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Sign Up Keepers of the Seventeen Seals [PG::LV]


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[size=1][color=darkslateblue][i]The young woman sifted through the shelf at the library, her fingers collecting dust from the ancient volumes. Their leatherbound covers and goldleaf accents had long been tossed aside by people more interested in modern, fast-paced novels.Her hand stopped suddenly on the second to last book in the row. The off-red color was still fresh and ripe, and yet, the smell of age had
overcome it. She took the book of the shelf.[/i][/color][/size]

[center][b][FONT=Book Antiqua][size=3]Keepers of the Seventeen

[size=1][color=darkslateblue]"My child, would you like to know of the story of the Keepers? Those who lived long ago in a valiant time, faced with uncertainty of the future and anxiety of the past? The ones that passed through two generations in time and may walk amongst you today?"

[i]She flipped the cover open, turning to the page labeled "I".[/i][/color][/size]


[size=1][color=darkslateblue]What is going on in this world right now has been gaining power ever since the time that The First Gods decided to leave us and go to Their realms, over 1300 years ago. Now you?re wondering, what did they leave behind, to give us at least some hope of salvation?. They entrusted parts of their power into 8 mortals who each held 2 and 1/8 Seals of Power that they instructed were supposed to help keep the peace. The 1/8th that they each got was part of the most powerful seal of all, and it was broken up between them so that it could
not be misused. Of course, these people wouldn?t ever think of using The One Seal in an improper way, as they were the brightest souls that The Gods could find. They were called The Keepers of The Seventeen Seals, or The Keepers for short. The seals were their key of power, and they guarded these along with their other tasks. These 8 were supposed to wander the world for the rest of time, using what blessings they were given to help people, fix things, and keep Shai?r out of the hearts of mankind.

Shai?r, better known as The Darkness, told about to every child when they were young. Every child knew that it existed, but every child also thought that it was secured away, in this universe but not really. As the story went, the Gods, when they left, also imprisoned Shai?r. Basically.

The Darkness was all the hate, sorrow, and negativity in the world, all put into one God-like thing . Words cannot even begin to explain what would happen if It got out of it?s prison. It is said that It gains power all the time, with every negative thought, with every sad thing that happens, and it is said that The Darkness can take over your soul if you aren?t careful about your thoughts. There were pictures that depicted The Darkness, and it?s prison-realm. They were ugly
black, hateful things that put fear in the hearts of those who gazed upon them. Fear though, also made someone vulnerable to The Darkness. So mostly people avoided thinking about it too much. The plus side of it was that with every positive happening, it also lost strength. The only problem is that there are a lot of pessimistic people out there?more than there are optimistic.

About 500 years after The Gods left, the 8 Keepers started to have difficulty keeping order. Despite their great power, power that practically matched The Gods? own, The Darkness had somehow gotten itself a handle hold on the hearts of many mortals. It had transformed them into evil creatures of the shadows. These creatures were strong, having grown on hate and greed and having been blessed with The Darkness?s powers. They were called Shai?r?luinra in the God?s Tongue, or translated to Common, The Souls of the Dark. Their goal was to first take out the 8 Keepers, and then steal the 17 Seals of Power. With those, Shai?r could finally
break free from it?s prison and take over the world.

The Keepers had no clue that these creatures had been made, and so it was almost too late when the first attack came. Two of the Keepers were injured fatally, and they died within minutes of each other. But, before they left, they spoke their last words, ?Unr?hasuin tai?uncos vlasmir?n sai?iay!? With those words, their souls passed into the Realms of Death, and the 4 and 1/4th Seals disappeared. The 6 others that were traveling in a different place then the two that were
killed, but they could feel the sudden absense of their presence, and their
last words were heard in each of the survivor?s ears.

Eventually, the remaining Keepers did defeat the Soulless, but at the cost of their lives. At least, those lives.

Now, the Keepers are back, reborn, renewed, come again, as the Darkness once more chases at the heels of the light, and the Soulless return. 8 Souls, out to find the seals that disappeared at their last death, knowing no more than that they were reborn from the original keepers, confused, but determined, here to fend for the light again.[/size]

[center] * * *[/center][/color]

[size=1][color=darkslategray]Welcome to Keepers of the Seventeen Seals, another joint project between myself and Katana.The RPG is told in a story-like format. Either me or Kat will decide when the next "chapter" starts, so keep an eye out. The girl reading the book doesn't have a name and there is nothing really special about her. By her reading, she's renewing this legend.

