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Sign Up Kingdom Hearts: Revision [PG-VL]


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[CENTER][IMG]http://www.animegalleries.net/av_cache/1142483223.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]

[COLOR=Blue][U][B][CENTER][SIZE=2]Dive Into The Heart[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/U][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][I] Are you ready?...........[/I]

Mike stood on a giant glass platform. Even though the platform was painted in rich colors, it could not overpower the darkness that surrounded it. If it wasn't brightly colored, the place would be in darkness completely. A small bell sound echoed around Mike as bright light steps formed in front of him. The steps where leading up, into the darkness. He took a step towards the steps when the bell sound stopped. A creature formed from the ground in front of him. It was small and it's body was black. More and more started to appear, surrounding Mike on the platform.

[I] You must fight to survive[/I]

A sword instantly formed into Mike's hand as the creatures attacked. With quick wrist, he sliced through the first one as it disappeared. The monsters kept forming from the ground as Mike swung the sword through the ambush. He dodged an attack from one and began to run towards the steps. He ran for his life as they followed close behind him. The steps stopped at another platform as he jumped from tge steps and landed on the glass. The ramp disappeared as so did the creatures. Mike gasped at the massive beast that stood looking down at him. The sword vanished from his hand as darkness began to grab him from the ground.

[I]Don't be afraid, you have the strongest weapon......[/I][/SIZE]

[U][B][CENTER][SIZE=2]New York City[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/U]

[SIZE=1]Mike woke up screaming. Sweat was swimming down his body as he took deep breathes. His pillow was soaked with sweat. His room was dead quiet as the moon light shinned through his window. He laid his head on his wet pillow, to go back to sleep. That's when his life changed forever. A scream startled him as he got out of bed. It came from outside as he jumped to his window and opened the shades. He too would have screamed, but was in complete shock. The apartment across from his was on fire, as so was the other buildings next to it. He looked down at the streets to see the people of new york running from the ones who started it. The dark creatures from his dream.

[I]Are you ready?...........[/I]

A kingdom hearts mix done by me. A fourteen year old boy named Mike has found out his world is being attacked by unknown creatures from his weird dream. He will soon be the keyblade master as he will be sucked and be sent into another world. It will start like kingdom hearts, only there is one huge difference. This isn't disney worlds, but movie worlds. If you don't understand, go to the Kingdom Hearts underground thread.

The keyblade master, Mike will be played by me. I need two ppl, one (male and one (female) character to be his friends in New york that will be tossed also. There will be two groups, The Keyblade master's and the archknights.

ArchKnights- people who have lost there world and seek revenge on the heartless. They go form world to world to destroy the armies of the heartless. (accepting min. 3, max. 5)

The keyblade master group are ppl that run into Mike in December world, (like Teverse Town). Like donald and goofy, they are sent by the king. I haven't really thought of a king and who his knights would be, so pm me if you have some sort of an idea. Anyway, they know alot about the keyblade and are sent to help Mike on sealing the worlds. I want up to three people with Mike. The people who want to join him, have to have something different from the other two. Like Donald was a wizard and used magic while goofy used physical attacks. Get it?

[B][U] Sign Ups[/U][/B]

[B]gender: [/B] (want it equal)
[B]job: [/B] (King's knights/group of Mike's, ArchKnights/group of Mike's friends)
[B]weapon:[/B] (main one)
[B]abilities:[/B] (only attackers)
[B]magic:[/B] (only for wizards)
[B]bio or character snippet:[/B]

(don't understand? I know, I was tired and wnted this up. PM me for questions)[/SIZE]
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Guest bleached
Name: Juna Ariyoshi

age: 16

gender: Female

job: Archknight mage

appearance: Below

personailty: She is quite happy. Even though her whole world was destroyed by the heartless, she still just wants to find anyone that is willing to start over, so to say. She really wants to stop the heartless without killing anyone. She knows it soulds kinda stupid, but she is not one for alot of violence.

weapon: A staff that has a sharp blade that surrounds the outside of the gem on one side. The gem is a suttle green while the staff itself is a deep ocean blue.

magic: She focuses on water and earth majic. She can use the others, but they barly do anything. Its like getting hit with a peice of bread or a book. Not very strong.

bio or character snippet: Juna quickly opened her eyes to screaming. She looked around her room but couldn't see anything. She was scared. Something was wrong, and she could not see what it was.

She quickly got out of her bed and began to caugh. She dropped to her knees and slowly stopped caughing. As she looked around, she saw her bedroom window, but only the outline of the street lights.

She opened it and looked out. Below her, there was fire shooting out of the windows. For some reason, she looked up and saw fire shooting out of the windows abover her. Every level had fire, but hers. She began to freak out.

