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RPG New Beginnings


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[QUOTE]"at the darkest hour, the chosen warriors appear..."[/QUOTE]
Takeing new members anybody want to join? Teams will start forming soon

here are my stats:

weapon:Iron sword
skills: Bloodrush
Team: Young warriors. :cool:
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On the small island of Wake tinsions are brewing between the two royal families. A small band of teenagers are at my 15th birthday. Soon a deamon posseses the mayor of my hometown Grathiner. He sends an army to the park where my party is being held.

Gohan15: (Grabs new iron sword) Lets show tese clowns just what fighting skills we know.
**Gohan15 sidesteps and slashes the nearest mercenary. he jumps and back hands Gohan15**

Gohan15: I could use some help now!:help:
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The other team is Red Wake.
**Gohan15 jumps next to his new ally, relieving a mercenary of his head in the process**

Gohan15:Glad somebody came to help me. I'm Gohan leader of Young Warriors. Welcome to the team.

**Gohan's eyes turn red**


**Gohan15 runs strait tward the commander and throws his sword strait at his head**
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Name: Gohan
Age: 14
Weapons: Large Titanium sword
Skills: Dragonball Z powers
Team: young warriors
(I know it's not one of thestats but...)
Appearance: Has deep blue eyes and has brown wedged hair. He wears black leather trousers, black vest and a blue jacket. He has a swrod holster on his back.

Gohan smashes through a nearby window and cuts a mercanary in half and with the other hand fires a large beam which takes out a large group of mercenaries. He looks at Liam and Gohan15 and smiles.

Gohan: I heard there was a party going down. Thought i might give you guys a hand
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Name: Bryan
Age: 13
Weapons: Doubled bladed sword (like Darth Mauls if you don't know what I am talking about...)
Skill(s): Can blend into anything he touches
Team: Young warriors

Gohan: -as he is about to kill someone the guy falls down before-The hell?

?????: Hahaa!!

Gohan: Who are you and where are you?

?????: Hey! -appears next to gohan, with his sword still in the mercneht- Heard there was a party! Oh my name is Bryan
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Gohan: Hey bryan! we've got to clear out these mercenaries!

He throws his sword across the hall taking off many mercenaries heads and he teleports to the other side of the hall and he catches his sword. He then becomes surrounded by a group of mercenaries. He charges up his sword with ki energy and sticks it in the ground. Shockwaves are sent out destroying everything in a 3 metre radius.

He looks at Bryan and smiles

Gohan: Not that it's going to take that long to get rid of these pussys
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Name: Jaxx
Age: 15
Weapons: Mace, Half a sword (snapped blade, legendary kinda thing)

Skill(s): Telekinetic, telepathic and pyrokinetic (loads of psychic type stuff)

Team: The Knights Of Byzantium (on the list or not, i aint bothered)

Jaxx - *Enters by forcing the solid steel doors on this great hall violently apart and hurling them into a few mercinaries*

"hey guys, is this , like, a private party or can anyone join?"

Before awaiting a reply from anyone, Jaxx lets out a blood curdling power-up sort of scream and 3 mercinaries surrounding him explode from the inside out.

Jaxx- "Bad case of heartburn? hah"
"Destiny Sword"

*Jaxx draws his half-sword from its belt holster*

*He proceeds to slash at the other 4 mercenaries running at him, in the blink of an eye, Jaxx is on the opposite end of the room with Mercenary-corpses surrounding him*


the corpses levitate off of the ground before bursting into flames and burning out to nothing

Jaxx - "Lets get this party started. Anyone else wanna try me?"

as this is said, any mercenary that isnt fighting turns thier weapons onto Jaxx and fire hundreds of shots at him

Jaxx - "Dont they know when to quit!"

*tilting his head slightly, he slows the bullets down to almost a stop and turns them onto his attackers, Unfortunatly, all the mercenaries avoid these shots*

Jaxx - "That never happend before. Who ARE these guys?!"
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Gohan: I don't know who they are or where they're from but one things for sure, they don't know how to kick ***.

He fires a huge beam which takes out about ten mercanaries.

Gohan: where do they all keep coming from?
He slashes up some mercanaries with his sword
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Name: Misha
Age: 52
Team: None
SKill: Ice related Magic, incredible strength
Weapons: Battle Axe made of a special metal crafted 1000s of years ago. This type of craftsmanship is long forgoten, and many have tryed to copy it, but none have succedded.

Bio: Once one of the greatest warriors in the world, Misha resides in the frozen Tundra of the North. Along with his pet artic wolf Snow. However, he has come to learn of a group of yound warriors, and has desided to return to the main land and help train them.

Appearance: A large strong man of 6'7" and 342 lbs. He wears a large rugged fur coat which he has fationed himself over the years. He also has a pair of leather boots and pants, which he also made himself. He has a long grey/white beard, and long rough grey/white hair, along with a scar which runs over his right eye. His wolf Snow is a very large white furred artic wolf, highly trained in tracking, combat, and is house trained.

*A group of about 5 mercanarys suddenly come screaming out of the woods behind the others. But they don't attack, they just continue to run in fear. A large White Wolf leaps out from the forrest after them, followed by a large man with a long white beard.*

Gohan15 - No way.........Mr. Snow.....?