Okay, so?There are 8 Keepers. 3 spots are reserved already, by myself, Katana, and Takamor?e. The rest are up for grabs. The only rules are:

1.) Good grammar. It?s a must. Don?t sign up if you don?t have it.
2.) Decent sized posts. That means more than three sentences. At least a paragraph. Otherwise, it just goes down the drain.
3.) Of course, no godmoding. Duh. We?re Keepers here, not the First God?s themselves.
4.) Please keep it in good taste?(you can take that how you want)

Here?s what?s required to sign up:

[b]Name:[/b] Make it interesting. No Squall Whitelion?s, or generic Jenny or Mary?s!

[b]Age:[/b] Between the ages of 15-19 preferred


[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] Hey, sorry for all you gun fanatics out there, but we're allowing no firearms in this RP...it ruins the fantasy of it. I guess you M16 lovers'll have to find another thread

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] Something like a dagger. Be as creative as you want. (IE: The reed is actually a blow dart!)

[b]Powers:[/b] Each Seal generates a power, and only you have that power. You
have two, but some we might not allow. There?s supposed to be an equality between the Keepers.

[b]Background:[/b] The setting you come from. Are you royalty? Is your family farmers? Do any of these skills shape who you are?

[b]Bio:[/b] What were you doing before you realized you were reborn?what is your life like..blah blah.

[b]Appearance:[/b] An image or a written version. If you are writing, make it at least a little detailed.

[b]Personality:[/b] This doesn?t have to be long, but tell us how your character acts. Obnoxious, shy, friendly, loud, etc.

[b]Misc.:[/b] This is the extra stuff that wouldn?t fit anywhere else. Anything and everything is up for grabs.

And remember...have fun. Be creative.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Tarren Archxian

Age: 17 years old

Height: 6?1?

Weapon of Choice: His sword, stacked on his back, which has an ruby bottomed hilt, coming up into a medium-long sword blade with an etched out hollow point in the middle of the sword going the length of the sword, with red tracing around the empty spot. The sword splits apart into two swords, and comes together as one powerful sword. Depending on how he seperates the two swords, they can either com apart completely, or come a part with about a three foot pole connecting both of them with a little metal gripping point in the middle, so that he can swing his blades around in a wrath of fury, that is very hard to evade, he is very versitile with each way he tends to use his weapons makeing him that much harder to conquer.

Secondary Weapon: He has many shruikens hidden among his sleeves and such, forged to the perfection, of balance.

Powers: He can send Energy along the blades of his sword, and cause his blade to catch on fire, or be electrified with what seems lightning. He basically has a control over fire and lightning, to some extent. Also he can slow down time, and then at that point, move double the speed of everyone else, which helps him evade attacks, but this drains him more so than anything, unless he is angry.

Background: was born in farmland in the mountains, severed from seemingly all contact. Nine months after his birth, assassins burst into his house and killed his parents. Soon after, an old friend came to visit his friends, and found them dead. He knew the parents past of being some of the greatest Warriors, and took the child to the training grounds of the parents, which he was instructed to do in the case they were killed.
He spent his life training there, surpassing most of those around him, he became, arrogant, and opinionated, but not so that he wasn?t still charming. He soon inherited the sword he would have gotten from his parents when he was sixteen. After he graduated head of his class in the Elite-warrior training school, he left off on a quest to rid the world of wrong doers, like that of his parents? assassins.

Appearance: Semi-tall, short, grey spiky hair, and with grey eyes. He has a gentle look on his face, and he always wears his blue headband signifying his warrior graduation. He wears a red tunic, with dark green, pants, similar to the ones Aladdin wore, and has a black cloak. He wears brown boots, made so that he can be stealthy, and agile. Along both of his arms he has a gauntlet, each are black, with a red outline, on his right, contains a red circular jewl over top his hand, and the other has a yellow. He uses these as shields, and a stronger punch more times than not. Sometimes these can be all he needs to give him the upper hand.

