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It is 2381, 30 years after WW3. Clone wars have spread across the face of the earth. Colonisations battle for superiority of territories. The pride of the races did not matter anymore. Humans would side with vampires, Elves side with Dwarfes, all to gain power.
All plutonium and nuclear weapons have been sent deep into space. A futile resistance to save this element was quickly wiped out. The leader of the clones, known only as the 'Janus' empire, has gained control of 60% of the Earth. Sparce mountain regions, where peace once prospered, has now become training grounds for the Janus soldiers. The Empire is quickly dominating the Earth. Only 5 short years ago, they owned only 5% of the earth. Many small Resistances try to stop this Empire, and ones similar too it, and they fail miserably. But one Resistance, consisting mainly of Mercanaries and bounty hunters, has managed to gain control of one colonies territory. They are slowly building up members and weapons, and plan to bring peace back to the Earth, by eventually challenging the might Empire of Janus.

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Name: Craig Kensindan
Race: Elf
Age: 200 (15 in human years)
Weapon: Anduril, a sword encrusted with a seven star symbol, a crescent moon, and a rayed sun. By day, the sun gives it fire. By night, the moon gives it ice.
Bio: Leader of the resistance, a proud elf, who still believes strongly in peace. He is very calm, and a very intelligent fighter.
Description: Long silver hair, and black and red tunic, with a black cape. Big black boots, and deep hazel eyes.
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Name: Andrew
Race: Human Vampire Hybrid (think Blade)
Age: 23
Weapon: Gunblade (revolver) and shotgun (like Terminator 2)

Bio: His father was a vamp who fell in love with a human woman. His father and mother were brutally by Janus agents and Andrew now seeks vengence

Description: Spikey Blonde hair with brown eyes. Black leather jeans, black vest, black trench coat
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Name: Kool
Race: sorceress
Age: 13
Weapon: her powers and a sword
Bio: is a young sorceress that lives by herself in a forgotten village that everyone has forgotten about. She practices her powers daily. She wears a dark blue wizard's hat that her father gave her, a black robe lined with silver, black pants, brown boots, and a black cape.
Description: see my bio.
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Name:Zack Mansfield
Weapon:Star'Soul, A sword that is rumored to claim the souls of it's enemy's, Zack knows not if this is true...It is made of Titanium alloy, Diamond tipped, across the blade are ancient runes, Zack knows not the origins as the blade was handed down to him by his father.
Bio:he took up arms when his hometown was invaded and all the men killed...He was taught a bit of stratgy before his father was killed and so does his best to help command the troops alongside Craig...who saved him from the Janus troops
Description:Long Dark Brown hair, worn in a pony tail, Black and green tunic and pants, with a black cape.Brown boots and Sky blues eyes.
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Name: Amber
Race: Vampire
Age: 160 yrs old (around 15 in human years)
Weapon: Dagger
Bio: A youthful vampire, out to satisfy her hunger for blood, but ready to side up with different races for power and to keep herself from her only hunger of blood
Description: blonde hair, blue/green eyes, wears all black, usually cloaked.
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Name: Zerich
Race: Human
Age: 13
Weapon: A thin rapier
Bio: Born to a family of oddities, he was raised in the form of martial arts, and in forming ki and using it to fight. He mastered all forms of his school, and lives peacefully, waiting for a challenge.
Description: Tall and lanky, with very tan skin, blonde hair, and a dark blue cloak.
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Name: siren kojia
Race: vampire
Age: 500 (15 in human)
Weapon: shurikens
Bio: was changed when she was fifteen and has stayed hidden from the eyes of the worls till now
Description: e-mail me and i'll send a pic-
[email]stormwing111@hotmail.com[/email] - this is also what i look like in other rpgs
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Name: Ryan (Just Ryan)
Race:Half Vampire Half Sorcerer
Age: 350 (Around 20 years in Human Years)
Weapon: His deadly fangs and deadly magic and A Silver Sword encresed with 10 silver jewels.
Bio: Father was a great Sorcerer and Mother was a Vampire. The rest in unknown. He is Neautral so he isn't on good or bad side.
Description: Long Silver spikey hair with a blue robe covered with silver stars and cresent moons. He hovers across the ground.[/color][/size][/b]
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Age:256(21 when changed)
Weapon:fangs and a quarter staff.
Bio:Lium is constantly searching for his next victim, he trusts no one after being turned and was taught nothing of vampire ways,
He has the magical ring Of Deamoal which allows him to travel in sunlight with out being damadged
Description:6ft 5, Medium build, dresses in black, though occasionally may wear a red t-shirt underneath his trench coat.
wheres steel toed blood stained combat boots,Short black hair
and an Irish accent
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Name: Forte Metal
Race: Spawn
Age: 16
Weapon: The Power Of Spawn
Bio: All he remembers is when he got the power....... SPAWN
Description: He wears a thick black armor
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Name: Asuka
Race: Human, Sorceress
Age: 16
Weapon: A magical bow and a whip
Bio: She was raised as a princess, so she tends to be very polite and lady-like and perhaps little snobbish. She shoots arrows that immediatly cause a rain of fire. She uses the whip for pleasurable torture antics.
Description: She has long dark blonde hair and piercing ice blue eyes. She wears a black leather bodice with red ties on it and a black mini skirt. She has on black thigh high boots.
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Name: Misha
Race: Human
Age: 52
Weapons: Battle Axe made of a special metal crafted 1000s of years ago. This type of craftsmanship is long forgoten, and many have tryed to copy it, but none have succedded.

