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RPG Digimon: Immersion v2.0 (PG-13, VL)

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OOC: Okay, there's been quite a lot of partner-killing recently. Can we try to keep that at a lower level? As I said in the underground thread, it's not something that happens all the time. It's okay to do it sometimes, but not in every battle with another player. And in case it this has some role in the continual partner-killing, killing a partner gives no additional experience. A Digimon gets the same experience from a victory whether the opposing Digimon is killed or just rendered unable to continue fighting.

[color=indigo]Despite the total strength of the combined force, losses were still heavy, especially when punching through the heavier guard around the entrance to the new evil Digimon's lair. But the force did make it through to the lair's entrance. However, the entrance, which was on the side of a hill, was sealed shut.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"We're not going to open this door," Kiva stated, "so we'll just have to remove it." She triggered Gigadramon's digivolution to Machinedramon. Once everyone had backed off, Machinedramon destroyed the door with Giga Cannon, then led the way into the lair, followed by the remainder of the force. They entered a downward-sloping corridor that was large enough for even the largest of the Digimon in the force. The downward slope clearly indicated that the lair was entirly underground.[/color]
[color=indigo]Before long, the corridor opened into a very large chamber. The chamber, like the corridor and presumably the rest of the lair, was not simply a cave. The lair was not all-natural; it appeared to be made of the same materials as the lairs of other evil Digimon. And it seemed to be quite large; several corridors led away from the entry chamber in various directions, suggesting that the lair was very large.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]The entry chamber was not empty. There were quite a few evil Digimon in it, and some 'evil' players as well. Kiva recognized one of them immediately. She had something of a history with Kalika. The two of them had met for the first time in Serenity City, and Kiva'd coma away from the meeting with a strong desire to beat the shit out of Kalika. Since then, Kiva'd battled with Kalika every time the two had crossed paths. And this time wouldn't be any different.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"This room shouldn't be much trouble," Kiva said to Vaxla, "but even with the larger force, what we have left probably isn't enough for us to make our way through the entire lair. We should hole up in this room until others from our side make it here. This may be a large rom, but we only need to guard the entrances. Station a few Digimon at each one and we'll tear through any bad guys that try to come through them, since they'll have to pass through individually. You take care of organizing that, Vaxla. I'll lead the clearing out of the enemies in this room."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Vaxla nodded. "Got it."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva jumped to the ground and spoke into her Digivice. "Machinedramon! Garudamon! You and some of the other Digimon on our side take out all the bad guys in this room. Vaxla's taking care of guarding the entrances. We'll hold our position in here until reenforcements arrive."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Both Digimon responded in the affirmative and led other Digimon against the enemy. Garudamon fought, too, even though there wasn't room for her to fly inside the entry chamber. Kiva ran towards the enemy as well. Some debris fell in fromt of her, the result of a stray attack that had hit the ceiling. Kiva spotted a chunk that would make a good weapon, which she picked up. She headed for Kalika, who, she saw, had a similar chunk of debris.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"I knew you'd be here, Kiva," Kalika remarked as Kiva approached her.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"And I knew you'd be here, too, Kalika," Kiva replied. "Who's your partner this time?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Actually," Kalika said, "I still have the same partner as I did when we last met."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"You still have Labramon? That's hard to believe. You normally change partners more often that you change clothes."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kalika laughed. "Well, this time I didn't change partners. I wanted a partner at the Mega level for this battle, and Labramon was getting close. He has managed to reach Mega, by the way. You may have seen the Anubismon. That's him."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Whatever," Kiva said. "It doesn't matter if he's at Mega. You're not winning this fight, Kalika."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"We'll see," Kalika replied, bringing her weapon to a ready position. Kiva did the same.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Yes, we will," Kiva responded. "Let's go."[/color]

OOC: Okay, I'll be introducing the new evil Digimon in my next post, so if you want your character to see this new evil Digimon, then have him or her make his/her way to the lair's entry chamber (where Kiva is). Sakura and Circeus, your characters are already in the entry chamber (remember, they were with Kiva's force). 'Evil' characters can join the fun, too. Also, don't think you're left out if you don't get a chance to post before my next post. There'll be a battle with the new evil Digimon, and yo're more than welcome to show up during the fight.

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[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex looked at Guilmon, chuckling a bit at his little dino Digimon. The white bandage on his cheek took away from Guilmons innocent look, but not much.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"So, your cheek hurt any more, buddy?" Zelex asked.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"A little. But it feels better than when I got it." Guilmon replied.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex looked about at some of the other new players that decided to retreat from that large battle along with him. 'I guess I need some more experience, along with Ragnarok.' Zelex thought.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex then got to his feet, patted Guilmon on the head and started back towards Serenity City.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"Come on Ragnarok. Lets head back to the city and check out some other things. Maybe we'll get some experience with this world and actually be able to beat something."[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]With that, Zelex and Ragnarok headed back to the city...[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"Umm...whats that weird looking blue blade thing?" Zelex asked.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]The merchant Renamon grabbed the sword from its hanging post and handed it to Zelex.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"It's a rare find, but not too rare. If I sold it to a player with your experience, you'd more likely to hinder yourself trying to use it instead of it helping you...you still want it?" The Renamon replied.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"If I can get it."[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"Alright. I won't sell it to you...but I will give it to you if you pass this simple test...there is a temple a good ten miles away from here. Inside is a piece of chest armor for dinosaur type Digimon. Show me it and I'll give you this blade. Be warned though, it won't be an easy task. Your Digimon may wind up being deleted before its all said and done."[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"We'll do it!" Guilmon piped up.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex looked down at Guilmon and smirked. "Like he said. Which direction?"[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"North-north-east. The temple has some anti-teleportation barrier, so if you can teleport, it won't let you until you are outside. Good luck." The Renamon replied.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue] [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]"Thanks. We'll get you that armor."[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial] [/font]
[font=Arial][size=1]OOC: Can Digimon wear armor? Or use weapons? If this is in the Underground thread, tell me. If not, please tell me here. I'd appreciate it. Thanks! ^_^[/size][/font]

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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Kiva had been right. There hadn't been much action in their position, save for the occasional rear attack from a few wild ones, but the bulk on the force had already plowed through them and even this Phelesmon that Piddomon was battling was hardly a threat. Eiffel wanted to wait for the right time to evolve his partner to Asuramon. His current position and allies might not have rendered him an obvious threat, but Asuramon's skill and Guilmon's own strength would prove the downfall of an unprepared enemy.

He wasn't sure how Gabumon took to the whole thing. He'd seen him battle with a DemiDevimon earlier, and Guilmon had barely saved his ass from a group of Bakemon before Piddomon intervened. Gabumon was now looking around warily as the combined forces of good approached the lair of the evil digimon.

"This is what battle is like," the player commented to the lizard. "Violence, pain, blood, struggle for survival."

Gabumon shuddered slightly at these words. Despite all his bragging and actually having some skills, he wasn't programmed for this, Eiffel could tell.

"It's what makes us truly alive," Guilmon added.

Eiffel nodded at that. Guilmon's eyes tightened as they entered the cave. Battle broke between the defenders there and the incoming combined forces. Guilmon had smelled something. And that something did [i]not[/I] make him happy.

"She's here..." he growled.

His tone lowered and the growl became more feral as the digimon looked around. Eiffel knew who Guilmon was referring too. She would try to...

"Who's there?" Gabumon asked.

Eiffel palmed his forehead. The prospect of Kalika's presence had made him almost forget about the rookie. The small group was huddled next to one of the hallways for the moment.

"An old acquaintance of ours," he answered.

It was kinda ironic that they would be the one meeting an old enemy here after what happened earlier. Of course, considering Kalika's character, it was hardly surprising at all she'd be hanging around. Guilmon's sniffing became more insistent. They followed him until they reached a 3-meters tall blue humanoid dog with copper-colored wings. It looked down at the four of them in utter contempt.

"Guilmon, that is [i]not[/I] Kalika," Eiffel commented, taking a step back.

"It's definitely her partner, though. The smell doesn't lie," Guilmon retorted.

"Indeed I am, and I will not disappointed her," the mega-level Anubismon said.

[i]Oh shit...[/I] There was no formal thinking. Eiffel reflexively pressed the digivolution button.

[i]Piddomon, digivolve to... Asuramon![/I]

Anubismon never lost his arrogant look. he waited patiently for the champion to complete his evolution, then casually pointed his arm at him.

"Amemit," he said.

The ring around his wrist glowed and sent a wave of dark energy in the form of large jaws forward. Asuramon barely dodged and punched the mega in the face. Anubismon barely flinched. Eiffel turned around to prevent any foolish actions from the rookies, but Gabumon had vanished, and while this wasn't exactly surprising, Guilmon's disappearance was worrisome.

