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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1][color=red][b]Note: ***[/b]Please be aware this RPG is rated M - for Mature. It may contain high amounts of violence, sexual content, and language not suitable for child and younger teens. Thank you.[/color]


An RPG created by Aizen and my-self. Warning here, this is massively long. So a summery is being listed for your convince.

[b]Summery:[/b] [color=black][i]Three old friends from High School have since grown up, Abel, Cain, and Azalea. Abel and Azalea staying close in a city of Japan. While Cain left shortly after his High School years to pursue his dream. Best friends since they were young they slowly grew apart.

Abel, a top journalist and student in physiologist. Cain, an aspiring writer and well known author. And Azalea an in training detective. They've not heard from one another in nearly six years. Until now.

For unknown reasons Abel's name has shown up in the wrong part of the news paper. His parents left in a haze, there are no known reasons for suicide. By request of his parents, the Kim's, Azalea is looking into the case with Cain's help.

They've gotten in too deep.[/i][/color]


The room was small and empty. It was naturally empty. Impersonal, and seemingly unlived in. The room had no traces that a boy, just two weeks ago, had lived there before his untimely death. The walls would have been barren if not for the single shelve with red string that cascaded to the floor. The blinds were closed collecting a thick layer of dust. When turned on the lights were dim. Neglect of care and replacement tainted most of the room. The small trunk was empty. A single sized bed covered with black pillow cases and sheets.

Everything, perfectly, in place. The dresser was set up in a complete alignment. The seat in front, a pencil next to a notebook. On the right was a closed laptop that look old and worn. On the opposite side of the room, it was the same. Six rows of book, reaching little more then three feet. Not a book out of place. It held old and new books alike. Ranging from new and old religion and science to fairy tales and children's book. It was just as they had expected it to be.

Cain stopped, closing back the trunk lid softly. Standing he placed to fingers against the green blinds and looked out side. The sun was setting already, they still hadn't found any answers for his friends parents. Slowly he leaned against the window edge, folding his arms. He sighed and glanced around the room. Azalea looked up from the bed and smiled at him. She stood closing the black and white note book, returning it to it's place on the dresser.

Opening the laptop, she pressed the power button before beginning to go through the drawers. Propping him-self up, he moved, looking over her shoulder. Not making a sound he watched Azalea as she placed everything in heaps upon the floor. Looking at the mess he dropped down and started to file through piles of paper. Finding a black Memorex Disc, he kneeled opening the E; Drive. Cain inserted the disc. It didn't open, they waited as the disc jumped within the drive. Leaning over Azalea opened the disc manually. It contained one very large text file which was designated AD. It was a journal, spawning from over two years. But every entry was short and simple. The opposite of their very elaborate friend.

Cain moved to take the seat in front of the desk. scrolling through the entries. They started out light enough, but as they went through the dates. Closer and closer to present day, they became... Odd. Jumping around from their days of High School and college to slight and quick references of things appearing in the shadows. Things watching him from the walls, and something that screamed and scratched at the walls at night. That only he could hear. He sighed, Abel hanging him-self in the closet couldn't have been suicide. The act wasn't in his personality. It had to be something else.

She moved behind him, he didn't notice. Hours passed and Cain still hadn't finished reading. Azalea paced back and forth. The sun had set and they still didn't find anything that could be returned to their work place or console Abel's parents. Opening the blinds, the street lights flooded in. The chair fell. Turning abruptly around, Cain was gone and the closet door open. She whispered his name quietly, but no reply. Heading towards the closet, she opened the door wider. Peering inside, Azalea quickly glanced around and walking further into the closet. Cain dash past her from the corner of the closet. The door slammed shut. Worried, she tried to open the door. He had locked her in. Banging on the door Azalea screamed, pleading to Cain to let her out.

Cain smiled. His back against the door. Gently turning, he tapped on it with three fingers, and gently spoke.

[b]"Oh, Aza...you don't know how many days I spent trying to think of how to get you up here. I did this so I could tell you something. This is the only place where we won't be found, so no one will interrupt."[/b]

Azalea felt dread grow in the pit of her stomach, coiling around. What was he going to do...? He answered her immediately.

