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Stargate Excalibur [PG13-VL]


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[color=teal][size=1][i]?There drew he forth the brand Excalibur,
And o?er him, drawing it, the winter moon,
Brightening the skirts of a long cloud, ran forth
And sparkled keen with frost against the hilt:
For all the haft twinkled with diamond sparks,
Myriads of topaz-lights, and jacinth-work
Of subtlest jewellery.?[/i]


The Alterans did not just build the Stargate network. They built great cities such as Atlantis, they built great weapons such as the Drones, they built great archives for storing every facet of their civilization, they also built a great fleet of ships. While the Stargates provided instantaneous transport between their worlds the Alterans knew that these portals were hard to defend and they would be vulnerable to attack from above, so it was decided they would construct a great fleet of ships to not only defend their worlds but also seek out new ones on which life could be seeded and Stargates built.

From the smallest survey vessels to the mightiest cruisers the Alterans soon had a fleet that was on par with that of their Asgard Allies. The Alterans while not a malicious or cruel people by any stretch of the imagination they where a proud people and they soon wished to build a craft that would surpass any that had yet been seen and any that would come. Like there great city ships which were bound to the planet of there construction as a defendable position and central nexus for the planet this great ship was envisaged as the central nexus for the Alteran fleet which all ships could rely on in times of need.

Even though the Alterans were pacifists at heart they did understand the need for weaponry in the face of hostile aliens. They equipped this ship with innumerable drone weapons, prototype beam weaponry developed along with the Asgard and one of the most power shield generators of their time. Her speed would be unmatched in normal space and the Hyperdrive generator was the fastest they made and also capable of intergalactic travel. In appearance she was a like a great behemoth which many glittering lights and great engines ploughing through the vast emptiness of space. Sadly before the Alterans could fully activate this jewel a great plague swept through the galaxy they inhabited, many of them choose too shed their corporeal form while a small group took the city ship Atlantis too another galaxy in the hopes of starting again.

The ship was left to slumber on one of there worlds, gradually the world changed and a great flood came a sank this great vessel but the mighty construction of the Alterans stood firm against the crushing depths. After many years had past a small ground of un-ascended Alterans returned to Earth and finding a savage land they began teaching the humans there as best they could. One of these was known as Myrddin but the chronicles of Man would soon remember him as Merlin the Wizard and mentor of King Arthur of the Britons. One of the many tales he told Arthur was that of this great ship, Arthur interpreted it as best he could as a powerful sword and named his own sword in honour of this great ship, Excalibur.

Now that Earth was become an active member of the galactic stage after rediscovering their Stargate they began searching out advanced technology. They found many enemies in the galaxy but they also found allies and new technology. Eventually one of their greatest enemies, the Goa?uld, were defeated along with the powerful machine force of the Replicators. For a time Earth knew peace in the galaxy but it was not so, they found the Ori. But as a brief respite they discovered a treasure trove of Merlin?s Alteran technology and notes about other locations. A brief mention was given to this great ship resting in the deeps of one of the worlds.

[center]The SGC is going to find it.


Welcome all to my first [i]?Stargate?[/i] RPG [Not just on OB but ever]. If you?ve been keeping track of the ideas thread in the Underground you?ll know that this is RP is about more than just an advanced Alteran Starship. Let me quote myself for this bit of information:
[QUOTE=Jokopoko] I've been thinking and I've seen a tendency in most Stargate spin-offs is to go to a new Galaxy so they don't mess with each others storylines unless its a crossover story, this is true for Atlantis and the virtual series' Destiny and Horizon. So how does this sound:

Some time before the plague came a group of Alterans were dispatched to the Phoenix Dwarf galaxy in some kind of exploration mission but before they could return the plague struck so they remained in the Phoenix galaxy and did what Alterans do, that is build a Gate network and ascend etc. So the human cultures in this galaxy developed unhindered for some time until the myriad of alien life achieved sentients and became jealous of these thriving cultures and started attacking them.