She quickly rushed into her closet and sat down. She began to cry as the smoke started to get thicker.

[I]Do not me afraid little one....[/I]

"Who, who was that? What the hell is going on? Am I going to die?" Juna yelled at the voice, then began to cry agian.

[I]Open your heart, and the magic shall lead you to a new way of life.....[/I]

"What are you talking about? I am about to die and there is nothing I can do about it." She let out a big sigh as she felt herself begin to slowly sink into the ground. "Whats going on? Whats happening to me?" She began to reach for anything that was close to her to try and slow her fall into darkness."

[I]Do not fight it.......This darkness shall lead you to your new king...and loyal fighter for the worlds...[/I]

"What? I don't want to die! I don't want to die!" She screamed it over and over as the darkenss of the hole took her in, and left the room like there was noone in it.

There you go, thats my profile. Let me know if there needs to be changes.
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Might as well. I love Kingdom Hearts, and I don't have anything else to do waiting for KH2 to come out...

Name: Bob
age: Mid-to-late teens
gender: Fem (That's right ppl, I'm a girl named BOB)
job: [B][COLOR=Red]group of Mike's friends[/COLOR][/B] Occupation: STREET RAT, aka Professional Punk Girl. I wanted to have a KH thing where the lead character's female friend (aka potential love interest) wasn't "Kairi who can't wave a stick to defend herself"
appearance:[IMG]http://x-tra-x.com/bilder/artikel/10187.jpg[/IMG] [url]http://x-tra-x.com/bilder/artikel/10187.jpg[/url]
personailty: "Brute strength may not be everything, but it's good enough for me" Bob has always chosen to meet her challenges head-on, and if hitting it doesn't make it talk back, it needs to die, whatever it is. Secretly, though, she's a deep thinker and rather paranoid; she trusts no one but herself. If she ever met Larxene from Chain of Memories, they'd probably be very good friends.
Bob's big failure is that she thinks Shadow-Heartless are just the cutest little devils-- she's always trying to keep one for a pet.
weapon: bludgeoning weapons (club, hammer, baseball bat with nails driven through it, etc.)
abilities: (only attackers) Mediocre ATK, Good DEF, Huge HP bar. Bob's like a cockroach-- not much for attack, but you can't possibly kill her.
magic: (only for wizards) N/A
bio or character snippet: True to the streets, Bob is a fairly typical punk chica. She likes things that make her feel good, hates things that make her feel bad or that hurt her. When the creatures of darkness stole out of Mike's dream to attack, Bob was there on the front lines-- and most likely still is.

If I need more, tell me what I need to add.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Julian Hayle
[B]Age:[/B] 23
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Job:[/B] [strike]ArchKnight[/strike]
[B]Appearance:[/B] [I][B&W attached. Pose looks a little awkward, but oh well.][/I]
He has red hair, and slate gray eyes. The vest he wears beneath his chest plate is plain white, while his pants, boots and gloves (not including the shinguards and armlets, which are metal) are a muddy, faded brown. Both the sash around his waist and the cape-collar thing are a dull shade of purple.
[B]Personality:[/B] Julian often acts as though he has put the loss of his world behind him, but in truth holds a deep and bitter resentment of the Heartless. Though he hates to admit it, if he was given the chance he would probably do anything if it allowed him to wipe out every last one of them.
Around most people, he tries to act relatively upbeat, but can become very distant every once in a while.
[B]Weapon:[/B] A chain whip, with a leather bound handle/hilt at one end. The whip appears dull, from the lack of reflection from the metal used, but several sharpened rings have been added to the chain, at three-link intervals.
[B]Abilities:[/B] Julian has worked up a few little tricks with his whip that, though quite basic, can be very effective if used correctly. Right now, he's particularly fond of his gung-ho [COLOR=DarkRed][I]Whiplash[/I][/COLOR] attack, a quick combination of fast and strong strikes. One of his old loves is his [COLOR=DarkRed][I]Cyclic Chain[/I][/COLOR] strike, swinging the whip in a tight arc around the body, hitting anything within range in one swift motion.
[B]Magic:[/B] N/A
[B]Character snippet:[/B] [I]5 years ago...[/I]
Julian could only look back in horror as his former home finally fell to the shadowy creatures that had besieged it. The ground itself crumbled, pulled apart by the violent aura that seemed to have engulfed it completely. But what shook Julian the most was that only he and Marcus had managed to get away alive. His entire family, countless friends , all gone - and all because of those hideous monsters. He recalled marcus calling them [I]'Heartless'[/I], or something, but that didn't really matter all that much. They'd destroyed his life, and they [I]would[/I] pay for it with their own, no matter who or what they were.