[i]He's not thinking of...? Oh damn![/I] Eiffel thought.

Then Asuramon crashed next to him, and he didn't get to ponder on it any longer.

"Activate item! Moon blades!"

The two sickle-shaped weapons appeared in Asuramon's hands. The ultimate-level smirked. The fight was almost balanced now.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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Rain waited for a reply but almost suddenly most of the digimon turned their attention to a large explosion. While this was just one of the digimon using a powerful attack it did attract Rain's attention to the fact that the good players were already pooling into the lair.

"Well that just stinks..." She grummbled. She knew at tis point she wasnt skilled enough to make her way through the battles and into the lair to watch the action.

Lopmon floated next to her, "Well I suppose we will find out eventually. They cant fight down there forever right?"

Rain nodded, "You would think..."

ooc: sorry been busy with job corps paperwork

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[color=indigo]Neither Kiva nor Kalika had any idea what they were doing. They weren't exactly flailing around randomly with their weapons, but neither had recieved any actual instruction in such combat. Though the two of them may have looked like they knew what they were doing to most people, anyone with any actual instruction would immediately know that they didn't, and could easily take either of them down.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kalika launched into a series of strikes, but Kiva managed to block or dodge every one. She went into her own series of strikes, but Kalika blocked and dodged just as well as Kiva had. Kalika countered with a low, sweeping strike, which Kiva easily dodged. Kalika had been expecting this, and she quickly spun around and swung at Kiva. Kiva managed to avoid the attack, but just barely, and doing so left her a bit off balance. Before Kalika could take advantage of this, something slammed into her and knocked her to the ground. Kalika managed to roll over and throw her attacker off. She quickly got to her feet.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kiva regained her balance and looked at the attacker, who was a Guilmon. And he was clearly not happy. Kalika had positioned herself so that she could see both Kiva and the Guilmon. Kiva was pretty sure that this particular Guilmon was the one Eiffel had befriended; she knew of the history between Guilmon and Kalika, and she knew how much Guilmon hated Kalika. So him attacking her wasn't exactly surprising.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Guilmon charged Kalika again, but this time Kalika was ready. She sidestepped and swung her weapon at Guilmon, but missed. Kiva came in, and Kalika quickly spun around to deal with her. Guilmon came in again, and Kalika tried to jump out of his way. She succeeded, only to have Kiva hit her and knock her to the ground. Kiva didn't give her a chance to stand up, coming in and slamming her weapon into Kalika. She wasn't worried about harming Kalika; no injuries sustained by a player's avatar had had any effect on the player's real body. In fact, there was really no practical reason for Kiva to personally engage Kalika. She just enjoyed doing it.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]There was some commotion over by the main enterance to the chamber, and then quite a few Digimon burst into the room. Kiva left Guilmon to deal with Kalika and went to check out the situation. A few of the new Digimon were in the 'evil' army, but most were in the 'good' army. Kiva quickly found Vaxla, who had already learned what was hapening.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Our army's broken through to here," Vaxla explained to Kiva. "Our flyers were able to clear a path. The battle generally seems to be even, though the fact that we've penetrated to this lair in such force probably puts us ahead."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"The evil leader isn't going to like that," Kiva remarked. "If this new Digimon is going to enter this battle, it'll probably be sometime soon. And the thing probably won't need to come by us to do so. There's undoubtably more than one way in and out of this place. I say you and I go back up to the surface and check things out."[/color]

[color=indigo]Vaxla nodded. "Sounds like a plan. Let's go."[/color]

[color=indigo]Kiva rode on Phoenixmon with Vaxla. Garudamon and Vaxla's befriended Auqilamon were in front of them, and Kiva's partner was behind them as Gigadramon. When they made it out of the lair, they began flying over the area, searching for, well, anything. Before long, they spotted something near the entrance to the lair that they knew about. It wasn't at that enterence, but it was close. The Digimon all flew down to the ground, and Kiva and Vaxla jumped off, Kiva triggering Gigadramon's Digivolution back to Machinedramon.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]There were a few evil Digimon by where Kiva, Vaxla, and their Digimon had landed, but they didn't put up much of a fight against Kiva and Vaxla's Digimon. Almost as soon as the evil Digimon were taken care of, something came out of wht was obviously a concealed enterance to the lair. It didn't take a genius to figure out that this was the new evil Digimon. Pointing her Digivice at it, Kiva was able to learn that the Digimon's name was Mekratrimon. The only other piece of information avalible at the time was a bit surprising. Up until now, every evil leader Digimon--Millenniumon, Apocolymon, Armegeddemon, etc.-- had been male, if a gender had been specified at all. Mekratrimon, however, was female.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]The Digivice also flagged Mekratrimon as 'unique', which was hardly surprising. All the evil leader Digimon were unique, as were all the corresponding good leader Digimon. These Digimon were much more powerful that other Digimon, but 'unique' didn't mean extra-powerful. They went hand-in-hand, but they weren't the same thing. All that 'unique' meant was that there was only one of that Digimon. Also, a unique Digimon was impossible to befriend, and couldn't be chosen as part of a partner's Digivolution line.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Mekratrimon was well over twice as tall as the average human. Her entire body was thick and muscular. Both her handsand feet had nasty-looking claws. Her head was that of a demon, and she also had demonic wings. About the only thing missing from the demon image was a tail. Mekratrimon was a dark color, with red strips running up at an angle so that they circled her body.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]By this point, the two armies were intermixed throughout the battlefield. As a result, there were several 'good' Digimon nearby when Mekratrimon emerged. Like Kiva and Vaxla, they immediately recognized her as the 'evil' army's leader, and they came in to attack. There were two Greymon, a Growlmon, a pair of Garurumon, and a WarGrowlmon coming from one direction, a Kyuubimon and a Gargomon from another, and a pair of Birdramon from above. A Searchmon saw Mekratrimon and flew off towards concentrations of 'good' Digimon, presumably to inform them that the enemy leader had appeared.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]The largest force, led by the WarGrowlmon, was also the closest, so Mekratrimon attacked them first. She placed her arms together, then swung them apart, shouting "Shadow Flare!". An arc of energy formed in the path of her hands, and from it emerged multiple streams of dark fire which headed for the approaching Digimon. The number of streams made it virtually impossible to avoid the attack completely, though the two Garurumon were able to dodge most of it, getting hit by only a couple streams each. The other Digimon got hit harder. The Growlmon took several hits, as did the Greymon. One of the Greymon, a partner Digimon, took even more hits and was knocked down to his Rookie form of Agumon. The WarGrowlmon took the most hits, but was still standing, though he seemed to have second thoughts about continuing forward.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kiva was watching closely, getting all the information she could about Mekratrimon. It was easy to see that Shadow Flare was an attack best suited for use against large groups of weaker Digimon. There were a lot of streams, but the streams were individually weak. However, the spread pattern the streams took made the attack ideal for htting multiple Digimon.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Mekratrimon's next targets were the aproaching Kyuubimon and Gargomon. They'd closed into attack range, and began to attack Mekratrimon. Mekratrimon held out one arm and shouted, "Shadow Wave!". A wave of dark energy eminated from her hand and headed towards Kyuubimon at a very high speed. Kyuubimon was hit and defeated, though barely. Shadow Wave appeared to be another weaker atack, but a quick one, making it very hard to dodge and good against more agile Digimon. Mekratrimon hit Gargomon with another Shadow Wave, then looked up towards the two Birdramon.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Before Mekratrimon could attack the Birdramon, Phoenixmon flew down and attacked wit Crimson Flare. Mekratrimon avoided the attack, and Phoenixmon flew upwards. Mekratrimon was about to take to the air in pursuit when she got hit by a Giga Cannon blast from Machinedramon. She recovered quickly and faced Machinedramon.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Mekratrimon was surrounded by a red glow for a second, after which she placed one hand on the ground and said, "Hell's Flame!" The ground underneath Machinedramon glowe, and a collumn of fire shot up and engulfed Machinedramon,fading a couple seconds later. Hell's Flame seemed to be a more powerful attack, though it looked easier to dodge. And although it was a more powerful attack, Machinedramon could take quite a beating, so he was fine.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Mekratrimon used Shadow Flare to distract Machinedramon while she lept into the air. "Dark Tear!" she shouted, thrusting one arm forward. There was an odd distortion effect that traveled from her hand towards the approaching Birdramon. Eventually, it made contact with one of the Birdramon. When it did, the distortion tore open in an explosion of dark energy. The Birdramon went down, and the other Birdramon was hit with splash damage. Mektratrimon finished that Birdramon off with Shadow Wave. Dark Tear seemed to be another more powerful attack, though perhaps not quite as powerful as Hell's Flame. Harder to dodge, though, as it was difficult to see the distortion of Dark Tear.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Beside Kiva, Vaxla was speaking to her befriended Aquilamon through her Digivice. "Aquilamon, go back into the lair," she instructed. "Let everyone in there know that the evil leader, Mekratrimon, has shown herself. Get as many of them as you can out here. Mekratrimon does not look like an easy opponent, so we'll need all the help we can get."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]As Auqilamon reentered the lair, Vaxla turned to Kiva. "Hopefully we'll have help soon," she said. "Until then, we'll just have to do our best. So let's do this."[/color]


OOC: Okay, the new evil Digimon has appeared. If you want to join the battle against her (or with her, if your character's an 'evil' player), go ahead and do so. I described her attacks in my post (though I may end up adding one or two more in a future post), so use them. I've posted in the Underground thread, so make sure you go read the post. Just remember that Mekratrimon is not an easy opponent. She's very powerful, physically strong, and can take quite a beating. Oh, and just so I can be sure she doesn't go down too easily, please do not post her actual defeat. I'll do that myself.

