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RPG Final Fantasy: The Uprising (sign up)

Lord Sephiroth

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[I]Shortly after the time of Cloud a secret underground group called Nitra are planing an uprising against the oppressive Emperor Vega who rules through tyranny and fear. The time will come for the uprising to take place but now a new set of members are going to join[/I]

Materia: (just one at the start)



Name: Falcon Omega
Weapons: Mythril Saber
Materia: Fire
Ex-Job: Assassin
Birthplace: Hydra City

Bio: Falcon was an ex assassin working for anyone who could pay enough gil for the job he came into contact with the group when his family was exterminated by the Vegan forces and in an rage he vowed he would kill Vega and anyone who stood in his way

Appearance:Falcon is 5'6 and wears a black cloak that covers black and grey robes, he doesn't talk much and keeps to himself his specialty is using his fathers saber for which few can match
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Name: Metal Forte
Weapons: Dragon Sabre
Materia: Ultima
Ex-Job: Marine
Birthplace: Balamb Garden (my mom had labor during class, LOL)

Bio: He was an ex marine, he now is a top assassin. With his Marine skills he is a very good assassin, with his hands alone he can destory that person and nor thing. He is very smart and strategic, he is serious sometimes.
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Name: Kevin Le
Race: Human
Age: 17
Weapons: Stellar a longsword (I do mean long 6 feets 7 inches blade with a handle of two feets long.)
Materia: Ice
Ex-job: Assassin
Birthplace: Unknown
Bio: Parents died when he was very young. Raise but his grandfather to be the best. To kill without a second though. He left after his 15 birthday to start his journey. Now he keep to himself.
Appearance: 6'4" with black hair and brown eyes. 120 lbs. Wear a black tunic with a cape with a cloak over. Black boots and gauntlets.
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Name: Kool
Race: sorceress
Age: 13
Weapons: my magic and a sword
Materia: what dat? :help:
Ex-job: er...an apprentice to a wizard
Birthplace: somewhere in the forest in a cave
Bio: a sorceress that sometimes works as an apprentice
Appearance: long brown hair, a blue robe, black pants, combat boots, and a black cloak.
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Name: Kizu
Race: Human
Age: 14
Weapon: Shotgun
Materia: No clue
Ex-Job: Gun Cleaners
Birth Place: Red neck town with lots of guns
Bio: Only thing he could remember from his past was breaching in homes adn stealing food. One home owner caught him and took him in as his own. 7 years have past and he has been working at his "fathers" gun shop.
Appearance: Wears a orange T-Shirt, a leather jacket, and a pair of blue jeans. Has his Shotgun straped over his sholder at all times, and a large number of bullets on his belt.
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Name: Azz (short for something)
Race: Human
Age: 9
Weapon: His Eyes
Ex-Job: A human guinie pig for MADTECH
Birth Place: Spawning chamber deep inside MADTECH
Materia: deBarrier
Bio: Made by the scientise of MADTECH, his past is unknown. Rumours says that his mother was brutally murdered and father assasinated. In 3 years he became the No.1 best guinie pig in MADTECH. Recent 'accident' allows his to escape from his eternal prison. With a Materia deep inside him, he can destroy any modern walls that stand in his way. He only believes in fate... Using bio-technology, his eyes has been transformed into a type of crystal, with tiny bits of wiring running through the crystal eyes, he can focus a beam of energy, exiting his eye sockets and damaging a target.
Appearence: Wears a black robe that he found outside of an abandoned house, Similarities between the Black Mages of FF9 are unmistakable.
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Name: Misha
Race: Human
Age: 52
Weapons: Battle Axe
Materia: Ice
Ex-job: Hunter, Chocobo Breader
Birthplace: Glacier Lounge

Bio: Once one of the greatest warriors in the world, Misha resides in the frozen Tundra of the North. Along with his pet artic wolf Snow. After travelling the world many times over, he has retired to the area surrounding the North Crater in order to follow his life dream of becoming a master Chocobo tamer. That was 20 years ago. Now, even though he still lives outside for the most part, will often stay with his best friend besides Snow, the Master Chocobo Tamer himself. Misha is concidered the 2nd greatest Chocobo tamer besides him. However, due to recent events surrounding the Emperoer Vega's wishes, the frozen North is beginning to melt. To stop this from happening, Misha travels to the mainlands to help with the resisitance.