Clenching both fists, Julian struck the... was it glass?... bubble in anger and frustration, only to yelp loudly as Marcus yanked him back by his neck. A sudden flash lit up the inside of the strange vessel they had escaped in, rocking it back and forth and launching Julian face-first into the nearest wall.

Marcus scowled, punching Julian in the back, and turned back to the controls. [b][I]"Yeesh, Jules."[/I][/b] He stretched out his left arm, and pointed his thumb backwards at three blocky ships, apparently with more of those 'Heartless', that seemed quite intent on blowing them apart. [b][I]"It's bad enough with those bastards scorching my new paint job, and then you go and smash up the inside..."[/I][/b] The Heartless ships soared past, only to be shot down by a swift barrage from Marcus.[b][I] "...good Gummi's are pretty difficult to come across on backwater worlds, y'know!"

"...Gummi's?"[/I][/b] Julian rubbed his aching forehead, completely bewildered as to what was going on, or where they were going.[b] [I]"...Heartless? C'mon Marcus, what are those things?" [/I][/b]His fist clenched again for a moment as Julian struggled to restrain himself. [b][I]"And what the hell do they want with us?!"[/I][/b]

Marcus flicked a switch on the control board, and spun his seat around, meeting Julian's bitter gaze with a mix of sympathy and pity. [b][I]"It's difficult to explain... but it's nothing personal. You were just in the wrong place,"[/I][/b] Marcus swivelled back around, and forced the ship into a steep curve, bringing an odd mass in to view. [b][I]"...at the wrong time."
As the ship grew closer to the object, lights shone out, some seeming to take the form of letters, and Julian could have sworn he saw some buildings, even people, on its surface. [I][b]"Oh, I almost forgot. Welcome to December Town, Jules. Your new home..."[/b][/I][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Kain Corvin

[B]Age[/B]: 24

[B]Gender[/B]: Male
Job[/B]: ArchKnight

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/ronon.jpg] Kain. [/URL]

[B]personality:[/B] Kain is observant and a bit withdrawn, never revealing too much about himself or what he is up to. He can be cold if he needs to be, he is blunt about situations, usually giving him the look of pesamiscim, and he could careless. He lets nothing get him down and always finds the silver lining.

[B]Weapon:[/B] [url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/ShadowKnight.jpg] Kain?s sword. [/URL]
Abilities:[/B] Kain?s abilities consist of the nature of what his blades aura gives off, [I]Demon slash[/I], this ability is only obvious from his blade. Its large demon face spreads a grin for a few seconds; Kain lashes out with inhuman precision. [I]Cauterizing Blade[/I], this skill activates the blades natural heat that leaks from the eyes and mouth of each face. He surrounds the blade in a thin layer of the heat and slashes quickly at his enemies, it burns right through the flesh causing sever pain, but stops all bleeding from happening.

[B]Bio or character snippet[/B]: Will Edit
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype][b]Name:[/b] Fay D. Flowright (:D, my own Fay okay?)

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Job:[/b] King's Knights (Mage)

[b]Appearance:[/b] Attached, make him shorter (on the same height as an ordinary 18 years old guy).

[b]Personality:[/b] [soon...]

[b]Weapon:[/b] The staff on attachment, make it a little shorter to match his shorted body height.

[b]Magic:[/b] [soon...]

[b]Bio or Character Snippet:[/b] [soon...][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Eleanor Rose .

[B]Age[/B]: 17

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Job[/B]: King's knights/group of Mike's

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL= http://www.negima.ne.jp/images/ver12_03.gif][B]Eleanor[/B][/URL]
Eleanor wears a tight fit white dress shirt with a black pined up vest. Her pants are black pinstripe pants. She has two belts that cross each other and hang loosely. Her sword hangs securely on one of her belts.

[B]Personailty[/B]: Eleanor is mild manor and ill tempered. If you make her angry is all fury on you. She can be cold at times and might block people out when they are speaking. Yet Eleanor has lots of patience. Her anger and coldness melts quickly when shown true compassion and friendship.

[B]Weapon[/B]: Long sword

[B]Abilities[/B]: One ability of hers is Hyper Dash which is when she dashes zigzag way killing off enemies. Another is she slashes her sword downward creating a straight clear path through.

[B]Bio or character snippet[/B]:
[Soon?.major writer block][/SIZE]
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[B]Name: [/B] Mike Dawn
[B]age:[/B] 15
[B]Gender: [/B] male
[B]Job:[/B] Keyblade Master
[B]appearance:[/B] [B][URL=http://www.khinsider.com/gallery/data/media/11/sora-never-completed.jpg]Here[/URL] [/B]

[U][B]Personality: [/B] [/U]
A kid grown up on the streets of New York city, meaning he will never put up with crap from no one. Though, he still believes in justice and in peace. His life seems to go upside downs when he starts having dreams of the heartless and the creepy voice that whispers in his head.