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[size=1][color=#CD6619]Listening to the chaos ahead, Angel wore a nasty smirk across her face, knowing she was nearing the battle. She got on RhodoKnightmon?s back while FlaWizardmon used a fire cloud as his transportation. The three were soon at the entrance of the battle, watching the prolonged fight of good against evil. Angel held out her digivice and looked to her majestic Wizard, [B]?It?s time.?[/B] In reply, he nodded and was soon consumed by a bright light, out of which stepped out Mystimon. Knowing that Mystimon needed more experience as his Ultimate, she decided to digivolve him later, when it was needed.

A dark glow appeared within Angel?s eyes as she nodded and watched her digimon enter the battlefield, with their master not far behind. As soon as she got into the chaos, a few of the good players near her averted their attention, thinking she was one of the new players that somehow entered the field blindly. It was a pity that they weren?t thinking for some rushed at her, leaving their digimon to fend for themselves against RhodoKnightmon and Mystimon; who was doing well by himself. Angel could hear the shouts of attacks coming from her pink digimon and some attacks from her fire knight, but mostly, the clinking of metal was heard, which indicated that Mystimon was relying on strength and defense, rather than attacks. All of this she could hear, while she dodged her enemies? attacks, until one had the opportunity to kick her in the stomach. Luckily, Angel was able to slow it down by placing pressure against the soles of her feet. [B]?Why don?t you give up, newbie? You?re not ready to play with the big boys.?[/B] One of the good players had taunted.

Chuckles were heard all around, snickers rose and annoyed Angel. She scoffed and straightened herself up, cracking her neck in the process, and still keeping her eyes on the one who had punched her. [B]?Oh, you?d be surprised,?[/B] she said as she took out a pair of baseball gloves and slipped them on, clenching her fingers to stretch them out. Standing there with a raised brow, Angel thought, [i]?What poor fools.?[/i]

[center]* * * * *[/center]

One by one, the players fell to the ground holding their stomachs or otherwise. Angel wasn?t amused by the actions of the good player nor was she amused by the power that they supposedly said they held; in fact, her digimon weren?t at all interested in fighting the digimon partners of the players keeled over on the ground. They did not even think them to be deemed unworthy; instead Angel?s digimon watched them crash into the walls around them and devolve into their Rookie level. The three needed power, a rivaling force that could parallel them to fight with effort, instead of effortlessly swaying with the wind in the midst of a fight; their lust for such power was insatiable and they had yet to find the source of such.

Nonetheless, Angel walked on and soon came to find her digimon standing together. It seemed that Mystimon had gained enough power to digivolve to Dynasmon, but it was something she felt would have to be kept until later. Her eyes floated around, searching and searching, until they landed on Mekratrimon- the evil digimon leader who stood blasting attacks left and right, disrupting the chaos around her to create chaos for herself. Angel was simply entranced by her and was awed to even stand in her demonic appearance.

[B]?She?s beautiful,?[/B] was all that Angel said, not taking her eyes off of the digimon. Though it seemed as if her guard was down, Angel was actually alert to everything around her. She could hear, see, and even feel what was around her all the while watching the leader of evil battle against such futile attacks. It was at this time that a partner-less good digimon fired an attack at her. RhodoKnightmon used her Pile Bunker and deflected the attack from reaching her human friend.

Still watching Mekratrimon, Angel chuckled and said, [B]?What a cheap trick. Attack the ditzy human and then get rid of her digimon, is that it??[/B] Turning around, she faced her attacker and said, [B]?It?s quite unbecoming of a good digimon, you know? But then again, I can?t exactly say that, can I??[/B]

A chuckle was heard from behind the Justimon, the digimon who had attacked Angel. [B]?Not exactly, Angel, or should I say Devil? Either way, it doesn?t fit you.?[/B] The voice soared from in-between the battling digimon. It was faint yet loud, something quite subtle yet straightforward; there was something familiar about it but Angel couldn?t place her finger on it. The voice began to chuckle and sounded as if it was nearing, yet Angel was blind to who the owner of this hideous voice was. [B]?What? You can?t remember me??[/B]

The voice was suddenly seen with Justimon only a few feet in front of her. Angel?s eyes began to glare at the person before her; she was someone who was detested at many levels. [B]?I remember you... it?s hard to forget someone who fought like you.?

?How sweet, you actually liked the way I fought! You actually had time to be impressed by my fighting skills while my Cyberdramon was destroying your Mystimon to the ground. Touching, really.?[/B] The girl sneered as she and Justimon walked towards Angel and her two digimon.

[B]?Was that what all that flailing was? I thought you were trying to swat a Flymon. And, wasn?t it that it was my Mystimon who devolved your Cyberdramon? Yes, it was. In fact, I believe it was a sweet victory, tasteful too.?[/B] The reply was stinging and it showed in the girl?s expression. [B]?Are you here to reclaim your victory or waiting for another sobbing defeat??

?I?m here to kick your ass, Angel. I?m going to make you pay for what you did back then. I?m going to watch you in pain while I kick your ass!?

?Oh, well in that case, let me introduce you to someone, Mika,?[/B] With a press of a button, Mystimon was consumed by data. When he stepped out, his form had changed to, [B]?Dynasmon- the mega level of Wormmon. I?ve been waiting for a moment like this; some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.?[/B] Snapping her fingers, Dynasmon sped off towards Justimon with such speed, who also leaped towards Dynasmon. Angel and Mika did the same as well, running towards each other with the intent to kill.[/size][/color]

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[I][SIZE=1]OOC: Really sorry I didn't post before, the week has been everything hectic and beyond,but I'm not given up just yet![/I] :animeangr

[COLOR=DimGray]Gabumon was hiding. He was pretty good at hiding, as much as he might sometimes hate himself for it. He was huddled in a crevasse in the cave's rougher wall. From there he had a good view of the battle. Anubismon and Asuramon had been exchanging blows for several minutes now, and although none of them showed signs of wanting to stop anytime soon, it was clear the Ultimate was slowly getting worn down. And then something else had caused a stir near the entrance. When several good Digimon were blown to bits by an attack, he could only assume that the enemy had shown himself. And whoever it was, it sure didn't look too happy. Gabumon crawled back farther from the opening in the wall. Somewhere below, he could hear feminine grunts and groans. He dared to crawl to the edge and look down. Two human females were battling. They weren't very competent, even Gabumon could see that, having seen the fight between Piddomon and Wizardmon.

Then there was a feral growl and Gabumon retreated again. He was cowering and he did not like it. That was the cry of someone intent to kill. Someone who'd been deeply hurt. Someone oddly familiar. He risked another glance. There was only one human now, and she was fighting a Digimon. She was wearing... Well, Gabumon didn't what it was, but it didn't cover much. She could probably had gotten more coverage off his fur. She was holding some sort of twisted piece of metal and swinging it at... Guilmon?

Gabumon blinked. Why wasn't Guilmon back there helping Eiffel? He blushed when he realized he should be wondering why he himself wasn't back there in the first place.

Neither Gabumon nor Guilmon could have done much for this fight. Eiffel knew it, but still he'd have preferred it if they'd been by his side. He was worried about both of them, and they couldn't fight efficiently if Eiffel's mind was split up like that. The standoff between Asuramon and Anubismon was, frankly, not going as well as he'd liked. Eiffel was on his last Moon Blades upgrade, now, and the Healing Tablets wouldn't help for much longer. As much as the Moon Blades proved efficient against the mega, Eiffel had to use e new one every time Asuramon scored a good hit, and it cost the ultimate a lot of energy to keep the item active.

