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RPG Digimon: Immersion v2.0 (PG-13, VL)


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Kiva leaned back in her chair and looked at the clock. [i]You're late, Alexa,[/i] Kiva thought. [i]Hurry up and get here, will you? I want to stop working and start having some fun.[/i]

Kiva was sitting behind the front desk at a facility owned by the company Electronic Worlds. EW was a recently founded company that had taken off very quickly. It was a VR company. EW didn't actually manufacture VR equipment, though. It ran VR facilities.

Virtual reality equipment wasn't avalible for private purchace. It wasn't exactly simple, for one thing. A VR unit wasn't a simple headset. It was a large and complex piece of equipment. One had to lay inside the VR unit. The unit provided the direct nural feed used to immers the user into virtual reality. It was also equipped to properly maintain the user's body while the user was in VR. It could give the user water intraveniously, for example, or provide muscle stimulation.

VR units simply couldn't be placed in people's homes, and not just because of the complexity of the units. Virtual reality required computing power on a level that simply wasn't avalible for private ownership. For that reason, VR equipment couldn't be used in one's home. It wasn't hard to gain access to a VR unit, though. They were popping up all over the place. Many recreational facilities and community centers had VR units installed. However, most VR units were found in dedicated VR facilities, such as those run by Electronic Worlds.

Kiva was an employee at a VR facility run by Electronic Worlds. She was the woman at the front desk. When people came in, she got them signed in and assigned them VR units. She was also the one who took care of registering people, and she was also the one people came to with comments or complaints.

Kiva had never thought that VR technology would be sucessully developed, at least not in her lifetime. It just seemed too complex. The necessary computing alone would prevent it from happing, she'd believed. But she'd been wrong. Oh, she'd been right about the complexity, and about the necessary computing power. In fact, security around VR equipment was very tight because of that. Nobody wanted a hacker to gain access to that much computing power, so access was carefully regulated, and users were extensively monitered. But such computing power was indeed avalible, just not for private ownership.

Another problem that Kiva had seen was safety. Even if the equipment was perfected, made so that it was impossible for anything to go wrong, what happened if the power went out? Well, that hadn't stopped VR. The equipment was very safe, though certainly not perfect, and users were required to assume responsibillity for any damage they sustained while using the equipment.

The power concern was a big one, because if the power went out while one was in VR, one would, at the very least, sustain brain damage and partial memory loss, with death a very real possibility. Because of this, there were extensive precautions taken. For one thing, all VR units had backm-up bateries. The bateries were only good for a few minutes, but that was more than enough time to pull a person out of VR. An instantanious extraction from VR was possible, though it usually resulted in severe disorientation and nausea. The emergency batteries made an immediate extraction unnecessary, though every unit was designed to perform an immediate extraction if the battery also failed.

In addition to the emergency batteries, larger VR facilities, including the one Kiva worked at, had backup generators that would take over and provide power in the event of a power outage. The smaller facilities normaly did not have backup generators, and neither did places like community recreation centers that only had a few VR units. For that reason, they were not as reliable during thunderstorms and other conditions that significantly increased the risk of a power outage. If the power failed, the emergency batteries would kick in and last long enough to pull the users out of VR. In facitities with backup generators, however, users weren't immediately extracted if a power outage occured. For that reason, large VR facilities were very crowded in such conditions.

The necessary complexity of VR programs had been another reason Kiva'd believed VR wouldn't happen. This was especially true of [i]Digimon[/i], which was currently the most popular VR program by far. [i]Digimon[/i] was an entire virtual world, fully interactive. Kiva'd always thought that the complexity of such a program would prove impossible to overcome. She'd been wrong.

Kiva sat up as woman entered the front room from deeper in the facility. She relaxed when she saw that it was not a VR user. It was Alexa, who replaced Kiva for the evening shift. Alexa'd come in through the employee entrance in the rear of the facility.

"About time you got here," Kiva remarked as Alexa approached the front desk.

"Sorry about that," Alexa replied. "Traffic was nasty. Anyways, I'm here now. And I've already clocked in and everything, so how about you get out from behind that desk and let me take your place."

"Sure," Kiva said. She stood up, and Alexa sat down in the chair Kiva'd been using.

Alexa looked at Kiva. "I'm assuming you want me to put you on a unit."

Kiva nodded. "Of course. I'll go into VR just as soon as I clock out. And I'll be using [i]Digimon[/i], as I'm sure you guessed."

"Indeed I did. I'll get you placed right away."

Kiva slid herself into the VR unit and placed her Digivice into the machine's input slot. Some people, her family included, wondered how Kiva could still be interested in a game she'd been playing for three years, especially concidering that she worked at a VR facility. Of course, Kiva's job didn't directly involve virtual reality. And as for being a player of [i]Digimon[/i] for three years, well, Kiva didn't think it was possible to get bored with [i]Digimon[/i].

THe VR unit began to insert Kiva into virtual reality. Kiva didn't think she'd ever get used to the insertion. She'd managed to adjust to the fact that her VR ''body' was just a computer construct, even though it looked, felt ,and behaved identically to her real body. She'd quickly acepted that the seemingly real world of [i]Digimon[/i], and the amazingly life-like Digimon themselves, were nothing more than part of a program. But she would probably never get used to the actual insertion.

[color=indigo]After the brief moment of blankness that accompanied the insertion, Kiva was in virtual reality. She was in the city of Serenity, which was where she'd been when she logged off at the end of her previous session.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Welcome back," Kiva heard a familiar voice say. It was Hawkmon, her partner. The befriended Garudamon was there, as well. One thing that did take Kiva a little while to get used to was the fact that Hawkmon and Garudamon, despite being in exactly the same position and condition as when she'd logged off previously, always had clear memories of the intervening time. She did, however, find it very useful, as they usually knew the status of whatever objective she'd been pursuing before logging out.

"Good to be back," Kiva said. "Anything interesting happen since I left?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Not too much," Hawkmon replied. "Tensions between various Digimon clans have continued to rise, but there hasn't been any open conflict. Things could get nasty soon, though, especially between the Avis and Aria clans of bird Digimon. And then there's the whole Daekos thing, of course."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "Of course. Anything new about that?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082] Daekos was a clan of dark Digimon that had been the cause of quite a few problems in the past. The clan had been laying low for a while, probably because its plans usually didn't succeed. But recently, Daekos had been doing something. And not just any something. This was at the center of a system-wide event.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Things happened on their own all the time in the world of [i]Digimon[/i]. Sometimes, however, the server administrators (the people who ran the game) added events of their own. They were always sure to make their events fit naturally with what was happening on its own in-game, though. But their events were always worth participating in.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]The server admins' upcoming event looked like a big one. Daekos was up to something, something that would involve a large-scale battle. It seemed that Daekos had allied with other dark Digimon clans, and had also recruited several independant Digimon. Also, it was possible that Daekos wasn't truly the center of this army.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Well," Hawkmon told Kiva, "it's pretty much confirmed that there'll be a new evil Digimon leading the army, but aside from that, no, I don't know anything new. How about you? Any new info on your end?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Actually, yes," Kiva replied. "It's been officially confirmed that, like other such events, this one will be accessable to all levels of players. There'll be easier opponents for newer players, and tougher opponents for those who are more experienced. Also, the gathering point has been set. It's on the Digivice's map. Anyone who wants to participate needs to be there in..." she checked her Digivice's clock, "about an hour and a half, game-time. There'll undoubtably be a lot of people there. And there'll undoubtably be some 'evil' players on Daekos' side. Should be one hell of a ride."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]An hour and a half might have sounded like quite a bit of time, but that was game-time. [i]Digimon [/i]used time compression with a factor of 3. This meant that in-game time was three times as fast as time in reality. For example, an hour of in-game time was only twenty minutes in real time. The time compression allowed players to play longer while less real time passed. And a time compression factor of three wasn't high enough to put any real stress on one's mind. Significantly higher factors could, but a factor of three was perfectly safe.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"So what do we do until the event launches?" Hawkmon asked Kiva.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]The event began in an hour and a half, but Kiva wouldn't need to allow much time to reach the gathering point. The creators of [i]Digimon[/i] had known that players wouldn't want to waste too much time traveling, so they'd added a quick-travel feature. When one was [/color][color=indigo]traveling from one location to another, one reached one's destination very quickly.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"We wander around the city and see if we can find somebody who has a quick job for us," Kiva told Hawkmon and Garudamon. "So, let's start looking."[/color]

OOC: All right, here we go. In your first post, have your character log in. For those of you whose characters are new players (which is everyone who didn't specify how long their characters have been playing [i]Digimon[/i] for in their sign-ups), this doesn't have to be your character's first log-in, but it does need to be one of his/her first. After logging in, you can do whatever. Explore the world of [i]Digimon[/i], get into fights, meet other characters, whatever. Ues you're imagination, and I'll tell you if you screw something up. If you're interested in the event I mentioned in my post, I'll be revealing more about it in later posts.
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Rain, A girl who had just moved into the city to be closer to more... civilized things. Because she had lived so far away from any decent VR facility she never got a real chance to play. That is untill recently. She got a chance to move into town and when she did so the first hting she did after finding a job was register. She was more intrested in Digimon than anything else so went with that. Her first time through she was amazed at all the amazing details put into a game.

Today she was going in again. She had just gotten off of work and walked to the center. As she walked in she saw the lady at the front desk smile at her. She smiled back and began the process. Today however her mind wasnt quite in real life. She was thinking about other things. About the game mostly. She had completed the singing in profcess and got into her VR unit without even really realizing it. She had done this only a few times before. She still wasnt over how odd it seemed but she figured she would eventually.

She placed her digivice into the spot where she had been taught it went and soon the process began. A few moments passed as she sat in her machine and listend to it hum. She then felt it. Blackness came but vanished soon after that to reveal the wonderful world of digimon.

[color=purple]She was standing not far from a cliff. She shivvered and back up a little. She didnt remember logging out that close to the cliff but she must have been in a hurry and just wasnt paying attention. She whirled around after feeling a tapping on her shoulder.[/color]
[color=#800080]She looked down on the ground to see her partner. "Hello Lopmon."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Hello Rain!" She brown and pink digimon greeted. It had large ears and small legs and arms. "Somethings brewing. I dont really know anything but uh, heheh we could participate."[/color]
[color=#800080]Rain nodded, "Hmm Sounds good. Im not so sure myself, I am quite new at this but oh well. I might check it out. First of all remind me what I was doing before I logged off last week."[/color]
[color=#800080]"Uhmm." The little digimon scatched her head under her three horns and wondered, "Uh we had just finished stealing that digiegg for that Devimon. After that you realized what time it was and you left."[/color]
[color=#800080]"So the answer pretty much is nothing... Thanks."[/color]
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[COLOR=Navy][COLOR=Black]Sakura fiddled with her digivice as she impatiently stood in line. She was right at the entrance but wasn't allowed to enter yet. Her eyes lit up as a person walked out and they finally allowed her entrance. She walked up to the front desk, the name badge on her blouse read 'Alexa'.

[B]"I'd like a unit. [I]Digimon[/I]."[/B] she told her.

Alexa smiled and waved over an attendant, he led her through the halls to a room where there was an empty VR unit. She thanked him as he left and looked at the horizontal capsule looking thing. Sakura slipped into it with years of practise and inserted her digivice into the input slot, breathing calmly as she felt the odd effects of the transition, like a slight dizziness.

There was a few seconds of blackness as she was inserted before opening her eyes to the world of Virtual Reality.[/COLOR]

The first thing she saw on the other side were her three digimon; her partner of three years, Renamon; and her two befriended digimon, Piddomon and Seraphimon. She was still in the middle of a rainy forest, exactly the same as yesterday. They were on a mission for the Floramon and Mushroomon, to get rid of the gang of Woodmon and Cherrymon that were disrupting their quiet village.

[B]"Let's get a move on."[/B] she said after greeting them again.

It only took a couple of minutes before she was soaked to the skin, her top was stuck to her like a second skin, while the water just rolled down her leather pants. Her hair was matted down to her head and her gloves were soaked. She could've used her goggles but there was no point. The four of them stopped their way, making sure their footing was stable since the leaves and grass were wet and slippery. The others were soaked as well, the two angel digimon were unhappy having soggy wings which stopped them from flying, and Renamon's fur was all stuck to her body.

They squelched their way into a clearing with a lake in the centre, on the other side from where they were standing were the troublemakers. There were 4 Woodmon, and a Cherrymon, all looking at them with smug grins, they were thinking that they'd win, she was sure of that. Sakura pushed soaked bangs from her face and pointed at the enemies. The three digimon nodded and sprung into action.

Renamon phased out and reappeared in the air right in front of one of the Woodmon, unleashing a powerful kick to the wood that made it's body. The creature stumbled back from the force before jumping forward again, jabbing swiftly with it's jagged branch arms.

The two angels unfolded their wings with a loud snap/fluttering sound, droplets flying from the soft feathers. They growled as they flapped their wings slowly, trying to dry them out before even attempting to fly, because they were both aware that if they tried with waterlogged wings, they wouldn't last long in the air. When it was good enough they pushed off from the ground and sailed across to the other side, casting their attacks on two other Woodmon.

Sakura wanted to be of help. She looked around quickly, anything she could use effectively. Using a branch as a club wouldn't do much damage against the current foes. Then she spotted them, nice large, round, smooth stones on the side of the lake. She picked one up, hefting it in her hand with a grin. She undid her belt and pulled it from it's loops and found a large palm leaf, putting it in the centre of the belt. She then put the stone on the leaf to help hold it and folded the rest of the belt over, grabbing the two ends. Sakura ran to the other side of the lake where everyone was and started to whirl the belt around, when she'd gathered enough momentum she aimed and released one side, sending it sailing through the softer bark between the last Woodmon's eyes. The tree dissolved into data and it was sent into her three digimon which was used a experience points, then a final small shimmery cloud floated away, back to Primary Village so it could be reborn.

[B]"Diamond Storm!"[/B] she heard Renamon roar as the small crystal shards disguised themselves in the raindrops, piercing the bark. The Woodmon cried in anguish as Renamon delivered a combo of jabs and kicks, finally breaking through the bark and this time the data flowed to Renamon only since it was her job done, with more data flying away.

In the meantime Seraphimon and Piddomon had finished off the Woodmon with some quick attacks. Seraphimon had used "Seven Heavens" and Piddomon would've used "Fire Feather". Now the four of them looked the Cherrymon that had remained dormant throughout the battle.