[b]"I wanted to tell the person I trusted the most what happened to Abel. It wasn't suicide, no. I know that no one would believe it. Someone killed him. And try as you might believe, it's not me. It's...well, you see...it's..."[/b] He took in a sharp gasp of breath, suddenly unable to breathe. A sound slammed into the wall, sending reverbrations through it. A hope, just big enough for Azalea's eye, was made. Without thinking, she peeered out of it. She saw Cain, pinned up against the farth wall, with two large thumbs pressing into his neck. He passed out. Trapped in a closet, with only a small hole to work with. Something lay just within her reach, poking underneath the closet door
[i]Just in case.

I knew we'd be followed...I just had a feeling...so I locked you in here. Please don't bang against the door before you see someone leave. I'm afraid for your safety. I don't know who it is...but keep the disc with you. Abel might of left something on it.

There's a box cutter in a coat pocket. That's why I dissapeared, to put it in there. Like I wrote; just in case. Cut a hole and get free. And if you have enough time, you might wanna have 9-1-1 on handy.

I love you, Aza[/i]

Azalea let in a sharp gasp of breath, staring at the four words near the bottom of the page. Blinking, throat dry, she pulled herself away from the note and searched through the pockets, until her delicate fingers closed around the cold metal. The end of the blade nicked her finger, but Azalea hardly noticed it as she pulled it out, ripping the coat in her haste. Working quickly and efficiently as she should with bleeding fingers slipping down the metal of the razor, Azalea cut a square large enough for her to reach a hand out and unlock the closet door.

Breaking free, she immediately ran over to Cain. His breathing was shallow, and he wore cuts and lacerations like merit badges. Azalea didn't know that silent tears ran down her eyes, dripping into the pools of blood and diluting them. Quietly, he stirred and moved his hand to her's, swollen and broken fingers lying on Azalea's.He winced slightly at the pain, shifting around to dispell it.

[b]"I'll be well enough...if you call the paramedics."[/b] He let out a dry, raspy chuckle that turned into a gurgle. Red flecks covered her face and he winced.


Azalea smiled softly at him. Glancing around the room quickly for her messenger bag. Not fully moving, she akwardly stretch to grab the strap hanging off of the bed. It fell to the floor, papers and note books sliding out. She took the phone out of the side pocket. Flipping up the screen she dailed 911.


[b]"I need help, my friend... He was attacked. Please send help."[/b]

[color=dimgrey][b][i]*** .Part Two. ***[/b][/i][/color]

Cain was lifted on to the stretcher. The two paramedics shifting their weight as they hoisted it up. They slowly walked towards the door, carefully turning the corner. Azalea and the interrogation officer fallowed them down the stairs. Keeping an eye out for anything that could have gone wrong. Down the narrow hallway, leading to the door stood Abel's parents. Miss Kim was crying, her husband trying to comfort wasn't working. Sighing, Azalea continued after the officer and stopped in front of them. Bowing her head slightly, she apologized. Miss Kim looked up at her and shook her head.

[b]"Is Cain alright?"[/b] Miss Kim's pronunciation was strained, and her voice was cracking.

Azalea nodded, [b]"The paramedics said he'll be fine within two weeks or so."[/b]

Mister Kim glanced at her, [b]"Were you able to find anything, about Abel?"[/b]

She hesitated, not knowing what to say. Had the disc been removed? Azalea thought of Cain and what would happen if his father say him again. And so she lied. No, Abel hadn't committed suicide. No they didn't know who the attacker was, yet. Yes, she'd keep them informed should anything be discovered.

Once outside the interrogation stepped in front of her. Too close, she stepped back. Bumping into the side of Cain's car. The questioning hand already been asked. Azalea even had been assigned as an apprentice at the same station the officer worked at. He asked if she was okay, gave her Cain's keys, and told her; it's alright if you don't come to class tomorrow. The Director will understand. He left, and she couldn't speak. Opening the door to the car, she stopped. In the reflection of the glass, she could see. Abel's parents were waiting for everything to just go away. She closed the door and headed back to wait with them.

Cain sat propped against the back of the hospital bed. The room was quiet, sterile, and sad. The over head light fixture illuminated a soft blue. His fingers tips on the steel handle of the bed was cold. Shifting his head slightly to view out the window. All of the city lights had turned on. The dark cloudy sky merging with the warm colors of the city.