Personality: He can sometimes be arrogant, and opinionated, but he always has a sense of righteousness, and tries to please those around him first and foremost, most of the time. Many times his temper gets the better of him, but that only makes him more skilled in everything he does, and only fuels his energy.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Well, here goes mine...I think it'll do well enough

Name: Ciara Ayame'Liluye (Ci or Cia for short)

Age: Just turned 17

Height: 5'2"

Weapon of Choice: Though she's not much of a weapons person, she has a preferance to the Glaive, A weapon resembling a staff, except ending with a two foot curved blade. The one she carries is pure black, with carvings dancing up and down the wooden part of it, and banded at the end and right below the blade with strong and shining metal. The weapon is fit for her height, and her hands, and the slanting writing on it, in the God's Tongue, is significant to her. She has a deadly proficiency with the weapon.

Second Weapon: A series of small daggers, well made, hidden around on her person, though unable to be seen. She can draw one out in an instant, and use it even better than the Glaive. Each of the daggers have a different symbol on them, ranging from the Elements, to the names of the God's she worships.


Seal of Shape: With this first seal, Ciara can tap into the ability to change her appearance and form. She can take on the form of an animal, though she is limited purely to those that are "un-magical", so no phoenix's or dragons for her. Too bad. She can also keep a few features of animals while still retaining her human form, like wings, longer teeth, or sharper eyes, though, this takes more energy thant he seal will provide her with, so she avoids it. The one thing that takes little or no energy is to change her outside appearance. She can easily change her height, which means that even if she appears to dissappear at times, she might really be standing next to your foot, small and unnoticed. Also, though she doesn't care much to do it, she can change her hair colour at a whim, and though she is content with her fiery green eyes, she can change that colour too. If Cia happens to draw too much energy to take a different form, it'll result in her being stuck in that form or size until she can regain the energy she over-used.

Seal of Heart: This seal enables Ciara to the power of Healing. She can take care of anything from paper-cuts to holes through the body, but she cannot cure death. After a certain point, her healing draws upon her own energies rather than those provided by the Seal, so there is a danger in over-drawing and the possibility of sending herself into a coma, or worse, dying.

Background: Ciara doesn't remember anything from before when she was about 5, when she was placed in an orphanage. She was never told anything about her real parents, and never questioned about them, since she remembered nothing anways. She was adopted into a prosperous family, who took care of her quite well, though she felt she never really fit in. She was required to take Lady's classes, which taught her all those proper little things like curtsies and how to hold your fork properly, and all those boring waltzes and dances that take place in a Ballroom. She left less than a year ago to figure out who she really was, feeling there was something more to her than just living her life where she was. A need to help others pulled her away from her home.

Appearance: Ci is lean for her height, but in shape, posessing an hourglass shape to her that many women strive for. Her hair falls just past her shoulders to just above her shoulderblades, and is a dark and shining brown in colour, highlighted naturally with reds, lighter browns, and a few streaks of blond. Her face is round, but mature, her eyes a sparkling emerald green, sparking with lavender. They tended to change between green with some lavender, and lavender with some green. She has full cherry red lips, and naturally rosy-tan skin. Her hands are small, and so are her feet, but all the more quick for it. Usually, she wears a calm expression, expressing her gentle nature, but when she's mad, her eyes seem to be green fire, and her glares are enough to cut through any who give her even the slightest reason to send one their way.
She usually wears something comfortable, which for her is a black haltertop like thing, and breeches that maybe fit a bit snugly. her shoes of choice are knee high soft leather lace-ups, and more often than not, she'll be seen wearing gloves, either with or without the finger on them.

Personality: Ciara has strong opinoins, but won't voice them if she thinks they'll hurt someone. She tries her best to help all, and will do for someone else before herself. It's just how she is. She's a bit touchy about her past, because she doesn't exactly understand why she can't remember before the age of five, and is quite closed to people sometimes. She is quite friendly to all, doesn't get annoyed very easily, and is slow to anger, though it does happen occasionally. She doesn't like to cry, because it makes her feel weak, and though she strives to help others, she doesn't like to accept any help or support herself.
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[COLOR=Teal] I finally posted Aiyanna lol, hope this is ok, let me know if I need to change anything like powers :)

Name: Reeve Barringer (female)

Age: 19

Height: 5" 8'

Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrows, Quiver. (Refer to appearance for picture of bow)

Secondary Weapon: Necklace: Reeves necklaces comes off and doubles as a whip with discs that are razor sharp. (Used in close quarter combat, see necklace in picture)

Powers: When Reeve gets her seals she has the power over nature (as she grew up in a forest). Nature Seal: She can use this power in conjunction with her arrows. For example she can make vines grow from the ground using her arrows or grow tress to trap and attack people.