It grinned at them before a bunch of tentacles came down from the branches in a flash, wrapping around them in a second. Sakura growled as she wriggled in the tight grip, she couldn't break free because it had pinned her arms to her side, so she was suspended in the air, futilely kicking her legs. Seraphimon and Piddomon quickly broke free with their attacks and Piddomon flew over to her, burning the vine and grabbing her before she fell. Renamon broke out with a bit of help from Seraphimon. They all landed on the ground again and Sakura unclipped her digivice from her belt, holding it out to Renamon. The fox-like digimon nodded and was surrounded by a ring of data, she slowly started to change form until she was on all fours with ninetails.

[B]"Dragon Wheel!"

"Fire Feather!"

"Seven Heavens!"[/B]

The three attacks hit simultaeneously and Cherrymon screamed loudly before dissolving into particles, splitting between the three again, the rest floating off.

[B]"Well done everyone, let's go back to Serenity."[/B] Sakura said, threading her belt through the loops again and connecting the digivice to it.

Sakura mounted Kyuubimon and Seraphimon and Piddomon touched a part of the gold fur. The four of them wavered in view before disappearing, landing back in Serenity City.

She got off and Kyuubimon de-digivolved back to Renamon, following her to the rest stop in the town. She got a bundle of towels and gave one to each of her friends, drying herself with one too. She rubbed down her body before rubbing her hair until it was just damp, allowing it to airdry the rest of it. Renamon was rubbing her fur dry and the angels were just drying their bodies and masks easily.

[B]"Let's go check out any new missions."[/B] she announced when she saw everyone was done.

They nodded and put their towels in a hamper, leaving the house and going to Mission Central to scout out any good missions. When she arrived she collected the reward from the past mission and started the search.[/COLOR]
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Matthew slowly stepped up to the registration desk, a good looking young woman sitting behind with desk looking rather bored. He gripped his Digivice in his pocket, slightly nervous as he tapped on the desk.

"Excuse me miss?"

"Oh. Hello. You here to sign up for a VR unit?"

"Umm, yes ma'am. This is my first time logging in...may I ask what I should expect?"

"Oh, the usual things that coexists with those online RPGs; high level or long time players calling you a newb, other new players wanting to make a party and go on quests, you know. It's all somewhat similar to be exact...you'll be in room 106, unit 8, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks," Matthew looked at the womans ID badge on her shirt. "Alexa. I'll be on my way then!" He smiled and walked over to room 106 and entered.

Matthew slid into the VR unit, sliding his Digivice into the slot and closed his eyes as the unit closed. A slight tingling feeling went through his body as his consienceness left him. The tingling sensation went away as a new world revolved around him, his eyes adjusting to the artificial sunlight.

[color=blue]Matthew looked around this open area, hoping to spot his Digimon partner. He heard a sound behind him, someone calling his name. Matthew turned around and there stood Guilmon, his new partner. Guilmon jumped up and pushed Matthew to the ground, hugging him.[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Yay! I got a partner, I got a partner!" Guilmon yelled in excitement.[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Hahahahaha...come on, get off of me. Glad to meet you too. My names Matthew, but call me Matt, okay?" Matthew replied as Guilmon rolled off of him.[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"My names Guilmon, but you can call me Guilmon."[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Hrmm...how about a nickname instead?" [/color]


[color=#0000ff]"Alrighty then...your nickname will be...Ragnarok. That sound good?"[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Yep! Lets go!"[/color]

[color=#0000ff]Matthew and Guilmon got some supplies from the local item store and began towards the exit. As they did, Matthew bumped into a black cloaked man and fell.[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Oww...sorry about that man," Matthew apologized as he got up. "I wasn't watching where I was going."[/color]

[color=#0000ff]The cloaked man looked at him, peircing green eyes went through Matthew like ice. His short blonde hair whipped a little in the wind as the man stepped past him.[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Watch where you are going, if you value your lives, boy."[/color]

[color=#0000ff]Matthew glared at the man in scorne as Guilmon growled. "He's a mean man Matt. Lets just go."[/color]


[color=#0000ff]Matthew and Guilmon continued onward, not aware of whom they had encountered...[/color]

[color=black](Yay...the longest first post I've made. That cloaked man is a mystery. Go ahead and use him if ya want, but don't do anything serious to him, unless you join him. I have plans. Takuya, PM me if you want to know, okay?)[/color]
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OOC: Pretty good so far, guys (and girls). Hopefully, the people who haven't posted yet will post soon.

I'd like to have some 'good guy' characters and some 'bad guy' characters. Things seem good so far. Those of you who haven't posted yet, try to keep things about even. I don't want only a couple 'bad guy' characters and all the rest 'good guys'. It's okay if the numbers aren't exactly even, but if there's a significant majority on one side, try to play on the other side. I'd like to have similar numbers of 'good guys' and 'bad guys', so let's try to do that, okay?

[color=indigo]"Did you find them?" Kiva asked as Garudamon landed.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Yes," Garudamon told her. "They're up ahead. It looks like they've found another target."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva and her Digimon were after a group of Karatenmon that had been causing problems in the area near Serenity. A merchant in Serenity had given Kiva the job of getting rid of them. She didn't think that would take too long, so she'd accepted. And now she, Hawkmon, and Garudamon were in the forest near Serenity, tracking down the Karatenmon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"What kind of target?" Kiva asked Garudamon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Looks like another merchant caravan," Garudamon replied. "This one's got some protection, but they don't have anything the Karatenmon won't be able to handle. A couple Greymon escorting, the Monochromon pulling the wagons, and the merchants, who probably can't fight very well. And unfortunately, we probably won't get there in time to save the caravan. We should get there before the Karatenmon leave, though."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Well, at least the caravan Digimon'll probably soften the Karatenmon up for us," Kiva said. "They may even take one or two Karatenmon with them. And we'll finish the Karatenmon off. So let's go."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Garudamon swooped down, and Kiva and Hawkmon leapt to the ground as Kiva triggered Hawkmon's digivolution to Machinedramon. As predicted, the Karatenmon had wiped out the caravan by the time Kiva and her Digimon arrived, but they were there before the Karatenmon left the area.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]There were four Karatenmon. One rose into the sky to do battle with Garudamon, while the other three faced Machinedramon. "So you want to take us on," one of them, presumable the leader, said. "Bad idea. Tell you what: leave now, and we'll let you go unharmed. If you stay, there won't be anything left when we're done with you."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"We'll see about that," Kiva replied. "Machinedramon, take them out."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]The three Karatenmon took to the sky. They flew around, occasionally swooping down to attack, but then returning to the sky just as quickly. They were fast, too, and Machinedramon was having trouble getting a hit in. He kept firing Giga Cannon shots, but the Karatenmon avoided every one.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]The Karatenmon would come in to attack Machinedramon, then pull back before Machinedramon could hit them. Fortunately for Machinedramon, he could take a beating. He couldn't move very fast, so it was hard for him to dodge enemy attacks, but he could take quite a lot of punishment.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]The batle continued like that for a while. Eventually, Garudamon returned, having taken care of her opponent. The three Karatenmon fighting Machinedramon recognized the threat posed by Garudamon, who was able to close in on them land hits much more easily than Machinedramon. So the three of them focused on Garudamon, being sure to keep moving so Machinedramon wouldn't get a good shot while they dealt with Garudamon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Garudamon didn't attempt to fight the three Karatenmon. One Ultimate taking on three would have been suicide. Instead, Garudamon began some complex evasive maneuvers. She didn't attack the Karatenmon at all; she just evaded. The Karatenmon didn't notice that Garudamon was slowly drawing them closer to Machinedramon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]When the Karatenmon were close enough, Machinedramon fired Giga Cannon. The shot hit and took out one of the Karatenmon. Garudamon hit another Karatenmon, with Wing Blade, which injured her but wasn't enough to finish her off. The other one, the one Kiva'd identified as the leader, landed in front of Kiva and Machinedramon, and the injured Karatenmon landed beside her.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"You did better than I expected," the leader said. "I don't suppose you'll let my companion and I go, will you? I give you my word that we won't cause any more trouble."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Yeah, and I trust you about as far as I can throw you," Kiva replied. "I have no way of holding you to your word. We both know that. No, if I let you go, you'll lay low for a while while you replace your former companions, and then you'll be back to doing the same thing."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Perhaps," the Karatenmon responded. "Either way, it doesn't seem to be relevant. You're going to finish the two of us off right now, I assume."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "You're a smart one[/color][color=indigo]. Yes, we're going to finish you off. And you obviously know that you can't take us. If you still thought you could, you wouldn't have tried to surrender."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Maybe," the Karatenmon replied, "but then again, maybe not." Before anyone could react, she attacked not Machinedramon or Garudamon, but her surviving companion. One hit was enough to finish of fthe injured Karatenmon. The leader absorbed the data from her kill and began to glow.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Well, shit," Kiva said. "She was about ready to Digivolve, and she knew it."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]'Wild' Digimon, Digimon who weren't partners or befriended, could Digivolve, given enough time. The process could be sped up by defeating other Digimon, as Karatenmon had just done. It took much longer for a wild Digimon to Digivolve than it did for a partner Digimon to gain the ability, and when a wild Digimon Digivolved, the Digivolution was permanent. Also, many wild Digimon never reached the higher levels. Some reached Champion but never got to the higher levels, while others stoped at Ultimate. Some were able to get all the way to Mega. This was to assure that players of all levels of experience would be able to find wild Digimon at an appropriate level for them.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Get ready, guys," Kiva said as Karatenmon completed her Digivolution into the Mega-level Ornithmon and took off. "This could be interesting."[/color]
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[color=green]Doing nothing wasnt getting her anywhere. Rain grummbled. She wanted to so something interesting. Stealing that DigiEgg for Devimon was easy and Lopmon didnt even have to digivolve for that. She decided to not thin so heavily on that and to think more about something that they could profit from.[/color]
[color=green]"Lopmon, While I was away did anything Interesting happen? Is there ANYTHING at all going on?"[/color]
[color=green]Lopmon gave her a grin but ti was short lived, "Yeah. Devimon, You know the one we stole the egg for, he kind of got driven farther into the cliff caves."[/color]
[color=green]"Let me guess. They tracked the egg down."[/color]
[color=green]Lopmon shook her head, "Actually no. The Egg hatched earlier than he predicted and before he could silence it or do whatever it was he wanted it for it bounced out of his hiding spot and screeched for help. It was a digimon with a possibly light and or Holy digivolution line in the future so I am not sure what he planned to do with."[/color]
[color=green]"Meaning the work we did was... for nothing. Nice."[/color]
[color=green]"Not for nothing. We did out job he got his egg. We are not responssible for what that guy does with it after we are done."[/color]
[color=green]Rain ignored that and headed towards a small tunnel in the ground near their location. After walking in the dark for a wile she came upon some glowing eyes that had a glare.[/color]
[color=green]"I hear you had some trouble." She said to the figure in the shadows."[/color]
[color=green]The voice replied, "Indeed I did. If I am to ever Digivolve I need more data. But because of where I am It is hard to find suitable opponents."[/color]
[color=green]"But why chose the weakest things? Newborns cant do much. And I am sure they dont have much data for you anyways. Well if you took out the whole egg village MAYBE you could get some but other than that I think you are going about this all wrong."[/color]
[color=green]"What do you mean?" Go somewhere... where there are severa digimon weaker then you but not too weak. Kill them off and take their data. Its quicker."[/color]
[color=green]He laughed at her, "Problem young one. When someone sees me coming they hide. It is far harder to find worthy targets when everyone can tell you are coming."[/color]
[color=green]He explained things and Rain argued back that shadows are used for more than cooling down and that he should get a backbone. Well the backbone comment didnt do to well and he got a bit angry. She countered his rude remarks with several of her own which made him all the more furious.[/color]
[color=green]"You actually think I, Master of shadows in these parts cannot do what it takes?"[/color]
[color=green]Rain nodded, "Right. You sit in the cave and wait for things to come to you. Pity... I was hoping you would be determined enough to digivolve and then be driven for more battle and come with me. Since im new at this, Iv helped you, and you could get data quicker that way. Oh well. Lopmon come on."[/color]
[color=green]They left the deep undergound caves quickly and Rain sighed, "Lets Go Lopmon."[/color]
[color=green]Devimon burst from the cave and flew at them. He knocked her over onto lopmon.[/color]
[color=green]"Determined eh? Well then Ill just take your little friends data for my own. No one gets away with talking to me like that."[/color]
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Yoshino was so happy, she was so excited to know that in just a few short minutes she was going to arrive in the digital world. Yoshino had just graduated high school and at the top of her class, she always did well in school because she knew that if she was going to accomplish her dream of becoming a computer programmer she would need a good education.

It was the beggining of summer and Yoshino had until September to do all the things she liked to do and what she likes to do the most is go to the digital world using the VR technology provided at the Electronic Worlds company.

Although Yoshino only began going to the digital world a few weeks ago they have bee some of the best weeks in her life because of the amazing things she was able to experience there that she couldn't in the real world. Not only did she go to the digital world because of all the amazing adventures she had but because she saw it as a huge learning experience because she after college she wants to eventually get a job at the Electronic Worlds because when it comes to computer technology they are the best.

Yoshino finally arrived at the EW building, she parked her car and entered. She made her way to the part of the building that she needed to go to. Seconds later she saw and young lady a little older that herself behind a desk infront of the room that Yoshino was headed for. The two exchanged smiles as Yoshino walked into the room and place her digivice were she needed then proceeded on carrying out the task of setting herself up for going to the digital world.

[COLOR=Indigo]About thirty seconds later Yoshino opened her eyes to see that she was in a bright forest were she could see tons of plant-like digimon one of which made it's way to her. "Raramon!" said Yoshino with a huge grin on her face as she hugged the digimon.[/COLOR]
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[color=navy]Sakura finally found a mission that seemed interesting enough. She walked back to where her digimon were waiting and showed them the piece of paper she had copied the details of the mission onto. It was from a worried mother Guilmon, her baby Gigimon, she remembered losing him somewhere in the Dark Forest but couldn't go back because she had other little ones to take care of.

[B]"Let's go Renamon."[/B]

The fox digimon nodded and wrapped her arms around her partner, the angels held on too as she transported them away from Serenity City.

They reappeared in a place surrounded by trees all around but it was incredibly dark. Renamon's eyes adjusted immediately with her good eyes, but Sakura had to stand still and blink for quite a while as her pupils dilated, trying to take in as much sunlight as she could. When she could see reasonably well she started to walk, but Renamon continued to be beside her, grasping her arm and guiding her along. The angels didn't want to deal with it, so they flew out from beneath the canopy but stayed close to it so they could get down fast if they were needed.

Sakura stumbled over some roots that stuck out but generally made it ok until they saw many pairs of glowing eyes, then they saw them, a pack of 12 Garurumon slinked out of the foliage, toothy grins on their faces. Renamon and Sakura stopped, the fox stood in front of her protectively, a snarl on her face.

[B]"Now why would a little fox and a [I]human[/I] be wandering around in [I]our[/I] part of the forest?"[/B] the largest asked.