Now the Excalibur was also built before the plague so it has information on this expedition in its memory banks and this is an excellent chance to get Alteran, or equivalent, technology from these advanced human cultures. So the crew along with a large group intending to settle in Phoenix for a time head off to this new galaxy with the Excalibur as proof of their connection with the Alterans.

I'd do this so as not to mess with SG-1 Season Ten and SGA Season 3, sound good? Note: It's been said that the weaponry for the ship is a bit over the top so I think I'll be toning it down a bit.[/QUOTE]
So you can see that while the main point in the beginning is actually discovering the Excalibur and then finding out about this group of Alterans that travelled to the Phoenix Galaxy. The way this will work is much like [i]?Stargate Atlantis?[/i] in that its not setting in our galaxy, it will be an international group rather than purely American and there won?t be much contact with characters from other series. Now I must [b]STRESS[/b] this point beyond all meaning and understanding, it is vital that you know a good amount about the Stargate Universe as it is an essential part of this RPG and it won?t help anyone if you try to ?blag? your way through this RPG.

I?ll have an Underground thread up soon and if there are any questions just post them in the Ideas thread for now. But once again let me say: [b]You must have a good working knowledge of the Stargate Universe to take part in this RPG.[/b] Just a quick note about the sign-ups, given that this is going to be run like a television series I?m only going to want about five or six characters as regular characters but if I still like your sign-up I?ll ask you to be a reoccurring character. And yes that does mean this will be run on the Episode variation of the Chapter system.

[i]N/B: There?s going to be two sign-up sheets for this, Civilian and Military. Generally speaking I?d like a few more Civilian than Military. Also I?ve already got the roles of Civilian Leader, Military CO and Military XO picked out so don?t apply for them please. One more thing, I?ll decide which characters possess the ATA gene based upon the sign-ups.[/i] The link to the Underground is [b][url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52864]here[/url][/b].


[b][u]Civilian Sign-up[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] [No outlandish stuff, just modern names]

[b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b] [The RP year is 2007, so just subtract your age for your DoB]

[b]Gender:[/b] [Self explanatory.]

[b]Country of Origin:[/b] [While most countries know about the Stargate Program some don?t, I?ll be posting info on those who do know about it in the Underground.]

[b]Speciality:[/b] [Science, Engineering, Medical and so on.]

[b]Education:[/b] [What degrees and from what University/College.]

[b]Career History:[/b] [Don?t mistake this for biography, this is specifically for what work your character has had in their field of work.]

[b]Role:[/b] [What?s your characters main purpose on the Expedition?]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [Feel free to use a famous actor/actress.]

[b]Personality:[/b] [Self explanatory.]

[b]Biography:[/b] [Self explanatory.]

[i]Character snippet:[/i] [Now I?d like you to PM this section too me. The set up is just your character getting used to life aboard the Excalibur.]


[b][u]Military Sign-up[/u][/b] [i]N/B: Most military characters will be from the States seeing as they?re the ones who run the Stargate Program.[/i]

[b]Name:[/b] [No outlandish stuff, just modern names]

[b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b] [The RP year is 2007, so just subtract your age for your DoB]

[b]Gender:[/b] [Self explanatory.]

[b]Country of Origin:[/b] [While most countries know about the Stargate Program some don?t, I?ll be posting info on those who do know about it in the Underground.]

[b]Speciality:[/b] [Explosives, Sniper, Medic and so on.]

[b]Rank:[/b] [Based upon Air Force and Army ranks. I request that you not give a rank higher than Major, and I don?t want a boatload of Captains and Lieutenants with no NCOs in sight.]

[b]Education:[/b] [Which military academies has your character attended? This is mainly dependent on your country of origin.]

[b]Service Record:[/b] [What campaigns and missions has your character been assigned too/taken part in? Don?t be afraid to use actually conflicts such as the Iraq War.]

