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The Myth of Creation

[I] In the beginning, there was only "darkness."
Living in its dark chasm it finally shed a "tear" out of lonliness.
From that "tear," the brothers Sword and Shield were born.
Sword claimed it could slice through everything
Shield claimed it could defend against any attack
The brothers began a legendary battle.
At the end, Sword pierced Shield and Shield shattered sword
Sword became the sky, Shield became the earth, and the sparks from the battle became the stars.
As for the 27 jewels adorning the brothers, they fell to the ground and became the True Runes--The runes that all other runes were born from.[/I]

All True Runes represent a certain power, and bring both benefits and curses to its bearer, such as immortality, which could be a great benefit and a great curse. Furthermore, a True Rune's sentience, or ego, could often overwhelm novice bearers who do not know how to dominate True Runes. This often results in the reversal of the "master-servant" relationship, reducing a True Rune's bearer into a mere vessel that the True Rune controls to achieve its own purposes. [/INDENT]

Recently the holy nation of Harmonia have been taking quite an interest in the 27 true runes, even moreso than usual. The constant wars over the true runes may be a minor annoyance to their expansive military but the High Bishop is tired of the constant losses and has devised a fool-proof plan to get all the rest of the 27 Runes. In an attempt to draw the Rune Bearers to Harmonia, the High Priest stages a ritual where he threatens to destroy their collected runes to destroy everything.

Now, People everywhere are realizing what this oculd do an gather to stop the ritual and the destruction of runes. And for the first time, Many True Rune bearers have come together to prevent Harmonia from causing destruction.

Avaliable True Runes- Read the attached file.

Those are the true runes that I am going to be including on the side of the good guys. More True Runes will be featured on the side of the villians. Normal runes will also be avaliable and to see them then click [URL=http://www.suikosource.com/games/gs2/guides/runes.php]here[/URL]

Character Creation

Name: (Simple, keep serious with it)
Age: (Ditto. However, Bearers of the True Rune will be older than they look )
Gender: (Male or Female)
Human- Your basic humans. Nothing spectaculary notable about them, just run-of-the-mill humans.

Kobold- There are two different versions of a Kobold. One is of a Bipedal Dog which is a normal Kobold while the other is the Nay Kobold which is a Bipedal Cat which is usually only found in the Island Nations.

Dwarf- A race of inventors and warriors. Very aggresive and short of stature, they will often deny help to non-dwarves out of their arrogance.

Lizardman- Another race of warriors; Skilled as Blacksmiths and soldiers. Their average height is over 7 feet. Their scales will usually be Brown or Green.

Weapon: (What ype of weapon your character uses. Keep in mind that it can be made better through the story)

Weapon Name: (Just the name your character gives the weapon. Entirely optional.)

Magic: (If your character uses a Rune then what is it. Also state if the rune is a true rune or not)

Appearence: (Picture or Detailed description)

Bio: (Just how your character came to enter the conflict. Also include how the character gained the True Rune if he bears one)

Extra Info: (Just anything else you think should be added)
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The character I'm RPing is one that I've always wanted to use in an RPG. I originally wanted to use the Night Rune, but Selenthe here needs a rune that fits her personality better...
[color=indigo][u]Name:[/u] Selenthe
[u]Age:[/u] 32
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Race:[/u] Nay Kobold
[u]Weapon:[/u] A javelin--but it can retract into compact size and aids in magic
[u]Weapon Name:[/u] Kataforte
[u]Magic:[/u] Selenthe wields the Darkness Rune. This affords her several dark powers--she can create a field of darkness (similar to an eclipse), drain energy from a victim (or their soul in some cases), and cast "shadow spells" that act much like curses. For the last bit, Kataforte is often used. However, this rune is not one of the True Runes.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Selenthe stands about a meter-and-a-half tall. Her fur is mostly black but is white on the bottom part of her face, her tummy, and the end of her foxlike tail. That fur is fairly soft and long, especially on the back of her head so that it almost looks like hair. Her paws and nose are black as well, but her eyes are a dark blue. To protect herself from the sun, she wears a a ragged black dress that completely covers her feet and paws, plus a black hat that has triangular protrusions to cover her ears.
[u]Bio:[/u] Selenthe used to possess both the Darkness and Night runes (she discovered the Night Rune abandoned in a dark ocean trench and seemed worthy of it), and she wielded the same dark powers as she does here now. Her daughter Amandina was her apprentice for a few years, and when she was old enough she was entitled to one of Selenthe's runes. The Night Rune suit her best. However, a few days after Amandina got the rune, she disappeared to go investigate the rituals in Harmonia. However, on her way there, her rune was stolen and taken somewhere else. Selenthe heard of this, but she never saw Amandina again. Figuring she was still in Harmonia, and curious about the rituals, she planned to head to Harmonia as well.
[u]Extra Info:[/u] Selenthe can breathe underwater due to a combination of fish characteristics and a certain type of magic, but she's allergic to sunlight due to a combination of vampire characteristics and a curse cast upon her by an angel.[/color]