Earth Seal: Secondly she has the power over the earth for example she can cause her arrows to turn into small boulders during flight to attack the enemy and she can cause ?earthquakes? (though they can cause a lot of damage providing her enemy doesn?t fly, the earth quakes are only 3-4 meters wide, anyone out side the radius isn?t affected).

Background: Reeve grew up in the mountain forests with her grandfather as her parents died when she was very young and had no other family members. He taught her how to be a master bowman like he was when he was young. Mastering the bow very quickly Reeve was taught how to better her skills further by working with different kinds of arrows and learning how to ?Trick shoot?, she leant to rebound her arrows off shiny surfaces in order to hit people around corners ect. Living in the forest she learnt to fine tune her hearing, she can hear the slightest rustling and can easily pick up on whispers.

When she turned 15 her Grandfather fell ill and died. Before he passed away he gave his master bow to Reeve as a family air-loom. When her grandfather died she decided to leave the mountain forests in search of something ?more?. Reeve got caught up in a group of ?bandits for hire? who went around the country side doing jobs for money, like acting as bodyguards and helping in battles.

Reeve?s life can be very hectic at times; everything seams to be going at full pace all the time and she rarely gets a break or time to her self to chill out and relax. Her grandfather taught her to listen to the wilderness, trees and plants and she can hear what they are saying.

Appearance: Reeve ([URL= http://www.rpgland.com/wallpapers/guildwars/gw52.jpg] link[/URL])

Personality: Reeve is very friendly, kind and a happy outgoing person. She tries to not let anything get her down in the dumps and is always looking for the good in people. She?s never nasty or cruel. She can get angry at times when people annoy her or get on her nerves. She does her best to help everyone and is the first to intervene when theirs a fight on. Reeve never backs away from a battle and will stick to It until the very end. She would do anything for her friends. Reeve never cries or gets ?up set? in a girly sense, she?s rather a tomboy having no female presence while growing up her grandfather taught her to be ?tough? and to always stand proud.

Misc.: Reeve carries with her a small wooden Pan flute ([URL= http://new.earthshakingmusic.com/pics/ZANKA.jpg] link[/URL]) she plays this whenever these is a lull in battle or whenever she gets the chance too. The music helps her to think and calm her down her companions like to listen to her play as it cheers them up.[/COLOR]

EDIT: I gave my seas names seeing as mostly eveyone else did :P ok so there not that crash hot names lol i might change them in the rp if i ca think of anything.
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[COLOR=#7B075B][FONT=Garamond][b]Name:[/b] Alena Eredluin

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Height:[/b] 5?8?

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] Lances are her specialty and she is particularly fond of the double-bladed type made in Arlis. Never meant to be wielded by weedy warriors, this oversized swallow has a length of 8-and-a-half feet and the blades at each end reach up to Alena?s hips. As it is a tad too bulky to lug around, it can be taken apart at the middle and slung over a shoulder by a chain that couples the two pieces together. A truly versatile weapon, it can be brandished it in its collapsed form as a pair of linked swords.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] To wield something as heavy as her primary weapon, one must have able arms and a strong grip. Alena is blessed with both so she can easily hold her ground in a bare-fist battle.

[center][u]The War God?s Seal[/u][/center][/b]
Made out of an iridescent red material on which a four-point star is etched, its rather simple design belies the great power locked within. Releasing the first seal gives the user a boost in agility which enables heavy-blade users like Alena to move in step with nimble archers without sacrificing strength. An even greater form of release grants the user insatiable bloodlust and unmatched battle prowess at the cost of her own sanity. Until all her adversary?s souls are released from their corporeal vessels, the wielder shall continue to draw blood regardless of whatever harm befalls on her.

[b]Background/Bio:[/b] The blood of Eredluin courses through the veins of the kingdom?s finest soldiers, men bound to an oath to serve and protect their motherland with the best of their skills and to the fullest of their capabilities. But every few generations, an aberration is bound to occur in this impressive lineage. Someone with no regard for family traditions. Someone who doesn?t make good use of talents accorded to her to uphold the Eredluin precepts of loyalty and duty to the clan. Someone like Alena.

