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RPG Echos Of Angels [PG-VL]

Sky Moonflow

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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS][CENTER]Echos Of Angels[/CENTER]

"He was always there for us, but one day he just left and never said a word."

Rune Forester
Your typical twelfth grade journalism teacher. Laid-back, gentle, kind-hearted, and the most loved teacher in Mal Tori High School. None of his students have ever failed, even the worst of them.

During the final term of the year '42 (2042). Mr. Forester just leaves during the middle of class one day. Most of the faculty just figures he's out sick, but the students are worried.
Meet class 2B, the oddest bunch of misfits the school has ever had the chance to teach. This is alost Mr. Forester's favorite class.
This is where our story begins.

It's 2:30 in the afternoon, school is out in another half hour and Mr. Forester is trying to teach class 2B how to make a proper video presentation. There may be only nine kids in this class, but they were the toughest to get a handle on. Mr. Forester's cell phone goes off during the middle of his explanation and everyone goes quiet as they had done so many times before. Mr. Forester goes pale, gathers his stuff, and just leaves the classroom without a word.
The class just sits there waiting for him to return. The bell rings and they head home thinking nothing of this incident.
Days past and they have temp teachers after temp teachers. One day Mr. Koki, the principal, comes in.
[I]"Students. We have found a more permenant replacement for Mr. Forester. This is Mr. Yevon, he'll be your new temp teacher till Mr. Forester returns."[/I]

A young man about the age of 27 walks in and just stands infront of the class. He smiles slowly and starts wiriting on the board.

[I]'Damien Yevon'[/I]

[I]"I'm Mr. Damien Yevon, I'll be your teacher till Mr. Forester returns. I hope we can have fun."[/I]

Something dosen't feel right about this guy, he's not like all the other temps. There is a strange aura about him...a very violent and dangerous aura.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]~!~ The Players ~!~[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkOrange]Sky Moonflow - Sable Loche

Starwind - Dreddick 'Dred' Tonnas

NekoSama101 - Neko

Death_Dragon92 - Kelak (Dragon) Thredd

07Seifer521 - Seifer D.L.G

Reikimaru - Haiku Kuro-n

Bloody_Moon - Kaiya Miso

Linkk - Motoki Yasser

bleached - Mikaze Shimoji[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]~!~ Sable Loche~!~[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Purple]School. That's all we had to worry about anymore. Me and Miho, all we had to do was graduate from school, then we be free.
Me and Miho, all we got is each other, momma dosen't care anymore.

I'm all Miho got now, nobody else. Just me and Miho...just me and Miho...[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Purple]The bell rang to tell students it was time for the last class of the day. Sable grabbed up her small bag and made her way through the crowds to what used to be Mr. Forester's room, but was now inhabited by the strange Mr. Yevon.

He wasn't like any of the other teachers at Mal Tori, the other teachers didn't care what class 2B did, not one of them cared...cept ol' Mr. Forester...but he wasn't here.

"Mornin' Mr. Yevon!" Sable called while she sild into her seat at the very back of class, "Hope we're doin' somethin' fun today."

"Of course Ms...."

"Loche, Salbe Loche."

"Yes, of course. Ms. Loche."

It had been a week and he still couldn't reacall but a few names. Kinda bad considerin' most teachers learned the names in 'bout three day.

But like I said. He wasn't like the others...and I didn't like it. Not one single solitary bit.[/COLOR]

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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]As the students enetred the class with hesitation and found their seats, she saw the door close. She raced towads it and opened it and qiuckly made her way to her desk and sat down. Her class mates were looking at her.
[I]Oh no. They can tell I've been crying. Stupid...stupid....[/I]

" Uhmmm Ms... Uhhmmmmm...."

With her head still down she rolled her eyes then looked up.

" It's Yasser. Motoki Yasser."

[I]Why can't he remember anyone's name. He's been here a week[/I]

" Yes, Ms. Yasser. How come you're late?"

As if she had been late it was a second after the door closed. Mr. Forester, wouldn't have cared. After having a terrible start to the day she could see it was only going to get worse.

