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Do you have any pets? I have:

1 ginger kitten - Loki (God of mischeif and destruction, and he lives up to his name! Also, you can pick him up like a teddy whenever you want and he'll just purr! :D ;))

1 black kitten - Blade (Will sit on your lap and go to sleep if you ever sit down)

1 black and white cat - Gremlin (11 years old and doesn't get along with the kittens coz theyre new)

2 gerbils - Richie and Spice (Will bite ur finger if you stick it in the cage)

2 leopard gekos - Hanibal and Cee Cee

Aload of fish

Two lop eared rabbits - Flopsy and Matilda

We also had aload of Guini pigs (sp?) but they all died coz of the cold whether and we also had a few more rabbits
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[COLOR=royalblue]I have two cats..[/COLOR]
[COLOR=indigo]Samantha,which my brother and I call Mantha(don't ask why),shes about 6 or 7 yrs old, black and white,absolutly hates being picked up. She doesn't get along with Benny at all.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=teal]Benjmen,but basiclly goes by Benny. He is an Orange/white tabby,with a pink nose. He is about 1 to 2 years old,and very skinny. And loves to pick on Samantha.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=seagreen]And my brother has a gold fish[/COLOR]
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Ok, lets see, my house has 2 Goldfish, 1 Cat, 1 Dog, 1 lil pig thingy in a cage, and thats about it, and I hate them all, cause, well, all the pig thingy does is squeak ur ears off, the cat and dog into wars all the time, the dog won't leave me alone, the cat just lays down and stares at u with that "I'm way better then u'll ever be in ur whole life!" kinda stare... And the Goldfish, uhh, I jus dun like fish... Seafood thing.
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No pets...sadly...lemme see...

I had an orange kitty named Tigger when I was really little, but he ran away...
I had a fish that died after about 5 minutes...
Another fish, and my mom fed it too much food, so it blew up...
Lemme see... Blue was a fish, and he died...
I don't have good luck with pets.

But my best friend has pets! I know them! She has a dog that's white and caramel colored, named Caramel. And a cat named Ruby, and some birds, too. They're all soooo cute... ^_______^

But no, I don't have any pets right now. I'm begging my parents to get a kitty (now that I can take care of it), but they're divorced, and they both want the other one to keep it. My mom refuses to have any pets in her nice, clean house, and my dad doesn't want to feed it and stuff while I'm not at his house.

Right when I leave home I'm getting a pet. Ask me then, because I'll want to talk about it non-stop. :P
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i used to have 2 quails, 2 rabbits, 2 parakeets, 4 dogs( one of them were 7 months, a puppy from a dog of ours) but the rabbits ran away and the quails got eaten by some small animal, the parakeets killed each other... so i had 4 dogs, but my friend wanted one so i gave one to her ( the puppy) and i recently got a blue eyed siamese which is BEAUTIFUL! my three dogs get along with her too ^_^
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by gundamcat17 [/i]
[B]1 all black cat named lumi[short for lumacious nightstalker}
1 blue point siamese kitten named shadow{short for password shadow} [/B][/QUOTE]
REALLY? i have a siamese too! but i think seal point... blue eyes, tan fur, dark fur around eyes... short hair? i dunno
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