From an early age, it was clear that Alena and her twin brother Aluze were especially talented children. They learned fast and trained hard and were fiercely competitive with each other. Though Alena was obviously a better swordsman than her sickly brother, she?d bow down to Aluze where academics and ruminations are concerned. The girl was the more impulsive, dynamic half of the brother who?d watch her get into trouble and pull her out of it. It was a chaotic arrangement but their mutual admiration held everything in place.

But in a family that values warriors more than intellectuals, it is always the strongest member of a generation who was chosen as clan head. This place of honor had been kept for Alena for her to take once she came of age. Believing that her brother would be a more fitting leader, Alena bid him farewell and left the Eredluin household on the eve of their sixteenth birthday.

She has worked as a messenger since then and checks on her brother furtively whenever her job brings her to their hometown.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/top1208.jpg]Alena[/url] (image courtesy of the talented Falcoon)

[b]Personality:[/b] Alena shows great interest and enthusiasm in everything unfamiliar, especially when presented with the prospect of an adventure. She is always looking forward to the next good challenge and faces adversity with the cockiness of a swaggering drunkard. Even so, she knows her limits and can quickly evaluate others? thresholds as well.

[b]Miscellaneous:[/b] Alena?s job as a messenger required her to secure a horse. Acquire she did; she won a snow-white steed in a friendly exchange of blows with a cavalryman. Though messengers favor dark horses as they are nigh invisible under the cover of shade, the fair Asfaloth was especially swift and light of hoof and could last leagues of hard riding before showing signs of fatigue.

Aside from sparring, Alena also has a fondness for sweet liquor and always has a small flask of Rasen wine lashed to her belt.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Okay, so far the signups seem really good! Thanks to those who have volunteered already.

There's just one problem. So far, this Rp has attracted in interest of female characters. Well, we know there are already 4 girls (with Katana's reserved character) but only 1 guy. As of right now, we need guys to start signing up...

No offense to any girls who wanted to sign up, but there's supposed to be an equality between the keepers, which also includes numbers of each gender. ::shrugs:: If no guys end up signing up, I'll allow girls to continue again, but for now, CALLING ALL GUYS!
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Lemme say, holy friggin monkeys! Wow, there sure was alot of effort put into this RP, and I must say that I'm impressed. So, without further ado, here's my Sign-Up.

[CENTER]= = = = =[/CENTER]

[B]Name:[/B] Marrick Reid (male)

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Height:[/B] 5'9"

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Tiger Fangs - Basically, this weapon is a gauntlet, worn on the left hand (yes, he's a lefty), with two foot-and-a-half long, curved blades on it. The gauntlet is deep red, while the two blades are a strong, shiny silver metal. He uses the gauntlet part to shield himself when needed.

[B]Secondary Weapon:[/B] Sais - Two of them, to be precise. Each one has three blades, the middle being longer than the outer two. The one he keeps on his right hip is black, and is called Soul. The other one, kept on his left shin, is the white Spirit.


[COLOR=DarkGreen][B]Seal of Current[/B][/COLOR] - a green Seal with two horizontal wave-like lines: This first Seal allowes Marrick to manipulate the wind in all it's many different aspects. He can create anything from a very light breeze to a full-fledged hurricane, or he can simply stop any wind from blowing and even vacate a space of air. He cannot, however, controll the temperature of the air around him. Also, his agility and speed is increased due to this Seal.

[COLOR=Purple][B]Seal of Irrelavance[/B][/COLOR] - a purple Seal with a Crecent Moon: Marrick's second Seal gives him the power of irrelavance. This power manifests itself in many forms and gives Marrick a major stealth boost. Basically, the power of irrelavance is almost like invisibility or camouflage, meaning that Marrick can travel around, or infiltrate, any area and not be seen if he chooses. Also, any object touched by him when "invisible" also "dissapears," so this power can be as devastating, or humorous, as it is usefull. As well as "invisibility," Marrick is almost silent however he travels.

[B]Background/Bio:[/B] Marrick grew up in a lower-class family in the slums of Tarmi, a small-average sized city. His family, being lower-class, were [I]extreamly[/I] poor, and bairly had enough food for his small family of three: his mom, his dad, and himself. He was your average kid, really, up until his father was arrested for stealing food, which he admitted to. Although his father had good reasons and a solid defence, he was killed nontheless.