" I'm sorry. I was just....."

" Oh nevermind. Just don't let it happene again."

She could tell everyone was looking at her. Her eyes were all red and puffy and now she could feel her face go hot.

" Hey, Motoki. Are You alright?" Kelak asked

"Ya I'm fine thanks" Turning her head to ther front of the class she though

[I]I don't like this Mr.Yevan[/I][/COLOR]
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Dred sat quietly in his far off side of the room. He was reading a book he had taken from the library, Flowers for Algernon. He was really getting very interested in the story, when that cold voice wrang through out the room "You over there. Mr. ..... Tonnas."

Dred stood to his feet "Yes, Dredick Tonnas"

Yevon then waved to him "Very good, now sit back down."

Dred sat back in his seat and picked up his book where he had left it, but was now a little to distracted to get involved in it again. This weird teacher left him with an off vibe. Like the air got colder around him. Dred wonderd what had happend to Mr. Forester. He was a kind and warm soul that mad this whole thing a little more bareable, but this guy just made it worse.

He had snapped at poor Motoki for no good reason, and she already looked like she had been crying. What was this guys problem? He seemed like he didn't like any of them, and seemed to take a special, sick pleasure out of making poor Motoki's day harder. This guy knew just what strings to strike to upset someone. It was like he was hateful on purpose sometimes.

Yevon was continuing with attendance around the room. And that was another thing. He had been here for a week and still didn't know hardly any names. It was like he didn't care at all. It's not like there were alot of people in this class, only nine of us. Everything about this guy bugged Dred, but he kept his calm nature and simply stayed quiet near the back of the room, trying to keep reading.
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]---- Kelak Thredd ----[/COLOR]

I dont have to really worry about anything, but this new teach freaks me out. Its hard to freak me out. Now all i have to worry about this guy Theres something about this guy... Thats just wrong....

As I walk down the crowded halls i sence something is going to be very troubling about today but i cant put my finger on it."Hmm.. Something is troubling me today but what is it?" i say to myself. I get to my locker and get my stuff just in time. The bell rings for everyone to get to class.

I walk into class without a word."Morning." said Mr.Yevon.

"Whatever" I replied.

"Whats your name?" he asked

"Why should i tell you?" i said.

"So i can reconize you in class. Im your teacher.".he said

"So what do i care?"i said

"Just tell me your name!"

"Fine. Im Kelak Thredd."
This guy freaks me out. He cant even rember our names. This guy really named to get it together.I never liked this Teacher was just wierd. I dont think anyone likes him. He need to be get out of here thats for sure no one whats him around.Thats what i think.after thinking all this i walk to the far back corner of the room and sit down.

This dude need to leave no one likes him.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Next to Dred, Kaiya sat with her head flat against the table. Her eyes were closed but, she wasn?t asleep, yet. Right about as she was slipping into dreamland the teacher?s voice disturbed her. Frowning she looked up, pushing her medium length black hair out of her face. She raised her hand slightly as Mr. Yevon looked around for someone by the name of Miso, Kaiya.

?Right here sir.?

?Oh, Kaiya there you are. Sorry I didn?t see you, try sitting up in class and maybe I?ll spot you quicker next time.?

?Like I wanna be seen by you.? Muttered Kaiya as she leaned down into her chair.

She rolled her eyes as she stared straight ahead listening to Mr. Yevon stumble over more names. [I] He?s just like the rest of the bogus teachers in this school. Wish Mr. Forester would get back already. At least he was a semi cool teacher.[/I][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sable yawned and looked around the class. Everybody was just sitting there, it was startin' to freak her out.

She reached out and poked Motoki on the shoulder. When she didn't respond she poked her again.


"You sure you okay. You don't look okay, look like you been cryin'."

Motoki sighed and turned back around. "I'm just fine."

Sable yawned again and looked around the room once again. Everyone in here never talked to nobody. It wasn't fair, she was really really bored. She smiled a bit as she spotted Dred over in the corner of the room with his nose in a book.