Sakura took him to be the Alpha male of the pack. [B]"We're on a mission, looking for a lost Gigimon. Have you happened to see one?"[/B] she questioned.

[B]"Hahaha, actually, yes. He's at our den."[/B]

[B]"Oh, then may we have him back? His mother's worried, then we can leave your forest."[/B] Sakura hoped they could get out of it without having to fight.

[B]"Ahaha, I'm afraid we can't do that. You see, we're gonna train the little critter to be our weapon."[/B] he grinned, baring his teeth.

[B]"Then we'll have to fight. Go Renamon! Seraphimon! Piddomon!"[/B] she called.

Renamon raced forward, and the angels broke through the canopy, letting in shafts of sunlight. The Alpha male Garurumon roared his pack into action and the digimon collided in a battle. The 12 Garurumon split up to take on each of the adversaries, four on each of Sakura's digimon. The Alpha male was with the group attacking Renamon.

[B]"Renamon!"[/B] Sakura cried, holding out her digivice.

She jumped out of the group of four, getting caught in the ring of data in midair as she digivolved into Kyuubimon, leaping back down, fighting tooth and nail against the wolves, the five of them on all fours.

Sakura watched helplessly, she couldn't help because she would be attacked in a minute for sure. Seraphimon and Piddomon were doing quite well because they were attacking from a distance, but Kyuubimon didn't have the luxury of flight so she was stuck on the ground. Then Sakura remembered that [B]Taomon[/B] could fly.

[B]"Kyuubimon, again!"[/B] she called.

The fox turned to look at her partner before nodding, pushing up into the air once again to be wrapped by a chain of data. She came forth again wearing robes and wielding a large script brush that people in olden Japan used to use to write with. She hit the ground and quickly painted a kanji symbol on the ground, activating it.

[B]"Talisman of Light!"[/B] she roared, brushing her fingers on the symbol.

A large dome formed around her, letting out an enormous amount of light that everyone cried out, including Sakura. She closed her eyes and put her hands over them, protecting them from the sudden blinding light that Taomon had emitted. During that time she drew more kanji symbols, using them against the Garurumon with her "Talisman Star" attack. The light disappeared and the wolves all growled angrily and leapt for her again, releasing a few "Howling Blaster"s.

[B]"You're gonna die, Foxy."[/B] the Alpha male growled, suddenly he was surrounded by light and he let out a howl. As the light disappeared it was evident that he wasn't an ordinary Garurumon anymore. He was now on two feet and was deep black in colour. He threw his head back and howled hauntingly, the call echoing throughout the forest. Then Sakura shivered as she heard a chorus of answering calls, none of which were from any of the Garurumon currently in the area.

He grinned at Taomon and charged forward at her in a flash, landing a barrage of punches and kicks, using the spikes on his knuckles and right knee cap to cause more damage. There was a rustling in the trees and suddenly a group of 5 Black WereGarurumon were around as well, howling loudly.

[B]"Pack Brothers and Sisters. Attack!"[/B]

The new entrants yipped with joy like pups, leaping from the trees and slashing wildly with their long claws. The Garurumon had all turned their focus on Seraphimon and Piddomon, pinning them down so they could attack. Sakura watched in horror as the Black WereGarurumon ganged up on Taomon, tearing out chunks of her fur.

[B]"TAOMON!"[/B] she cried, tears spilling over her cheeks as she thrust out her digivice once more.

Taomon weakly reached out a hand and was surrounded by the light, emerging as Sakuyamon, but she was still panting beneath the armour, bleeding inside and deeply wounded. Sakura was digging her nails into her palms as she watched the digimon go at it.

She looked over to Piddomon, he was bleeding heavily, with his wings tattered and bloodstained. He was still fighting though, whirling with an "Apollo Tornado". While Seraphimon had his helmet torn off, his golden hair now dirty from being rubbed in the dirt and he had bleeding red scratch marks across his previously beautiful, unmarked face. Seraphimon cast a "Full HP Cure" toward Piddomon, but a particularly weakened Garurumon jumped in the way, being healed completely. He tried again on himself but he was attacked before he could cast it, being torn at with sharp teeth and claws as they tried to remove the rest of his body armour. Piddomon tried to cast a "Mega Heal" on himself but like Seraphimon, he was charged before he could cast it. He used "Piddo Speed" and got out of the group he'd been in, hovering shakily above them, having to flap his wings to keep in flight since there were a lot of feathers missing and a few holes in his wings.

Sakura turned back and gasped at the state of Sakuyamon, her armour had been torn off too and was bloody all over, strands of golden fur were scattered over the forest floor, along with spilt blood. The pack of 17 wolves howled, they hadn't had a good fight in a loooong time. With a final group "Shadow Claw", Sakuyamon cried out and de-digivolved to Renamon before starting to break up into data particles from the feet upwards.

[B]"I'm....s-sorry.....Sakura...."[/B] she made out before disappearing for good.

Sakura saw the digi data flow into the pack of wolves and some fly away to Primary Village before she was logged out, seeing a black screen in her mind with the large red words, [B]"DIGIMON DELETED"[/B] before she was back in the real world, lying with her eyes open in the VR unit, tears flowing from her wide eyes, the only sound for that second was the clatter of her digivice as it fell from the port, before...

[B]"RENAMON!!!!"[/B] the cry echoing throughout the room.

It had been 3 years that they'd been partners, 3 good years. She had been a faithful partner to have and she'd been proud to call her a friend, and now she was gone...Sakura sat up and covered her face as she sobbed, she couldn't believe that Renamon had finally been defeated by someone. She was sure it would stay in her mind forever...the last moments of her life as the fox looked to her, apologising with her last breath. Sakura's mind thought back to the years that had passed, all the things they had done together, all the hard work to reach Mega level, and now it was no more.

Sakura continued to cry over her lost friend for a few more minutes before she realised that she would have to think of who she wanted for a new partner. She decided on the new digimon and shakily picked up the digivice from where it fell, and got up out of the unit, wiping the moistness from her cheeks and walked out to the front desk again. Of course they knew what had happened and she told Alexa what she wanted as her new partner and digivolution line, the data was inputted and she was able to re-enter the virtual reality world of Digimon.

When she went back to her VR unit and re-plugged herself in she found that she was back in Serenity City with Piddomon and Seraphimon. They both looked sad and tired, both had taken off their helmets and held them to their chests in mourning for the loss of Renamon, they'd been friends with her almost as long as Sakura had been. Their eyes fell to the small blue dinosaur by her side. A sad looking Veemon stood with his hands clasped in front of him, head down.

[B]"Seraphimon, Piddomon. I'm glad you're both alright."[/B] she walked forward, wrapping her arms around them.

[B]"We're sorry we failed you."[/B] Seraphimon said.

[B]"You didn't fail me."[/B] Sakura shook her head.

[B]"We failed in completing the mission...and in preventing the deletion of Renamon."[/B] Piddomon nodded.

[B]"You didn't fail me."[/b] she stressed. [b]"Have you both healed alright?"[/B]

[B]"Yes, we're fine."[/B]

[B]"Anyway, we have to move on...can't linger on what's happened in the past can we? This is my new partner, Veemon, I call him Vee/V for short. Vee, this is Seraphimon and Piddomon, my two befriended digimon."[/B]

[B]"Nice to meet you."[/B] Veemon said, looking up. He was usually cheerful, but he had been made her partner because of the unfortunate event of deletion of Sakura's previous partner, Renamon, so he was being respectful in mourning with the other three members of the team.

[B]"Welcome to the team, Veemon, it'll be a pleasure working with you."[/B] the angels said.

[B]"Thankyou, it'll be my pleasure too."[/B]

[B]"Alright, let's go look for a new mission..."[/B] Sakura said, the mournful tone still evident in her voice.

The two angels nodded and replaced their helmets on their heads and the four of them walked around the area, scouting out a good mission to help train up Veemon and to build up the bond that partners shared.[/color]
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[color=blue][/color](Just a quick question, while in the digital world, should we refer to our characters by their player names or their actual names?)

[color=blue]Matthew and Guilmon had decided to go back into the city to scout around and get used to the game. Matthew was getting well used to it, learning about taking quests, special events upcoming and later in time, and also befriending Digimon. He smiled at Guilmon, whom also learned a good bit of manners from Matthew as they scouted around.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"So, Ragnarok, ya ready to head out and battle some?" Matthew asked.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Yep! I've been wanting to for a while now."[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Sorry 'bout that. Well, while we're training, why not take an easy while we're at it too?"[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Okay. But make sure it's not too hard." Guilmon suggested.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]With that, the tamer and Digimon scouted around, asking about quests they could do or anything else that could make their team stronger. When they were about to give up, Guilmon heard from an old lady NPC that there was a prankster Digimon about in the local area. She said some people said it looked like an Agumon and others said it was a Gabumon.[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Oh...well, we can take on two rookie Digimon, right Guilmon?"[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Absolutely...but what if they digivolve?"[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"You will then too!...you do know how, right?"[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Mmmhmm. Into Growlmon. Ready to go?"[/color]

[color=#0000ff]"Yeah. Lets head out."[/color]

[color=#0000ff]After rechecking their info and asking the whereabouts of this Digimon prankster, Matthew and Guilmon headed towards the most recent area they were spotted, a lakeside called Emerald Lake...[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Well, this is where they're supposed to be...wonder where they ar-!"[/color]
[color=#0000ff]Matthew was suddenly caught in a small net and suspended in air in surprise. Guilmon burst into laughter for a second before hearing giggling in the bushes.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Guilmon. Get me down from here," Matthew said. He then dropped his voice to a whisper. "Then, blast the bushes where that laugh came from..."[/color]
[color=#0000ff]Guilon jumped up and slashed the net open, letting Matthew fall to the ground on his feet. While still in the air, Guilmon turned his head. "Pyro Sphere!"[/color]
[color=#0000ff]A small sphere of heat energy and flame burst from Guilmons mouth and slammed hard into the bushes. A loud scream echoed and a Gabumon, whos tail was on fire, jumped into the lake. An Agumon jumped from the bushes, ashs on his scales from the burning grass.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Why'd you go off and do that?!" The small dinosaur screamed.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Why did you trap me in that net?" Matthew asked calmly.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]The Agumon was taken aback as the Gabumon walked to his side. "All we want to do is have some fun. Thats why we're pulling pranks on people."[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Well, it's not very nice!" Guilmon jutted out. "It's a bad thing to do! You could seriously hurt someone!"[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"No, this would hurt someone!"[/color]
[color=#0000ff]Both rookie Digimon jumped in the air, still facing Matthew and Guilmon. With a loud 'Pepper Breath' and 'Blue Blaster', the tamer and Digimon didn't stay in one spot for too long. They jumped to the sides and then jumped at the two airborne Digimon. With a single side kick from Matthew, Gabumon slammed into Agumon, while the Pyro Sphere from Guilmon slammed into the side of Agumon, sending them into the nearby lake.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Well, I think that taught them a lesson..." Matthew said. But he was cut short as a burst of light and water errupted from the lake as a Greymon and Garurumon appeared from inside.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Oh boy...I figured this would happen..." Guilmon gulped.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]"Heh, this is what I was waiting for. Come on Guilmon, LETS DO THIS!"[/color]
[color=black](I'm not sure if a human attacking a Digimon is legit, but I went ahead and did so. If I did something wrong, then tell me. Oh, BTW, if any of you want to help Matthew and Guilmon, join in. The more the merrier! ^_^)[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Michel was late. His bicycle was rolling downhill way too fast for its driver's peace of mind. It swerved wildly to avoid lampposts, mailboxes, large potted plants and the occasional unfortunate pedestrian. The fact Michel was busy scramming a 6-inches sub sandwich in his mouth with one hand just made the entire operation more perilous.

Eventually, the two-wheeled vehicle went skidding when Michel took too step a turn and the young man landed head over heels in a flowerbed, his sandwich sent to destination unknown.

"Jacob is going to have my head," he sighed as an elderly lady began yelling and waving a rake at him.

Michel had crashed only a few blocks away from the NovelWorlds facility he had originally intended to go. When he walked in, twenty minutes later, having finally managed to slip away form the batty lady, and carrying his bike over his shoulder, he got more than a few stares.

"Hi Samantha!" he greeted the front desk girl, which he had known both in-game and in real life. "I have a boot reserved," he said without heeding he startled look at his dishevelled, scratched and dirty appearance.

"Uh, right," she typed reflexively. "Unit F-43."

"Thank," he answered dryly, trying to cut off on question time. "The event hasn't started yet, I hope?"

She blinked.

"No. It starts in twenty minutes, real time," she answered, still staring at him.

Michel nodded curtly and walked out of the entrance hall, leaving the damaged bicycle leaning against the wall and the receptionist gaping. He walked down the hall and reached his unit, relieved that no new catastrophe had gotten in his way. The Digivice was slid in its designated slot and Michel' consciousness was wrenched from this world.

He found himself standing in a large forest opening near a pyramidal structure that apparently responded to the game programmer's idea of an Aztec template. He had spent his last game session, a week ago, fighting off rabid Baromon and Coatlmon priests in there, only to have victory barely taken from him as his fellow player JJ intervened and brought down half the subterranean part of the compound around him and his companions.

"Eiffel!" a high-pitched voice called for him.

The man turned toward the flying creature coming for him full-speed.

"Hey, Patamon!" he said, grabbing it as it reached him and squeezing the creature briefly.

"Hiya!" a large white and red lizard with black markings greeted him.

"Hi, Guilmon!" Eiffel answered.

He gave his surrounding a quick wary look. JJ, who he knew in real life as one Jacob Elder, had taken on an habit of ambushing him each time he got online. Mostly reassured by his quick examination, he turned his attention back to his two companions.

"So, anything new? What's going on with Kalika?"

Patamon twitched slightly.

"She's won the Blue Card tournament earlier this week, apparently."

Eiffel cursed loudly. That couldn't be good. The Blue card tournament was renowned both for the challenge it represented and the prizes it handed. Guilmon began sniffing at the air at this point and Eiffel immediately stopped worrying about his archnemesis. He trusted the Digimon's instinct and sense of smell with all his experience. He began looking around, searching for any hint of a foreign presence, but couldn't find one until a three-feet tall grey humanoid rabbit jumped from the bushes and swiped at him with long, black claws. Eiffel barely managed to dodge the attack at the small digimon was carried over by his momentum and slid around, leaving two long traces in the ground. Another identical then emerged and rushed toward him.

"Boom Bubble!"

Eiffel's partner inflated his body and launched a burst of wind that forced the Gazimon to dodge out of the way, allowing Eiffel to scramble away from the two rookies.

"Electric Stun Blast!"

