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Writing White & DW: Uncut, Unedited, Unnecessary! [M-LV]


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[SIZE=1]Welcome, one and all, to the thread filled entirely with past conversations between DW and myself, White. All conversations take place on AIM and are then saved to be posted here. Let's get this show on the road![/SIZE][/COLOR]

[CENTER][b][size=4]"Baby in the Morning"[/b][/size][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1][B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] eat your baby [img]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/3489/mad3du.png[/img]

[B]White:[/B] *eats slowly*

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] eat it [img]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/3489/mad3du.png[/img]

[B]White:[/B] Yessir

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] and the legs >: (

[B]White:[/B] *chomp chomp*

[B]White:[/B] *crunch*

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] hey HEY! don't you feed that limb to the dog.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] I saw that, mister.

[B]White:[/B] >.>


[B]White:[/B] >.>

[B]White:[/B] He tried to take it from me

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] THE FUDGE HE DID!

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] One more stunt like that and no baby soup for dessert

[B]White:[/B] SORRY SIR

[B]White:[/B] *eats quietly*

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] Fuck right.

[B]White:[/B] *throws a limb and runs*


[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] ;_;

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] Umm...

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B]... well..

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] ... fuck.

[B]White:[/B] That's right.

[B]White:[/B] Now, eat your baby.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] No [img]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/3489/mad3du.png[/img]

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] I had a baby sammich earlier. I'm full

[B]White:[/B] *pulls off belt* Don't get mouthy with me, boy.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] But... I also washed it down with a baby shake. It tasted yummy so I had two!

[B]White:[/B] So that's where my baby shake went!

[B]White:[/B] You dirty rat!

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] You even had baby sprinkles. I needed to get my baby on.

[B]White:[/B] Oh, DW. How could I ever stay made at you, Gary?

[B]White:[/B] Err...

[B]White:[/B] Oops.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] How'd you know my real name is Gary even if it's not? :D

[B]White:[/B] I sware, we have to write down our conversations and post them. People would really get a kick out of 'em.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] *swear

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] learn how to spell [img]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/3489/mad3du.png[/img]

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] you must be stupid

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] you stupid fucking stupid

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] fuck!

[B]White:[/B] I wasn't sure if I would use swear or sware..

[B]White:[/B] Okay, if I have your permission, could I make a thread full of parts of our conversations?

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] I don't care.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] But you are a stupid anyways

[B]White:[/B] The correct way would be 'But you are stupid anyways', dumbbutt.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] I shit in your cereal, so joke's on you [img]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/3489/mad3du.png[/img]

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] wait, you had waffles this morning...

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] ... I had cereal


[B]White:[/B] But.. but.. I replaced your syrup with my piss.


[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] We're a couple of... of... crazy guys, ye know? We've got some crazy things.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] Yeah.

[B]White:[/B] Indeed.

[B]White:[/B] What should the thread title be?

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] I Swear, It Was DW Who Touched Your Sister

[B]White:[/B] O_O;

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] he did.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] it wa shot.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] *was hot.

[B]White:[/B] It wa shot? What are you a monkey?

[B]White:[/B] Don't answer that.

[B]White:[/B] I know the answer, banana-face.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] Naner-face to you, whore [img]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/3489/mad3du.png[/img]

[B]White:[/B] ; ;

[B]White:[/B] I'm not a whore! Q_Q

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] slut :<

[B]White:[/B] Fair enough.

[B]White:[/B] I [I]did[/I] sleep with your sister.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] but you're my brother o.O


[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] *walks into the restaurant and sees you at the table* Hey, White :3 *sits down*

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] How's the food here?

[B]White:[/B] Baby-like.

[B]White:[/B] I have to go, though.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] you would, you puss

[B]White:[/B] I admit it.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] grawr

[B]White:[/B] But, anyways. I'll see you later.

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] cheers, whore

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] I mean... whire

[B]Dragon Warrior:[/B] I mean... white[/SIZE]

[CENTER][color=#333333]Comments, please.[/color][/CENTER]
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[size=1]Well...that was random. Disgusting, smugly entertaining, and [b]non[/b]-sexy.

I am disappointed. :animeangr Nah, I'm only half-teasing. It was funny, and disgusting. But, I shouldn't expect less from you two ;p[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]You have almost no idea how misleading the thread title to this made me feel.. Yet I gave up on that much.

However about your baby discussion I have a question.. If peanut oil comes from penuts and olive oil comes from olives...where exactly does baby oil come from? o.O[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Yeah, this is pretty entertaining, I suppose. I?ll start with the good. You two seem to have very similar, fucked-up, personalities. And the quirky humor/mutual deprecation is always fun to read. However, I don?t know why I was expecting some sort of [i]substance[/i] (maybe because I read OB:EtN and Dusty DW regularly?) and some of the humor really? isn?t anything new (?I replaced your syrup with piss??... piss humor? [i]come on[/i]). So I tried picturing you two on stage running this as a comedy routine? and it loses the novelty fast. Which reminds me of some constructive crit. by DW; he suggested to another post?ee on OB to ?expand? the humor to be more accessible. Until then, keep mixing the crazy until you stumble on genius.
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