Misha - Hello Gohan15. I see you know who I am. That will make things much simpler.

*Misha hurls his battle axe directly at Gohan. Gohan mearly ctands still in fear. Tha battle axe flys past Gohan's head and lands firmly in the chest of a mercanary above Gohan.*

Gohan - Heh, thanks.

Misha - No thanks yet. Let just clear these guys out of here.
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Jaxx - "Hold them off me a minute guys, I think I can....YES, I sense the energy of the portal that these mercenaries are coming through. I am going to try and close it."

Jaxx shuts his eyes and outstetches his arms. A blue aura surrounds him shimmering gently.

Jaxx - "It's no good, its too powerful to close, looks like we're stuck fighting these armoured morons! oh well"

Jaxx closes his eyes once more and mumbles a few words to himself. Upon opening his eyes again, both his eye balls turn black as tar.

Jaxx - "I shall look upon my enemies, I shall look upon them and the dark place shall have thier souls"

Suddenly. A small swirling vortex opens in the ground in front of Jaxx.

Jaxx - "If you can get them all in there they'll be sent back to thier own place. It wont stop them returning through their main portal but it could buy us some time"

Jaxx - "mmmmaaaaAAARRRGGGHHHHH, get away from me!"

Jaxx uses his telekinetic power to hurl about 15 mercenaries into his vortex
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Gohan fires a ki orb into a group of mercanaries. There is a huge explosiona dn the group of about twenty fly into the vortex. Gohan snese something out of the ordinary. He shoots another ki orb at the wall which completely takes it out. There is a huge portal behind the wall. There are hundreds of mercanaries coming through it. Craig holds his arms out to the side and a small ki orb forms in front of him. He leans back slightly and and brings his arms together in front of him.

Gohan: FINAL FLASH!!!!

A huge blue energy beam emits from gohan's arms and straight into the portal. There is a huge explosion and when the smoke clears the portal is goneand there are hundreds of dead mercanarie bodies all over the floor.

Gohan: I think that takes care of that one guys.

???: Guess again, You foolish boy.

Everyone turns around to see a strange hooded figure.

Bryan: What are you?

???: You will find out soon enough
And with that the figure disappears

Gohan: What was that all about?
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Gohan: I have no time to hang around here and do nothing. I could be training and learning new moves and imrpoving my fighting skills. You may not have noticed yet but i have set up a telepaathic link between all of us. If you need me you can reach me telepathically.

He flies off into the mountains and starts training to develope his powers and become the ultimate fighter
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*Kool comes out of the woods. She sees the mercenarys that are lying dead on the ground.*

Kool-It seems all of you took care of them easily.

Bryan-Hey Kool. What took you so long?

Kool-Finding all of you. Where did Gohan go?

Bryan-he went to the mountains to train.

Kool-so what next?
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Gohan is up in ther mountains training hard. He flips backwards and jumps up into the air and fires ahige ki blast at a pile of rocks. There is a big explosion which leaves a huge crater. As he falls from the air he takes his sword from it's holster he slices a huge tree in half from the top sraight through to the bottom.

He then receives a telepathic message. It was Bryan.

Bryan: Hey Gohan

Gohan: Hey Bryan. What's happened.

Bryan: nothing much i just wanted to see if you could open up another telepathic link between us all and our new member.

Gohan: New Member? yeah sure.

His eyes glow an eerie blue and he and the other members of the team are able to receive messages from kool.

Gohan: Hey Kool welcome to the team.

Kool: Thanks Gohan. Sorry i missed all the fighting

Gohan: don't worry about it. it wasn't that hard anyway. Listen up everyone. you should get into training and practicing your skills because that hodded figure had something about him which i didn't like. I sense he could pose a great threat to us in the future. so get to it. I'll be own from here in about a month, but if anything goes wrong then you know where i am. See you in a month.

And with that he gets back to his training.
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Kool-well, I'm gonna do what he says. I'm going to train to get my mind, powers, and strength stronger.

Bryan-Where are you going to train?

Kool-I might train on that plateau right there. *points to a plateau.*

Bryan-That's far away. It'll take days for you to get there.

Kool-Then I should probably go now. I'll see you in a month in this spot. See ya! *Kool runs back into the forest and travels in the direction of the plateau.*
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Gohan opens up a telepathic link to all the team.

Gohan: If anyone wants to train with me and learn to develope you inner power then you will find me in the Ash mountains. I request that no moe than two join me. First two people to find me will prove themselves worthy and will be trained.
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Gohan15: Well, This seems to be working. Young Warrirors lets finish the rest of the mercanaries with one rush of brute force.

**Party circles around last group of mercenaries**

Gohan15:Kool use your strongest magic now!!

**A black aura surrounds the house and all mercenaries instantly die**

Gohan15: alright there gone

**A Mysterious man appears and takes Gohan's mother. then Disapears. He leaves a note in Gohan's hand**

Jax: What does it say.

Gohan15: it says "follow me to the Ash mountains". ... looks like I'm going to the Ash mountains too. Who is going to join me.
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