[b]Awards:[/b] [Again don?t go over board and it?s dependent on your country of origin.]

[b]Role:[/b] [What?s your characters main purpose on the Expedition?]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [Feel free to use a famous actor/actress.]

[b]Personality:[/b] [Self explanatory.]

[b]Biography:[/b] [Self explanatory.]

[i]Character snippet:[/i] [Now I?d like you to PM this section too me. The set up is just your character getting used to life aboard the Excalibur.]

[i]Well there you are, I hope you all enjoy writing your sign-ups and by extension taking part in this RP.[/i][/color][/SIZE]

[color=crimson][size=3][center][b]Dare you enter the Gate?[/b][/color][/size][/center]
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Civilian Sign-up

Name: Neko

Age/Date of Birth: 19, 1988; exact date is not known.

Gender: Female

Country of Origin: unknown

Specialty: swords

Education: none

Career History: bounty hunter

Role: to help protect civilians


Personality: Very quiet and shy. She only speaks when she feels it is necessary.

Biography: She was abandoned as a young child and doesn't remember anything before the incident. She often has nightmares of times she had with her parents but doesn't believe they're real memories. She has held a grudge against her parents and wants to meet them so that she can teach them how it feels to be left alone for years. Since she didn't have any money, she became a bounty hunter. Her skills with a sword are partly hereditary and partly because she has had to survive on her own with only a sword for years.
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[color=teal][size=1]Right, I honestly don?t know where to begin with this ?sign-up?. There is nothing in it that makes me think you have either seen anything from the [i]Stargate[/i] Universe, read the back story or any of the information I put in the first post. I?m not meaning to flame but I have to put my foot down here. [b]Neko[/b] is not a modern name in any culture I currently know of, I do know it?s the Japanese word for cat though. Your [b]age[/b] is a tad young for someone going on the expedition.

It?s not possible in today?s modern world to not have a [b]country of origin[/b], you may not know where you were born but you obviously know what country you live in. No one uses [b]swords[/b] as a main weapon in today?s world, and besides that?s not a speciality for a civilian on this expedition. I could rant on and on about not having an [b]education[/b] but I shall just sum it up as [i]Impossible[/i], the same goes for the career of [b]bounty hunter[/b]. And if your role were to protect civilians you?d more likely be in the Military but I don?t want to imagine what that sign-up would look like.

I requested you use a famous actor or actress for your appearance, we?re in the real world here not an anime series. Your [b]personality[/b] really is descriptive enough for any RPG. And much like the rest of your sign-up your [b]biography[/b] does not fit in with any aspect of the Stargate universe, not that it matters but you don?t even mention what this [i]?incident?[/i] actually is.

In closing your sign-up doesn?t fit in with this RP in the slightest. I advise you to go and watch ?Stargate SG-1? Seasons 1-9 and ?Stargate Atlantis? Seasons 1-2 again.[/size][/color]
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Guest Asagard
Civillian sign up

Name: Asagard

Date of birth: 92 exact is undisclosed

Gender: Male

Country of Origin: unknown

Specialty: Staffa and spears

Education: masters for music,swordsmanship and sciences

Career History: Wanderer

Role: Protecting the righteous
Personality: Hardly smiles. Serious yet friendly

Biography: Bored with the world, he chose to protect the righteousness despite what the people says. Therefore travelling the world in search of challenges. Skills in staffs and swords. Hardly kills people due to own reasons. Survives on associates and staff...
Appearance: Kind and friendly face with a charming smile----wears a jacket along with a shirt and long pants
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[color=teal][size=1]Yeah...I'm just gonna go ahead and point you towards my previous post Asagard, it baffles me that you could post this up after what I wrote about NekoSama101s sign-up. Too anyone who is serious about applying to this RP please do not take these two sign-ups as the accepted standard, they worry me as much as they worry you...trust me.[/size][/color]
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[quote name='Jokopoko][color=teal][size=1]Yeah...I'm just gonna go ahead and point you towards my previous post Asagard, it baffles me that you could post this up after what I wrote about NekoSama101s sign-up. Too anyone who is serious about applying to this RP please do not take these two sign-ups as the accepted standard, they worry me as much as they worry you...trust me.[/size'][/color][/quote]