I hope the Night Rune mentioned in the bio is OK... But someone else can still take the Night Rune because neither Selenthe nor Amandina have it now.
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[I]Yeah, the Night Rune bit actually makes sense because any of the wielders are always pestered by the Zodiac Sword and Viktor left the sword inside of a Cave because he found it really annoying then somewhere between Suikodens 2 and 3 gave the sword to Edge. I think it is safe to say that Edge migh thave disposed of it also.[/I]

My character

[U]Name:[/U] Lei Yanamoto
[U]Age:[/U] 22
[U]Gender:[/U] Male
[U]Race:[/U] Human
[U]Weapon:[/U]Naginata (For those who don't know what one is then click [URL=http://www.dragonscavern.com/shop/files/spears/d_82.jpg]here[/URL] )
[U]Weapon Name:[/U] Yanma Spear
Magic: Lei bears the Soul Eater until the day he dies yet the rune itself is incredibly powerful. It gives him the ability to use Magical attacks to consume the souls of his enemies yet he rarely uses it out of fear that it would consume him.

Appearance: [URL=http://www.ecruelty.com/mastercko/gallery/new_gallery/images/drawings/flaming-halberd.jpg]Lei[/URL]

Bio: Lei was born in Radat in the City State of Jowston and was the grandson of two heroes of the War inbetween Jowston and Highland as well as his mother serving in the Grasslands Conflict. He lived a carefree life while being tutored on how to use the naginata by his mother and eventually started working in the Radat Inn.

Late one night a young man who was carrying a staff appeared and was dreadfully sick. While he rested in the bed, the man told Lei that he was Tir Mc'Dhol who was once leader of the Toran Liberation Army. The man proved this by removing his right glove and showed the 'Souleater'. Lei reeled back in shock buut not before a blinding light began to emit from Tirs right hand and eventually on Leis. Lei watched in both horror and fascination as the tatoo on the back of Tirs hand faded and appeared on his tatto.

Tir then told Lei that he was being chased by some people while on his way to Harmonia when he was poisoned by something. They both knew that he was dieing and Tir told Lei that he had to keep it from Harmonia while keep Harmonia from destorying True Runes. Later that night; Lei Yanamoto almost dissapeared off of the face of the earth with the only thing saying where he was going is that "Harmonia wanted a Rune and I am brining it to them".

Extra Info: Lei is the Grandson of Freedy and Yoshino Yanamoto from Suikoden 2 and the son of Sanae Yanamoto from Suikoden 3 and an unknown father. He is an compotent wielder of the Naginata and average in the usage of magic yet seems to hold back a lot of potential.
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[b]Name[/b]: Raikou Marenshi
[b]Age[/b]: 44
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Race[/b]: Kobold (normal)
[b]Weapon[/b]: katana (Japanese sword)
[b]Weapon Name[/b]: Tsumegetsu (clawmoon) 爪月
[b]Magic[/b]: Uses the Wind Rune which gives him the ability to cast sleep spells and healing spells. It also aides his already heightened senses in detecting scents and storms.
[b]Appearance[/b]: Raikou is tall with long legs (bent the same way a dog?s hind legs are) and a swishing tail. While his feet still look like large paws, his hands are human-like, ending in short black claws. He wears a bluish-grey tunic and has quiet amber eyes. His face is that of a husky and his whole body is covered in fur patterned after the same colors as a husky. Picture: [url=http://www.husky.ru/pic/6.jpg]Husky[/url]
[b]Bio[/b]: Raikou left the city of Two River for the Kobold Village when he was younger because of his distaste for structured military. He will fight if he feels the cause it right but the thought of uniforms, ranks and orders merely annoys him. He is generally a calm and driven. He currently works as a sailboat designer. He makes sailboats and then sends them downriver to the seaside. He acquired his Wind Rune through sheer luck one night when a storm hit the village and he was outside trying to cover his half-finished boats. The Rune was carried on the strong wind and stuck to his back. He does not know if it is the True Wind Rune or merely and ordinary Wind Rune spawned from it.
[b]Extra Info[/b]: I?ve never played Suikoden? but I read a little on that site and I hope I understand enough to play?
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