The retaliatory attack missed the flying complete as he had been send backward by his own attack. Guilmon barrelled into the digimon and they rolled to the ground. The first came back at the player, only to be caught the side by another Boom Bubble that sent his crashing to the ground. Eiffel gave him a sound kick in the head and the creature stopped moving.

"JJ!" Eiffel called out. "Come out, now! I know you're here, you backstabbing little-"

"Hey hey, no need to be rude there!" a voice answered from the temple's ruins.

Two silhouette, one a human wearing a sweat suit and army pants, the other an orange lizard in black armor, walked out of an opening toward the group. Meanwhile, Guilmon had pinned the other Gazimon under his weight and begun charging a Pyro Sphere. He gave the human a questioning look.

"Do it," Eiffel said.

The attack obliterated the digimon's head and he exploded into data, some of which was absorbed by Guilmon and Patamon. Eiffel grabbed the Gazimon and threw the unconscious creature at JJ.

"This is yours," he said dryly.

"Hey, don't look at me [i]this[/I] way!" The man put a hand to his chest in jest before continuing: "[i]You[/I] are the late one! What did you expect?"

Eiffel sighed.

"Right, I [i]should[/I] have expected it," he admitted. " Anyway, you getting ready for the big battle?" he added sarcastically, nodding toward the stirring creature.

"Them?" JJ smirked. "Nah, I'm not really interested with these."

He suddenly turned at the rookie and violently kicked him in the midsection before he could take his surroundings in. With a loud cry of pain, it fell over and curled in a ball, tears of pain in his eyes. Eiffel winced in sympathy. He had just tried to keep the creature quiet. JJ was actively hurting it.

"You [i]incompetent[/I]! You were supposed to get them! Now get away from my sight before I just kill you myself!"

Gazimon nodded wordlessly and crawled away looking at the ground. JJ's Ryuudamon's partner looked up at the man.

"Should I?" he asked.

"Have fun," JJ answered.

Ryuudamon stalked after the other rookie. JJ turned toward Eiffel with a grin on his face.

"It's going to be a great occasion to get acquainted with a lot of dark and powerful Digimon. I wouldn't miss that for anything in the world."

"So that's why you threw these at me?"

"Yup, they were... expendable."

Eiffel just stared back wordlessly.

"Hey, don't look at me like that! I have a reputation to keep, you know? That evil shtick and all that jazz. Besides, it's much more fun than that goodiness stuff of yours."

Eiffel shook his head in desperation. Jacob was going to drive him crazy. A shout of "Iaijin!" and a cry of pain came from the forest.

"You know what happened with Kalika?" JJ asked after a moment of awkward silence.

"Yeah, I do. What's she up to exactly?"

"Well... For one thing, she's now the biggest landlord in the Saekos plains."

Eiffel cursed again.

"I think she's been using her new position to send newer player to collect Elemental Slabss, but don't quote me on that," JJ added.

"Collecting Slabs? What for? She's not exactly one for using special items," Guilmon quipped in.

JJ shrugged.

"One thing is sure, she's going to be on Daekos' side, and no little player in the events to unfold. If I'm not mistaken, battle will take place at Saware Valley," he added

Eiffel's eyebrow twitched at that name.

"Isn't that the place where there's supposed to be a secret area?" he asked.

JJ nodded. That little fact had been the rumour going wild for the previous weeks. Saware Valley was always a battle zone between the various local militias, making access complicated at best, and highly hazardous at worst. As they both weighted in the meaning of that, Ryuudamon came back, looking rather pleased with himself. Eiffel shook his head again.

"Well, it was nice chatting with you man, but I've got a few errands to run before the big thing. See ya on the battleground!" JJ turned around and waved in his general direction, Ryuudamon by his side.

"See ya," Eiffel mumbled.

He turned around and went his own way. He needed time to think.

[B]Note: Me and JJ had worked this beforehand, so he'd appreciate it if nobody would use his character at the very least until he has posted himself[/B][/SIZE]
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OOC: Venge, to answer your question, when characters are in VR, they're referred to by their player names, not their real names. Also, it's perfectly fine for a human to attack a Digimon. Just remember that a human isn't likely to be able to do anything against a Digimon at the Champion-level or higher. A human's perfectly capabe of taking on Rookie-level Digimon, though.

Rei, minor note about something that probably doesn't matter: Electronic WOrlds doesn't make VR equipment. Think of EW like an arcade. Arcades don't make the arcade machines, they buy them from the ones who do make them. Likewise, EW buys VR equipment from companies that make VR equipment. Of course, EW does have top-notch support staff that know the VR equipment in and out, and running VR equipment does [color=seagreen]require[/color] one hell of a lot of computing power, so don't think you need to change anything about your character wanting to get a job with EW.


[color=indigo]The battle with Ornithmon was similar to the one against the Karatenmon. Ornithmon was in the air, far enough away from Machinedramon that the machine Digimon was unable to hit Ornithmon. Garudamon was in the air with Ornithmon, but just like she had against the Karatenmon, Garudamon was focusing on evading rather than attacking. She fired off a Wing Blade whenever she had an opening, but aside from that, she did nothing more than evade.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Garudamon tried to draw Ornithmon closer to Machinedramon, but Ornithmon wasn't about to fall for that again. She made sure to stay far away from Machinedramon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva had an idea. "Machinedramon, I've got a plan," she said. "I'll need you as Gigadramon for it. What I want you to do is fly up there and engage Ornithmon head-on. I don't expect you to kill her. Your job is just to distract her."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva grabbed her Digivice. One of the more useful features of the Digivice what that it allowed the player to communicate with his/her partner and befriended Digimon from any distance. Kiva selected this feature, and spoke into the Digivice.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Garudamon," Kiva said, "I have a plan. Listen closely. What's going to happen is..."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Machinedramon devolved to his Ultimate-level form, Gigadramon. Gigadramon flew up to attack Ornithmon. Unlike Garudamon, Gigadramon didn't focus only on evading. He made sure to dodge Ornithmon's attacks, but he made quite a few attacks of his own. Ornithmon's focus shifted to Gigadramon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Gigadramon was slowly drawing Ornithmon closer to the ground. Ornithmon didn't see any trap. She knew that the Gigadramon she was engaging was Machinedramon at a lower level, and if Gigadramon tried to Digivolve, Ornithmon could pull back before Machinedramon had a chance to finish her off.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Garudamon's timing was perfect. When Ornithmon was close enough to the ground, Gigadramon dropped all the way down, and Kiva triggered his Digivolution back to Machinedramon. At the same time, Garudamon, who'd positioned herself above Ornithmon, came chrashing down. She slammed into Ornithmon, knocking the Mega-level bird Digimon to the ground. She pushed off as Machinedramon completed his Digivolution. He hit Ornithmon with Giga Cannon at point-blank range, finishing the bird Digimon off.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Well, that was interesting," Kiva remarked as Garudamon landed and Machinedramon devolved to Hawkmon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Yeah, I didn't see that one coming," Hawkmon said. "I've never seen that before."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "Yeah. That was a surprise. I know the code has no restrictions on wild Digimon killing other wild Digimon, and that that happens all the time, but I've never seen a wild Digimon kill an ally like that. It was a very smart move, though. One fresh Ornithmon had a much better chance against us than two injured Karatenmon."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Wild Digimon were programmed to be inclined against killing partner Digimon. Wild Digimon would sometimes kil partners, as there had to be some potential concequence of a lost battle, but it happened very rarely. There was a lesser disinclination towards killing befriended Digimon, but not nearly as strong a one. And there was no disinclination at all towards wild Digimon killing other wild Digimon. They normally didn't kill their allies, but in this case, that had happened. The Karatenmon had killed her remaining companion to get herself to the Mega-level, giving herself a fighting chance. She'd still lost, but she'd had a much better chance as Ornithmon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"All right," Kiva said. "Let's get back to Serenity."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]After finding the merchant and reporting her success, Kiva just wandered through the city with her Digimon. After a little while, Kiva's Digivice beeped. "About time," Kiva said as she reached for her Digivice. It was displaying the words 'Event Information Available'.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva selected to view the information. After reading it, she put her Digivice away. "Okay," she said to her Digimon, "I've got the info now."[/color]
"Then let's here it," Hawkmon replied.

Kiva nodded. "As we know," she began, "the Daekos clan seems to be at the center of a forming army. A matching army has been formed to move against the Daekos army. All 'good' players participating in this event will be with that army, while 'bad' players will be with the Daekos army.

"It has now been officially confirmed that Daekos is not at the head of this army. There is a new evil Digimon leading. Information on this new Digimon is currently unavalible. It'll be added to the database after the event, but if we encounter it during the event, we'll have to figure everything out for ourselves.

"Both armies are being divided into sections based on ability. Newer, inexperienced players will be with the weaker groups. These weaker groups will go against each other, ensuring that their members will be against others of their level. More experienced players will be up against tougher opponents. And if you don't know which group you should be with, you can have the system analyze and place you. We don't need that, of course. We know where we belong. We're going in with the main force."

"Where's the fight going to take place?" Garudamon asked.

"The battle will take place in Saware Valley," Kiva said.

"Isn't there supposed to be a hidden area there?" Hawkmon asked Kiva.

"That's right," Kiva replied. "It's never been found, so it's probably one of those places that was marked for possible addition. The hidden area has now been added, and it's the lair of this new evil Digimon.

"The 'good' army's objective in this event is simple. This new evil Digimon is obviously planning something. We're going to push through its army, penetrate its lair, and take it out. Of course, the 'evil' army is going to be trying to prevent us from doing so. This isn't going to be easy. What it will be is one hell of a ride."

"How long until the battle starts?" Agrudamon asked.

Kiva checked her Digivice's clock. "Half an hour, game-time. Plenty of time to reach the gathering point. Let's get going, shall we?"

Garudamon grabbed Kiva and Hawkmon and took off, heading for the 'good' army's gathering point at one end of Saware Valley. The 'evil' army would be gethering elsewhere in the valley, presumably somewhere around the location of the new evil Digimon's lair.

Kiva was looking forward to the coming battle. Going after individual targets or even small groups was fun, but Kiva enjoyed large-scale battles even more. And this one looked like it was going to be particularly enjoyable. This would be one hell of a ride.


OOC: Okay, everybody who's interested in participating in this event, come to Saware Valley. You don't have to if you don't want to, though. I'll give people a few days, then start the battle. If you have anyquestions, don't hesitate to ask them.
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[color=green]Devimon lunged forward but lopmon flopped her ears and the weight sent her flying out of the way. She rolled and sent a freezing blast at his arm. However the ice that formed was easily broke off and he slapped her. She flew into the ground and got back up again.[/color]
[color=green]Rain had enough of this. "Time to use that champion i chose for you!"[/color]
[color=green]Lopmon swiftly grew to a huge size and had large arms. The newly formed Endigomon roared and slammed its large arm into Devimon. [/color]
[color=green]"Oh really. Now ill get even more data from you." He lunched his claw forward and slammed it right into endigomons chest and he stepped backwards. This continued with each claw lunch endigomon stepped backwards once.[/color]
[color=green]Rain watched and realized this meant bad. "He is backing you off the cliff. Move it!"[/color]
[color=green]"Koko Crusher!" it shouted. sending several shots right into devimon's face. They continued to fight for a while mainly hitting each other or sending an occasional blast.[/color]
[color=green]Finally Endigomon jumped into the air and hit devimon with a large amount of blasts. Before devimon could react Endigomon then flipped and came head first down onto Devimon. The impact from the speed of falling and Endigomons weight pressed devimon hard into the ground. And explosion of data later Lopmon stood in a small crater with a smile on her face. She took in all the data she could and smiled. [/color]
[color=green]"That felt good" She said slightly. "But didnt you want him as a befriended digimon?"[/color]
[color=green]"Not with an attitude like that. Id prefer someone who would actually follow commands if needed. He had his head to high in the demon clouds. Lala land. Full of himself. He was not determined enough to get what he wanted."[/color]
[color=green]"He was just a bit ago."[/color]
[color=green]"Only because I said he wasnt. He wanted to prove me wrong by finally acting out. To bad he was a little late. Anyways i got some info on my digivice. That even starts soon. Lets take part. I feel like more battles."[/color]
[color=green]"Ok." And with that Lopmon and Rain were off.[/color]
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[Color=DarkBlue][Font=Arial]JJ grabbed his digivice and checked Ryuudamon?s stats. He looked fine and his digivolution bar was slowly moving towards Ultimate. For playing only about two weeks and only logging in once or twice during the week, it didn?t seem like he was doing too bad. Not to mention that he still had a leg up on Eiffel which was always good.

Michel was one of Jacob?s better friends and in the outside and there were very few things he wouldn?t do for him. In game though, JJ had already started his way through the darker side of the game and he did not want his reputation to already be lost. He had already been approached by a couple of clans proclaiming they knew the way to Mega in less than 24 hours if the newcomer of darkness would just join their group/clan/guild or whatever word they used.

JJ decided to head for the temple shopping area where he could find a quest. Possibly one that would take him to the Saekos Plains, where a certain old acquaintance of Eiffel and JJ?s was sure to be dipping her dodgy hands into whatever there was to dip them in. JJ smiled as he whipped out his digivice again and clicked to the map/travel function. There being only so much time left ?till the event, JJ wanted to quickly get back and quickly get over to the plains. He felt the almost familiar wind of travel and within a blink of his eye; he was in the bustling center of town.

JJ went straight to the corner he deemed, ?Shady and Incredibly Difficult Quest Corner?. It was basically two or three different NPCs who always had those weird out of the way quests that were difficult and at the same time, more worthwhile to JJ. They always gave some special item or another and most of the time it involved disturbing someone else?s quest, so it was all good to JJ.

?So, what do you have for me today?? JJ asked the far left lump.

?Nothing, only players with Ultimate level partner today.? It replied.

?How about number two?? JJ asked, not showing his anger.

?Mega level.? It said.

?Damnit.? JJ muttered.

The third one nodded JJ over and he sighed with relief. ?So, what?cha got for me??

?Just a simple pickup really, there?s a merchant in the middle of the battlefield and he?s got a package for me. Get it before he?s killed would you? And make sure the package isn?t broken in any way, otherwise I?m docking from your payout.? It replied

?Any advice for me?? JJ asked.

?Yeah, I?d like you to, rough up the package before you bring it to me. So, just don?t it die before you bring back, no?? It answered.

?Thanks.? JJ said, turning away.

JJ looked at Ryuudamon who nodded and JJ pulled up the map section. It was time to travel. He looked for Saware Valley, which actually had two flashing points. He then closed his digivice and looked to Ryuudamon.

?We haven?t actually used your Champion form much. We may even find a couple of stray digimon to battle while we?re moving. Let?s take this one over the land.? JJ told him, pressing the digivolution button.