And like most of the kids in this class, he ignored her.

Sable suddenly shot upright as a thought raced through her.
"Mr. Yevon!"

Mr. Yevon looked up and then scanned his attendence sheet. "Yes...Ms. Loche?"

"Yea. I gotta leave early today cause I gotta pick up my little sister and all. So is it okay if I just leave here about 2:45?"

"No you may not."

Sable stared at him in disbelief. "But, Mr. Yevon. I gotta pick her up, momma won't do it. I'm always allowed to leave early somedays."

"Well your sister will have to walk home Ms. Loche."


Mr. Yevon turned back around to the board and continued with what he was doing.

Sable let her hand drop to the table as she tired to hold back her tears.

[I]This is not fair. I hate this dude. Wish Mr. Forester would get back...[/I] [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Neko rushed in after the bell had rang, her tail flying behind her.
"Sorry I'm late..." she mumbled.
"What's your name so I can give you detension?" Mr. Yevan.
Neko quickly had a noticable personality change.
"We've been here a week and you don't know what my name is? What kind of teacher are you? Screw this. If you can't remember my name by now, then you don't deserve to know," she screamed.
Mr. Yevan just looked at her as she quietly sat down in the back row.
"Well then...." he said.
[I]what a retard![/I] she thought.
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Kelac watches Nako as she sits down. "Hey Neko, Whats up?" Kelac whispered to Neko."Nothing. Can you believe this retard?"she said. "I know really. A week and he doesnt know anyone of our names." i whispered."Would you like to share something with the class... Kelac" Mr. Yevon called "Nope."i replied. what a freaking moron. "I tell you this guy need to go home and stay there." i whispered to Neko."You got that right...." Neko Replied.
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Guest bleached
Mikaze looked around the class for a second then sighed. She wasn't really into the class that Mr. Forester teached, but he did make it at least a little interesting for her. Always trying to match it with flying. Thats what she really wanted to be doing right now.

"this class blows." She mumbled to herself as she turned to look out the window. She smiled as she watched the clouds slowly move through the air.

"Mikaze, Mikaze, what are you doing? Are you spacing out agian?" Mikaze turned to see Kelak looking at her with a smile.

"Yes, I guess you could say I am. I can't wait until next moth. I get to fly agian, with my dad and mom. I think we are going to Alaska for the weekend. Mainly because its going to be a long one and all." She smiled then turned back to her window., the clouds nearly out of eyesight, only leacing the clear blue of the sky.

"Ms., Ms. Shimoji, is it. What are you doing? You could at least act like you are looking at me while I teach." Yevon said, walking twards her desk. "Ms. Shimoji, are you listening?" She turned to see him looking down at her.

"Yes, yes, I am listening. You are just talking about something that had happened to you in the past, right? Well, if you will parden me, I am watching the sky." She smiled sweetly at him then looked back out her window.

"She likes the skies. She is a flyer. I think she has to go to work this afternoon, right?" Kelak said, smiling at Mr. Yevon.

"Well, try not to let that make your grade slip." Yevon said, walking back to his desk.

"What grades? I am not sure if we Mr. Forester has taken a grade all year." Mikaze said, turning back to Yevon.

"Yeah, he usually just gives everyone a grade that actually does something in here." Sable said, nodding.

"Well, I am not Mr. Forester. So, the grading will be done diffrently." Yevon said, with a wicked smile.