His fingers twitched. Broken and bruised, the drugs had worn off. The bandages and medicine weren't helping. Cain's muscles could still moved in convulsions. He fidgeted slightly, the hospital was one of the last places he really wanted to be. Even if he knew he needed to be there. A tapping at the glass his gaze shifted. Azalea waved and smiled softly. Arm crossed over her chest, she had brought him flowers. But her pointer finger looped through, holding the black disc.

She came in sitting down beside his bed. Placing the flowers and disc on the small table beside the hospital bed. Cain stared at her for a brief view minutes. Azalea smiled at him softly before beginning to explain the details of what they had gathered so far. His father had disappeared a few hours before. During the time Cain had been rushed to the hospital, there were no traces left.

[color=black][b]Objection:[/b] You have a chance to plan various roles. A former friend, relative, co-worker, etc. of Abel Kim and the others. Another detective helping Azalea, or simply those with holding information of Cain's father. Or any other role you can come up with dealing with the investigation of Abel's murder / suicide.

The father or someone helping Cain's father, people who sign-up for these roles will be PM'ed with any further detail needed. [/color]


[COLOR=SlateGray] [u][i][b]Sign Up.[/b][/i][/u]

[b]Name.:[/b] [Color=silver] English, Korean / Corean, or Japanese.[/color]
[b]Gender.:[/b] [color=silver]Male, Female, whatever.[/color]

[b]Age.:[/b] [color=silver][i]20. +[/i][/color]

[b]Persona.:[/b] [color=silver]Varied please.[/color]

[b]Relation.:[/b] [color=silver][i]Friend, co-worker, family member, etc.[/i][/color]
[b]Involvement. / Role.:[/b] [i][color=silver] How you effect the case.[/i][/color]


[b]Other. / Questions.:[/b] [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=719857#post719857] Under Ground Thread.[/URL]

Listing characters and commone questions or addtional detail.

For questions, comments, etc. please contact Aizen or me. Thank you.[/color][/size]
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[B]Name: [/B] Thomas "Tom" Delton

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Age: [/B] 24

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/ryoji.jpg][B]Tom[/B].[/URL] He stands about 5'10 and weights in at 175 lbs. He has a medium build and he isn't terribly athletic, but he's in decent shape.

[B]Persona:[/B] A mild mannerd and calm person by nature. He often avoids confrontation of all kinds and doesn't like to involve himself in bad situations if he can at all avoid them. He's a nice enough guy and likes to tell light hearted jokes every now and again to keep spirits high and tentions low. He usually has very deep thoughts, but is greatly underspoken so alot of what he has to say goes unsaid. He has a very righteous personality, always tring to do what's right.

[B]Biography: [/B] Thomas was born to a middle class family in San Diego California and moved to japan three years ago. He has simple roots with nothing terribly abnormal about his childhood. He was always quiet as a child and tends to be quiet as an adult as well. He found that he had a greater feeling of expressionism in writing. It was at this time that he knew what he wanted, even though he was only 10 years old at the time.

He went to school for two years in the states and then decided to move over seas to get on the job training. His parents pleaded with him to stay in country, but Thomas had become disgusted with the decline of the media in the states and decided to move to japan, thinking he might get a good break there. He wanted to be a reporter and bring some truth to the world that seemed to be slowly slipping into a veil.

He spent his first year as a freelance journalist, irking out a living on car wrecks and mediocre scandals. After a year of low living with no recognition, he finally got a job at the local paper covering politics. This was his moment, just what he was looking for. It was rarely ever very exciting, but in this way he was able to let himself be heard and get truth to the people.

It was only six months ago that he first met Abel. They worked for two different papers, but he they saw each other as partners in trade so they kept in communication as often as possible. Abel was a tough notch journalist and always dug as deep as he could and Thomas respected that about him. The two foud themselves digging through the same piles of documents and photographs for hours and would then share ntoes on what they had noticed.

The week before his death, Abel called Thomas saying he had found a big case and that he was going to need support. He said it would be kept in th eusual format and left in the usual spot. You see, for the two to keep in contact and exchange only the most damning stories and evidence the two would leave each other messages for the other to track, but not only was it hidden from plain sight, but it was also encoded so only they could read it. Before he was able to pick up the information he heard tell that Abel was found dead.

