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Welcome to the [i]Digimon: Immersion v2.0[/i] underground thread. This thread contains detailed information about precisly how [i]Immersion[/i] will work. Most of it is information about the workings of the VR game [i]Digimon[/i]. This is also the place to post questions, comments, or concerns. Well, there's a lot to cover, so let's get started, shall we?

NOTICE: The Digidex site I used for the original [i]Immersion[/i] doesn't seem to be around any longer, and I don't know of any other good Digidex site. Could somebody please provide me with one?

[b]Basic Information:[/b] First, here's something that came up in the original version of this RPG. Someone whose name I will not mention thought that he needed permission from his parents to join the RPG, since he was under 18 (I'm not making this up). Obviously, this is not true. That bit about needing a parent or guardian's permission was added only for realism. The same goes for the warning. It's just there for realism.

Now, moving on. This RPG takes place in the year 2040. Virtual reality technology has become a reality (no pun intended). VR equipment is not avalible for purchase, however. It's not just headsets, after all. That's just not realistic. VR equipment is large and complex. Each individual unit contains a space large enough for a single person. The person's body is maintained by the VR unit while the person is in VR. VR units are avalible for use in most recreational facilities, and there are many dedicated centers that have nothing but VR equipment.

[i]Digimon[/i] is a virtual reality program. It's the first of its kind, an entire interactive virtual world. Much like the MMORPGs we have today, [i]Digimon[/i] players can meet and interact with players all over the world. The language barrier is bypassed by a translation feature. If a player is interacting with another player that speaks a different language, what they say is translated. The translation system's 'voice' is rather mechanical-sounding and has problems with tone, but it does allow players who speak different languages to understand each other.

The virtual world of [i]Digimon[/i] is populated by creatures called Digimon. Digimon have disctinct personallities and can think and plan on their own as well as humans can, the result of advanced AI. However, no Digimon will ever consider the possibility that it's nothing more than part of a program. To them, game-related terms are simply normal, a part of everyday life and really just how things are said.

Our characters in this RPG are simply people who play the game. They have normal lives. There wil be times in this RPG where characters are not actually in the game. It's okay if you only briefly mention these occasions, but you must at least mention the fact that most of your character's day is spent outside of the game.

To make sure that there's no confusion, let me clearly state that in this RPG, Digimon is nothing more than a VR game. In the world of the RPG, there have been no TV shows, card games, video games (aside from the VR one), etc. It's nothing more than a VR game. Oh, one more thing: you are [i]not[/i] allowed to use Digimon you make up at any point in this RPG.

In order to avoid confusion later on in the RPG, I'll state here that our characters all live in the same city. I know this may seem an unnecessary rule, but I do have a reason (and no, I'm not going to tell you what it is. It'll become clear eventually).

[b]Game Basics:[/b] [i]Digimon [/i]does not have any one set storyline. Players are free to explore the virtual world, doing pretty much anything. There are, of course, plenty of evil Digimon for players to fight, and sometimes taking care of them can be a long and involved process. There are also planty of wild Digimon to fight. I'll be introducing events into the story, but it's up to you whether or not you want your characters to participate in those events. And feel free to come up with events of your own. Yus your imagination, and I'll tell you if there are any problems.

Players do not necessarily have to be 'good guys'. Many players choose to be 'bad guys' (or girls). They and the 'good' players often go up against each other, and epic battles between multiple players are not uncommon. I'd like to get some 'good' players and some 'bad' players. Important note: a player's partner Digimon does not need to match the player's actions. For example, a 'bad' player can have a Patamon for a partner and use the Patamon-Angemon-MagnaAngemon-Seraphimon line. Wild Digimon, however, do have such restrictions (for example, a wild Angemon would never harm innocents, while a wild Devimon would never protect innocents).

Time in the real world and the VR game is synchronized; if a week passes in reality, a week passes in the game. However, while in-game, players will experience a kind of time-compression effect. It's a bit complicated, but basically, players are able to do more in a specified period of time than they would otherwise be able to do. Time is compressed by a factor of three; an hour in reality is equivelant to three hours' subjective time for those playing the game.

Hybrid Digimon (the ones the Season 4 Digiddestined turned into) are treated as normal Digimon in this RPG. Humans don't turn into them; they digivolve from lower-level Digimon just like any other Digimon.