He skimmed through his item list. It was ironic, he thought, that Asuramon hadn't needed the Elemental Slabs.

[i]Wait a minute...[/I]

An idea was trying to push its way to the front of his mind, but it was so preposterous it could not... Could it? Combining opposites... Asuramon was a fire digimon, and Eiffel always kept a healthy supply of Fire Slabs power ups. The Water Slabs he mostly used as a defense, because Asuramon couldn't use them very well. Yet the Moon Blade he was so good at using was essentially a water-themed weapon. It was just so bold enough it could work.

"Power up! Elemental slab! Fire!" he called up.

Asuramon could feel a renewed power flow through his body and the flames engulfing him flared up. It was not a normal power up to have such a massive effect. His partner must have used all of the slabs he had. Well, they would be put to good effect! He prepared an attack.

"No! Hold up!" Eiffel ordered.

Asuramon glanced at him with raised eyebrows, but only for a fraction of a second as he dodged a powerful blow from Anubismon.

"Then what?" he asked angrily, swiping ineffectively at the mega with the Moon Blade.

Eiffel continued punching buttons on his digivice without listening.

"Power up! Elemental slab! Water!"

Asuramon's eyes widened. What the hell was Eiffel thinking? These two elements would cancel themselves out! Another power, different by its very nature, began to flow into him. He tensed slightly as he shoved Anubismon away, expecting the surge to clash and have adverse effect. Nothing happened. The two powers... He could feel they complemented each others, reinforced each others. He exchanged a smug look with his partner, earning a confused one from is opponent.

[i]Opposite attracts,[/I] Eiffel mentally summed up his thought process.

Asuramon raised both arms above his head. A small blue sphere formed around the moon blade. Anubismon snorted. He obviously expected his opponent to make a weak water attack. Then a flame appeared in the middle of the ball. Anubismon's eye widened.


"Unity moon!" Asuramon attacked

He poured all the power he still had available in the lone attack. He knew it would leave him greatly weakened, but the attack was also a guaranteed hit on the flabbergasted mega. The beam of blue and red energy crashed through Anubismon's defenses and threw him to the ground, where he flopped down and was engulfed in a bright light. When it subsided, the only thing left was a dog-like creature sprawled on the ground of the cave. Itss fur was a creamy shade, with magenta ears and tail. A Labramon. It opened a bleary eyes and immediately jumped to its feet, snarling loudly at Eiffel and the now devolved Patamon. Eiffel took a step back, but Patamon didn't move

"So, what are you going to do with me now?" it asked defensively.

"Me? Nothing," Eiffel said.

The dog digimon looked at him disbelievingly.

"What?" Eiffel mocked. "You seriously expect us to delete you?"

"I'm helpless now. I can't digivolve, and Kalika is not going to came tumbling to help me. I'm at your mercy. What are you gonna do now?" he paused. "You know you want it," he taunted them.

Eiffel and Patamon raised their eyebrows in a perfect duo.

"That's true," Eiffel admitted with a sigh. "And that's exactly why I won't. It would put me at the same level as her."

He walked toward the larger battle at the entrance of the cave. Labramon jumped out of the human's way as if he'd been a leper.

"Battle are to be fought first. Winning or losing is just a side effect," Eiffel commented as he walked away.

Labramon snorted, then slinked away. He had to find Kalika now.

She was there. Right in front of him. Practically defenceless as humans are. Now was his chance. He charged and swiped at the woman, fury empowering him. All he earned for his efforts was a hit to the side of the head form the twisted piece of metal she was holding. He knew that feeling. Adrenaline allowed him to ignore the pain. He roared again and launched a Pyro Sphere, which she merely side-stepped.

Just like in the time. They were fighting again, mere feet from each other. But today, Guilmon was intent on hurting her. Just as much as she'd hurt him, even though he doubted that would be possible. Which didn't mean he would not try his hardest. He had rage and strength. [i]She[/I]'d made him this strong.

He charged again and she again hit him across the head, managing to use his momentum against him. Guilmon slid aside and found himself backed against the cave's wall.

"I see you still haven't managed to get any grip on your temper," she commented coldly.

That's when a smaller yellow and blue silhouette dropped next to him with a grunt.

"I'm there!" Gabumon said.

Guilmon turned sharply at him. He stared down Gabumon with narrowed eyes causing the rookie in every sense of the term to take a step back, trip over his own feet and fall on his ass.

"Stay out of it!" Guilmon snarled.

"But. I. But." Gabumon stammered helplessly.

"This is [i]my[/I] fight," the other reptile growled as he turned back toward Kalika.

"Oh my..." the woman laughed derisively. "A Gabumon? Oh my, I should really be afraid, now, should I?" she mocked, faking a terrified look.

Guilmon roared. A cry that expressed raw anger, pain and revenge. Gabumon knew that whatever she'd done to his companion of fortune, it was something that must have been truly horrible. Guilmon tackled the woman and they rolled around on the ground.

"We fought, we travelled, we discovered together. I trusted you. I thought we made an unbeatable team." Guilmon growled.

"Yeah, and so?" she retorted, kneeing him in the side without apparent effect.

"And one day, you vanished. Without a word. Without so much as an excuse, as an explanation. Without even a goodbye," his voice tightened.

The digimon snapped his head back and headbutted her, catching her head between his forehead and the floor. She groaned in pain, her vision momentarily blinded.

"I had better things to do. Things that did not, fortunately, involved your hotheaded smoothscale stupidity," she snarled back.

She somehow managed to roll on top him and hit him in the throat with her elbow. Gabumon winced in sympathy. Guilmon punched her hard in the side in return. A single tear rolled down the side of his face.

"I would have died for you back then," he said bitterly.

"Would just have made one less useless lump of data," she snarled back as the digimon rolled on top again.

"True. You're not worth dying for," he said.

Gabumon looked on in wonderment as the other rookie turned around and, hauling the full-grown woman over his shoulder, threw her against the wall. His maw opened as his throat flared up.

"Guilmon! NO!" a man's voice came over.

Both digimon as well as Kalika looked over.

Eiffel would not let him do it. As much as she had earned it. As much as he hated her himself, he would not let Guilmon hurt his old partner like that. Not as long as Guilmon would accept to treat Eiffel as a friend, at least. He placed a hand on Guilmon's shoulder.

"She's not worth it," he said.

"She is. She was worth [I]everything[/I]. She was worth dying for. But I was only worth betraying," Guilmon said.

"She's not, and never will," Eiffel insisted.

He gave the digimon an insistant pull and began to turn around. Slowly, reluctantly, Guilmon followed. Kalika got up and dusted herself.

"Do it," she demanded.

Eiffel and the digimons froze.

"I am worth it. I was worth fighting and I lost. That makes me worth destroying too, right?" she said confidently.

"You should never give up on people just because of a loss. Much less yourself," he told her without looking at her. "You'll be there again, and we'll fight again. We might win, or we might lose, but we'll fight again. Because that's what all of this is about, right? Fighting. As long as the fight is worth it, the opponent doesn't matter."

He paused.

"Today, I found out why I'm here. Have you?"

Kalika sneered. She walked up behind him, intent on going away in the most scornful way she could, but Eiffel didn't let her. When she came up behind him, he whirled around, arm drawn back, and punched her in the jaw, throwing her to the ground. He sighed, rubbing his knuckles as he walked away from the woman.

"Damn, that felt good, he muttered."

Then he sighed.