[B]Relation:[/B] A friend and colleague.

[B]Involvement/Role: [/B] Thomas was suppose to meet with Abel the night of the attack, but never got the chance. Abel had come across a new story that he hadn't shared with Thomas yet. Abel was going to drop a message to Thomas in a code the two of them had made together. Thomas wants to help find out what happend, but he doesn't know what it was that Abel was trying to deliver. IF only he could get a hold of the note.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name.:[/b] Cain Ijji. Either called Cain or J by friends. Called 'Mr. Ijji' in his novels.
[b]Gender.:[/b] Male.

[b]Age.:[/b] 24.
[b]Apperance.:[/b] [url=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y50/YamatoVergil/Cain.jpg]Click here. Minus the gun, please.[/url] Cain has brilliant blue eyes. That is the first thing people notice when he walks into a room. The people stare into his eyes, the shining blue in stark contrast to his dark attire.

[b]Persona.:[/b] Cain is quiet, reserved, and mellow. Never quick to raise a hand in anger, but always quick to slap another down. He's easily closed off to society, often engorging himself into his writing works. His last novel, "Cigarette Burns", was an extremely good seller. However, it was regarded as an graphic, grizzly book. When he called Azalea, who he harbored affection for, for an absurdly long time, he made sure to joke with her. If he does open up to someone, he can be calm and funny at the same time, carefree.
[b]Biography.:[/b] Cain was born in a small apartment in Tokyo. This is small by Japanese standards, not Western. Growing up with little space, he shyed away from other people and withdrew into the art of writing at a young age. English was an easy subject for him, he could write a term paper in an hour or maybe two. This academic success was well noted by his teachers and they often pushed him to do more. However, that would mean separation from Azalea and Abel. he couldn't take that. He stubbornly clung to his classmates and the teachers soon backed off.

Around the eighth grade, he realized something. Azalea was getting to be more of a friend in his mind. He often caught himself staring at her a little longer than normal. He forced himself deeper into his academic and atheletic studies, to get away from Azalea. Abel had joined the kendo with him for three years, and that was some of the best times he ever had. He loved it when he was young. Too bad he'd never get those times back. The times of innocence.

When he graduated high school, he went off to live in the United States. Taking up residence in Minnesota, in a quiet town, he began to write. He wrote pages upon pages, turning out best sellers as fast as he could. His fingers were deeply calloused the next time he picked up the phone, calling a familiar, yet foreign number. She still sounded the same.

About the time "Cigarette Burns" was being turned into a film, he had decided to take his residence to Japan, to his hometown. His parents had died the previous year, and he had attended the funeral. The cherry blossoms were still stained to the windows of their house, which the purchased after he gave them the money to do so. Too many memories of his mother and father. Picking up his suitcases, he made his way off to a streetside, to find a cab.

When he rang the doorbell at Abel's house, he told Cain that there was no room. He had to be able to work in peace. Cain saw that sincerity in his eyes, and something else. Was that pain? With a long, hard bear hug, they left each other alone. Cain pondered his movements. Go back to his house, or ask Azalea if he could stay with her until he found a place to live? He chose the second. She smiled softly and let him in.

Three weeks later, Abel was dead.

[b]Relation.:[/b] Best friend of Abel's and Azalea's. Helping with Azalea on Abel's death.
[b]Involement:[/b] Found the scene of the crime, realized it was irregular, trying to find out the real cause.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Thank you for signing up, Starwind and Aizen.


[b]Name.:[/b] Azalea Aoi Naohito.
[b]Gender.:[/b] Female.

[b]Age.:[/b] 23.
[b]Appearance.:[/b] Not dramatically tall, Azalea is only five feet. Weighing 90 lbs. Her hair is short, reaching 3/4th way down her neck. Chopped oddly, with three boyish layers that often times curl downwards on the ends. Azalea has bangs that are neatly cut and flared, reaching past her eye brows. She brushes them to the sides. Hair originally black, it's streaked fusion purple and brown. With deep brown eyes that appear black. You can easily tell that Azalea came from the outer islands of Japan by the texture and slightly off color of her skin.

