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I was going to make a Kingdom Hearts rp on games and need suggestions about good ones to use as worlds to go to. I am open to anyone that would like to help and will see if your choices are good for my rp.

Needs to be a good game that would make a great place to fight Heartless at

Here are some of the games in it and any games with other titles are basically wrapped all into one

[SIZE=3][CENTER][B][COLOR=Navy]Tales of Symphonia[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER][/SIZE]

Remiel is back and is looking for revenge against Llyod, this time he has the Heartless on his side. To make matters worse he has Llyod's gang locked up as well. Llyod has gone into hiding so as not to be caught.

[CENTER]Streets of Berlin[/CENTER]
Rayne is still fighting the Nazis so she can kill her biological father and stop Jurgun Wulf. Unfortuantly it has become a lot harder with the Heartless in her way considering they don't have blood. With Wulf already having unatural powers and the aid of the Heartless he has almost completed his search for the rest of the remains of Beliar.

[CENTER][SIZE=3][B][COLOR=DarkGreen]ShadowHearts: Covenant[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
[CENTER]Town of Domremy[/CENTER]
Lieutenant Karin Koenig has his sights on the small town of Domremy, the only thing in his way is the Demon of Domremy, Harmonixer Yuri Hyuga. But will this one man with extrodinary powers be able to face the creatures of Karin but the Heartless as well?

[CENTER][COLOR=Orange][SIZE=3][B]Final Fantasy 7[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
Sephiroth has enlisted the might Heartless army under his control and is now after the entire universe. Right now he is after the necassary pieces to open the keyhole on his world as well as the others where he has people under him.

[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=3][CENTER][B]Bloody Roar[/B][/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[CENTER]Zoanthrope Kingdom[/CENTER]
Uranus, Busuzima, Jenny, Shenlong, Chronos and Kohryu have all teemed together with the Heartless to find the keyhole and open it so that they alone may rule the Zoanthrope kingdom.

[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=3][CENTER][B]God of War[/B][/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
Ares has brought back the Barbarian leader and given him an army of barbarian Heartless at his command so that he can pillage the land once again with his new target being Athens. Not even Kratos is strong enough to kill an entire army, much less take on the Heartless while defending the city of Athens.

[CENTER][IMG]http://bonusweb.idnes.cz/obrazek/crystal_key2_e3_scr09.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]
A town where all kind of travelers and refuges of already destroyed planets congrigate.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]I have one of the perfect games, God of War. Its a great place for pure fighting and the main character, the guy you will probably meet since they do that in the regular Kingdom hearts, would be interesting to talk to. If you need mroe information on the game go to this site. [url=http://us.playstation.com/Content/OGS/SCUS-97399/Site/main.asp
God of War] God of War. [/url][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Any other games I will think of later, but this is all I have so far.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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