Seeing as neither had a job, or anyway to get one, Marrick and his mother had to move out of their house and sell it to get money for food. His mother eventually found a job, but she was so weak from starvation and malnutrition that she passed bairly a week after being hired. Marrick was 18 at the time of his mother's death.

Marrick was overcome with greif, but he sticked it out, believing that everything happened for a reason. After realizing that he had no food, no money, and no place to stay, he had no choice but to begin his life as a theif. And, by the gods, was he ever good at it, having almost a natural flare. He has never been caught.

This was his life...[I]was[/I].

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://pantransit.reptiles.org/images/2001-11-25/illu17.png][B]Merrick[/B][/URL], just add a couple years and longer hair - same clothes, though. His body is relatively average, considering his circumstances. His eyes, both Jade green with a golden crown circling the pupile, shine with wisdom and depth. His hair, just past his shoulders, is a shining silver, following sute his mother's. He has a scar above his right eye, splitting his eyebrow in half, and another on his left arm. On his upper back, covered by his hair, is a tattoo in the shape of two horizontal wavy lines underneath a cresant moon...

[B]Personality:[/B] Marrick is known as a quite, shy, "stong, silent type," self-preservant, stand-offish person, but once one gets to know him, they realize there's more underneath his skin than the "tough-boy" exterior. Surprisingly, he has a very well developed sense of humor. When he talks, he's harsh, but it's always for the bettering of others...usually.

[B]Misc:[/B] Marrick is a lefty! Ahem...Marrick is quite the trickster...he likes to use his powers as much for his amusement as he does for all their "real" uses. Also, he has a pet falcon, named Jade, who accompanies him everywhere...guess she could be considered a "secondary weapon," but she's not a fighter, she's a scout-er...lol. His favorite foods are apples, bread, nuts, and gin, when he finds it, but basically he'll eat whatever he can get his hands on. "His" color is green.

So, I'll edit my post later, kk? Anything that's on here now that needs to be changed, PM me and I'll change it when I edit the rest.


Okay, I'm done...meh, not the best sign-up I've done, but it'll do, methinks. Also, I added some other things into my Powers. Oh, and Aiyanna, I've added names to Marrick's Seals...any beefs, PM me.


Also, I've added some descriptions to his appearance, as it was a little vague.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kain Crushak (male)

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Height:[/B] 5?11?

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] A broad sword that has the pommel with a demons skull crafted into the metal, a spike coming from the skull serves as the handle, and the blade it?s self looks dull in color and looks as if it has been used for several centuries but the edges of the blade retain the look of a new sword..

[B]Secondary Weapon:[/B] Two daggers, both identical in shape, size and blade length. Other wise the blades looks different. The first dagger is name Nim, and is curved wickedly to give off a menacing appearance. The second is named Caznim, it does not curve but has serrated edges all the way until about an inch from the tip of the blade, where it remains clean of the serrated edge.
Powers: [/B]Kain?s first power is to sense when someone is afraid, or has even the slightest amount of fear resonating from their being. Even the most hardened of warriors experience even the smallest amount of fear. If it is there he can find it. His second power is the ability to impose that fear; forcing the being through their most horrifying fears and nightmares. If he can get his hand near your face he can make your fears become reality.

[B]Background/Bio:[/B] Kain came from a long line of, let?s say, ?Debt collectors.? His father and mother were in the business for several years. Teaching Kain along the way, showing him the ways of proper intimidation methods. Kain did not like this life but it was the only one he knew, so he continued on this path.

And after while it started to wear on his mind, making him seem a little insane and ready to snap at any moment. This is where is level of sadistic ness and insanity first reared its ugly head and became a part of him. Giving him a little bit of a split personality disorder. It only appeared when he was either working, or in a very tight spot. It still follows him to this day, lurking in his sub conscious mind.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Kain has a normal build looking like an average Joe in size; he has long black spiked hair that comes to mid-back with red tips on the end of his hair. He wears a black cloak. He also wears black hard toed boots with a small spike stud on each heel; he has black pants with Chinese dragons stitched in with red or silver thread and a black shirt with a demon skull. He has dark green eyes with a face that looks just right for age with a few scars here and there.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kain likes to have fun and explore new things, not letting fear take control of his life. But he is also sometimes a bit annoying and can seem a bit weird when he speaks or acts. When he gets to work being a seal keeper, his personality turns to sadistic and insane. Caring very little for anything since fear is his business and fear clouds all judgment.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Okay! Besides Katana, there is only one spot open, for one last guy to enter! Who will win this last spot? Who knows! Dum dum dum! Anyways, once the last post is up, I'll be going to post this in the Arena.

