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Sign Up Carlos Javier's Select College for the Children of Gentlefolk [PG13 - V]


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[color=crimson][center][b][u]Carlos Javier?s Select College for the Children of Gentlefolk[/u][/b][/color]


?In the early years of the 17th century something wicked cursed the peoples of the world and gave rise to the [i]Witchbreed[/i], wicked people cursed with evil powers and vile appearances. Across Europe the witchbreed were being hunted down and killed. Thankfully for those select few witchbreed who escaped and made it to England there was a Spaniard known as Carlos Javier, who had established a College to teach the witchbreed, was willing to give them safe harbour.?

?1602 was a year of political intrigue, assassinations and many events that many blamed the witchbreed for. In the midst of all the turmoil a group of witchbreed lead by Carlos Javier, with the assistance of Sir Stephen Strange and Sir Nicholas Fury, launched an assault upon the wicked Otto von Doom, Count of Latveria. They were also aided by several other heroic figures such as the blind Irish Minstrel Matthew Murdoch and Donal the Old Man who with the aid of the Hammer Mjolnir could transform into the pagan god Thor. During the assault on Latveria they freed many of Count Dooms prisoners and chief among these were the Fantastick Force.?

?A crew of Four who through their global travels were changed into the four elements by strange magicks. Sir Richard Reed became pliable like Water, Captain Benjamin Grimm became as hard as Stone, Susan Storm became as light and invisible as Air, and Jon Storm became as bright as Flame.?

?While Javier and his allies were enduring these hardships other witchbreed were enacting their own plans. Enrique of Spain, a polish orphan taken in by the Catholics, had hid his own witchbreed nature and achieved the high rank of Grand Inquisitor. While his orders were to hunt and eliminate witchbreed like himself but he only did so to those who could not properly disguise their nature and kept the others alive. Two were Petros who could run faster than a speeding arrow and Sister Wanda whose powers were vastly similar to those wielded by true witches, while Enrique used them as his personal assistants he never revealed to them that he was their father.?

?Soon Javier and his allies had succeeded in their attack against von Doom. But one of their own well, a woman named Jean Grey who had been masquerading as a boy in order to enter the College. Things took a turn for the worst for Enrique when his treachery was discovered he and his children were to be burned at the stake, but they escaped and planned to meet with Enrique?s force known as The Brotherhood. Soon all of them found there way to the New World at Roanoke Colony. Unfortunately King James of England hated all witchbreed and dispatched his trusted advisor David Banner to eliminate Javier, Enrique and all those associated with them.?

?Now unknown to everyone the reason for the coming of the witchbreed, the change in Otto von Doom and a plethora of other strange happenings was the coming of the one called Rojhaz to the world. In truth he was a man from the future know as Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. His time travelling had caused events to unfold differently and if the rift was not sealed the world would be undone. Before Sir Fury and Rojhaz could return through the rift David Banner tried to attack but his force was killed and he himself was exposed to the magicks of the rift and changed into a hulking beast.?

?Fury and Rojhaz stepped through the rift and the anomaly closed behind them. Before Enrique departed he entrusted his children to the care of his old friend Javier, requesting he not tell them he was their father. Now with the Old World a fading memory Carlos Javier intends to continue teaching his witchbreed students to harness there powers for the betterment of all.?


Welcome all to an X-Men RP with a difference. If you don?t know this is based on the mini-series ?Marvel 1602? where Captain America caused some kind of temporal anomaly which caused several Marvel characters to be born three hundred years early in the 16th and 17th centuries. What I?m wanting to do is basically do an RP that?s set after Fury and Captain America stepped through the portal. In all honesty I?m not entirely sure what year to set it in [After 1602 of course] nor which town to have it primarily based around so right now this will just be for the sign-ups as it always is and I?ll open an Underground thread for people to discuss when they want it set and were Javier?s College should be set up.

