night
Can I get a kiss?
Can we reminisce?
On what's happened
And what happens now
Is between you and I
Don't you make me cry
Not tonight in your arms
Comforting withough alarm
I long to see your pretty face
I long to leave this place
And when this dream is done
You're all gone
And I can't help but to cry
And to wonder why
Can't I be with you where you are?
I'll always love you, near or far
I just want some of this
To be real so I can reminisce
Think of your eyes
Hearing your sighs
In my head
Could you just be dead?
And a figment of my imagination
I long to taste the sweet sensation
Of your lips and of your kiss
Just so I can reminisce
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[FONT=Arial]Ooh, my very first comment on any poem ever. *_* Just cause I liked it, and I'm led to believe that you are expressing your feelings very deeply. I know what it's like to reminisce for hours, pretending you're holding on to something you love. ='( Good job, =D, keep on keep on![/FONT]
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Another excellent poem from you, renayiiq. This oone, though, I find awkward as some of the rhymes don't rhyme, and some lines aren't even close. I like the concept and suggest that you tweak it some more, as it is a very good poem that just doesn't reach the height of it's potential. I can't wait to see more from you.
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