[color=#9944ff][font=lucida calligraphy]Don't worry , I've actually seen some of the show. Plus I make character bios for my OC's all the time

Civilian Sign-up

Name: Dr. Elizabeth Marilee Connelly (AKA Isi)

Age/Date of Birth: 24/7/1973 so She's 34 and I aged my self about 8 years (Big deal tho b/c Ben Brower loses 10 years when he plays Mitchell)

Gender: Female

Country of Origin: United States (Western New York State)

Speciality: Took some classes in engineering but dropped out sophomore year to take care of her daughter since her ex husband was deployed to Iraq then went back to get her medical degree. So she's on the civillian medical team

Education: Made it to SGT in JROTC but decided that the military wasn't her thing right before graduating from high school. 1/2 her credits for a bachelors in Mechancical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology and Doctorate in medicine from University of Rochester.

Career History: Interned at Strong Memorial in Western NYS in pediatrics. Did some work in the psychiatric ward at Strong Memorial as well, so she's used to children and crazy people. Also did some volunteer work and for Red Cross disastor relief after the multiple hurricanes in Florida in 04 the Gulf Coast Storms of 05 so she's used to seeing wide spread disastor

Role: Head of the civilian program in medical situations

Appearance: five feet five inches hazel/ green eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Medium skin tone. (I'll draw something up)

Personality: A major girly girl at heart Elsabeth is rather snarky and sarcastic but good in a crisis. She compairs some of the SGC crew to her pediatric patients sometimes to their faces if they get on her nerves. Elisabeth is both honest and loyal to a fault.

Isi also has a vulnerable side which she hides most of the time. She's fun loving and likes to pull practical jokes if she can get away with it. Harboring a lot of trust issues which stem from being cheated on and constantly lied to by someone she trusted Isi tries really hard to be open to people.

Biography: Elizabeth is adopted. She was born in a small town in Western New York state but her family moved to Dallas Texas when she was young then they moved back to the same town in New York which accounts for her strange combination accent.

Isi met her ex husband through a friend while working at a part time job before college. They seemed to hit it off right away and were married right after she was accepted in to RIT. They found out that they were expecting their first child right before Isi's ex husband was deployed to Iraq and this caused her to drop out of college so she could be a full time mom.

This was a descision Isi soon regretted when she found out that her now ex husband had been cheating on her for three years after he got back from a second deployment to Iraq and she was pregnant with their second child. She immidiately tossed all his stuff out of their house packed all her stuff and moved back with her parents... then she used the allimony to go back to school.

Isi threw herself into her studies and spending time with her two children so she never really got a chance to date. Not that she was that interested in men seeing what the last one had been like.

After finishing her internship at Strong Memorial in Rochester NY and working steadily at the same hospital for a number of years Elizabeth decided to apply to the Thomas Moore Clinic at Ft. Hood in Central TExas because she heard they were in need of civilian Doctors. However SGC contacted her first and she accepted.

Character snippet: I'll get that to you later. I have to run out for a bit... and I hope it works.[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Military Sign-up[/B]
Name:[/B] Kain Draven

[B]Age/Date of Birth: [/B]July 9th, 1977

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Country of Origin:[/B] United States

[B]Specialty: [/B]Light and Heavy weaponry
Rank:[/B] Major
Education: [/B]U.S. Air Force Academy
Service Record:[/B]Operation Desert Storm, Iraq War
Awards:[/B] Medal of Honor for courage?s acts in battle and one for ace piloting
Role: [/B]To provide a military point of view on any situation and to be helpful in the defense of Excalibur and the Atlantian City

[B]Appearance: [/B]*when I find one I?ll post it.*

[B]Personality:[/B] Kain is rather fun and energetic, he likes to joke around with his friends from the military when he can and takes nothing for granted. But when it comes to his profession he hunkers down and focuses on the current task, using extreme precision and caution.
Biography: [/B]Kain grew up in Wisconsin, Wyoming. He did school like the rest of the kids in his town, he tried like the rest. Doing some homework here and there and passing a good amount of classes. But like most teenagers, he really didn?t care about school he just wanted to go and see the world and do something worth while with his life. So he joined the military, he figured it would be a good way of building character.