In terms of dress, Azalea wears her typical standard uniform of detectives and police officers of Japan. A pressed, white buttoned up blouse. The collar fitting closely and neatly around her neck. The cuffs held together with a white traditional lotus flower buttons, matching those of her blouse. A knee length black skirt, with a slit running up the left side three inches up the lining. Choosing to wear black stockings, Azalea sports black ankle boots. The silver clasp leading the chain to fit around in a loose hanging loop.

Around her left arm is an arm band. White with red embroilment, it easily reads across the Government Police of Japan curved around it's symbol.

[b]Persona.:[/b] Blood type AB. Azalea is thought to have a delicate sensitivity. Considerate of other people's feelings and when trying to deal with other uses care and caution. However, strict with her self and those closest to her more so then others. She's slightly unstable, her thought patterns are often though odd and illogical. But many times before her thoughts has proven correct. Seeming as though her emotions can swing, she does her best to treat all others equally. Although when her temper flares, she'll extract her self from the situation.

[b]Biography.:[/b] Originally born in Kobe City of the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. The Naohito's later relocated to the major city of Tokyo with relatives. In fourth grade, near the age of 10, she met those who would later become her life long friends; Abel and Cain. Growing up with these two made life easier to adjust to in Tokyo. Becoming attached to them, Azalea did all she could to make sure her marks were up to standards to continue the same educational line with these two friends. The older she grew, the more athletically she inclined.

Where as Abel and Cain developed into writers, Azalea took another route. With the approval of her parents and teachers she pursued a career in law enforcement. Taking in various forms as fighting to occupy the majority of her time not spent with others. During this point, Abel and she stayed close. While Cain and she slowly grew apart. Being the friend she was, Azalea couldn't pry into Cain's private life.

After high school, the three stayed together for a short period of time before leaving for college or wherever else their paths were taking them. Abel stayed to become a big time journalist in Tokyo. Cain left to the United States to become an author. Keeping tabs, she collected Abel's newspapers and Cain's books. Even though she could read them. And checked upon them every few months.

The day after she checked upon Abel, his picture and obituary was hanging on her wall.

[b]Relation.:[/b] Long time friend of Abel and Cain.
[b]Involvement. / Role.:[/b] In training, detective of Abel's murder case.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Name.: Minna Eliza James
Gender.: Female
Age.: 22
Approximately 5 foot 1 inch, weighing 105 pounds
Short, mousey brown hair that she usually does nothing with. Quick wash and dry suits her just fine.She occasionally gets highlights or a perm, but only as a treat to herself when she has enough money.

Persona.: Minna is quiet and calm in times that these traits are needed, such as in the workplace, but around friends she is hyper and rambunctious like a child.She trys to avoid conflict if she can help it.If she does have a problem with someone, she'll go about resolving it in a level-headed manner.

Biography.:Born on July 17th,1982 a Ms.Robin James and Mr.Deon Davis in Silver Hill, Alabama.After Minna was 2 and a half, Mr.Davis left herself and her mother,7 months pregnant with another child. Minna's baby sister, Kait, died suddenly a few weeks after she was born, and her mother was devistated.

Wanting to get away from her ghosts, Ms.James took all the money from her bank account, and, fulfilling a life-long dream of hers, moved the two to Japan. It was hard to start, due to the lack of money and poor knowledge of the Japanese language.But by the time Minna was 8, they were on their feet, living in a nice apartment in Yokohama.

When Minna was 14, her mother met a man named Tomi Suzuki. After a whirlwind romance and hurried engagement, they were married. By the time Minna was 15, they had had a child together, whom they named Bailey.

After highschool, Minna lived with her mother,step-father and half-sister.She didn't want to go to college,dissappointing her step-father.She had a few jobs in convenience stores and small shops, but finally decided she liked working in a hole-in-the wall called "Chotto Ippuku", which was a cross between a coffeeshop and a convenience store.She met Abel at work when he came in one evening.He didn't buy anything,but returned later that evening.He often stopped into the shop, usually buying nothing. While she was on break one day, drinking a coffee at one of the tables, he sat down and they talked for a bit,exchaning phone numbers.
A few weeks later he asked her out. They broke it off about a month and a half later, but remained friends.

Relation.: Short-time girlfriend of Abel.

Sorry if this isn't so good.Just PM me if there is anything I can change to make the story flow better.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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