"That went too well," he added for himself. "Something really bad should happen about now..."[/COLOR]

[I]OOC: Wow, I didn't think it would turn out so well.[/I][/SIZE]

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[color=darkslateblue]"Something really bad should happen about now."[/color]

[color=darkslateblue]Just as Eiffel finished his sentence, Guilmon tugged on his arm, and he turned around. Behind him was a Devidramon. The Devidramon was positioned between Eiffel and the tunnel that led back to the surface that was the only escape route. Eiffel couldn't run, and with Patamon's energy depleted from the battle with Anubismon, he couldn't fight the Devidramon, either.[/color]

[color=darkslateblue]HUman laughter came from the direction of the Devidramon. Eiffel looked up, and was not at all surprised when he saw the person on the Devidramon's back. The Devidramon kneeled down, and Kalika leapt down from his back onto the ground, with Labramon jumping down beside her. "Surely you didn't think it would be that easy," she said to Eiffel.[/color]

[color=darkslateblue]"Actually, I did," Eiffel admited. "I should have known better, though."
[color=darkslateblue]"Indeed. Did you really think I'd be without any befriended Digimon? If so, then you were wrong. Now, Devidramon here may not be the most powerful Digimon, but he won't have any problem taking out three Rookies, and Labramon tells me that your partner is too tired to hold a Digivolution.And in order to prevent you from running, I've got the only real escape route blocked. Yes, you could run deeper into the lair, but I think you know how dumb that would be. So there's no way you're getting away this time."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Aquilamon flew down the tunnel at high speed. He knew that time was of the essence. Vaxla and the others wouldn't be able to last for long against Mekratrimon without help, and it was Aquilamon's job to gather that help.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]As Aquilamon neared the chamber, he saw that the path was blocked by a Devidramon. He didn't have time to wait for the Devidramon to move, so he decided to ram it, which he did. He flew away before the Devidramon could attack him, and began informing the good Digimon in the chamber that the enemy leader, Mekratrimon, had appeared outside.[/color]

[color=darkslateblue]"You've lost, Eiffel," Kalika said. "Now you're going to pay the price. Devidramon, do it."[/color]

[color=#483d8b]Just then, something came zooming out of the tunnel and slammed into Devidramon, knocking him down. It recovered quickly and flew away, but Kalika was able to identify it as an Aquilamon before she lost track of it. Meanwhile, Eiffel had taken advantage of the distraction provided by Aquilamon, and had bolted into the tunnel with Patamon, Guilmon, and Gabumon before Devidramon was able to recover. As soon as Kalika noticed, she wanted to pursue Eiffel, but Devidramon was being attacked by a Birdramon, and had to take it out before he could chase after Eiffel. This gave Eiffel a major head start. He'd probably make it out before Kalika could catch up with him. Truly escaping, however, wouldn't be so easy.[/color]

[color=indigo]Mekratrimon had attracted some attention. Several good Digimon were coming after her. However, as they came either individually or in small groups, and as almost none of them were higher than Ultimate, Mekratrimon had no trouble taking them out. Even the couple Megas who'd charged at her had gone down quickly. Mekratrimon had taken some hits, but she showed no signs of slowing down, and it was clear that she was able to take one hell of a lot more damage before she'd go down.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Mekratrimon was still in the air. Phoenixmon was giving her quite a battle, along with several other bird Digimon that joined in during the fight. They were evading skillfully, and attacking whenever there was an opening. Mekratrimon was able to take most of them out easily, but a few, including Phoenixmon and Kiva's befriended Garudamon, were being much more dificult targets, simply because they were evading so much more skillfully. Meanwhile, Machinedramon had been trying to hit Mekratrimon from the ground with Giga Cannon. He was currently not firing at all, as there was too much risk of accidentally hitting a good Digimon.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Deapite the skill with which Phoenixmon, Garudamon, and the other bird Digimon were fighting, Mekratrimon was clearly winning the battle. Most of her opponents were Ultimates, and she was powerful enough that she only needed to hit one once or twice to take it out. Before long, she'd taken out all but Phoenixmon, Garudamon, and a wild Birdramon. Then the Birdramon went down, leaving just Phoenixmon and Garudamon.[/color]

[color=darkslateblue]Eiffel and his Digimon ran like hell through the tunnel, trying to make it to the surface before Kalika could catch up to them. If they could do that, they might just be able to get away. It wouldn't be a simply task, though, as Kalika wouldn't just give up. She'd be hunting for them, and they'd have to get away from the battlefield without her finding them.[/color]

[color=#483d8b]Eiffel and the three Rookies made it out of the tunnel, but not in time, as Kalika and her befriended Devidramon emerged a couple seconds later. However, she was far from the last one out of the tunnel. Several good Digimon energed behind her, led by the Aquilamon who'd rammed Devidramon. Kalika was no longer able to go after Eiffel, as Devidramon was too busy defending himself.[/color]

[color=#483d8b]Eiffel and his Digimon attempted to escape while Kalika was busy. He was almost clear of that particular area of the battle when something hit the ground near him. The impact caused Eiffel to stumble and fall. He stood up and turned around to see an unfamiliar Digimon landing in front of the cluster of good Digimon. This was clearly the evil army's leader. Eiffel's Digivice identified her as Mekratrimon.[/color]

[color=#483d8b]"Come on," Eiffel said to the three Rookies. "We need to get the hell out of here, and now. Staying here would be suicide."[/color]

[color=#483d8b]Eiffel and his Digimon turned to run, but were stopped when Devidramon landed in front of them. Kalika and Labramon leapt to the ground. "Hello again," Kalika said. "You won't be escaping so easily. All those good Digimon are busy with Mekratrimon now, which leaves me free to deal with you."[/color]

[color=#483d8b]"I don't think so," Eiffel replied. "Into the battle!" he shouted to his Digimon. "Move!"[/color]

[color=#483d8b]Eiffel and the three Rookies ran into the midst of the fight against Mekratrimon, hoping to lose Kalika amid the chaotic battle.[/color]

[color=indigo]Kiva knew that Garudamon and Phoenixmon wouldn't last long against Mekratrimon on their own. Fortunately, they didn't have to. Aquilamon emerged from the underground lair, followed by the other good Digimon who'd been down there. Mekratrimon directed her attention towards this new force. She fired a couple Dark Tears at the force as she landed in front of it.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Mekratrimon spread her arms and wings wide. Multiple black lines shot out from her body at high speed, extending away from her in a pattern that was gridlike, despite the fact that this forming grid was circular. It only took a couple seconds for the grid to fully form, and the fuly formed grid was large. Quite a few of the good Digimon were within it. When the grid was formed, Mekratrimon brought her arms together, shouting "Darkness' Embrace!"[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Several of the good Digimon within the grid had reacted quickly enough to escape the grid, but a few had not. And now it was too late for them to get out. The grid broke into several sections, each one around of the Digimon within the grid. Each section flowed iwards, enveloping the Digimon within it. Kiva, who was watching closely, saw that the attack didn't seem to do very much damage, though it certainly did some. However, the enveloped Digimon were completely restrained by the dark energy enveloping them. They were unable to do anything. They couldn't even move, making them easy targets for Mekratrimon.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Mekratrimon took the enveloped Digimon out one after the other, though she made sure to evade the attacks of the other good Digimon while she did so. The envelopment affect wore off after about half a minute, but by then, Mekratrimon had killed all but a couple of the Digimon who'd been caught in Darkness' Embrace. She knew that she wouldn't have quite as good a result with that attack again, but the first use had allowed her to easily destroy a nice chunck of the good Digimon force. And just because it wouldn't be as easy for her to get a good result with Darkness' Embrace again didn't mean that it was impossible. She was certain that she'd be able to put the attack to good use a couple more times during the battle.[/color]

[color=indigo]Machinedramon, Phoenixmon, Garudamon, and Aquilamon moved in towards Mekratrimon, along with a few other good Digimon who'd shown up to join the battle against Mekratrimon.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Kiva spoke into her Digivice. "Be careful," she told her Digimon. "Mekratrimon's powerful. Machinedramon, be careful not to close. If she uses Darkness' Embrace and you're within the grid, there's no way you'll be able to get out in time. You're too slow to escape quickly enough, so stay far enough away that you won't be within the grid."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Vaxla looked at Kiva. "Do you think we can still do this?" she asked.[/color]

[color=#4b0082]"Yes, I do," Kiva replied. "It won't be easy, but I think we can win this."[/color]

[color=#4b0082]Vaxla nodded. "So do I. So let's do this."[/color]


OOC: Circeus, please tell me if I need to change anything about Eiffel's part in my post.

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Rain had been fairly distracted when the evil leader appeared and she couldnt help but stare at her. She was magnificent. Rain was very impressed at how easily she took out some of the enemy troops. Rain looked at Lopmon

"You think You can digivolve now? After that rest?"

Lopmon nodded, "Yes sir! What is it that you want?"

"You see that fabulous beast over there. The one being bothered by those pesky birds and good digimon. I want to help out you know. Fire at some as Endigomon or distract them at least. Give her some room to freely attack those goodys."

Lopmon nodded and was quickly Endigmon again. With Rain sitting on his head he was off through some of the fighting towards the bigger fight. Once close enough Endigomon looked around and spooted a wild Ogremon.

"Ogremon, Friend, Could you take her away from the danger. She rode in her and I realize this might be a little more dangerous..."

The wild ogremon scratched his head and agreed. Rain reluctantly climbed down and Ogremon escorted her to a safer place. She quickly got up where she could see her digimon fighting. She saw Ogremon reaturn to the battle and Endigomon fired off a Koko Crusher at one of the digimon battleing the leader. He wasnt going to just sit around and watch them swarm over her after all.

ooc: Sorry it has been a while... I have had a lot of things to do

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[size=1][font=Arial][color=Blue]Zelex and Guilmon approached a small dirt path that lead into a large clearing, in which lied a large stone building, ominous stone figures on the corners. Guilmon whimpered as Zelex continued on towards the entrance.