"This class blows, just like I said a week ago." Mikaze sighed as she turned back to her blue window.
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Kelak goes back to acting like he is paying attention after talking with Mikaze, but really he was drawing. Kelak was drawing something about Mr. Yevon babling on and on about something half the class falling asleep him trying not to sleep even though this class is so boring. When will Mr. Forester get back he thought. Then he draws Mr. Forester kicking Mr Yevon out of the class and making the day interesting agian. "Man im so bored" Kelak mumbles to himself.Then he gets back to drawing. This time he draws Mikaze Flying though the sky in one of the most high-tech jet in the world.Then he draws Nako ripping Mr. Yevon in to shredds and him Rolling on the floor laughing his brains out. He passes the drawings to Neko and Mikaze. He chuckles to himself thinking of his drawing to Neko."Kelak! whats so fun?!" Mr. Yevon yell at him. "Nothing sir just thing of a joke." Kelak replies. "Maybe you would like to share?" Mr. Yevon asks. "Sorry but no you wouldnt get it." Kelak Says."Perhaps a Detention then?" Mr. Yevon says. "Whatever. I dont even care." Kelak replies. Mr.Yevon turns around and Mikaze taps Kelak on the shoulder."Nice Drawing Kelak!" She whispers to him "Thanks." Kelak says with a smile.
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sable picked up her head from the desk and looked at the empty spot beside her. Hakiu was gonna be late again and she would have to sit by some weird person.

She put her head back down on the desk and let herself drift off to sleep.

"Ms. Loche!"

Sable almost fell out of her chair when Mr. Yevon yelled her name. "Ye-Yes sir?"

"I would apperciate it if you didn't fall asleep in my class."

"Techincally this isn't your class. It's Mr. Forester's."

"It is my class till Mr. Forester returns."

Sable sighed, another lost battle with the evil teacher.

She got out one of her notebooks so she could work on some homework till Mr. Yevon decided to give them an assiment to do. If he was any other teacher he woudln't care if everyone wasn't here yet, they would just get to teachin' and catch the ones who are late up on what was being discussed.

[I]Bored...he should just get started.[/I] [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo]Haiku sat still in the principle's office. He had gotten caught trying to skip the last class again. It wasn't new though or due to the fact that he had a deep grudge against the new teacher. The principle was used to seeing the teen being there, even when Mr. Forester had been in charge of class 2B.

"So what are we going to do with you this time, Kuro-n?" The principle said while rubbing the bridge of his nose with annoyance.

Haiku just shrugged and pulled at a strand of white hair from his long bangs, "Send me home? Suspend me? There's a lot of choices, but why ask me? I'm the one who's supposed to get in trouble here."

The principle sighed and leaned back in his office chair. "You know, I'm getting really tired of seeing you in here."

"I know that." the teen said with a smile as he nibbled the tip of his thumb.

"Please, let me finish first." The principle paused for a moment to recollect his thoughts then continued. "I think I know what to do with you for once." He pulled open a desk drawer and took out a piece of paper and started to write on it. Seeing Haiku look at the paper with interest, he said. "No, it's not a detention slip... for once... I'm sending you to class with a note so the teacher won't send you back for being late."

Haiku glowered at the paper. "Aw come on! I hate that new teacher. He's... strange. I don't even like the looks of 'im."

"All the more reason to have you back to class then."

"What?! But I-"

The principle stood up rubbing his temples and stepped into his secretary's room to have her send a phone call to Mr. Yevon that Haiku Kuro-n was on his way. He then turned back and motioned for Haiku to follow, who did so with reluctance.

[U]-About 5min of so Later-[/U]

The principle opened the door to class 2B with a very glum Haiku in tow. "Here he is Mr. Yevon." He said pushing Haiku in.

"This isn't teaching a very good lesson, ya know that right old man? You're supposed to punish people when they skip not let 'em off with a talk."

"Oh stop your whining." Mr. Yevon hissed at him. "You've pretty much missed most of class so just take your seat."

Haiku glared at the teacher and sat down. "Yeah right," he mumbled "missed most of what? You taking forever to get people's names? Idiot." He took a few moments to utter a few curses in a foreign language then went on to stare at the board with his crimson eyes while absent mindedly fiddling with his necklace. [/COLOR]
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Guest bleached
Mikaze gave a little wave to Haiku as he walked into the room and sat down. She wasn't watching if he saw her of not, just to be frendly. "Kelak, what are you doing this afternoon?" She asked, keeping her eyes out of the window.

"Well, I am not sure. Why, did you want to do something?" He looked at the back of her head a littel puzzled.