Oh, by the way, the seals themselves, when we get to them, are palm sized circular disks, made out a hard un-known and unbreakable material. They can vary in colour, so do what you want with them...They can have etchings on them or designs if you want ::shrugs:: It's up to you.
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Ahh, finally, I post. Lemme just say that wow, I am really impressed by the posting quality we?ve got here. Thanks a lot guys!
And if it wasn?t for me, there wouldn?t be this great story. Aiyanna belittles her writing too much. ^^ *killed*

[b]Name:[/b] Cadeillina Nitara (AKA, Cade)

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Height:[/b] 5'4"

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] [url=http://img454.imageshack.us/img454/176/kotssword1kq.jpg]This[/url] puppy right here. The gold-metal wrapped around it is more of a status symbol than anything else.

[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] [url=http://japanimation.com/j-store/shop.cgi?page=/goeast/swcyc.html&cart_id=402564.2076]Tri-blade [/url] knife. Everything explained in the link. ^^;;

[b]Seal of Mercury:[/b] Her first seal generates the element of water and, with practice, can be changed into various forms. The water created acts just like the real thing, except for the fact that it can flow out of the water. This Seal also slightly increases her speed and depth underwater.

[b]The Rush Seal:[/b] For a brief moment, Cade can focus her excess energy to a particular spot on her body, whether it be her legs, her fists, or even her ears. These hone the area?s skills to the straining maximum, which enable her to do things like jump twenty feet in the air, break a man?s skull with one punch, and hear things from long distances away. But it lasts for mere seconds and, if used excessively, leads to troubles and even failures of her heart and lungs.

[b]Background:[/b] Her family, although fairly affluent, aren?t quite as rich as the public believes. Cade?s father works in the King?s Court as a doctor, so she?s learned some basic things along the way.

[b]Bio:[/b] Cade grew up in distance to her family. She had a yearning for adventure and danger, much like the stories of old she had heard as a child. Her great-grandfather had been a knight, but ever since the war finished, the country had lived in peace, and many took up the mundane, ordinary jobs.
That was when the Shai?r were weak. In the time that Cade grew up in, the need for chivalry was back.

Exploring the lower levels of her family?s estate one day, Cade accidentally stumbled upon the ?history cellar?, which held documents, weapons, jewels, pottery, relics, and suits of armor. Throughout the years, she taught herself how to use the weapons, going off in her free time to observe the practices of the fencing clubs.

As a woman, Cade had to take lady?s classes, though they were never her style. She hated the things that women were supposed to love ? meaning make-up, dresses, and attempting to get an hourglass shape. Cade, being the stubborn person that she was, ended up wearing breeches and tunics instead of skirts and blouses. The instructor, furious at the young girl?s impudence, ended up screaming, ?Why don?t you just go off and be knight, why don?t you?!? And of course, Cade shouted back, ?It?s better than choking myself with a bodice, you old hag!?
?Although, the final straw was when Cade got her ?gorgeous thick hair? cut to her earlobes. From then on out, Lady?s classes became hell itself.

At age fifteen, Cade finally ditched home, taking with her the tri-blade knife and the sword (known as the Gold Rune). Left behind was a note that simply read, ?Be happy. I?m gone. Be proud. I?m a Keeper of the Seventeen Seals.?

[b]Appearance:[/b] Her hair ? wild, jagged, and earlobe length ? is a brownish-gold, naturally streaked in a dark brown-black. She has a smooth, polished facial structure, with eyes that are blue and brown (the right, then the left, respectively). Cade?s clothes, baggy and layered, strongly resemble [url=http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/6416/kotssdesign5xv.jpg]these[/url]. She wears khaki pants and brown leather hiking boots.

[b]Personality:[/b] Stubborn, strong, sometimes rude, easy-going, tomboy. She doesn?t give up easily, but likes having fun.