"Come on Rangarok. We gotta do this." Zelex said to his partner.

"Alright...but I'm a little scared..."

As the 2 man team got to the entrance, a Gatomon dashed out of it and hid behind Guilmons left leg. Zelex looked at it, seeing a look of fear in its eyes.

"Umm...what are you doing." Zelex asked the cat type Digimon.

"Hiding...from THAT!" Gatomon replied.

Just as Zelex turned to the entrance again, a Lykamon appeared out from the entrance. A Globimon appeared from behind it, slightly afraid to some out. Lykamon roared loudly before it spoke.

"That Gatomon stole my dinner. I demand that it be returned...whether its been eaten or not! Goblimon, attack now."

With that spoken, Goblimon jumped from behind Lykamon. It sent 5 Fireballs towards Guilmon who was still in front of Gatomon. Guilmon smacked them away with his left paw like they were flies. Goblimon scurried back behind Lykamon in fear of Guilmon.

"I'd say that would be a no." Zelex said as he scanned the Digimon with his digivice. "Ultimate level...no known attacks...rare status...oh man, this is bad!" Zelex pressed the Champion digivolution button hard, causing Guilmon to digivolve right in front of Gatomon. Gatomon jumped back, amazed at the transformation.

"Come on Ragnarok, we gotta take'm. I guess this is what Renamon meant when she said it would be tough. LETS GO!"

The now fully transformed Growlmon charged head on towards Lykamon. He sent a swift blow to its head, but was blocked by Lykamons monstrous sized forearm. With its right arm, it punched Growlmon hard in the stomach, sending him flying back some.


A large ball of concentrated heat and flame energy emerged from Growlmons now open mouth. It launched at Lykamon and slammed it straight in the chest before it could react from the punch.

"...argghhh...you got some power there kid. But it won't be enough to stop me!"

Lykamon charged at Growlmon and tackled him to the ground, brawling his face with punches as the werewolf Digimon had Growlmons arms pinned. Zelex looked on in fear as his parter was getting pummeled.

"Come on Ragnarok! Fight back!" Zelex yelled.

Gatomon looked on as the Growlmon was getting beaten by the Lykamon she feared. A tear gently rolled off of her face as she watched the beating she should have gotten. Without a second thought, Gatomon launched herself towards Lykamon.

"Hey you wolf bastard! Take this!"

Gatomon jumped at Lykamons face and struck him on the nose with a Lightning Paw. Lykamon roared in pain as her claws sunk in and drew quite a bit of blood. As Gatomon landed, she turned around and struck him again on the left cheek. The wolf beast roared again as Gatomon struck it many times in the face with Lightning Paw attacks.

"HEY RAGNAROK! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND BLAST THAT THING TO HELL!" Zelex yelled from afar as he realized what Gatomon was doing.

Growlmon opened his eyes slightly and seen that Lykamon has stopped because his face was rather bloody and being held in pain. Taking cue, Growlmon charged up a powerful Pyro Blaster and launched it at Lykamons face. It hit point blank, sending it flying over the horizon.

Gatomon stopped and fell to her knees as she seen her opponent fly off. She gasped in relief as she seen Growlmon, who absorbed some of the battle experience data. Half of it swirled over to her and was absorbed into her body as well.

"Ragnarok! You're okay!" Zelex yelled as he ran over and hugged his partner. Growlmon de-digivolved back to Guilmon and hugged his tamer back.

"I'm glad thats over. I didn't think I'd make it out of that alive..." Guilmon replied.

"Well, it was thanks to that Gatomon over there that you DID survive...hey, come over here. We want to thank you!" Zelex yelled.

Gatomon slowly went over to the team and smiled. "I do thank you for helping me like that." She smiled at Guilmon.

"Well, we're gonna go into that temple. We have to find something inside...just asking, you wanna join?" Zelex asked.

"Do I!? Yes, yes I would! I want to thank you for saving me, so yes, I will help you out...but for some reason, I have this weird tingling feeling in my body."

"Alright, so be it. We'll give Ragnarok a few minutes to rest and then we'll head out."



[color=Black]Gatomon hasn't joined as a befriended Digimon yet. I plan on having her join, but not right now. I'll post it in the Undergound when I do. Oh, and the Digimon listing had no attacks for Lykamon, so I didn't use any.[/color]

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[Color=DarkBlue][Size=1]"Armor Piercing Blade!"

The Meramon Ginryuudamon had been battling went down with a yell and devolved back to the Hawkmon it was a few minutes ago. JJ smiled quickly and turned away from the player that had just lost.

The luster of destroying partners had disappeared and JJ was getting sick of running from the groups anyway. According to his digivice's information page, it appeared like Ryuudamon's Ultimate form was very close.

JJ smiled. The now Ryuudamon and Tentomon walked and hovered next to him as he continued down the path. The "training" area was really starting to bore JJ and the sounds of the huge battle coming from the area where the fortress currently were only increasing his lust for a great battle.

"Ryuudamon, Tentomon, do either of you have any idea how we could avoid the big battles going on around here and still get into the Fortress?" JJ asked, looking at the both of them.

Ryuudamon shrugged, but Tentomon stuck a claw up in the air. It looked like he was actually going to contribute to the group for once. JJ looked at him and Tentomon began without eye contact: "There's side entrance that the good know about. It'll lead to a huge audience chamber where the final battle'll take place. Problem is, it'll be full of good newbies trying to get in and see the action. Most'll be taken out by the various guards, but still..."

"Let's go. The guards won't bother us and we can try and get in on the action in some way or another by leaving the passage," Ryuudamon suggested.

"I'm game, lead the way Tentomon." JJ replied.

Tentomon looked at him funny for a few seconds. Had JJ actually referred him by name? Was JJ starting to like him? Tentomon shuddered at the thought and hovered forward, moving towards the huge explosions.

JJ and Ryuudamon followed, not saying a word and keeping each other's pace. It was something they had done since the beginning, one of the many things they unconsciously did, that showed their closeness. Ryuudamon tensed as they left the forest area they had been in and entered the real battlefield.

Already, many players on both sides were holding rookie digimon and running away while even more continued to scream commands at the giants lumbering around. JJ and Ryuudamon could only stop and watch for a few seconds as Tentomon took off, nearly leaving the other two behind.

The group made it to the side entrance with minimal damage. They only had to dodge a couple of stray or deflected attacks. JJ almost smiled at Tentomon when he pointed out the entrance, which now looked clear.

The group rushed for it, but were cut off by a player that jumped out from the entrance, surprising Ryuudamon and causing JJ to stumble backwards.

"Where do you think you're going? This is for good players only, you scum wad," the newcomer stated.

JJ growled and stared at the player.

"How're you gonna stop me? I don't see any digimon around here."

"Elecmon!" the other called.

The fuzzy dog digimon appeared from behind the player and growled at Ryuudamon who had already taken a battle ready stance. Both players called out their commands and the battle started.

Both rookie traded blows. Elecmon fired off successions of Sparkling Thunder, which kept Ryuudamon out of Iai Blade range. Luckily, Ryuudamon still had his helmet.

"Helmet Return!"

Ryuudamon whipped his head back and flung his helmet at Elecmon. It smacking the other rookie square in the face and stunned him temporarily. Ryuudamon didn't waste his time, charging in forward.

"Iai Blade!"

The blade on Ryuudamon popped out and as he was about to ram it into Elecmon, its partner hit the digivolution button. It threw Elecmon into a white light and deflected Ryuudamon's attack.

JJ quickly followed suit, eloping Ryuudamon in the same white light.

Elecmon finished first, emerging as Sheepmon and Ginryuudamon popped up not long after. The two opponents glared at each other for but a second and began to attack one another.

"Wool Grenade!"

Sheepmon launched the grenades from the cannon on its back, forcing Ginryuudamon to jump to the side to avoid the blasts. Ginryuudamon charged and Sheepmon let off another barrage. Ginryuuamon jumped off his path.

JJ, meanwhile, was desperately trying to figure out a strategy for actually winning this battle. He looked to Tentomon, who had been watching the entire
battle anxiously.

"You want to go help at all?"

"Me? Go help? Of course," Tentomon responded quietly.

"Then go, Ryuudamon needs your help right now," JJ answered.

"Rightio Boss," Tentomon whispered.

JJ watched Tentomon fly out in the battle and winced when he heard a second digimon's voice.

"Hard Brick!"

Tentomon swerved to the side to avoid a brick that had flown out of nowhere.

"Don't think you'll be interrupting this battle you annoying insect," the thrower announced.