Ryuudamon shot up and become Ginryuudamon, who was bigger in a white light. The dragon that popped up didn?t look all that different. The loss of a helmet, a little discoloring here and there was the only noticeable thing.

?Let?s go!? JJ shouted as he climbed onto Ginryydamon?s back.

JJ rode Ginyuudamon through the jungle, the scenery flying by as Ginryuudamon put on speed. They finally stopped as a Meramon appeared within the vicinity.

?Ginyuudamon, let?s make this quick, no?? JJ commanded, jumping off his back.

Ginryuudamon approached Meramon and immediately attacked, ramming into the flame digimon.

?Magma Blast!?

The blast of fire flew harmlessly into the air because the moment Ginryuudamon knocked him down, he also pinned his arms, which was the source of the attack.

?Battle Rod Break!?

Ginryuudamon pulled his head back and slammed it forcefully into the Meramon, wincing as he watched Meramon?s squirm of pain. He did it again and Meramon looked bad off.

?Armor Piercing Blade!?

This time, the blade that popped up when Ginryuudamon flipped his head back pierced Meramon and a look of confusion popped up as it was deleted.

?That was too easy. You sure he was a champion?? JJ asked.

Ginryuudamon shrugged as he absorbed the data, ?I must have just caught him off guard. Next time I doubt it?ll be so easy.?

?You?re probably right. Let?s get going before we show up late for our first event.? JJ said, climbing back on, ?Besides, we?ve got a package to pick up.?

OOC: How many "bad" players are there now? Is it just Frankie and myself at the moment?[/font][/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]Sakura stopped the search for a new mission as her digivice emitted a beeping sound. She pulled it from her belt and scanned her eyes across the information that had just come across.

[B]"Good news, there's an event happening."[/B] Sakura grinned at the digimon.

[B]"Oh, what, where and when?"[/B] Piddomon asked eagerly.

[B]"It's the war, we knew it was going to happen though. All the good players will be on one side, battling the other side, but strangely enough, Daekos isn't leading the bad army, but there's no information on the new evil digimon. The battle's going to be fought in Saware Valley in half an hour."[/B] she read from the screen, looking at the clock in the device.

[B]"Up for it?"[/B] she looked to the three digimon.

They all replied immediately with the positive, thrusting an arm in the air.

[B]"There's still some time to kill, no time for a mission though...how about we just wander around and see what's happening?"[/B] the three nodded in agreement and they walked out of Serenity City, wandering quite aimlessly. They heard some noise coming from the Emerald Lake as they walked by and went to check it out.

As they made their entrance, a Guilmon had just digivolved to Growlmon and he and his human partner were about to rush in to battle the Greymon and Garurumon. Sakura spotted the danger and ran forward, grabbing the boy's arm and pulling him back as the Growlmon charged into battle.

[B]"Hey!"[/B] he yelled at her, fighting Sakura's strong grip.

[B]"You're going to get yourself killed."[/B] she said calmly. She looked into his eyes and smiled. [B]"You're new to the game aren't you?"[/B]

[B]"Yeah, this is my first log in."[/B]

[B]"What's your name? I'm Sakura, 21."[/B]

[B]"Ma- I mean Zelex, 18."[/B]

[B]"Just wait a second. Veemon, digivolve!"[/B] she said, holding out her digivice and tapping the button.

He was surrounded by a bright light as a string of data coiled around him, before emerging larger and wearing golden armour.

[B]"Go help out, Magnamon. Piddomon, Seraphimon, watch and help if they're in trouble."[/B]

Her partner digimon nodded and flew out to help Growlmon battle the two champions. Her befriended digimon nodded and hovered in the air, watching the battle.

[B]"Anyways, you gotta know when you can and when you can't help your digimon by getting in there. If you wanted to help you should at least bring a weapon of some sort since they're Champions and won't go down by a few kicks and punches."[/B]

Zelex nodded in understanding. Sakura peered at her digivice clock and noted that ten minutes had passed, leaving them 20 minutes to get to Saware Valley.

[B]"Are you going to the event?"[/B] she asked Zelex.

[B]"I don't know. Is there a separate section for the new members?"[/B]

[B]"Yeah, there's the main force, and the new area so newbies can participate."[/B]

[B]"Hmm. Get 'em Growlmon!"[/B]

[B]"Pyro Blaster!"[/B] the red dinosaur growled, releasing a large sphere of heat and fire.

The Greymon countered with "Nova Blast", the two attacks cancelling each other out in midair.

Magnamon was fully utilising his ability to fly by constantly moving out of range of the Garurumon's "Howling Blaster". Sakura wanted to get rid of the Garurumon because she still had a tender spot for them and WereGarurumon after the incident.

When the two had worn down the Champions, Magnamon called Growlmon to help him finish them off. The red dinosaur backed up a lot as Magnamon rose into the air, they both released attacks at the same time.

[B]"Pyro Blaster!"

"Magna Blaster!"[/B]

The two digimon cried out as they dissolved into digi-data, getting sucked up by the two dinosaurs.

[B]"Well, we gotta get moving to get to Saware Valley in time. If you end up going, I might see you there. Good luck...Seraphimon, can you give me a lift?"[/B]

Seraphimon stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, lifting off into the air.

[B]"Seeya 'round, Zelex."[/B] Sakura waved with a smile as the four of them flew away.

[B]"We gotta fly fast guys, there's only 15 minutes left."[/B]

The three digimon flew faster than before, rocketing through the skies in the direction of the Saware, hoping they'd make it in time.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Hope you don't mind Venge, let me know if you want anything changed.
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[size=1][B]OOC:[/B] As always, I?m late into this RP and as always, I?ll be taking up a spot as a bad guy. You know, I?m good for it, Takuya.

It had already been nearly ten hours, more or less, since Angelina sat at her desk, sifting through folders filled with papers filled with ideas, faxes, press release, and so much more. The clock ticked loudly, indicating that it was time for her to have a bit of R&R time for herself, which was exactly what she decided to do. She walked out of her office, passing by her secretary?s desk, who appeared to be nodding off into deep sleep. Feeling partially at fault, Angelina cleared her throat just so slightly, but saw no change. She tapped her secretary on the shoulder and suddenly the secretary jumped in her seat, pretending to be at work: typing away at the keyboard and while talking on the phone.

Looking up, the secretary greeted her boss. [B]?Ms. Promitier!?[/B] Scared that Angelina had seen her taking a nap, the secretary began to stutter and make up an excuse. [B]?Uhm, I was just sending those e-mails you requested.?[/B]

Chuckling at this, Angelina replied, [B]?You?ve been here for a long time, Kara. Go home and get some rest; in fact, take the week off. I can fend for myself in this office.?[/B] With a smile, she left down the hallway and into a private room on the right, created for Angelina and her team?s use.

Upon opening the door with her cardkey and inputting a password, Angelina found herself stepping into the room and turning on the lights that brightened the room. The machines were already bringing themselves to life as she walked further in. Here, she could distinctly remember the first she had experienced the VR systems, the incredible feeling she had felt, the unexplainable desire that only someone who?s experienced it could understand. She walked towards the computer, verified herself and the system she was about to engage in, and stepped into the VR. Angelina watched the lid close down on her and closed her eyes, allowing the VR do to its thing and let her to drift into the reality she had come to know.

[color=#CD6619]A few moments later, she found herself staring out at the great ocean that crashed against the shores. In the off distance, she could hear a faint voice erupt the quietness of the nature, but she didn?t move to look into the direction of the source. Wormmon and RhodoKnightmon- a befriended digimon- came upon Angel. The two digimon landed near her, Wormmon the most excited of the three, enjoying the reunion.

[B]?Angel, it?s good to see you.?

?Likewise.?[/B] Her eyes stared at the horizon of the ocean, its beauty captivating. She stood up and questioned, [B]?What?s on our agenda, RhodoKnightmon??

?There?s an event occurring in Saware Valley involving the ?bad? and ?good?. I?ve already told a few of the Daekos messengers that we?ll be positioning ourselves with them.?[/B]

With a nod, Angel kept watching the horizon. It was simple routine for her and her digimon. She listened to what they had to say, understand what was to be done, and do what they had to do: simple routine. There was no need for questions or assumptions about who they would involve themselves with or any frivolous sort. All that mattered was who they would be up against and what the incentive was, nothing more.

[B]?Shall we go then??[/B][/color]

[center]* * * * *[/center]

[color=#CD6619]Moments later, Angel soared through the skies on the back of RhodoKnightmon with Wormmon nestled in front of her. The cool breeze passed by, reminding Angel of the beauty she always admired in the digital world. She could remember the different sights, scents, and admiration she felt when she ventured into the world for the first time. Invigorating and powerful, there was nothing like what Angel felt in the world of Digimon. As they flew with the clouds, it wasn?t long until RhodoKnightmon spotted something interesting on the ground.

Angel pointed to the ground and the elegant pink digimon dove down in a swirl of grace, landing with such precision that not even the best flyer could have done what she did. As Angel jumped off of RhodoKnightmon?s back, she twisted her digivice around in her hand, all the while saying, [B]?What do we have here??[/B] Before the three was a Ginryuumon engaging in a fight against a Kabuterimon, behind the dragon digimon was a tall man in a white sweat suit with a nasty grin across his face. This held Angel?s interest and she waited to see the end result.

The battle went on for quite some time and in the end, the dragon digimon had won, taking with him a small digimon to its trainer. Clapping her hands, the tall man and his digimon looked to find the source. Angel?s and his eyes met, their gaze held for a few moments before Angel came up to the man. The digimon held in Ginryuumon?s hand squirmed to be set free, not in fear of being destroyed by the Ginryuumon but in fear of the person who stood in front of the man. The small digimon kept saying [B]?It?s her! It?s her!?[/B].

Chuckling, Angel changed her gaze to the hostage, [B]?Well, look at that. I believe we?ve become famous, guys.?[/B] She walked closer to Ginryuumon, who held a low growl in his throat. [B]?Oh, you know me, don?t you??

?You?re Angel! Angel! Don?t hurt me, don?t hurt me!?[/B]

[B]?I have no intentions of doing anything to you, little one. You?re the Rookie?s catch, after all. Which reminds me,?[/B] Angel turned to the man and complimented him, [B]?You?ve got some talent, Rookie. It?s been said that it?s pretty hard to handle a Ryuudamon, yet you?re able to manage this one pretty well. I commend you.?[/B][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Woah... I think that is my longest RP post ever.[/B]

[i]Kalika... Wherever we look, she's there, always ready to pull something impossible from her ass just to make sure she stays on our bad side. I don't mind powerplaying. God knows I've done it when it suited me. I hate how she treats everybody around her as... things. Sometimes I wonder if she even draws a line between players and Digimon. She just likes to hurt people. I wonder if she's like that outside the game too. I know JJ doesn't really enjoy it as such. It's a game choice. More challenges for him, he says. And to a point, he's right. bad players get chased a lot. JJ's here for a challenge. What is Kalika here for? What am [/i]I[i] here for?[/I]

Eiffel glanced around himself. His walking had driven him to the outskirts of the city. He smiled.

[i]There was a hole in my soul. And it fills up when I'm here. I feel complete. That is why I'm here.[/I]

While he was here, he decided to check out a few item shops. With the big event coming up, they were being raided by players, newbies as much as old-timers. Eiffel wandered around until he came up to Digitamamon's Cellar. He was a regular, and he knew the ultimate-level would not drive him nearly as had a bargain as he would any random client. He might get an even better price by offering his services.

The shop was nearly out of stock on everything, not that these usually had much stuff to begin with, but still. Fortunately, Eiffel wasn't interested in the usual items. Most players were stocking up on Dark Shields and Dark Slabs, but he knew Patamon didn't need those.

"Hey Digit!" he called for the shop owner.

"Eiffel!" the digimon yelled back. "How many times have I told you not to call me that?"

"Thirty five," the human retorted, waving a hand dismissively. "But I didn't come here just to give you nicknames you hate. Have you got any Water Elemental Slabs left?"

Patamon nodded his approval, even though his partner couldn't see him. He was a strong vaccine-type, but Asuramon was rather weak against water-based attacks.

"it's your lucky day. I have a couple left. They are 5000 digicredits each. If you take them, I can make you the Moon Blades half-price."

Eiffel bit his lip. [i]I should stock them up when the prices are low,[/I] he kicked himself mentally. That was going to be a hard bargain. He was a bit short on money to buy the whole lot [i]and[/I] the Blades, but the Blades were practically more necessary than these 4 slabs. Asuramon worked wonders with Moon Blades.

"3500 each," he proposed.

"No way!" Digitamamon grumbled. "4000."

"3800, and I'll take the Moon Blades two-third of the price," Eiffel tried.

"I'm not going below 3900," Digitamamon countered.

Eiffel sighed deeply.

"I'll take the Slabs, but only one Blade," he surrendered.

Guilmon nudged the man. Eiffel looked down at him.

"And me?"

Eiffel smiled down at his friend and gave the digimon's nostrils a light scrub.

"I know you don't need anything, Guilmon. But if you really want..."

"Nah, that won't be necessary," the rookie retracted gruffly.

He could never take it when people doubted him. Eiffel fumbled with his satchel to get his money out.

"Well..." Digitamamon began.

"Yes?" Eiffel looked up hopefully.

"Maybe we can settle a deal..." the digimon continued.

"[i]Get to it![/I]" Eiffel snapped.

He immediately covered his mouth. That was not a smart move on his part, but Digitamamon just gave him a chuckle in return.

"You really want the entire lot, don't you?"

Eiffel tried not to blush.

"It'd be really great," he admitted.

"Well, here's the thing. My nephew, Gabumon, wants in on the battle, but he's not very experienced, and he's a terrible hothead. We won't let him, but we're worried he's going to run away and go on his own. It'd be a good thing for him to get busted through a bit, but I'd prefer if he actually made it out alive. If you could take him under your guidance, I'd give you the Moon Blades for free. How's that?"

Eiffel wasn't sure it was such a god idea anymore. Another, inexperienced rookie could be a serious hindrance, and he didn't want to face Digitamamon if the thing got injured, or worse. On the other hand, he was getting a [i]great deal[/i] off this. The player eventually nodded, if only so the other clients would stop yelling at him to get it on with.

"Okay, I'll take him with me."


Digitamamon was terrible at giving indications. Eiffel, Patamon and Guilmon had went through the city twice before finding Gabumon's home. His parents were more than happy to get rid of him, if only for a while, and Eiffel could hardly blame them. The digimon was giving their patience a full work out.

He was now having second thoughts about the entire thing. The rookie was quite literally a ball of uncontrolled energy wrapped in blue fur. Said fur was probably going to be flying soon if the newcomer didn't stop harping on about Guilmon being a Virus while Patamon and himself were Vaccine. The hyperactive lizard strafed around the others as they walked. It was giving Eiffel a headache and a nausea at the same time.

