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Hello. I need someone to help me create an RPG. I've made quite a few. But I have never been able to get enough people to start one. So could some one please help me create the great RPG that I need? If anyone could please post that you'll help. thanks I apreciate it. :bawl:
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An excellent RPG can grow from your tactics. Don't be afraid to take some time on forming it. You don't have to rush every idea that comes to mind and make it into an RPG. Plot out the story better. A good way to work on the plot is to imagine it as a show, preferably an anime in your case, I assume. Imagine it all playing out like a TV show and use some elements like that to expand on. If you need me to further elaborate on that, I will.

Other things that could help are:[list]
[*][b]Graphics:[/b] If you pretty it up, it'll look really nice and will pull people in 'cause it looks more professional than the slapped-together jibber jab you'll often see with inexperienced roleplayers (but I'm not dissing on them, 'cause sometimes those RPGs do make it through, but rarely). Graphics can go from just a title banner to special banners for sections of things like "Story," "Characters," and "Sign Up Application." The following link isn't an RPG, but it's one of my stories and has a similar effect to what I talk of. As you'll see, I used a title graphic and a table graphic to give it more effect. It's not the best work, but it'll get you started. [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=51221]CLICK HERE[/URL] for it.
[*][b]Plot:[/b] Like I said, a developed, well thoughtout plot always gives the RPG a good kick. Unfortunately, a lot of members are lazy so a lot of reading may frighten them off. But if a lot of the better roleplayers like something more elaborate, so it's hard to win here. Still, something interesting always catches the fish.
[*][b]Set-Up:[/b] You don't always have to make RPGs with the same old style. Just a story and a sign up slapped together can be rather dry, especially if the story doesn't have much to it. Try something new like having the roleplayers choose weapons and spells. And maybe even have their characters each have money and in the RPG, they can spend it or gain some more. This is a fun and detailed idea, but also means more work for you.[/list]

Those are just some ideas to get you started. I hope it helps you.
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