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Writing Battle of the Heart [PG-13]


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[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Well, this all started out as me and my friend were RP-ing in a IM conversation we were having. Me and my friend, Thomas, have made our own RP adventure between the two of us. I play as Yuna (the one from FF X and FF X-2) and Thomas plays the one and only Uchiha Sasuke. So far, we've had many adventures as the two of these people, but now we are sticking to a firm storyline, trying to write our own story with Yuna and Sasuke. Since then, I've been writing our convo's in a story form and wanted to write it down here, wanting to know what you all think. It's very interesting, really... but, it all depends on what you like. Oh, and by the way... Sasuke and Yuna are going out. n.n[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][U]Chapter One: Waiting...[/U]

The day was as bright as any other day before it, with the sun beaming it?s bright rays down onto the busy Konohagakure village, or otherwise known as the ?Village Hidden in the Leaves.? Inside the village, it was full of bustling people buying trinkets from the marketplace, children running around everywhere and vender carts trying to sell their economic goods to buying mothers. It was just the same as it was every single day; nothing new and exciting ever happened for about ten years. During those ten years, a lot has happened between five people and their lives being intertwined. But, towards the unnoticing village towns-people, everything has stayed the same for as long as they can remember. It had been a very soothing and relaxing day for everyone in the town today.

Up above the busy marketplace was a hill that had a cherry blossom tree right on the hillsides top, where the wind would gently blow the fully-grown flowers towards the city, making it glow with its radiance and smell with its wonderful fragrance. Everyone has wondered how the tree has never withered or faded away along with the seasons like the regular plants and trees; this cherry blossom tree has always stayed the same and has always grown beautiful flowers throughout the city. Some say that it was part of the myth that when Hokage the Fifth destroyed the demon fox, the good spirits of nature blessed Konohagakure with a divine and beautiful flower tree; others say that it came from the old and legendary Uchiha clan? but, it has always remained a mystery, no matter what the stories were.

Leaning on his back besides the shady tree trunk, twenty year-old Uchiha Sasuke was resting his eyes and letting his mind wander throughout different thoughts about his past and his present future. Ever since he graduated from the status as Genin to Elite Shinobi, his life has been busy with simple missions to help Konohagakure earn money and even loyalty credit from other villages. Since today was an off-day, he was waiting under the tree for Yuna, his ?girlfriend?, as some would say? but to him, she was more than that; she was someone who he could always talk to, someone whom he could always lean on her shoulder and cry, no matter what the circumstances. He told her to meet him right under the tree, seeing as how it can be noticed from miles away. He also said that he wanted to tell her something very important about him? So, he knew that no matter what, she would never miss their meeting because she knew that this was important to him. So, he rested his eyes and waited until she came to meet him.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Purple][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=1]Hey thanks, guys. Sorry it took me so long to post up the next chapter, but school's really been killing me this past month. It's always something about having to kill students just before school gets out... oog... XP Well, anyways... here's the next installment. I hope you like it.... I'll post chapter three in a week or so!! n.n[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Black][SIZE=2][U]Chapter Two: Feelings of Warmth[/U]

Slowly creeping up the hill towards him, nineteen year-old Yuna tries to refrain from making any noise to wake the sleeping Sasuke. Since Yuna hardly ever saw Sasuke lay-down his guard, this was her very chance to wake him up by scaring him. She tried to silence her giggles and laughter, thus only muffled sounds come from her mouth. Once she was an arm?s length away from him, she squatted down next to him and leaned her head on her right arm, smiling at his peaceful face. ?He looks so peaceful whenever he sleeps,? she thought to herself. Thinking of what he wanted to tell her so anxiously, she got lost of what to do next? wondering what he had to say?.

?Hi, Yuna.?

?Eep!? Yuna yelped, frightened at the now awakened Sasuke. Sasuke startled her so much that she fell backwards and bonked her head upon the ground. She slowly sat up and rubbed her head with her left hand. She nervously chuckled and said, ?Umm? hi, Sasuke? how long have you been awake??

He crouched down to her level and laughed a little, amused at the cuteness that she never ceases to amaze him with. ?For a few minutes maybe?? He reached his hand towards her, smiling, ?you know, you?re awfully cute when you daydream??

She blushed a little at his statement and put her hand in his and was pulled up onto her feet. She stumbled a little, but steadied herself and stood up straight, dusting her pants off. ?Well? it?s not fair,? she pretended to pout and crossed her arms, ?you?re an elite shinobi, while I?m just a regular ninja.?

Sasuke smirked at Yuna?s little game and made a ninja sign with his right hand. He then teleported and appeared right in front of her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He nudged his head towards hers and gently kissed her, ?Well, it?s not fair that you?re a summoner and can summon aeons to help you fight.?

Yuna blushed as Sasuke kissed her and put her arms around his waist, ?But? I may need you there to protect me if I need more help.? As she said that, she put her right hand on his cheek and softly caressed it, smiling as she looked up at him. ?Sasuke?? she said softly, hoping that he would catch her good intentions.

?Yuna? I...? He tried to say how he felt about her right now, but nothing could express the way that she was showing him. He slowly moved his face towards Yuna?s and softly kissed her lips, hoping that she wouldn?t mind that he felt this passionate about her. He then wrapped his arms around her body and slowly moved his right hand down the groove of her spine, gently touching her soft, lightly tanned skin.

Slightly blushing at what was going on between the two lovers, Yuna wrapped both her arms around his neck and buried her head into his chest, then lifting her face towards Sasuke?s throat and started to softly kiss it. She wasn?t going to stop? Yuna wanted him to know that she loved him so much? she just had to show him how?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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That was awesome K.W! I love how you expressed Yuna and Sasuke's love! LOL, I'm into these fanfic/action/romances :animesmil If I could rate these two...I'd give the fist one a 8.5/ 10, and the second one a 9.5/ 10. Keep it up, K.W!

-#1 fan
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