"Could be. I don't have to be at work until five. So, that gives us about an hour and a half. There has to be something to do in this town." She turned to him with a smile. "Besides, I am so bored, I really need to do something this afternoon with someone." She winked at him then turned back to her window.

"Ms. Shimoji, will you and Mr. Thredd please be quiet for everyone else?" Yevon said, staring at them.

"Ok, if we have to. In any case, I hope this is about over." Mikaze said, not even looking at Yevon.
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Kelak couldnt help but give a little snicker."I think this guy is going to blow his cap if we keep talking" Kelak whispers To Mikaze

"Anyway, I Dont think im doing anything i just need to feed my pets." Kelak whispers.

"Cool! Where you want to meet?" She asks

"I dont know. Where do you want to meet? It really doesnt matter to me." Kelak says.

"Mr. Kelak! Are you trying to get into detention?!" Mr.Yevon yells.

"No. I really cant stay. I have 2 pets that need to be fed unless you want to go and feed them." Kelak said sarcasticly

"Try to feed my dog and he'd have his arm ripped straigh off." Kelak mumbled to himself.

Mr. Yevon just turns around returning to his lesson.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Kaiya slouched deeper in her chair as she watched Mr. Yevon attempted cut down her fellow classmates. She rolled her eyes he thought he ruled this class but, oh he was wrong. This room of misfits ruled the classroom, well as long as Mr. Forester was gone.

If Kaiya felt like putting forth the effort she would of joined her classmates in disrupting Mr. Yevon. Luckily for Kaiya she didn?t feel like putting forth the effort. She smirked as she stared at Mr. Yevon, if the class keep pushing his buttons he was bound to snap and Kaiya wasn?t looking forward to being around him when he did.

Something wasn?t right about the sub. He was strange and not normal teacher strange, he had some kind of air around him. A twisted air. Shrugging Kaiya pushed the thought to the back of her mind and closed her eyes. She tried to sleep but, with Mr. Yevon?s voice telling the students to quiet down she opened her eyes and raised her hand.

?Yes, Ms. um.....?


?Yes, Ms. Kaiya, what is your question.?

?Mr. Yevon could you talk a little quieter? I?m trying to sleep. Or perhaps give us an assignment so that I can pretend to work on it and throw it in the trash can when you ask for us to turn it in??

Mr. Yevon?s face redden slightly and he began to pass out some papers and as he passed Kaiya he muttered, ?Could you at least make an effort to this assignment Kira, I would appreciate it if you did.?

?It?s Kaiya and I don?t need your approval. All I need is to catch some Z?s.? Spoke Kaiya as she pushed the paper out of the way and laid her head back on the desk, shutting her eyes. [/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]Sable stared at the assignment that Mr. Yevon had just passed out. It looked completely different from the stuff that. Mr. Forester had been teaching them.
She reached over and poked Haiku.

"Hey, do you have any idea what this is?"

Haiku just shook his head and went back to fiddling with his necklace.
Sable sighed and tapped her pencil against the desk. This was going to be a long day. She looked over at the clock and almost fell out of her chair, it was 2:45. Sable gathered up everthing into her bag and stood up to leave.

"Ms. Loche, where do you think you're going?"

"I think I'm going to pick up my little sister." Sable opened the door.

"Ms. Loche stay right where you are! You will not leave my classroom, if you do then I will be forced to use displinary measures."

Sable thought this over and just sighed. "Well feel free to use your 'displinary measures'." She waved over her shoulder as she was closing the door, "Seeya tomorrow everyone."

With that said and done Sable walked down the hall and out the main doors to pick up Miho.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: I'm sorry my post is so...not like my others...but i'm seriously tired..[/COLOR] [/FONT]
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Dred just listend as the loud and highly opinionative Kaiya argued with that drek of a teacher. Dred was pretending not to notice and kept about reading, this too seemed to upset him as well. No one wanted to listen to that wind bag, they just wanted MR. Forester to hurry up and get better.

Sable had tried to get his attention, but he was not much in the mood for talking. He just wanted the class to end. It was almost up, just ten minutes left. It was fifth period, just one more class then he could go home. Mr. Yevon was fuming and yelling at the whole class at this point. Sable looked back to Dred once again "C'mon man, say something for a change."