"Oh, really now?" Tentomon asked, getting cocky.

"Yup. Once Sheepmon wins, he'll come after you and it won't be pretty turning into digital data at all, now will it?" Armadillomon answered just as cockily.

Tentomon ignored his taunting and responded with something more dangerous instead.

"Super Shocker!"

The Armadillomon quickly rolled into a ball and the shock only hit his shell. Tentomon was expecting it and quickly dive-bombed the rookie when he uncurled.

"Talon Attack!"

Armadillomon could only watch as Tentomon's claw slammed into his face and flipped him over. The insect quickly followed with a second Super Shocker. The electric attack surged through Armadillomon's body and caused him to howl in pain.

Before Tentomon could try again, Armadillomon used his momentum to get back on his feet and immediately started powering up for his next attack.

"Diamond Slamming Attack!"

Armadillomon sent himself flying in the air towards Tentomon, who couldn't dodge in time. As the mammal digimon went down, Tentomon fell along, taking the impact of the fall as they both hit the ground.

"Rhino Spin!"

Tentomon began spinning, quickly throwing Armadillomon off him. He also began to spark, lightning bolts streaking out of the tornado that was he.

"Diamond Slamming Attack!"

Armadillomon threw himself at the tornado, but it reflected and threw him into the wall of the fortress. A lightning bolt followed Armadillomon and hit him as he slid down the wall.

"Armadillomon!" the other player called as Tentomon stopped spinning.

Tentomon expected the fell of the absorbed data, but all he got was the that of Armadillomon's shell slamming in his chest.

He had no time to counterattack as Armadillomon tore into him with a barrage of his Diamond Shell attack, causing him to cry out in pain. Armadillomon smirked and scratched the insect hard across the face.

"Don't mess with me, ever."

Tentomon only moaned and released the required data. Armadillomon absorbed it and walked off, leaving the rookie on the floor.

JJ could only watch as Tentomon lost. He felt something deep down. One of his team members had lost. Wait, one of his team members?! Was Tentomon part of his team now? JJ shook his head, ran over to the rookie and picked him up.

"You need to rest. That was a great effort," he told Tentomon.

Tentomon just nodded and JJ hauled him back over to where he had been standing. That was when he was blinded by the white glow of digivolution.

"Oh shit..." JJ muttered as he watched Sheepmon digivolve again to Pajiramon.

Ginryuudamon was not faring well. He had gotten a couple of Battle Rod Breaks against Sheepmon, but after he'd pulled out Silence of Rams, Ginryuudamon's ears were ringing and he couldn't hear JJ's commands, which
were sparse as it was.

Ginryuudamon finally spotted an opening between the Grenades, but it was cut short as Sheepmon was pulled into the white light of digivolution again. Ginryuudamon cursed his luck and prepared himself for the worst.


"Armor Piercing Blade!"

Ginryuudamon went in for the attack and as he was about to slam his sword into the goat digimon, Pajiramon showed how she could counterattack.

"Thunder Stomp!"

The ultimate jumped up in the air slightly and brought all four hoofs down, creating a bolt of electricity that flew towards Ginryuudamon. He couldn't dodge and felt the shock run through his entire body. He went down, moaning quietly.

Pajiramon laughed and moved in on him.

JJ watched, biting his nails. His mind was moving at twenty thousand miles per hour and he didn't know how to stop it. How could he help Ginryuudamon? He looked to Tentomon, but he was sleeping. The Healing Tablet JJ had used still left him in pain, so the player decided to let him sleep.

Healing Tablet....Healing Tablet....

That was it! JJ clicked the item button and scanned through the list, sweat starting to break out on his face. There it was! JJ clicked twice and looked at the pop up asking "Are you sure you want to use this item?"

JJ quickly clicked Yes and shut his eyes. It was going to either make or break this fight.

Ginryuudamon was really starting to worry about losing when he felt the item attach itself to him. Ginryuudamon smiled as he felt something in his mind tell him exactly how to use it.

"Jet Boosters are so convenient," Ginryuudamon commented as the boosters kicked in.

He shot off into the air, flying high above Pajiramon, who just stared. Then
she initiated her countermeasure.

"Treasure Bow!"

A bow appeared in her hands and a quiver on her back. She aimed for the skies and let the first one lose.

Ginryuudamon didn't even see it; he was flying down too fast. He still tried to get into the best position to go for the gold. He needed to hit Pajiramon good and get her down so he could wail on her. If he missed, the battle was over and he had lost.

He suddenly stopped and pulled back. He aimed for the ground and fired up the boost. Ginryuudamon was timing everything in his head, counting back from 10.

As he hit one, everything happened at once. Pajiramon, who had been trying to hit Ginryuudamon, finally noticed him and let an arrow loose. Himself let loose his Armor Piercing Blade while JJ watched in anticipation.

Ginryuudamon's Blade split the arrow and he smacked into the ultimate dead on. This caused the goat to buckled under and fall to the ground. Ginryuudamon's jet booster gave out and he backed up a couple of steps to charge Pajiramon with his blade once more, hitting her straight on in her chest.

He felt her armor crack and jumped back. He was about to charge for the third time when Pajiramon realized what had happened. She tried to stand to no avail as her legs were still slowly coming back to her. A panicked look crossed her features as the champion charged for the third time, his blade digging into her.

She cried out in pain and devolved, leaving the lowly Elecmon, very hurt, beat up and lying on the ground. Ginryuudamon, out of breath and not really in better shape, also devolved once he absorbed Elecmon's data.

This time, along with the rush he got from winning, he felt something else. Something warm down inside, something he hadn't felt before. He padded over to JJ who patted him on the head and muttered about doing a good job.

Tentomon had awoken and was currently moping behind JJ. The player gave Ryuudamon a Healing Tablet and walked over to his opponent. He was currently crouched over his partner, cooing at him, with Armadillomon huffing in the background.

JJ tapped the player on the shoulder and as he looked up, he punched him in the face.

"Don't ever challenge me again, you hear me? I won't be beaten by anything as stupid as you and next time, I'll attack you, and not just digimon vs digimon, [i]capiche[/i]?"

The player only nodded and JJ and the other walked into the fortress, determination etched upon all three of their faces.

Above the fortress a single Digimon was circling, looking for something. He finally found it in the determined look of a player walking into the side entrance of the fortress. Could he be the one he was looking for? Either way, the Digimon decided to investigate, flying down into entrance of the fortress and moving swiftly through the corridors. He had to continue watching this player.[/size][/color]

OOC: No one please make any mention of this ?mysterious digimon?. I?ve got plans for him. JJ could be included in someone?s post, but I?d prefere he wasn?t.

Also, I want to apologize for this taking so long, but I?ve been busy with various things. ^^???