Now like Blayze?s current Ultimate X-Men RP the sign up will be a case of taking a canon X-Men character and changing them to fit in with the 1602 setting. I?ll take the time now to list those students of Javier who appeared in the comic book itself.
[*]?John? Grey ? [i]1602s version of Jean Grey.[/i]
[*]Hal McCoy ? [i]1602s version of Beast, sans blue fur of course.[/i]
[*]Scotius Somerisle ? [i]1602s version of Cyclops.[/i]
[*]Roberto Trefusis ? [i]1602s version of Iceman.[/i]
[*]Werner ? [i]1602s version of Angel.[/i]
[*]Petros ? [i]1602s version of Quicksilver.[/i]
[*]Sister Wanda ? [i]1602s version of Scarlet Witch.[/i]
Given that these characters have already appeared in this timeline I?m most likely going to have them as NPCs but if you feel you can adequately play them please send me a PM and I?ll consider it. [i]N/B: Jean died in the comic book but Werner thought he glimpsed a Phoenix rising from her body.[/i] There were other Marvel characters within the series but I?ll give a link with information on all of them in the Underground, it will also have information on the world of 1602 on the whole.

I do ask that you not create your own characters and just change existing X-Men characters for this setting, imagine playing as Nightcrawler in this scenario, but first here?s the list of un-playable characters who appeared in the mini-series. [Without talks with me first.]
[*]Carlos Javier.
[*]David Banner.
[*]Donal and Thor.
[*]Otto von Doom.
[*]The Fantastick Force.
[*]Matthew Murdoch.
[*]Peter Parquagh.
[*]The Toad.
So without further ado here?s the sign-up sheet. [i]N/B: I shall be playing Peter Wisdom, though he will be a main member of Javier's Witchbreed in this timeline.[/i]


[b]Name:[/b] [Some names won?t need much changing, like Piotr Rasputin or Kurt Wagner, as they fit in but others like Kitty Pryde would need to be changed.]

[b]Age:[/b] [The characters who appeared in 1602 will obviously be older but the age range I?m looking for is 15-25.]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [A picture of the character you?re taking on will be fine but add a note about any differences such as clothing. Or just a detailed description will do fine.]

[b]Powers:[/b] [For this I think it would be fun to try and explain the powers from a 1602 point of view. For example Scotius eyes aren?t inter-dimensional apertures that expel energy, they could be a portal to hell or something which expels the ?devils energy?, I won?t force people to do this but it could be fun.]

[b]Originally From:[/b] [Given that it?s the early 17th Century a lot of people will be emigrating to the New World so if your equivalent character is from American please change that, for example Gambit could be from France instead of Louisiana.]

[b]Affiliation:[/b] [I?m undecided whether I?ll have Enrique causing trouble in the New World so I?ll put this here. Either ?Javier?s College for the Children of Gentlefolk?, or ?The Brotherhood of those who shall Inherit the Earth?.]

[b]Known Family:[/b] [Who are your parents or siblings, were they witchbreed as well, are the living or dead?]

[b]Personality:[/b] [How do you act toward others around you, how to you react to a situation, your general manner and so on.]

[b]Biography:[/b] [What you can do is either take your characters history and alter it too fit in with the 17th century environment or start fresh and totally re-write the history from a 17th century stand point.]


I?m looking forward to this and I hope it will make for a good RPG, the Underground thread is located [b][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52593]here[/URL][/b].[/size][/color]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma][B]Name:[/B] Niles Steighger

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://www.marvel.com/universe3zx/images/c/c0/Abyss.jpg]Abyss in 2004[/url]

Basically, Niles is a man wrapped in egyptian mummy tape. He wears clothes, and his arms, hands and face are the only things aren't covered up by clothing.

[B]Powers: [/B] When unravelling his "ribbons" (which is actually his skin), his body becomes a portal to hell, and he can use those ribbons to pull his foes into hell, or other useful things.