Dred looked up to her "I know, this class sucks now."

She nodded "So...uhh... what are your plans for after school?"

Dred looked to Kaiya, who was finally done yelling and had just put her head back down on the table. He then looked back to Sable "Nothing, I guess. My parents won't be home for a few hours."

She smiled "Then would you mind helping me with something after school."

Dred sighed, he felt his throat get dry as he replied "I guess."

She smiled again "Alright. See if you can't find anyone else who would want to help."

Dred nodded and she turned back to the front of the class. Mr. Yevon had just wasted the whole period yelling at the class. Dred just sighed and put his book back in his bag and waited for the bell to ring any second now.
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Neko waited for the bell to ring. The last minute seemed to take a life time. "Ugh," she said. "Can this class take any longer?"
"I'm afraid it can," Mr. Yevon said. "You've got detension"
Neko's face fell and she banged her head onto her desk. "You know what? Screw you. I ain't got time for this." she said as she walked out of the classroom door after the bell rang. "Toodles!"
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]What a hell of a class. This was such a terrible day. Motoki gathered her things and headed for the door. As she entered the hall way she heard Dred say " Hey whatcha up to"

She turned around. " Oh not much"

" Hey you feeling better" He smiled

" humm oh ya I'm alright" She said hoping he wouldn't ask her any more questions. At the momment she didn't feel like talking about it.

" What was the matter?" He inquired

[I]Oh great....[/I]

" Nothing" Motoki said looking down the hall.

" Well it didn't seem like nothing.....you looked pretty upset" He could see she wasn't wanting to dicuss this. " So Sable said she wanted me to help her with sopmething after school and asked if I could find anyone else if they wanted to help too...so want to help?"

" Help her do what"

" Well...." He laughed " She never said. " I'm assuming she'll come back here. Want to help"

Motoki was still feeling bad and really didn't feel like going home just now.

" Ya sure why not" She shrugged.

Haiku walked by still playing with his necklace.

" Hey Haiku......" Dred called after him. " Doing anything right now?"[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Sable came back in the bulding a few minutes after the bell rang.

"Dred. Motoki. Haiku. Glad to see some of you stayed."

Dred looked a bit behind her and towards the smaller girl trying to hide.

"Oh! Yea...guys this is Miho. She's my adorable little sister."

Motoki smiled and walked up to Miho and shook her hand. "It's nice to meet you."
Miho hid back behind Sable again trying to disappear in her skirt.

"Sorry, she a bit shy. Well now that we probably have all who were willing to stay, and you're probably wondering what someone like me wants to do after school."

A small but devilish smile started creeping it's way across Sable's face.

"Every teacher they hire here, even for the smallest amount of time, they keep a record on them. These records are hard for one person to get into the alone, so that's why I need some extra hands. I wanna check out this Yevon guy."

The others were staring at her in disbelief. "What!?"

Dred shook his head and sighed, "It's just one wouldn't take you as the type of person to come up with a plan like this."

"Hey! I'm inuslted. All evil masterminds have to hide behind a mask of an fool. Makes the job a whole lot easier."

Haiku rolled his eyes and stopped playing with his necklace.
"So what do we do next?"[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo]Haiku looked at his paper with a sigh. [I]I'll save it for home, cover it with some gravy and let Myouga have it. That dog will eat anything anyway. But then he's used to eating what he can get. Eh, oh no! I forgot to go buy food for him.[/I]

He looked up as the bell rang. "Finally." He said as he stood while folding his paper then slipped it into his back pocket. He glanced around the class for a moment and watched Neko walk out after being given detention. Even though he hated the new teacher, Haiku had to admit that maybe Mr. Yevon would be a better teacher if the class were better students.