Appearance: A large strong man of 6'7" and 342 lbs. He wears a large rugged fur coat which he has fationed himself over the years. He also has a pair of leather boots and pants, which he also made himself. He has a long grey/white beard, and long rough grey/white hair, along with a scar which runs over his right eye. His wolf Snow is a white furred artic wolf, highly trained in tracking, combat, and is house trained.
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Ex-Job:soldier in training
BirthPlace:Vegan Capital

Bio:was training to become one of the elite of the Vegan army...He was the top of his class the only one who could compare to him was his best friend...as his training was drawing to an end his friend showed him the truth behind the vegan empire...the real way it worked...before he had lived in a world of propaganda...shortly after that his friend was assinated...Zack threw it all away and joined the resistants. Stratigic and knows what it takes to be a good soldier.

Appearance:He wears a black t-shirt and jeans. He has dark brown hair in a pony tail down to the top of his back and his bangs hang loose.His eyes are a grey blue but occaisonaly change to a hazel green.He is 5'10" and a bit on the skinny side.
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Name: Andrew
Race: Human Vampire hybrid (think Blade)
Age: 23
Weapons: Gunblade (revolver)
Materia: restore
job: Mercenary
Birthplace: Hospital in some place
Bio: Is the son of one of Vego's best soldiers. He was spoiled as a child after the disappearance of his vampiric mother. He has joined the resistence to get vengence for his mother and father
Appearance: just over 6'8. Blonde hair and brown eyes. black Lether(sp) jeans, black vest and black trench coat.
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Name: Craig Kensindan
Race: Elf
Age: 200 (15 in human years)
Weapons: Anduril a sword with a seven star symbol encrusted in it. Around the stars there is a crescent moon and a rayed sun. A long bow with a 60 arrow quiver, armour piercing arrows.
Materia: Haste
Ex-job: Royal Guard
Birthplace: Lothlorien

Bio: An elf born under the stars of Lothlorien. Trained with his sword and bow, as a guard of the King and Queen. However, the peaceful Lothlorien learned of the tyrany of the Vegan empire, and so they sent their most elite of soldiers out to help peace to prosper. They gave Craig haste to help him on his journey, and he now travels to the Vegan headquarters.

Appearence: 7'2", long silver hair, deep hazel eyes. He has a tunic of Red and Black, with a black cape, and large black boots. His clothes are made of the toughest elven wool, they are light, warm, and cannot be easily broken.
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Isn't it funny that your Thread has the same name as my Thread... 'The uprising" :raspberry

Name: Cid Highwind
Weapons: Lances/Spears
Materia: Escape, remove.
Ex-Job: Pilot, Mechanic
Birthplace: Rocket town

Bio: Cid is a tough-talking, warm-hearted old pilot who hasn't forgotten his dreams. There's no better pilot by air or sea. He believes someday he'll fly top the ends of the universe. With his handmade spear and knowledge of machinery, he throws himself into any attack regardless of the danger.

Appearance: 178cm, Blonde hair, blue eyes,Blue Jacket, brown gloves, green cargo pants, army boots.
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Name: Asuka
Race: Human
Age: 16
Weapons: Metal staff
Materia: Cure
Ex-job: House maid
Birthplace: Unknown
Bio: She lives with her mother, but worked out of her father's home, making a small wage as a house maid. She left and moved to a small house by herself, with immense gardens, hidden deep in a forest.

Appearance: Long red dress and a white ribbon about her waist.
She has long golden hair and bright green eyes.
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Name-Squall Leonheart
Weapons-Gunblade(Shear Trigger),Buster Sword
Bio-Is very shy and hates working with partners.He has taken care of himself since he was 6.
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Name: Rufus II
Race: Human
Age: 24
Weapons: Large Mechanical Arm over his right arm.
Materia: Demi
Ex-job: Inventor
Birthplace: Midgar

Bio: The illegitament son of Rufus Shinra, he was taken to a safehouse as an infant during the Meteor crisis. Since his father's denise, he has been trying to rebuild Shira, but change it to a much more environmentally safe and helpful corperation. He is a mechanical genies, aswell as a seasoned fighter, especially in boxing. He created a special mechanical arm which is special grafted to his spin, and resbonds to the movements of his actual arm (think Mag Launcher of Evolution, or Precious of Star Ocean 2, but more MS like). He origonally designed the arm to help him move large peices of machinery, but has found it quite useful in battle. He joins the rebelion in hope that without the Vegan Empire, people will turn to Neo Shinra.

Appearance: Is the spitting image of his father, from the slicked back brown hair, to the white suit and brown boots, though he has his massive robotic arm aswell. He can deattach the arm from a slot in his back which connects the arm to his spin.
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