"I mean, sure, he's with you, but what tells you he won't tun around if he sees his advantage to it? He [i]is[/I] the same type as those we're supposed to be battling, you know," he rambled on.

Eiffel caught him by his horn so he could look him in the eye.

"I'd trust him with my life. And you're going to have to, too," he growled.

"[i]What?[/I]" the rookie panicked. "No way I'm trusting [i]him[/I]!"

Great, he was bigoted, at that. Behind Eiffel, Guilmon gave a low growl.

"Besides," Gabumon tried to throw his chest out and failed miserably. "I can fend for myself."

And full of himself too. Eiffel rolled his eyes in desperation. He pushed the horned digimon forward.

"Hurry up now!" he ordered. "We're going to be late."

"Nope, you're just in time, fur freak," a voice in front of them said.

Gabumon froze in place, this caused Eiffel, who was right behind him, to practically trip over the lizard, sending them both sprawling to the ground. There was a chorus of raucous laughs. Eiffel looked up to see a band of slovenly-looking (if that was possible) digimon. Several Gazimon and Gizamon, a Guilmon and a Wizardmon. Gabumon was now shaking like a leaf.

He appeared behind Guilmon. Eiffel knew that wasn't possible. One could not move from here to there without leaving at least a blur or causing a rip in space-time or [i]something[/I]. Yet that was apparently what just happened. Gabumon was unashamedly hiding behind the larger rookie. Guilmon snorted loudly as the row of Digimon in front of them broke into more laughing.

"I thought you could fend for yourself," he said sarcastically.

The red lizard grabbed the yellow one and shoved him forward. Eiffel got up and looked down at the rookie.

"Who're they and what do they want with you?" he asked.

Gabumon's hands fiddled as he tried to look somewhere else.

"An... Unresolved issue. I tried to drive them out of my neibourghood, but it didn't really work..."

"You got the City Guard after us instead," the other Guilmon completed.

"We [i]don't[/I] like stoolies," the Wizardmon added. "Get them!"

"Oh damn!" Eiffel cursed.

The other Guilmon bulrushed Eiffel's ally and slammed him against a wall. Hard. The other rookies went for Eiffel and Gabumon. As they closed on him, Eiffel noticed Gabumon has vanished again. He did not get much time to dwell on it as he brought his knee up in the chest of an incoming Gazimon. Another was knocked into a stall by Patamon's Boom Bubble.

"Whenever you want, Eiffel!" his partner said.

Eiffel pressed the button activating the digivolution.

"Patamon, digivolve to... Piddomon!"

In place of the small flying creature now stood a tall angel with a heavy helmet covering the top of his head and face. Lengths of pink fabric were spiralling around his left arm and right leg and he held a long staff ending in a small moon-shaped blade. They were surrounded by Gazimon and Gizamon.

"Keep them busy," Wizardmon ordered. "I'll get him."

"Piddomon, Guilmon," Eiffel mumbled, "let's get this over with. We're late already."

Guilmon gave a feral growled and kicked at his opponent with both legs. Guilmon #2 went flying and crashed into two Gazimon. That was Eiffel's clue. He crouched and swiped the legs of the two others. At the same time, Piddomon attacked.

"Fire feather!"

The attack created numerous small fireball that crashed into the Gizamon, sending them flying. Those that managed to dodge counterattacked and jumped at the champions, curling into Spiral Blade attacks. Piddomon knocked them back to the ground with his staff. Turning around, he finished the remaining Gazimon on Eiffel's side. The three looked at each others.

"Now where did that idiot go?" Eiffel asked.

The sound of an explosion came from somewhere out of sight. Eiffel sighed.

"Are you sure you want to get him to Saware Valley?" Guilmon asked as the three ran down an alleyway.

"At least now he shouldn't be such a hindrance on the battlefield," Piddomon commented.

"We have to keep our end of the deal," Eiffel said.

They reached a small place. Nobody in sight, but there had obviously been battle. The walls and ground were charred.

"Which way?" Piddomon asked.

Guilmon began sniffing around for a trail. Eiffel looked down into one of the alleys. He walked down it a few yards and collected something from the ground.

"This way!" he yelled, running down between the desolate buildings.

His fist tightened around a red claw and patch of blue fur.

Wizardmon was about to send his finishing blow when the human and his allies barrelled down into the court.

"Thunder Blaster!"

He turned and hurled the lightning strike at Piddomon instead. Piddomon countered with Apollo Tornado, the two attacks cancelled each other in an violent burst of energy. Eiffel managed to hide back behind the arcade, but Guilmon was violently slammed against the wall for the second time today and slumped to the ground. When he could see again, Wizardmon and Piddomon were still facing off, oblivious to his or the rookies' presence.

Gabumon's fur looked like it had been through a shredder and then burned. The digimon was curled in foetal position in a corner, shivering. Piddomon and Wizardmon hurled attacks at each others and dodged in turn. Piddomon eventually flew at Wizardmon and engaged him hand to hand, their staff clashing loudly. unfortunately, the magic user proved to be more adept at this and his staff caught Piddomon's side, discharging a Thunder Blaster attack into him. Piddomon fell to the ground, but did not devolve.

As the fight went on, Gabumon eventually looked on. When he saw Piddomon go down, a feeling he wasn't used to overwhelmed him. This guy was his ally. There was no way he would let him get killed! When Wizardmon turned back toward him, Gabumon greeted him with a full-force Blue Blaster in the face. Wizardmon yelled out in pain and brought his hands to his face. Gabumon wouldn't stop there, though. He tackled the champion and began to punch in the face, the chest and everywhere his short arms could reach.

Completely taken by surprise as he was by the sudden outburst, Wizardmon couldn't react at first. Eiffel rushed to Guilmon's side. At the same time Piddomon was getting back up.

"Now's the time!" Eiffel called for him. "Gabumon!" he yelled to catch the rookie's attention just as Piddomon's wings burst into flames.

"Fire feather!"

Gabumon looked up just in time to see Piddomon launch his attack and lunged out of the way. The fireballs hit Wizardmon full force. He convulsed for a few short seconds and burst into data particles.

Piddomon devolved to his rookie form and Patamon flew to check on Eiffel and Guilmon. The larger rookie stirred and opened a bleary eye.

"Is he...?" he managed to utter.

Eiffel gave Gabumon, who was coming toward them, a glance.

"I think he's doing a bit better than you."


The red lizard closed his eyes again. Eiffel pressed a few buttons on his digivice and two large tablets materialized in mid air. Eiffel gave Gabumon one before opening Guilmon mouth and shoving the other in it.

"What's that?" the horned lizard asked.

"Healing tablets," Eiffel answered curtly.

Gabumon's lips rounded into a "Oh" as Guilmon briefly glowed with golden light and rose up. He took the tablet in his own mouth and somehow managed to swallow. When the tablet's effect was done, he looked much better, and his fur was almost entirely restored, except for a missing claw on the right arm. That reminded Eiffel. He took Gabumon paw in his hand and placed the lost element in it.

"This is yours, I think," he just said.

"Uh..." Gabumon resumed fumbling as when he'd been faced with the gang earlier, his foot rubbing in circles and his eyes looking down. "I'm sorry for being such a prat earlier. If you want to stay behind, I'll do that."

"Why would we want to do that?" Patamon asked.

Gabumon looked up in surprise.

"He's right," Eiffel added. "You're still coming with us. Courage is not about what you can talk about. It's about what you can face. You faced off against Wizardmon when given the chance to, and that's all we need to know about you."

"If you can just avoid meeting other... acquaintances on the battlefield, I think we can pull it off," Guilmon commented.

At this point, Eiffel's digivice began to beep. The player cursed loudly. They should already have been in Saware valley by now.

"Patamon! You think Piddomon can carry al three of us?" he asked his partner.

"Sure! No problem!"

After a quick digivolution, the foursome flew off.

[i]JJ is never going to let me live that down...[/I]
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[color=indigo]It wasn't long before Garudamon reached the gathering point and landed, placing Kiva and Hawkmon on the ground. Kiva was almost immediately aproached by another player. The woman was partnered with a Biyomon and had a befriended Aquilamon. "I knew you'd show up," she said to Kiva. "And I was right. I saw you flying in, so I decided to come say 'hi'."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"I knew you'd be here, too, Vaxla," Kiva replied. "There's no way either of us would have missed this, is there? How long have you been waiting here?"[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"About twenty minutes, game-time," Vaxla answered. "Event's starting in another twenty. Players and wild Digimon have been arriving for quite a while now. As you undoubtably saw flying in, we've got quite a force here. Of course, the enemy force isn't going to be anything to sneeze at, either."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Of course. Wouldn't be any fun if there was a significant force discrepency. Anyways, you've already been here for a little while. I assume you've made use of that time."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Vaxla nodded. "Certainly. I've learned a few things from people and Digimon here. Most importantly, there's a wild Birdramon who's pretty sure she spotted the entrance to the new evil Digimon's lair when she flew over the enemy's gathering point on her way here. I've spoken with some other players, and we've been trying to formulate some sort of plan based on that information. Unfortunately, we keep running into the same problem.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"See, the enemy's not going to let us into the lair without a fight. The obvious plan is to take all the flying Digimon and go directly to the lair's entrance. That way, we'd only have to do a little fighting to clear the entrance, then we'd have a significant force inside. The problem is that the enemy is undoubtably prepared for such a move. They'll have their own flying Digimon ready to intercept ours, and they've probably got some Digimon near the entrance that are quite good in an anti-air role.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"We've been trying to find a way around that problem, but we haven't succeeded. No matter what we think of, that same problem's always there. We've basically given up on a quick penetration to the lair."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Why not just push through on the ground?" Kiva asked. "Gather a bunch of partner, befriended, and/or wild Digimon together and just push through the enemy. Blow a path right through their army."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"You really think that'll work?" Vaxla replied. "I mean, Kajo had the same idea, but the rest of us didn't think it would work."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"As long as we do it right, it should work," Kiva said. "We just need to be sure to do it right. We need a sufficient number of Digimon to sustain the push. And they can't be weak Digimon. No lower than Ultimate, and Mega is preferable. They can't be slow, either. For example, Hawkmon's Mega-level form wouldn't work. Machinedramon has the power, but he's just too slow. He'll do fine as Gigadramon, though.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"If we have enough Digimon, pushing through shouldn't be a problem. We just can't get distracted. We take out what's in our way, and only what's in our way. And above all else, we keep moving forward. As long as we keep moving, we'll do fine. The enemy will be expecting our army to be spread out, and to some extent, it will be. It's just too large to be otherwise. But if we can get a concentrated force together, we should be able to blow a path through the enemy without much trouble. They simply won't be prepared for a concentrated force."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Well, you seem to have it thought out," Vaxla replied. "Sounds a lot better when you say it than it did when Kajo said it, that's for sure. I think we just might be able to pull it off. That's assuming we can get enough people to do it with us, of course."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Then let's make sure we have enough people," Kiva said. "Let's do some recruiting. We'll split up so we can talk to a greater number of people. Let's get a move on."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]By ten minutes to the start, Kiva and Vaxla'd made some very good progress. They'd manage to intrest quite a few players, and many wild Digimon, as well. And they'd keep it up until the battle began.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kiva saw a pair of angel Digimon, a Seraphimon and a Piddomon, flying in. [i]That must be Sakura,[/i] she thought. [i]I wonder if she'll be willing to join in our charge?[/i][/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kiva was waiting when Seraphimon and Piddomon landed. Sakura leapt to the ground with not Renamon, but a Veemon. "Hey, Sakura." Kiva said. "Where's Renamon?"[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"She's... gone," Sakura said sadly.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"I see. Well, I'm sure Veemon will do just as good a job as Renamon did. Anyway, another player and I have come up with a plan, and I'm wondering if you'd be interested in helping us out."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Well, it's definitely your kind of plan," Sakura remarked after Kiva'd explained the plan. "It does sould like it could work. Yeah, I think you can count us in."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Eiffel showed up five minutes before the start of the event. "Hello, Kiva," he said as Piddomon landed and placed him, Guilmon, and Gabumon on the ground. "I thought you'd be here."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Of course," Kiva replied. She indicated the Gabumon. "Befriended another Digimon?"[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Not really," Eiffel said. "A Digitamamon asked me to come here with him. He wanted to participate, but Digitamamon was afraid he wouldn't survive, so now I'm protecting the little guy."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"I see. Well, if that's the case, then I don't know if you'll be interested in a plan I thought up."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Well," Eiffel said after Kiva explained the plan, "it does sound dangerous for Rookie-level Digimon. On the other hand, I do want to get into the lair and see this new evil Digimon, and your plan sounds like it'll work."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"You could come near the rear of the force," Kiva suggested. "That way, you probably won't have to do much during the push through the enemy's forces. There may be some rearguard action, so make sure you're not at the very back, but if you're just near the back, you should be fine. Besides, it's not like Rookies are going to draw much attention. They won't be targeted. They're too weak to be a threat to higher-level Digimon."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"That's true," Eiffel agreed. "Yeah, I think you're right. I'll go in with you."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Thirty seconds," Kiva remarked, looking at her Digivice. "Almost time."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Yeah, here we go," Vaxla said. "Let's give it our best shot."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "Indeed."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kiva counted down the last ten seconds aloud. At zero, the army began to move out. For now, the whole force stuck togeather. The flying Digimon didn't even take to the air, aside from the ones, like Aquilamon, that had trouble walking for any real distance.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Before long, the 'evil' army came into view. Players in both armies triggered the Digivolutions of their partners. Vaxla had her partner, Biyomon, Digivolve to the Mega-level Phoenixmon. Kiva only had Hawkmon Digivolve to his Ultimate form, Gigadramon, because Machinedramon was to slow for the push.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Not yet," Kiva muttered as the 'good' army met the 'evil' army and the battle began. "Wait for it. Wait for it... now, Garudamon!" she shouted when the two armies were throughly engaged.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Garudamon shot a Wing Blade straight up into the air. Kiva and Vaxla had told everyone they'd spoken to to watch for that, as it was the signal to group together and begin the push. This went smoothly, and the concentrated force charged through an enemy line that wasn't prepared for the concentration that hit it.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]As the rest of the 'good' army fought with the 'evil' army, Kiva's force pushed right through. They ignored any Digimon who wasn't in their path as they pushed their way through the enemy force, heading towards the entrance to the new 'evil' Digimon's lair. Others in the 'good' army, seeing the path Kiva's force was punching through the 'evil' army, followed her through, wanting to get to the lair and confront the new evil Digimno that was the true head of the 'evil' army.[/color]


OOC: Circeus and Sakura, PM me if you want me to change anything in regards to your characters.

