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Art Gundam Seed Destiny AMV


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I just spent a good long time laboring over this music video.
It's to "Blindfolds Aside" by Protest the Hero, and I would love to get some feedback on it. Unfortunately, while I uploaded it onto Youtube, it lost some of the quality, so a couple parts are going to be more fuzzy than anticipated.

As I put in the description, there are spoilers upon spoilers in this video, so if you've allready seen the fansubs you should be good.
If not, then I'd ignore this thread, so as not to ruin it for you.

I hope you all enjoy it, this is my first time ever making a music video or anything creative like that... so bare with me <3 I'd just love to get some feedback on it, personally I think it's pretty darn good for an amateur. :animesmil

[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfZMbZ4iwnY]Clicky Clicky[/URL]
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yea, the fuzzyness can't be helped.
it turned out that way when I uploaded it, but when I watch it on my computer it has more of a "old film" effect. I was kind of sad about when I uploaded it. :animedepr
I was being such a perfectionist about it.
Thank you :)
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[color=dodgerblue]...wow! That's pretty awesome for a first try! Lol, my first try sorta sucked and died ~_~ But anyways, keep up the good work, I'll be looking forward to more AMV's from you ^_^ (will be featuring yours in my next mO update ^_^).[/color]
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thank you, I'm very flattered.
I'm slowlyg working on another one.
But my computer is rather slow and stupid, so it's takin me a while.

I am really proud how it turned out, I think it goes good to the music and what not. I thought that I picked a pretty good song for it.

My next one is going to be to Metric- Monster Hospital, and it's all featuring Lacus Clyne.
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[color=dodgerblue]lol, your'e welcome. And I'm looking forward to more AMV's from you. I know that you'll be getting better as time goes by and you get more experience, and if this was really your first one, then I'm expecting great things from you :D Anyways, I'll be looking forward to the next one, it sounds good. And I agree, you picked a good song to go with it. Don't worry about your computer being slow, because usually the longer it takes to make an AMV the more you can clean out any mistakes made and such. Patience is a good thing to have when making AMV's, lol. Take care & peace out![/color]
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hehe oh dear, now I'm going to have a big thing to keep up with :animeshy:

well I PM'd you with the links to my newest additions, and I'll post the links for both of them on this thread as well.
Sadly, I don't think they are anything close to as good as the first one, but I still think they aren't too shabby for just throwing them together. I certainly didn't spend as much time on them as I did on the first one, these ones I just put together this afternoon. I guess I wasn't being very patient :animeswea
but here's a couple more, enjoy!


Edit: Sheesh, everyone seems to be reading this thread just not posting on it... please if you do watch the video I'd love to hear from you!
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