[b]Misc.:[/b] Cade likes to draw and write on pretty much any surface. Whether rock, sand, dirt, bark, or parchment, just give her the tools and she?ll scribble away. She also likes coffee, tea, bread, rice, and oranges.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ah yes it is a male you need? *takes a moment to check. just to be sure* Yep I sure am a male alright. Looks like an interesting idea however... Don't ask why I am obsessed with ice.. I just am leave it as that.

[B]Name:[/B] Zihark Zunova (male)

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Weapons:[/B] Zihark's main weapon is a rather large [URL=http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/9897/scythe17ow.png]Scythe[/URL]. His scythe however is almost completely jet black in color while having a blade that is nothing more than gray.

[B]Secondary Weapon:[/B] When Zihark's Scythe is of no use to him he then realizes on twin daggers which are [URL=http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/7996/hookfolder21jj.jpg]here[/URL] and [URL=http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/8830/linefolder22ml.jpg]here[/URL]


[B]Seal of permafrost: [/B]With this seal Zihark is able to creat and manupliate ice into and shap or form he wishes. Making anything from tiny needles to 2 feet thick ice walls. Another intresting things that he can do with this seal is to manupliate the essance of cold itself. Letting anything around him chill if he had wanted it to.

[B]Seal of Paroxysm:[/B] With this seal Zihark is able to concentrate a large amount of energy into a ball in his hand, or transfer a great amount of energy into the blade of his weapons. anything that he was to make physical contact with anything while he had the energy concentrated , it would explode. The more energy he puts in the larger the explosion would be. A downfall to this is that he uses his spiritual energy to make this happen and if he was to use it to many times in succession he would end up dead.

[B]Background:[/B] When Zihark was born he lived his life in poverty, later on after his birthparent's death, he would be adopted by his current mother who had strong ties with the royal family of his country. Once Zihark had learned of his poor roots, he seat out to wonder the land and learn more about the world all together.

[B]Bio[/B]: Zihark himself didnt really come from a formal "house" as some would call it. His origional parents were nomads of sort, moving with the season and doing what would best benifit the people as a whole not just an individual. When Zihark however reached the age of five his parents had left him in a foster home in a town to never hear from them again. He would go on later to find out that they were killed in a battle against another opposing nomadic tribe.

For the next couple of years Zihark was alone in this world. Always waiting for his parents would come back and pick him up. He would at times go and wait for them just on the top of the hill where he had last saw them. He would run out at the start of the day waiting, looking over to see any sign of his parents. After the first three years he had finally given up, realising for the first time in his life that he was totally alone in this world.

Once he was ten he was finally adopted into a family. He didnt care much for them though. After watching his first parents leave him like that, he just wanted to die himself. He was dead on the inside afterall. Yet these people wern't like his birthparents. They had lived a more luxorious life. He had many things and the ability to do things that for the most time. Why hadent he found this kind of life before! That was the only kind of though that ran through his mind now.

Yet the times began to grow on him. He began to felt to restricted in these walls he lived in. It could have been his nature from his first life so to speak. He just felt like traveling outside from more than one place. In preperation he had trained himself in some basic self defence and survival training to protect himself against others who were to harm him. He gave many thanks to his birthparents and set off on the wonderful journey that awaited him in the lands beyond.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/7823/darker7hj.jpg]This[/URL] is what Zihark looks like although at times he is wearing glasses only when he is radon a book which he tends to do a lot.

[B]Personality:[/B] At times Zihark tends to think he knows it all and will fight to the last breaths of an argument. He tends to want to make strong relationships with people and therefore is usually very friendly towards others. If there ever was an awkward silence in a group then Zihark would be the person to break the silence.

[B]Misc:[/B] Although he tends to try and stop one of his bad habits. Whenever Zihark is not doing something that is more important. He will be reading some kind of a book. He thinks of books a portals to another world altogether and loves to read just about anything as long as it is a book.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Excellent, most excellent.

I am quite satisfied with the amount of thought and quality put into these sign-ups. I hope that the RPG proceeds like this.

Keepers of the Seventeen Seals should appear in the Arena tomorrow, either in the afternoon or evening.

Raya, Ikillion, once your bios are finished, you may join in as well.

Random Fact: "Keepers" is based off of a never-finished story by Aiyanna. The RPG was originally "Keepers of the Thirteen Seals", like the story, but we figured more characters would be needed (since there are six in the original).

Hehe. ^_^ The journey begins soon![/color][/size]
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