In the original version of this RPG, people kept coming up with ideas for game mechanics for the VR game. If you have an idea about how something could work in the VR game, you must PM me with this idea. If I approve it, then you can use it in your posts. Just be sure to get my approval before introducing and game mechanics. The same goes for bugs and glitches.

[b]Player role:[/b] What kind of game would it be if the players did nothing more than stand back and issue orders durring a battle? Okay, an RPG. But that's just not a good genre for a game like [i]Digimon[/i]. Why bother entering a VR world for something like that? In [i]Digimon[/i], there are always ways for a player to enter a battle alongside his or her Digimonr. A resourceful player will be able to find many ways to infuence the battle. Use your imagination, but be realistic. If you're in a jungle invironment, you won't be able to, say, electrify your opponent with a power cable. Be creative, but make sure that what you do fits with your characters' situation.

[b]Befriending Digimon:[/b] Though a player starts with only a single partner Digimon, he or she can befriend up to two others (if your character isn't a new player and you want him or her to have befriended Digimon, you must list them in your sign-up, along with their levels). The player can attempt to convince any wild Digimon to come with him or her. Usually, the player will have to do somethig for the wild Digimon in order to befriend it. Lower-level Digimon are easier to befriend than higher-level Digimon. It's easy to befriend a Rookie-level Digimon, but almost impossible to befriend a Mega-level Digimon. If a player has two befriended Digimon with him or her and wishes to befriend another, the player must get rid of one of his/her befriended Digimon. Once successfully befriended, the Digimon becomes essentially another partner, though there are a few differences between befriended Digimon and partner Digimon. These differences are as follows:

First, befriended Digimon are subject to the same allegiance restrictions as wild Digimon. A 'bad' player will not be able to befriend a 'good' Digimon such as Angemon, while 'good' players will be unable to befriend 'bad' Digimon such as Devimon. Second, a befriended Digimon can choose to leave the player. This usually only happens for reasons of allegiance (for example, if a 'good' player with a befriended Angemon starts to become a 'bad' player, the Angemon will leave that player). And third, befriended Digimon cannot be made to Digivolve. A befriended Digimon is stuck at the level it was at when befriended. For that reason, players almost never attempt to befriend Rookie-level Digimon.

Some Digimon were portrayed os one-of-a-kind in the shows. A good example is the Soveriegns from season 3 of the show. Each of them was one-of-a-kind, and each had its own role to play. They were also far more powerful than other Digimon. In the VR game of this RPG, there are also one-of-a-kind Digimon. There are not the same ones that were one-of-a-kind in the shows. You may befriend or use as partners Digimon that were one-of-a-kind in the shows; they'll just be no more powerful than other Digimon of their level. No players have uber-powerful Digimon (though some Digimon are more powerful than others, of course) or Digimon with a greater importance.

[b]Digivolution:[/b] When someone first statrs playing [i]Digimon[/i], that player's partner Digimon is able to digivolve to the Champion level only. As the player travels with that Digimon and gains experience, the Digimon will eventually gain the ability to digivolve to the Ultimate level, and then finally to Mega. This only applies to partner Digimon; as I stated earlier, befriended Digimon cannot digivolve. Use your own judgement as to when your partner Digimon becomes able to digivolve to higher levels, and I'll tell you if you need to change it. Also, if your character is not a new player, his or her partner Digimon may already have the ability to digivolve beyond the Champion level. If that's the case, you must specify which lever your partner Digimon can digivolve to in your sign-up.

[b]Changing Digimon:[/b] As I mentioned in the sign-up thread, I will allow you to change your partner Digimon in the middle of this RPG. You can only change it to another Rookie-level Digimon. You'll probably also need to change your Digivolution line, though you can keep it if your new partner has those same potential dgivolutions. To change your partner, PM me. Tell me which Digimon you want to change to, and what you want its Digivolution line to be. I'll either approve or deny the change, but don't worry about getting a 'no', because unless you choose an illegal digivolution line, you'll undoubtably get a 'yes'. You must then post your new Digimon and its digivolution line in this thread. After you've done that, I'll post your character switching partners. This same procedure applys for changing just the digivolution line.

Some experience will transfer from an old partner Digimon to a new one, but not all of it. If your old partner Digimon had gained the ability to digivolve to its Ultimate form, your new one will gain the ability to digivolve to Ultimate after just a couple battles. If your old partner Digimon could reach Mega, your new one will stat with the ability to reach Ultimate.