[B]Originally From:[/B] India

[B]Affiliation: [/B] Javier's College for Gentlefolk

[B]Known Family:[/B] Azazel (father), Raven Darkholme (Mystique, mother), Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler, brother), and Kiwi Black (half-brother)

[B]Personality:[/B] Niles is generally a dull person. Although he always takes part in conversations, his tone of voice is very flat and bland. He tends to be the first person to enter battle, and the last one to leave. If there is anything he can't stand, it is villains.

[B]Biography:[/B] [i]Will fill in later.[/i][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[center][size=1][b]Name: [/b]Remy LeBeau

[b]Age: [/b]27

[b]Appearance: [/b][url="http://hombre-x.net/index/gambit.jpg"]Gambit in 2006[/url]

[b]Powers: [/b]Remy LeBeau's own brand of witchcraft involves his touching of various objects, more often than not he uses [i]tarot [/i]cards, and igniting them with dark energies. He promptly hurls the object, which, on contact with another object, be it inanimate, human or otherwise, explodes without the use of gunpowder or flame.[b]

Originally From: [/b]France

[b]Affiliation: [/b]The Brotherhood of those who will Inherit the Earth (although his alliance with them is shaky at best, and he is known to switch his affiliation when it best suits him)

[b]Known Family: [/b]Jean-Luc Lebeau (adoptive father), Belladonna (wife)

[b]Personality: [/b]Roguish and handsome, Remy can usually manage to sweet-talk his way out of any situation, using his immense charm and charisma to woo anyone he needs to. He is laid-back and never takes things too seriously, and he is only allied with the Brotherhood because they came to him with the best offer of protection against humans.

[b]Biography: [/b]Remy LeBeau was abandoned at birth, leaving him on the streets of France, where the only way he could survive was to build his life on crime. He stole for a living, taking coins off rich men that passed him, building up his thieving skills, until he was found and taken in by Jean-Luc Lebeau, the leader of the Thieves' Guild, who also eventually adopted him. As a member of the Guild, Remy and his foster father built Remy up to become the Master Thief he is today. However, one thing separated this street urchin from the rest of the Guild: his strange ability.

As part of a peace agreement between the Guild and their rivals, the Assassins' Guild, Remy was forced into a marriage to his childhood sweetheart Belladonna. But Belladonna's brother Julien saw things differently, and challenged Remy to a duel immediately after the wedding. However, Remy won, severely injuring Julien. Knowing that this could start a Guild War, Remy fled, leaving the Guild behind, as well as Belladonna. So he turned his hand to the only thing he knew how to do: stealing.

However, soon after his flight from the Guild, Remy ran into the man named Nathaniel Essex, who duped him into joining a mercenary group called The Marauders. But soon after, he left, after being forced into helping with the murder of hundreds of other witchbreeds.

After a period of a few years, in which Remy's movements are widely unknown, he was approached by a man named Enrique, or the Grand Inquisitor, and he has been a part of his Brotherhood ever since.

[b]Hope this is ok for you, Will, PM/IM me if not[/b]
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[color=teal][size=1]Well seeing as this is getting less attention than I would've hoped [i][heh][/i] I'm going to allow people to sign up as those students who were in the original comic book series. And I'm going to ease up on non-canon characters but as long as they at least have something in common with a canon character.

I hope this will raise interest in this RP.

[i]N/B: White make sure you finish your sign-up soon and yours is fine Phil.[/i][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

|[B]Sign Up[/B]|

[B]Name:[/B] Matthew Murdoch

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://zeitgeistglee.250free.com/Murdoch_1602.jpg]Matthew Murdoch[/url] circa 1602

[B]Powers:[/B] [[B]Will Edit[/B]]

[B]Originally From:[/B] Ireland

[B]Affiliation:[/B] Javier?s College for the Children of Gentlefolk

[B]Known Family:[/B] [[B]Will Edit[/B]]

[B]Personality:[/B] [[B]Will Edit[/B]]

[B]Biography:[/B] [[B]Will Edit[/B]]

Sorry about leaving all the "[I]Will Edits[/I]" Bill, but it's 1:47 AM here and I'm in dire need of rest, plus that Murdoch picture was murder to get right.[/SIZE]
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