Okay, the battle has now begun. Everyone who's character was heading towards the gathering points, you can still have your characters arrive before the battle's start if you want them to. Just make sure that you clarify that your character's arriving before the events at the end of my post.

To those of you whose characters haven't even begun to head for Saware, you can still participate in the battle if you want to. Latecomers are allowed.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them (preferably in the Underground thread).
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Rain and Lopmon had made it to the gathering point for evil players a few minutes before everything started. She was placed in a group of other kids or aduls with rookies or rookies who could digivolve once. So far nothing of more intrest had been said around her. Basicly this was going to be a large battle and thats it. Rookie players would group together in different placed andfight other rookie players from the good side.

Rain didnt mind this. It was experiance and entertaining. She could easily enjoy this. She prepared herself and soon the good side was in view. The battle had begun. She noticed a bunch of the good players weregrouped at one point making their way through.

Rain turned her concentration on a good player who looked a few years younger than her and specially new but he had two digimon. He shook his head anxiously and sent his digimon in.

The partner digimon was a small penguinmon. Not to fast but it had a champion form and rain knew this. She sent her own digimon in. She was prepared herself. She had a Stick. Not just any stick but a thick sharp branch that had been carved down to almost like a spear. a random friend she had made a week ago saw her and gave it to her. Now she thought was a good time to use it.

Lopmon leapt forward after the partner. They bouth began hitting each other. Lopmon using her large ears and penguinmon was using one of his slapping attacks. Penguinmon pushed through lopmon and hit Rain as it slid on the ground. It had dived and knocked lopmon into the air. Rain leap up and hit the penguinmon in the head with the stick. It leapt up and before it could fight back lopmon attacked.

Lopmon blasted ice but it didnt work to well considering the penguinmon was used to cold. Rain aimed and threw the stick like a spear right at the penguinmon's back. Suddenly a garurumon leapt over and crunched the stick in its jaws. It growled loudly at the human.

"Time for my friend.." Rain said pressing the button. Soon Endigomon had its large hands around garurumon. He lifted the wolf up, jumped into the air, and threw it back down into the ground. He had planned ot land on garurumon but unfortunatly it moved so he slammed into the plain dirt.

"Penguinmon! Hu-Hu- Hurry!" The boy shrieked.

"Penguinmon digivolve to... Swanmon!"

Rain frowned, "Your such a pansy for picking such a girly digimon." She hollared at her foe. This made the boy twitch. He looked away got mad and then yelled back at her something in a different language that was translated. It sounded odd but she could tell it wasnt very nice.

"Wow. I never expected a good guy to use such language!" She said with a grin.

Endigomon had slammed into Garurumon again and this time was able to land on him. The wolf howled in pain but did not vanish. It would take a bit more than that.

Swanmon flew in the air, diving at endigomon's head and eventually he found this annoying enough to reach up and grab it by the legs and throw it farther away, into another good players digimon.

Endigomon punched at garurumon who was starting to stand up. A nearby digimon burst into data but Swanmon hadnt seen who it was. From her position it looked as though the data burst up from under endigomon and she couldnt see garurumon. She assumed it was her friend. She screeched in anger.


Her player held out a hand ,"No wait!" but she didnt hear it.

Rain grinned. The tornado with sharp feathers flew at his back. She motioned with her hand, "NOW... get out of the way!"

Endigomon lunged forward revealing garurumons beaten self to Swanmon who gasped. Her attack had already flown. It slammed right into Garurumon and he burst into data. She watched as Endigomon absorbed its data and turned to her.

"No..." Rain heard the boy and swanmon say together.

Swanmon dove at endigomon and knocked him too his rear. He jumped up and blasted a koko crusher at her but she dodged. She kept diving, attacking, and flying out of range. Rain was paying to much attention to the digimon fighting around her to see the boy who commanded swanmon had lunged at her. He punched her in the face pretty hard.

She whipped around to glare at him. Her long hair blew in the wind of a far off attack. She didnt even flinch when he hit her again but she smiled. In a flash she had spun around and kicked the boy in the chest sending him flying back.

"Dont get emotionally attached to your pets. They are digital." She said with a completely emotionless face. "Got it memorised?"

They turned to see endigomon grab swanmon's feet again as she flew by him. This time he slammed her into the ground an arms length away and pulled his arms back.

"Cable Crusher!" He roared thrusting both fists into Swanmon. The databurst up and endigomon absorbed it.

The kid growled and went to punch Rain again but he was suddenly logged out a few inches from contact.

Rain grinned, "Nice work. Saved enough energy to finish it off." She would have to admit. Had he elimnated garurumon himself he might not have had the energy to destroy the swanmon as well but she took care of it for him. "I would expect that kid would learn and perhaps pick a better digimon... or side."

This was no where near over, however endigomon didnt have much left in him. And he would soon return to lopomon. Rain just hoped he could hang in there a little longer.
ooc: Hope this is alright, i wasnt sure exactly how to write it all out so... its like midnight so if its iffy it might mean i need sleep... ill edit it if it needs it later (if you pm me saying i need to anyways)
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[font=Arial][size=1](Thanks for the info Takuya. I?ll be sure to get a weapon for Zelex. Oh, and Sakura, that?s okay! ^_^)[/size][/font]

[size=2] [font=Arial][size=2][color=blue][i]~Right After Sakura Left~[/i][/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Growlmon de-digivolved back down to Guilmon and looked up at Zelex.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?That was nice of her. Who was she?? Guilmon asked.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Sakura. Kinda cute, in a sort of ?I?m gonna beat you into oblivion? kind of way. Maybe we?ll see her again.? Zelex replied.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?I hope we do. She was a nice girl. Powerful partners too!?[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=2][color=blue][i]~Five Minutes Before The Battle Event~[/i][/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Ragnarok, she said some kind of event is going on, correct??[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?I think so.?[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Well, why don?t we-?[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex stopped abruptly as both him and Guilmon heard a rustle from the nearby foliage.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Whoever is out there, we know you?re there!? Zelex yelled.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Come out now or I?ll blast you!? Guilmon growled.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex froze when he seen who was hiding in the bushes. It was the black cloaked man from when he first logged in.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?I remember you. You?re that guy?from before.?[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Yeah. My name is Deverca. You are that punk that bumped into me earlier, am I correct??[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Yes. What?s it to ya??[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Cocky, arrogant, but weak and stupid. That?s one reason why I hate new players??Deverca snapped his fingers. ?Attack Devidramon.?[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Out from the deeper foliage jumped Devidramon. It screeched loudly, sending a ear piercing sound to Zelex and Guilmon. Zelex recognized his opponent as a Champion that would be considered as an almost Ultimate due to power.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Ragnarok! RUN!?[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex spun on his heels and broke out into a full run, Guilmon right behind him. Zelex quickly grabbed his Digivice and activated Guilmons Champion digivolution.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]In a bright, radiant white light that temporarily blinded Devidramon, Growlmon appeared. Zelex quickly jumped onto Growlmons back, and the two darted as fast as they could from Devidramon and Deverca?[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=2][color=blue][i]~3 Minutes Into The Battle Event~[/i][/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Growlmon skidded to a halt as a large battle at the base of a mountain waged on. Various projectile blasts whizzed past the large dinosaur Digimon as Zelex climbed off of his back.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?This must be that event Sakura mentioned. Come on!? Zelex yelled.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex and Growlmon charged into the battle, hoping not only to see Sakura again, but to also have some fun after that close call with Devidramon.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[color=blue] [/color]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Growlmon jumped and slammed his large, clawed paw at an already damaged Togemon. It stumbled back and then disintegrated from a Nova Blast from a fellow Greymon. Growlmon turned and was clawed deeply in the face by an opposing Birdramon, In a fit of sudden ragem the blade-object on his right elbow glowed as it lashed out at Birdramon.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Dragon Claw!?[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]The blade energy caught Birdramon in the stomach as it screeched in pain. Growlmon continued his furious assault with clawed slashes head butts, and then finished off the flying bird Digimon with a powerful Pyro Blaster explosion.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Growlmon then de-digivolved back to Guilmon and almost collapsed before Zelex caught him.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Oh crap?we?re in trouble!? Zelex yelled as he attemped to drag Guilmon away.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Before he got 5 feet, Zelex and Guilmon suddenly was lifted up by a pair of strong hands and arms. Zelex looked up and recognized the Seraphimon from earlier.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Okay, how many times am I gonna be saved by your crew??[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Seraphimon said nothing as he set the human and Digimon on the ground a good ways away from the battle. Zelex smiled at him.[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]?Thanks Seraphimon. Give Sakura and co my thanks!?[/color][/size][/font]
[color=blue] [/color]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]The angelic Digimon nodded in acknowledgement to Zelexs request and lifted off towards the battle once again as Zelex tended to the 3 deep cuts on Guilmons now bloody cheek.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Times New Roman][font=Arial][size=1](From now on, I?m going to refer to my character online as ?Zelex?. I?ll refer to Guilmon as ?Ragnarok? only when Zelex says his name. Oh, and I hope tamers can be beside their Digimon in this battle. And I hope that I didn?t use Seraphimon incorrectly. Also, I think Growlmon had an attack like the one I used. If any changes are needed, then tell me, okay? ^_^)[/size][/font][/font]
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[Color=DarkBlue][Font=Arial]JJ looked at Ginryuudamon and the squirming rookie in his hands. He walked over to the rookie and punched it in the stomach, twice. ?Shut up already.?

?I thank you for your compliment Angel. My name is JJ, if you are interested. As you mentioned, this is Ginryuudamon. It?s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.? JJ said.

?As you know, I?m Angel. That is Wormmon,? she explained, pointing the worm like digimon on the ground next to her. ?And that is RhodoKnightmon.?

JJ nodded his head to the two, as did Ginryuudamon. The pair watched Angel a minute more, then asked, ?I know it?s probably asking a lot of you, but could you give us a lift to the event, if that?s where you?re heading??

Angel looked at RhodoKnightmon for a second and shook her head. ?I?m not sure how much RhodoKnightmon can take. I wouldn?t mind riding with you if company?s what you want.? Angel answered.

?Either way, we?d better get a move on so we?re not late.? JJ said, hopping up on Ginryuudamon?s back.

Angel hopped back onto RhodoKnightmon?s back and she took to the canopies above the forest as JJ, the Tentomon he had taken hostage and Ginryuudamon flew across the forest floor. With about three minutes to spare, the two players made it to the camp.

?I?ve been sorted into the newer player category, obviously, so I?m going to head over there. Shall we meet at the Temple Shopping District after the event?? JJ questioned, looking Angel in the eyes.

?If you see me there, you?ll know.? Angel replied walking away.

JJ turned and walked as well, Ryuudamon by his side. Surprising enough, there was a high amount of digimon and players there in the newer player section. JJ quickly scanned the older area and saw a good amount of Mega and Ultimate level Digimon standing around.

?This is our chance to impress a digimon Ryuudamon, don?t fuck up.? JJ said, as the start signal sounded.

Ryuudamon rushed forward, while JJ and the lowly Tentomon stayed behind. ?You?re going to go and protect Ryuudamon, understood??

The Tentomon just shook his head. ?I have nothing to do with you.?

JJ punched the Tentomon in the stomach, hard, causing it to bawl over. ?You?ll do what I say, or you?ll hang out with me until the end of time, damnit.?

The Tentomon shuddered and flew out to the battle, staying one or two paces behind Ryuudamon. JJ also jogged up as Ryuudamon engaged a lowly Gommamon.

?Helmut Return!?

Ryuudamon?s helmet flew off his head and slammed into the Gommamon?s face, knocking it backwards. Its player glared at JJ and pulled out his digivice. ?Tentomon!?

?Super Shocker!?

The blue electric buzz shocked the player so much that he dropped his digivice. That was JJ?s cue as he hit his own digivice?s button.

?Ryuudamon digivolved to?Ginryuudamon!?

?Armor Piercing Blade!?

Ginryuudamon?s blade appeared again and slammed into the little Gommamon. It yelled out in pain and exploded into digital particles, some of which Ginryuudamon absorbed. The player stared at JJ as he logged out.

?This isn?t a kiddie game. What I did should have been done.? JJ muttered.

Ginyuudamon dedigivolved and looked to JJ, who was clenching his fist. ?It?s just a game.?

?JJ?? Ryuudamon questioned.

?Keep going. We need to keep winning.? He replied calmly.

The Tentomon just silently followed Ryuudamon who watched the road ahead. ?Battle ahead.?

JJ turned and watched as one player forced the other player?s digimon back to its rookie stage and walked off laughing. JJ scowled at the member who had walked away and kept going. He needed to find someone to challenge who would actually be worth his while.

He finally came upon a very new player who was discussing a victory with his Betamon. JJ grinned and motioned for Ryuudamon and Tentomon to get them around back. JJ pulled out the pole he had picked up on his first day.

He then strutted out into the clearing in which the player was celebrating. ?Lovely day for an event, no??

The player starred at JJ laughingly, ?What, no digimon to back you up??

?I don?t need one to beat your pathetic excuse for a digimon.? JJ responded coolly, readying his pipe.

The player just chuckled and sent Betamon out. ?Go kick this cocky bastard?s ass.?

JJ smiled and rushed the Betamon, swinging his pipe towards the digimon?s face. That was when the Betamon was engulfed with the white light of digivolution and instead of a small green frog, a snail like thing stood towering over JJ.

?Go show him why we won our last battle!? The player cheered.

?Battle Rod Break!?

Ginryuudamon came flying through the foliage and slammed into MoriShellmon, but he was just flicked away like a pest. JJ muttered something but didn?t do anything but watch as Ginryuudamon stood up. He looked to JJ and JJ tried to think. Ginryuudamon was not close enough to Ultimate and would not be for a while, so JJ would have to figure out how to win this battle using only what was there.

?Ginryuudamon! The Shell! Try the shell!? JJ called into his digivice, hoping the other player had not heard him.

JJ watched as Ginryuudamon continued his slamming attack, slowly inching to the side of MoriShellmon. Finally, Ginryuudamon hit the right spot and his next dive was hopefully the last for this battle.

?Armor Piercing Blade!?

The blade above his head popped out and he dived for MoriShellmon, but it was too fast, turning around and taking the blade in the hand as he tried to swat Ginryuudamon away. Ginryuudamon pulled the blade back and ripped through MoriShellmon?s hand, causing him to yell out. Ginryuudamon fell down onto the ground, obviously not ready to fall so quick.

?Damnit.? JJ muttered.

This battle was taking a lot longer than he had anticipated. This player was obviously not as fresh as he thought. JJ decided it was time to play Tentomon, so he pointed him into position. That was when MoriShellmon finally attacked.

?Slamming Attack!?