Bio: Once one of the greatest warriors in the world, Misha resides in the frozen Tundra of the North. Along with his pet artic wolf Snow. However, the Janis Empire is beginning to spread even to these desolite areas, and so, he returns to the civilized world in order to preserve his icey home.

Appearance: A large strong man of 6'7" and 342 lbs. He wears a large rugged fur coat which he has fationed himself over the years. He also has a pair of leather boots and pants, which he also made himself. He has a long grey/white beard, and long rough grey/white hair, along with a scar which runs over his right eye. His wolf Snow is a very large white furred artic wolf, highly trained in tracking, combat, and is house trained.
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[color=crimson]Name: Juan

Age: 15

Race: Human (Geomancer)

Weapon: Dune Sword- Allows him to do all earth/Geomancer Elemental attacks.

Bio: Born in Soutern North America, Has a Mexican Accent.

Description: Short Black Hair, Mexican looking Skin, wears heavy black blue jeans, baggy white shirt, and wears a gold cross around his neck. He has a sheath on his back for his sword.
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Name: Luuey
Weapon: Double Barrel Shotgun, Hand Grenades
Bio:Born to a family that were murdered 2 years after he was born. He learned to live on the street, and has extensive knowledge and experience with explosives and weapons.
Description: Baggy black Jeans, sleeveless pale blue shirt, a Billabong hat back the front, and a pair of sunnies.

This will be cool.........
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[u]Name[/u]: Kitana
[u]Race[/u]: Human
[u]Age[/u]: 16
[u]Weapon[/u]: A beat-up grenade launcher and a scimitar that has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations.
[u]Bio[/u]: Kitana grew up in a war torn area of the Rocky Mtns., so she is skilled in protecting herself and hiding her identity from others. Her parents and both of her brothers were killed by clones as she watched. This has made her extremely bitter and she vowed revenge. The scimitar she carries is said to be enchanted by a very powerful magic that protects the holder against most harm, and perhaps that is the only thing that has kept Kitana alive for the past 5 years since her family died.
[u]Description[/u]: She has short, black hair that is always messy and spiky, but she has piercing bright green eyes. She carries her grenade launcher across her back, along with a bag of grenades. She is wearing old camo pants that have been ripped off to make shorts and a tight black tank top. The scimitar is on a belt made of a silverish metal. She also wears big black combat boots that come up to her knees. A small scar runs across her cheek from the encounter with the clones that brutally murdered her family...It helps her remember what she set out to do.
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Guest QuickSilver
age: 250 looks like 16
weapons: sword pistols
bio:bitten when 16 at a patry fotced to live in moutains until recently.
description:long black hair 6''6' wears jeans, knee hight biker boot,black tanktop, black jacket
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Name: Ash
Race: Human
Age: 17
Weapons: A large sword, Two rapid firing pistols and a sawed off Shotgun. He can also charge up the sword with fire which could melt rock. Will only burn on contact and not when near it.
Bio: Parents killed when he was young and vowed to seek down the person who killed his parents and kill them.
Description: Short blonde hair with a flicked up fringe, bright blue eyes and he has clothes the same as Blade's
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