[I]Reminds me of my last school. No one respected the teacher then two days later she got in a wreck and died. Every one missed her then but I'm glad she died. She got away from her students. I wonder if that will happen here.[/I]

Haiku grinned at a different thought as the other students were leaving. "Adiosu, Mr. Yevon," he said with a wave to the teacher then darted out the door. He went to his locker and pulled out a black sweat jacket then quickly pulled it on and checked to make sure his keys were still in the pocket.
Haiku then heard some one call him and turned to see Dred. He was about to answer him when Sable came back with her little sister. He listened as she told about the files kept on the teachers. "So what do we do next? Do you even have what's needed to gain acess?" He paused for a moment and looked to see if Mr. Yevon was coming out of class yet. "And what if you get caught?"[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]As soon as the bell rang, Kaiya shot up, crumbling the paper and threw it towards the waste basket. It landed in cleanly, not even hitting the rim. Smirking she stalked out of the class after rewarding Mr. Yevon with a flash of her middle finger.

"See ya tomarrow, Mr. Don't-Care-Enough-To-Remember-Your-Stupid-Name, sir."

Once Kaiya was out the door she streched, yawning. Returning to a slouched postion she looked around, seeing a few of the class members gathered together, deep in discussion. Smirking she walked over and drapped her arm around Haiku.

"Hey buddy! How's the drug deal going, if you guys get any leftovers tell me. I just might be able to buy a few off ya'll."

She smiled and released him, starting to walk off to her next class, gym. [I]Perfect, more sleep.[/I][/COLOR]
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Dred just looked to the door "Then we just don't get caught."

Haiku justed sighed and rolled his eyes "That's real funny smart ass."

Sable just stepped in "If we want to find a way to get rid of this clown, we need to get a hold of those files."

They all looked to one another and nodded. They may not have been the closesst friends, but they were all brought together by there hatred for Mr.Yevon. Now all they needed was somekind of plan to get in and get out without being caught. Dred looked about the group and realized this was going to end up interesting, regardless of what happend.

Sable waved them all in, the young girl behind her stayed practically glued to Sable's back the whole time. The plan was to first fake a fight, that would get the attention of the SRO and all the ajointing faculty. Next another kid starts running around and whips up a frenzy amongst all the other students. Finally the last member breaks off and makes there way stealthly into the administration building. From there we pretty much wing it.

Sable looked about the group "What do you think?"

Haiku looked pretty confused "You really think that's got a shot at working?"

Dred shrugged "I don't see why it wouldn't. Me and Haiku here and whip up a good frenzy with a fight, Motoki here can get everbody else all riled up, and Sable can rush the administration building and snatch up the file."

Haiku smiled sarcastically "Great, except what happens to me and you when the SRO comes out and tazers both of us."

Dred turns to him "Just make sure you can run real fast before he catches you. That fat cop bloats himself on dougnuts, he'll never catch us if we put some effort into it."

The group sighed and looked aroudn to each other. They didn't like the plan, but no one had a better one, so this was going to have to be the game plan.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]Sable looked between all of them and sighed. "Just one tiny little problem."

Haiku raised his eyebrow, "And that would be?"

She pointed to her sister hiding behind her, "Miho won't leave me for a minute and I can't run with her clinging to my dress."

Motoki pratically lit up, "I'll keep her with me!"

"Umm, I don't know if Miho would like you or not. She's extremely shy and very picky about who she likes."

Motoki walked up towards Sable right side and knealt down "Hey Miho. Wanna come with me so you sister can help us?"

Miho tilted her head and grinned then hugged Motoki around her waist.

Sable let out a soft laugh and grinned, "Well at least that was easy to solve. Normally she dosen't take to other females to well."

Dred choughed slightly, "So shall we get this started then."

"But of course. Dred, Haiku, have at it."[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Teal]OOC: Yes this is short...but homework is calling.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Neko ran out into the hall just in time to see everyone leaving.

[I]Good,[/I] she thought. [I]Less people to deal with.[/I]

She walked quickly to her locker and stopped suddenly. An odd noise was coming from the teacher's lounge and it didn't seem like anything she had heard before.

"That's strange," she said to herself. "I wonder what that is...."

(sorry if my posts have been short, i have too much homework!)
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