The Champion digimon slammed itself into an unstable Ginryuudamon who went flying into a tree. He fell down the tree and stood up shakily. If JJ did not finish the battle quicker, he would lose it no question. JJ hoped Tentomon was ready as he gave the signal.

?Super Shocker!?

The little bug hit the slug digimon with no avail. The other digimon only turned around swatted him away. Luckily, that gave Ginryuudamon the opening he was looking for and he charged with the finishing move.

?Armor Piercing Blade!?

The Champion?s blade slammed into the other?s shell and it cracked. Ginryuudamon pulled the blade pack and the shell cracked in half, causing the other digimon to dedigivolve back to its rookie form. The other player watched horror struck as JJ walked over and began beating the Betamon repeatedly with his pipe. It quickly dissolved into data and Ginryuudamon absorbed it.

?Don?t cross me again punk.? JJ said coldly as the other player logged out.

?Making sure no one was watching, JJ slumped back onto a tree and sighed loudly. He did not particularly enjoy killing other digimon, but it was all he could do to keep sane after battle. If he was not careful, the players who also had nothing to do would come after him for what he had done to his last two opponents.

?We?d better go find someone to pair up with, in case we?re attacked.? JJ told Ryuudamon who had sat down next to JJ.

?Where?s Tentomon?? Ryuudamon asked.

?Over there in the bushes. Let him be for the moment.? JJ replied, pointing.

Ryuudamon just nodded and closed his eyes for a second, panting quietly. JJ could not know he was tired, not if Ryuudamon wanted to stay with JJ anyway. He just shut his eyes awaited the next order, not noticing JJ fishing out some food.

?You earned it.? He said, feeding his partner the fruit.

?Thanks.? He said in between bites.

?Yeah, yeah. Stay here, I?m gonna go fish Tentomon out of the bushes.? JJ responded, smiling slightly.

That damn Tentomon may be helpful, but JJ had the feeling that it really did not want to do any of it. Maybe that fear that could work on other people. Maybe that aura of fear JJ radiated in game could be felt out of the game. JJ shook his head as he yanked the Tentomon up and carried it back to the tree where Ryuudamonn sat quietly snoozing.

?Eat the food and get ready to move out again.? JJ commanded.

?Yeah, whatever.? It responded, taking the fruit and wandering off.

JJ put a hand of Ryuudamon?s shell. ?Get ready to move out.?

Ryuudamon nodded and stood up, stretching slightly. The trio quickly left the clearing and kept going, hoping to find an easier opponent next time, for Ryuudamon?s sake.[/color][/font]
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[color=darkgreen]A tree nearby gave Rain and Idea. She yelled the orders into her digivice and Endigomon yanked it out of the ground. He used it like some sort of club. Knocking a few flying digimon away and a few others into the ground.[/color]
[color=darkgreen] [/color]
[color=darkgreen]"Yeah thats the way!" She grinned.[/color]
[color=darkgreen] [/color]
[color=darkgreen]Endigomon watched as a Ice Devimon attacked an Angemon. They were fighting it out pretty heavily untill the Angemon got the one up. Rain saw this as no good.[/color]
[color=darkgreen] [/color]
[color=darkgreen]As angemon was going to finish of the weakend IceDevimon rain told endigomon to lend a hand. He nodded and threw the small tree at Angemon. It distracted him enough to give endigomon enough time to blast him with Koko Crusher. The angel burst into data. Endigomon nodded and IceDevimon absorbed it. He flew off, more renewed, and fought with some other digimon.[/color]
[color=darkgreen] [/color]
[color=darkgreen]Rain glanced around. As attacks flew in and out of her area she caught a glance at a few people. Mainly for weaknesses (in the good guys) or advantages (in the evil ones she fought with) She noticed a tentomon and another digimon she didnt quite recognise with a boy. They were quietly resting. She frowned. The digimon he had, she couldnt really tell which side he was on. Tentomon if it was a partner could be either sides. But the other digimon sheh ad no knowlegde of. She was some what curious.[/color]
[color=darkgreen] [/color]
[color=darkgreen]She turned her vision to the battle and noticed Endigomon had used up the last of its energy to destroy some small group of rookies that had grouped together to swarm up his legs and attack him. She smashed them all to the ground andblasted them with koko crusher but devolved to lopmon as their data went everywhere. She absorbed most of it and ran to rain.[/color]
[color=darkgreen] [/color]
[color=darkgreen]"Sorry... thats all i could handle for now."[/color]
[color=darkgreen] [/color]
[color=darkgreen]"Hmm I knew i should have done some shopping before hand... Here lets fight from the sidelines a bit. You have ranged attacks. Just aim for any rookies you find. Some players specially new ones arent smart enough to find champion friends, they start with rookies which is a bad idea. Aim for those." [/color]
[color=darkgreen] [/color]
[color=darkgreen]"Ok! Though I do say, even though his attitude stank Devimon would have come in very handy today."[/color]
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[color=indigo]Kiva's force was blazing a path through the enemy. As Kiva'd predicted, they simply weren't prepared to repel a concentrated push. Oh, they got in some hit, and they managed to take out a few good Digimon, but there were more than enough good Digimon to replace the fallen ones.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Eventually, progress began to slow. Though the enemy hadn't beed ready to stop the concentrated push, they were repositioning to better allow themselves to fight Kiva's force. Kiva expected this to happen eventually, but it was happing much sooner than she'd expected.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva was riding on Gigadramon's back. "We have a problem," she said to her partner. "The enemy's reacted to our push much sooner than expected. At this rate, we'll probably still reach the lair, but we won't have a sufficient force left to deal with the Digimon in and around it."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Suddenly, Phoenixmon flew close to Gigadramon, and Vaxla jumped from the Mega to the Ultimate. "Our push isn't supposed to be slowing this early, is it?" she asked Kiva.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva shook her head. "Nope. The enemy's reacted much sooner than I was expecting. I think we can still reach the lair, but we won't have a strong enough force left by the time we get there."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Then let's reverse course and fall back to the rest of the 'good' army," Vaxla suggested.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"The enemy's probably expecting that," Kiva replied. "They'll be ready to bunch together and block our retreat. No, we can't go back out the way we came, but I think if we move in an unexpected direction-like diagonally instead of straight-we can probably throw the enemy off a bit and maybe get ourselves a better chance of successfully pulling out."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]At that moment, Garudamon's voice came through Kiva's Digivice. "I think someone else had the same idea you did," Garudamon said. "There's another concentrated force, about as large as yours, pushing through the 'evil' army."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Where?" Kiva asked.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Their path makes about a 25-degree angle with yours," Garudamon replied. The way things are now, you'll meet at the lair."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Let's change that," Kiva said. "We've encountered heavier resistance than expected, but if we can join up with this other force, that'll solve all our problems. You've seen them, Garudamon. Direct our force from the air. We'll get our flying Digimon up there to cover you."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Garudamon flew lower and chose a direction that would allow Kiva's force to intersect the other one at the earliest possible point. Kiva's force followed Garudamon, with Digimon that could fly, Gigadramon included, rising into the air to cover Garudamon from enemy flyers. Kiva and Vaxla decided to stay on the ground, so they hitched a ride on Kajo's befriended WarGrowlmon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]It didn't take long for Kiva's force to meet up with the other force, which welcomed their aid. They'd been facing greater-than-expected resistance, as well. However, their combined force would be more than enough to push through to the new evil Digimon's lair with a more that sufficient force remaining. [i]We can still do this,[/i] Kiva thought. [i]We've still got our shot at the leader. And we'll take the fucker out.[/i][/color]
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[size=1][color=#CD6619]The sight of new players was disgusting for Angel, the way they cowered in fear when an older player would walk by or the way they would act tough. It was all a play, never a battle. She sighed and walked through, knowing that neither of her digimon had engaged in any sort of battle the moment she arrived in the world. It had become tiresome for the three and quite boring walking around, merely watching. As Angel and her digimon walked through the streets, she could feel the cold stares and whispered gossip all around her, something she found disrespectful, though enjoying.

Walking through, a new player managed to cross her path and nearly run her down, had she not moved out of the way from the child?s empty-headed actions. Her eyes looked him over with icy shots, a feeling of threatening fear rolled over the player?s body yet he made no attempt to show it. He merely stood in front of her, his digimon partner scoffing at the sight of Wormmon. Angel made no thought to destroying the player yet the player had his own agenda and challenged Angel to a fight as she began to walk away by digivolving his partner.

[B]?DarkTyrannomon...?[/B] Angel turned around to see a large black dinosaur standing in front of the player. She stood with arms crossed and she raised her brow, wondering whether or not the player knew who he was dealing with. [B]?Step on them!?[/B]

A scoff was all that Angel said and it was all that the player needed to hear, her digimon knew the rest. Angel took out her digivice in a motion of fluidity and waited for a moment when Wormmon would digivolve. DarkTyrannomon flung his arm straight towards Wormmon and at this moment, Angel activated his digivolution to FlaWizardmon, a bipedal digimon wearing ragged red clothes and hat wielding two matchstick-like wands both at his side. He stepped out of the blinding light and confronted the massive digimon before, confusing it with his permanent smile.

The player began to worry a bit about FlaWizardmon but suddenly retrieved his thoughts and directed DarkTyrannomon to attack. FlaWizardmon jumped with ease, dodging every attack so effortlessly; as if he were playing a game- some believe that Angel?s FlaWizardmon was known to be the Master of Tricks. Soon, DarkTyrannomon tired himself out and his reactions became slower, allowing FlaWizardmon to take the upper hand.

[B]?Get your sorry ass up, DarkTyrannomon! If you don?t get up, I?ll make sure you never fall down again!?[/B]

Listening to this, Angel shook her head, her head averted to towards the ground. Although she was a bad player who destroyed others? digimon, she couldn?t stand the treatment others gave to their own. [B]?Maybe it?s not your digimon that needs a lesson,?[/B] She raised to look at the player in detest. [B]?maybe it?s you!?

?Go ahead; try to teach me a lesson. We?ll just see who wins!?[/B] The player faced his DarkTyrannomon and shouted discrepancies at it. All the while, not realizing FlaWizardmon had begun his own concoction. [B]?Get your big ass up and blow that digimon to bits!?

?Fire Blast!?[/B]

From the mouth of DarkTyrannomon came streams of fire aimed at FlaWizardmon. Angel laughed at this unconsciously; her eyes couldn?t believe how inobservant the other player was. He clenched his hands into a fist and demanded to know why she laughed. Her reply was, [B]?You certainly are an idiotic newbie, aren?t you??[/B] She scoffed again, [B]?You fool. If only you had opened your eyes, you would see that fire does nothing to FlaWizardmon.?[/B] The player looked again and saw what Angel knew already.

[B]?That can?t be! No digimon has the power to do that... do they??

?Of course they do. FlaWizardmon is the Master of Fire, he is the ultimate Fire Magician and thus, fire is but a supplement in strengthening his power. You certainly are a poor fool. I am undoubtedly sorry that this DarkTyrannomon had to journey with you.?[/B] With a sigh, Angel looked to RhodoKnightmon, who watched the fight with great detail. Angel then said, [B]?Be done with it, FlaWizardmon. We?re late.?[/B]

From behind the swirling fire, FlaWizardmon had created a storm of fire and positioned it above him. It showered him with majestic colors that blazed the scene. With a snap of his fingers, the fire storm surged everywhere, singing everything it could touch, but ultimately destroyed the DarkTyrannomon. FlaWizardmon?s Fire Cloud was a beautiful attack that always impressed Angel no matter how many times she had seen it. He absorbed the data and walked back to Angel, who smirked at the player and left him with his hands in his face and his knees on the ground.

[center]* * * * *[/center]

Looking around the battlefield, Angel could see such power and talent among the army of evil. It was invigorating and filled her and her digimon with energy unlike before. They walked towards the army and found a trainer she had known before. This trainer went by the name of Rain and had a Lopmon as a digimon partner. She was fierce in and out of battle, a defiance to obedience and a trainer that was always someone more than just a player in Angel?s eyes.

[B]?What a pleasure it is to see you again.?[/B] Lopmon turned around and tapped Rain on the shoulder. Angel and her eyes met, [B]?Hello again, Rain.?[/B][/size][/color]
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Lopmon had, from the sidelines, taken out a small monodramon that had devolved from its fight and was hit pretty hard. She finished it off and kept the look outfor others. While on the sidelines it wasnt easy to actually absorb her kills data but she didnt mind not getting a few helpings now and then. After all she was entertained merely by the looks on players faces when their partner was deleted and they were logged out. Or when a befirended digimon burst to bits and the player had issues with it. Lopmon was a strange one.

Rain also watched. She woud occasionaly kick a good rookie if it came to close. She wasnt afraid to fight them if the advanced. After all she still had Lopmon to help her out.

[color=black]After a while she heard a fammiliar voice. [/color]
[size=1][color=black][b]?What a pleasure it is to see you again.?[/b] Lopmon turned around and tapped Rain on the shoulder. Angel and her eyes met, [b]?Hello again, Rain.?[/b][/color][/size]
Rain saw who spoke and smiled, "Why hello, Angel. Being bad as always I hope..."
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[COLOR=Indigo]"Chilli Pepper Pummel!"

"Super Thunder Strike!"

"Fungus Cruncher!"

Cried RedVeggiemon, Elecmon, and Mushroomon as they tried to protect the forest they call home against a Shurimon gone mad. The ninja star digimon used his powerful blades of armor which are connected to his hands to block the attacks, he successfully blocked them with little effort. Yoshino and her partner Raramon heard the fighting as they continued to make their way through the forest to Saware. The human and her digimon ran over so to the the three exausted laying on the ground side by side and a discolored Shurimon who instead of having green leaves on his sholders had black ones.

"Raramon attack!" yelled Yoshino as her plant like digimon floated toward the Shurimon.

"Nut's Shoot!" screamed Raramon as she fired her exploading seeds toward Shurimon but to no effect, he used his armor blades to block the seed which exploded on contact creating a small cloud of smoke around Shurimon. Raramon attack again shooting her seeds right into the cloud of smoke when suddenly a small whirlwind brushed the smoke along with her attack away.

"Ninja Wind!" After seeing who Raramon tried to protect them RedVeggiemon, Elecmon, and Mushroomon all charged toward Shurimon.

"Double Star!" the ninja digimon removed the large ninja star from his back and shot it toward the three digimon they all burst into data, there was nothing left. Yoshino began to get worried she didn't want the same thin to happen to Raramon.

"Raramon digivolve, hurry!" Yoshino pulled out her digivice and held it up toward her digimon as it's power made Raramon glow and transform into an even more powerful digimon.

"Raramon digivolve to[URL=http://thedigiport.com/05bandai/sunflowmon.gif] Sunflowmon![/URL]"[/COLOR]
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