So he spent a grueling 3 years in the military, training and working hard everyday to achieve the level of physical perfection to meet the militaries requirement. After he had finished his 3 year trip he decided to make a career out of it, he joined the air force and learned to fly several different classes of air crafts. From pick up choppers to the apache, he learned to fly the modern jets. But he really excelled at the light weaponry they handed him and did very well with the heavy ones as well. He took much liking to the P90 and the M60.

Kain worked his way up in his career and became a major with all of his hard work, and because he was seasoned fighter and brought a hard military view. So he was assigned to a classified mission, he thought nothing of it since it is constantly happening. But he had no idea what he was in for.

Character snippet: Will get this to you very soon Jokopoko

OOC: I've watched every episode of SG1 and Atlantis so I know what is going on, so don't worry about me.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I'll come back and edit this ASAP Bill, but chances are it'll be back home in Ireland.

|[b][u]Military Sign-up[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Neil Gratzner

[b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b] 45 / 07-02-60

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Country of Origin:[/b] United States

[b]Speciality:[/b] Military Command and Strategic Operations

[b]Rank:[/b] Colonel

[b]Education:[/b] West Point Military Academy, United States

[b]Service Record:[/b] [[B]Will Edit[/B]]

[b]Awards:[/b] [[B]Will Edit[/B]]

[b]Role:[/b] Military Commanding Officer

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://www.davidmorse.org/photo/rock/images/PDVD_017.jpg]Colonel Graztner[/url]

[b]Personality:[/b] [[B]Will Edit[/B]]

[b]Biography:[/b] [[B]Will Edit[/B]][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Blue]Civilian Sign-up

Name: Elizabeth Rutledge

Age/Date of Birth: 27 11/05/1980 (I'm a Scorpio!)

Gender: Girl, girl, girl!

Country of Origin: United States -- Montana

Speciality: History with an emphasis on Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Mythology

Education: Batchelors in History from University of Puget Sound, Masters in History from Brigham Young University, newly aquired Ph.D. in specialized history from Cambridge University, England. She can now read and write basic Ancient, too.

Career History: 2 seasons on an archeological dig in Scotland on a Pictish village site, 3 seasons on a dig in Wales on a ancient Celt village site. Second Assistant Curator for the British Royal Museum in the Arthurian Section - 3 years. 4 published papers in historical journals on the role of Merlin in Arthurian society. 3 months at the SGC in Cheyanne Mountain.

Role: Historical Expert to help find the Excalibur. General geek and party conscience.

Appearance: see pic below

Personality: Lizzy is bubbly and bright, and usually gets along with all types. She is equally happy in a musty library and camping in a tent - except for her innate fear of insects. If it has more than four legs and isn't a butterfly, she's scared of it. She loves to eat and cook. She's vain enough to wear contacts and long hair, but is comfy in heels and combat boots. She can get sarcastic, but only if she feels a person REALLY deserves it.

Biography: Elizabeth (Lizzy) has been interested in Arthurian Legends since the day she saw Disney's "Sword in the Stone." From those silly beginnings, a deep love of all things Merlin has blossomed.

She was born in a tiny town in Montana and only left there by way of scholarship to a decent University in Washington. She's done her best to prove herself since. She is an olny child with retiree parents who have been traveling so much she hasn't seen them in years.