That last thing he could see himself is a hero. Growing up in the bad side of the city, he would always see himself as a street punk rather then helping people. Yet, fate has a weird way of working.

[B]Weapon: [/B] [B][URL=http://www.rpgplanet.com/kingdomhearts/keyblade.bmp]Here[/URL][/B]Though, The keyblades will change through the course of the game.

At the beginning, Mike makes up a tech. that is just like Sora's Sonic Blade, only he calls it the [B]'Finished Blade'[/B].

[U][B]Magic: [/B] [/U]
Basics of Fire, Water, Wind, and lightning. Just the 1st level until the other mages reach the 3d level or 'ga' level is when he would advance to the next one.

[U][B]bio/character snippet:[/B][/U]
(on the way....)

Sign ups are looking good. We still need one more of Mike's friends which is a important role. If someone would like to be him, pm me. We will start when we get the last friend. [/SIZE]
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(I will make any changes necassay)
Name: Dante Kara

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Job: ArchKnight

Appearance: [url=http://photobucket.com/albums/d41/whitewolf_fang/?action=view¤t=dante.jpg]Dante[/url]

Weapon: The sword on his back which is an extremely long claymore with two grooves along each side of the blade going from the handle to the tip.

Abilities: [I]Alastor[/I]-Dark electricity forms around the sword killing everyone it touches or paralyzing them for life if they are lucky enough to escape the blade.
[I]Force Edge[/I]-Black energy forms over his blade making it twice as long allowing him to kill more with each attack.
[I]Nightmare[/I]-Dante grabs his sword and holds it like a rifle as the sword acts like a high powered machine gun, firing a non stop wave of bullets. The force of this also cuts up Dante's hand that he is using to hold the blade.

Bio: Dante yawned as he threw another dart into the target getting another bullseye. "There is nothing to do" He heard a door shut as a girl sat on his desk. "What do you want Trish"

Trish frowned as he caught the dart in midair that Dante had just thrown. "Is that all you do is just sit around all day?"

Dante rocked back in his chair and propped his feet on his desk. "Until a castle or cave needs to be cleaned out yes. You have a problem with that?"

Trish shook her head as she walked into the kitchen. "I still can't see why you had to build your house behind your office"

Danteclosed his eyes and smiled. "Because I didn't want to walk to work everyday"

Trish let out a sigh as she came back into the room. "You are the most laziest person ever. I didn't think you were like that from the first time I met you"

Dante couldn't help but laugh. "Thank you. It was about time you said somthing nice for a change"

Trish brought her hand back to hit Dante when the door flew open and a man came in panting.

"Dante....there are ....creatures...attacking the... city" He leaned against the door frame trying to catch his breathe.

Dant e jumped out of his seat taking his sword off the wall at the same time. "What do they look like?"

The man's eyes went wide as suddenly his heart came out of him and his skin went black.

Dante scratched his head as the man changed into a weird looking monster. "He looks kinda like a demented jester" He swung his sword as the creature lunged, splitting it in half. He looked out the door. "What the..." People were screamaing and running as different sorts of creatures chased them, all having the same balck skin an they either had a heart shaped hole in them or a heart with an x in it. People fell as their hearts left them then they too became a creature. "Hey Trish, looks like we got our work cut out for us" He cut three down then didn't here an answer. "Trish...?" He turned to see a hung one holding her by the waist as she lay unconcsious in its hands. Dante frowned. "Alright drop her or no treats for you" He lunged as it disappearred into a dark void. "Crap...now I'm mad" He charged out into the streets slcing any that were near him. Voids appeared in random places as more kept appearring. When ever he cut one two took its place. "Looks like this is it."

A shadow came over him making him turn around and come face to face with a three stroy tall giant monster. "I like the shorter ones better" Its fist came down as he rolled out of the way. "Force edge" The blade grew as he took out both legs making it crash into the ground. "One down.." A ripple through the ground sent him into a cart. The ground began breaking away around him. He peered over the edge and saw a dark void underneath. "Come on" He tried to move an saw tendrils of darkness coming up around him. "Why does it always have to be darkness. Why can't they be red or blue."

[I]Do not fight the darkness. Let it lead you to the light. There you will meet your new king[/I]

"King? What the...?" The arms came up around him making him black out.
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[SIZE=1] I have PM everyone that has been accepted on the Kingdom Hearts roster. It was a tough, and i'm sorry to the rest for not taking ya.

Thoose, who i have PM, I will be starting this tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. The planning for everything is sucking the life out of me.

Well, look for it tomorrow.[/SIZE]
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