You can also change any part of your partner Digimon's digivolution line, provided that your partner is able to digivolve into the new line. You can change as much or as little of the line as you want, though changeing lower levels may necessitate changing higher levels in order to keep a valid chain. Changing the digivolution line has no effect on your partner's digivolution ability. It you partner is able to digivole all the way to Mega and you decide to change its Ultimate and Mega forms, it'll still be able to digivolve all the way up to Mega.

[b]Partner Deaths:[/b] In the VR game [i]Digimon,[/i] a player's Digimon can be killed ('deleted' is the term that's usually used in-game). If a player's partner Digimon is deleted, the player is logged out of the game. If the player wants to continue playing, he/she must choose a new partner. After doing so, the player is restarted in a random location taken from a specified set of various in-game cities. Any Digimon that the player had befriended stay with the player. Also, the player's new partner gets some experience from the old one, just like a normal partner switch.

It's rare for a player's partner to be deleted. Wild Digimon usually don't do it because they've been programmed not to do it. Players rarely do it because if a player deletes someone else's partner, that player becomes a target and is usually pursued by multiple players, often working together.

Like partner Digimon, befriended Digimon can be deleted. The deletion of a befriended Digimon has no effect on the player who befriended it. The befriended Digimon is gone, but that's it.

Okay, I think that's everything. I'll edit if I think of anything I forgot to mention. If you still have questions, please ask me (either in this thread or via PM).
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HEY DUDE! Yeah well i saw that but i found a really old one i think.... it still works for me.


Not sure if it will work for you guys but it works for me... still.

Anyways here it is.
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Hey, that's the old version of the one I used! Thanks, Frankie.

I did find a different Digidex site ([url="http://shiningevo.ultimatedigimon.com/encyclopedia/encyclopedia.html"]click here[/url]), and it seems to be pretty good. It has plenty of Digimon that the one I used doesn't. Feel free to use it if you want to. Just realize that it uses the Japanese terms for the levels. The site has a list of the Japanese level terms and their American equivalents (click on 'notes'), so use that if you don't know the equivalents already.

Oh, and one other this. Armor Digimon (ones reached using Digi-eggs) are treated as Champion-level Digimon unless they appeared as a different level at some point (Rapidmon, for example, is an Ultimate-level, as Rapidmon was clearly stated to be an Ultimate-level in Season 3 of the show). Human Hybrids are also treated as Champions, while Beast Hybrids are treated as Ultimates. The human-beast combination hybrids (I forget what they're called) are treated as Mega-level Digimon.
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[COLOR=Navy]As people may or may not have noticed, Renamon has been deleted, and this is just a post to let everyone know what my new partner is and his digivolution line.

[B]Veemon:[/B] Vee Headbutt, Vee Punch, Veemon Head Spear, Wind-up Punch, Head Slam, Rapid Punch

[B]Magnamon:[/B] Extreme Grab, Magna Explosion, Magna Blast, Magna Punch, Magna Kick

[B]Paildramon:[/B] Desperado Blaster, Cable Catcher, Sting Strike, Speedy Scratcher

[B]Imperialdramon Fighter Mode:[/B] Positron Laser, Giga Crusher, Splendor Blade, Rapid Attack, Front Kick, Rap Attack[/COLOR]
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Just wanted to say that Patamon's line will end with Lampmon instead of Orochimon.

Takuya pointed out to me that although Asuramon can evolve to Orochimon in thecard game,both are still ultimate-levels.
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Okay, as you saw in my most recent post in the RPG (read it if you haven't done so yet), I've introduced the new evil Digimon, Mekratrimon. And yes, Mekratrimon is a Digimon I came up with on my own. And yes, I know I said that that's not allowed. Now, I could just say that I'm the one running this RPG, but that's not what I'm going to do. Instead, I've decided to loosen that particular restriction.

If you have a Digimon that you came up with yourself and would like to use in this RPG, PM me the information for that Digimon. If you've done a good job with everything, I'll let you use the Digimon in the RPG. Don't worry, I won't be too restrictive on what gets approoved. I just want to make sure that you've put some effort into it.
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Uh Im not sure if i should put this here but i will just for the "record". Rain has a new befriended digimon (more like her first)

That digimon is Ogremon. Other than that there is nothing new. Im thinking about changing lopmons digivolution line but im still thinking on it. Not sure if I will or not. Im putting alot of thought into it before i even start so *shrug* anyways im out...
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