After graduating from Cambridge, the offer from the SGC came to her, along with a massive research grant from the U.S. federal government. Intrigued and in desperate need of the funding to further her research, she agreed and went to Cheyanne Mountain. There, she learned almost more than she wanted to know about her suddenly-not-so-mythic hero, Merlin. She jumped at the change to join the team to find Excalibur.

Lizzy doesn't date much because alot of men seem to been intimidated by how smart she is. At least, that's the only thing she can figure out. [/COLOR]

I'll PM you my snippet tomorrow -- I promise!
I own seasons 1 - 8 of SG-1, and have seen seasons 1 & 2 of Atlantis
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][b][u]Military Sign-up[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Vladimir Smirnov

[b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b] June 17, 1975

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Country of Origin:[/b] Russia

[b]Speciality:[/b] Communications

[b]Rank:[/b] Sergeant, BBC (The Russian Federation Air Force)

[b]Education:[/b] Basic Training is the highest education Vlad has completed, as he went into the military after completing his country's equivalent of high school. He spent the two years between his graduating and his enlistment hitchhiking across Europe.

[b]Service Record:[/b]
Enlisted - 1995
Promoted - Private to Senior [I]Lyotchik[/I] (Equiv. 'Airman First Class' in the USAF) - 1998
Promoted - Senior [I]Lyotchik[/I] to Junior Sergeant ('Sr. Airman,' USAF) - 2002
Promoted - Jr. Sgt. to Sergeant - 2005
Served in both Chechen Wars onboard an A-50 Mainstay.

[b]Awards:[/b] None to date

[b]Role:[/b] Communications / radio technician / techy geek / obligitory pessimist

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v257/OzymandiusJones/Vladimir.jpg]Vladimir[/URL]

[b]Personality:[/b] Somewhat dour and pessimistic, with a morbid, wry, cynical sense of humor, if you can call it that at all. He?s determined, but almost half-convinced everything he tries will fail. Others have called him a depressed personality ? he counters that it?s merely being realistic, [i]spasebo.[/i] In social settings he?s not precisely the most fun person to be around, tending to be dry, and somewhat discouraging. That being said, he?s never one to back down from what seems to be a well-thought-out suicide mission?he claims it?s a Russian thing.

[b]Biography:[/b] Vlad, like all his age, was born behind the Iron Curtain, and spent the first sixteen years of his life living beneath the oppressive governments of the Soviet Union. Like many in his country, he spent those years learning how to blend in, how to not draw attention to himself. His life passed as normal as could be expected in those circumstances, with a loving mother and an ever-present (if not affectionate) father. His schooling was through ? if unforgivably biased in things like history ? and he maintained fairly good grades.

1n ?91 the Iron Curtain fell, throwing Vlad?s home ? like much of the former USSR ? into a time of poverty and confusion. Quick wits and a relatively nimble set of fingers kept his family from starving ? until his mother found out where her son was getting the bread. After a short stint of what he refers to ? to this day ? as ?house arrest?, the family went back to scrounging.

Again, like much of the former USSR, things returned to normalcy, allowing Vlad to graduate at the age of 18. Once graduated, he spent two years roaming Europe with nothing but a backpack and a handful of bills (the legitimacy of which was challenged on several separate occasions).

Once those two years ? which he refers to as both the best two years and the worst two years of his life ? were done, he returned home and enlisted in the BBC, the Russian Federation?s air force.

Basic training passed without a hitch, as did his first few years of enlistment. But as time went on, his commanding officers began to refer to him more and more when it came to tricky problems with things like antennas, radio waves, and other problems that would plague sound gear. And as demand for his abilities went up, so did his pessimism level?until one Colonel Chekov - a friend of his direct CO?s direct CO ? recommended him to the Russian?s version of the Stargate project.

Numerous transfers have occurred since then, the result of which is he is now with the Excalibur project?and he?s got the odds of his survival at three hundred and sixty two (point three, to be precise) to one.

[i]Character snippet:[/i] [In Progress][/COLOR]
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