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[color=indigo]It took a little while, but after taking enough hits, Mekratrimon finally began to show signs of damage. She'd been steadily thinning the opposing force of good Digimon, but they'd been attacking her. And at the current rate, Mekratrimon would probably lose the battle.[/color]
[color=indigo]Kiva'd been expecting additional good Digimon to arrive at any moment. The Searchmon who'd flown off when Mekratrimon had first appeared had undoubtably gone for help. And Kiva'd been correct. Quite a few good Digimon had begun to close in on Mekratrimon. Unfortunately, this approaching force of good Digimon had been cut off by a force of evil Digimon who'd likely been coming to assist Mekratrimon. This was both good and bad. It was bad because the good reenforcements couldn't reach Mekratrimon, but it was good because the evil force couldn't do so, either. And it was more good than bad, because even without the good reenforcements, Mekratrimon was probably going to lose the battle.[/color]
[color=slategray]Mekratrimon could see how the battle was progressing, but she wasn't about to give up. She was currently in the midst of the good force, doind as much damage as she could. Of course, the good Digimon were hitting her hard. But this didn't worry Mekratrimon. She knew that she'd be able to make up for any additional damage she took now.[/color]
[color=slategray]Eventually, Mekratrimon judged that it was time to make her move. Things were about as perfect as they could be. Good Digimon were on all sides of her, with only a few staying farther away. All the flying Digimon were attacking from the air, so they were safe for the moment, but Mekratrimon would deal with them soon enough. Right now, she was going to deal with the rest of the good force. She spread her arms and wings and began Darkness' Embrace.[/color]
[color=slategray]The good Digimon had been caustios after Mekratrimon had first used Darkness' Embrace, but as the battle went on, their caution lessened. Mekratrimon had been counting on this. Eventually, most of the good Digimon had come within range, which was what Mekratrimon had been waiting for.[/color]
[color=slategray]Some of the good Digimon within the dark energy grid managed to escape in time, but the rest did not. The grid split apart and enveloped them, preventing them from taking any action at all. Mekratrimon took them all out while they were helpless, making sure to avoid the attacks of the rest of the good Digimon while she did so.[/color]
[color=slategray]A few of the remaining good Digimon were land-based, but most were flyers. Darkness' Embrace was next to impossible to use on flying Digimon. A flying Digimon could simply take flight to escape from the grid, and if Mekratrimon used the attack in the air, flying Digimon could easily fly over or under the grid to avoid it. Mekratrimon would have to deal with the flying Digimon in a different manner. After taking care of the remaining Digimon on the ground, she turned her attention to the flyers.[/color]
[color=indigo]Kiva'd seen that Mekratrimon was positioning herself to use Darkness' Embrace effectively, and she'd seen that Machinedramon was within the attack's range. So she'd had him devolve to Gigadramon. And just in time, too, because Mekratrimon had used the attack right after Gigadramon took to the air. Kiva was really glad she'd made that decision, because even if Machinedramon hadn't been within range of Darkness' Embrace, Mekratrimon would still have taken him out. There were few enough land-based Digimon left after Darkness' Embrace that she'd had no trouble getting rid of them. Of course, that didn't mean that Gigadramon was safe, because Mekratrimon was now going after the flyers.[/color]
[color=slategray]Mekratrimon did not take flight and engage the flying Digimon in the air. She fired a few Shadow Flares towards the flyers to distract them. She spread her wings wide, but not her arms. After a couple seconds, black energy began to circle around her body. When there was enough to complete cover her body, Mekratrimon raised one arm and pointed it upwards at the flying Digimon above her. She channeled the energy through her arm. Shouting, "Darkness' Fury!" she released the energy in a series of powerful dark energy blasts. The blasts moved quite quickly, and in something of a spread pattern. The flying good Digimon did their best to evade, and some were successful. But many were not. There were enough energy blasts in a large enough spread that it was very hard to dodge them all. And once a Digimon was hit, the impact knocked it out of its evasive maneuvers. If a Digimon was hit once, it would most likely be hit again. And the hits were powerful, too. It didn't take many to take out even a Mega-level Digimon, and there were a lot of blasts. The attack took a while to use, but that was its only real downside.[/color]
[color=#708090]Many of the flying Digimon were taken out by Darkness' Fury. Others, including Gigadramon and Phoenixmon, managed to get away with taking only one or two hits. And a few, including Garudamon, were able to avoid the attack entirely. And now they were being cautios, keeping themselves spread out so that the attack wouldn't have as great an effect again. But Mekratrimon didn't need Darkness' Fury again, nor did she need Darkness' Embrace. She'd reduced her opponents to a number that she'd have no trouble dealing with. She took to the air to engage them and finish them off.[/color]
[color=indigo]"Shit," Kiva swore as she watched the devestation caused by Darkness' Fury. "Mekratrimon's just turned things around," she said to Vaxla. "She won't have any problems winning this fight now."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Perhaps," Vaxla replied. She spoke into her Digivice. "Aquilamon, are there any good Digimon nearby who could help us out against Mekratrimon?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"No," Aquilamon replied. Since he was too weak to be of much use against Mekratrimon, Vaxla'd had him flying over the battle, observing the fighting and seeing how the battle was going.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"The battle's turned around," Aquilamon continued. "Mekratrimon seemed to provide something of a morale boost to the enemy, hurting our forces' morale at the same time. The evil army took the lead, and they've kept it. The remaining evil forces have mostly grouped together into a few forces, but the good Digimon are scatered throught the battlefield. It looks like most of them are fleeing."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"So we've lost the battle, then," Vaxla said.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"We've lost the battle," Aquilamon confirmed, "and we didn't even take out Mekratrimon to compensate for the loss. And she won't be going down. Not today, not when there's so few Digimon in any position to go after her. The only thing left for us to do is to get the hell out of here."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Then let's go. Phoenixmon, get down here! We need to get out of here!"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva spoke into her own Digivice. "Gigadramon, Garudamon, it's time to leave. We've lost the battle, and now all we can do is get away before it's too late. So let's go."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva was riding Gigadramon, and Vaxla was beside them on Phoenixmon. Aquilamon and Garudamon were above them. They were heading away from the battle as fast as they could go. So far, nobody had prusued them, and it didn't look like that would change. The remaining evil forces were busy cleaning up the last remnants of the good army, and they probably wouldn't waste time chasing after fast-flying bird Digimon that were leaving the area.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva was right in that no evil Digimon came to pursue them, but that didn't mean that they got away without a fight. This particular fight was happening in front of them. As they drew closer to the battle, Kiva saw that it consisted of a Phoenixmon fighting an Ornithmon and two Karatenmon. Not surprisingly, the battle was going poorly for the Phoenixmon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]As they were about to pass the battle, Kiva caught sight of a distinguishing scar on the Phoenixmon. Kiva'd met this particular Phoenixmon before; she'd tried a few times to befriend her, though without success. But Kiva wasn't one to give up easily.[/color]

[color=indigo]"We should help that Phoenixmon," Kiva told the others.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Vaxla nodded her agreement. "We have to move quickly. Phoenixmon and I'll attack the Ornithmon. Aquilamon will attack the Karatenmon."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"So will Gigadramon and Garudamon," Kiva said. "We'll focus on one at a time. This shouldn't be too hard. Let's do it."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Things worked out very well. Vaxla's Phoenixmon attacked the Ornithmon, drawing its attention away from the injured wild Phoenixmon. Gigadramon, Garudamon, and Aquilamon concentrated their attacks on a single Karatenmon, taking it out quickly. They were about to attack the other Karatenmon, but she turned and fled. Meanwhile, vaxla's Phoenixmon and the wild Phoenixmon took out Ornithmon without any trouble. Gigadramon flew up beside the wild Phoenixmon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Looks like we showed up in the nick of time," Kiva said to the wild Phoenixmon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Thank you, Kiva," the wild Phoenixmon replied. "I thought you'd be participating in this battle."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "Of course. Too bad our side lost. Now let's get the hell out of here before anyone else shows up."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Agreed," the wild Phoenixmon said. She, Kiva, Vaxla, their partners, and their befriended Digimon, headed away from the battlefield as fast as they could. they'd managed to escape successfully, but many others had not And the evil army had won. Mekratrimon was now in control of Saware Valley and the surrounding area. Any good Digimon left in the area were fleeing as fast as they could.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva wondered what would happen next. She knew that even though the good Digimon had lost this battle, they wouldn't simply give up. That just wasn't how things worked in [i]Digimon[/i]. No, this wasn't over. Kiva didn't know what would happen next, but she was looking forward to it. Whatever it was, it was sure to be one hell of a ride.[/color]

OOC: Yes, the evil army won the battle. Didn't see that coming, did you? I decided to have Mekratrimon take control of Saware as part of a larger storyline. Like Kiva said (okay, thought), it's not over yet. I'll give more details in a future post. And as with the battle, if you don't want to participate in this particular storyline, you don't have to.

Anyways, 'good' players at Saware should finish whatever they're in the middle of and then leave the area. 'Evil' players should also finish up whatever they're in the middle of, but they don't have to leave the area. They're the winners, after all.

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Rain watched from her safe spot as Mekratrimon managed to win the battle. Rain felt extreamly happy. Sure her and Endigmon had hardly anything to do with the battle, only taking a few good newbies out but she still felt good that the evil had won.

In all the excitement she lost track of Endigomon and as she looked out over the battlefield she was good players fleeing but out of the few Endigomon out there she couldnt tell which was hers. She glanced at her device and a small blip showed its location but it wasnt moving nor did she see that familiar digimon sheh ad grown so used to seeing.

"Damnit all... I know you are not dead since i havnt been logged out yet so where are you..." She grummbled to herself.

Suddenly she saw the blip move but no endigomon in that area so she knew her partner was now lopmon again but lopmon couldnt move that fast. Soon however she figured out what had caused the burst of speed. Ogremon had appeared and leaped up to Rain. He landed with a loud thud and stood over her with a pink a brown fuzzy, and tired, lopmon in his arms.

Rain took her friend from Ogermon and smiled, "Thank you Ogremon, for bringing her back. Uh is there anything I can do to you know... thank you for making sure she returned to me safely?"

Ogremon tapped a large foot for a moment as he leaned on his large bone club weapon. "Nothing really" He said in his deep growly voice, "Though I wouldnt mind you letting me tag along for a while."

"But...Why? I have not done anything for you to give one reason to want to join me."

Ogremon smiled which looked more like baring his teeth than a smile but rain could tell, "So you... Refuse?"

Rain suddenly shook herh ead and stepped back, "No no of course not. If you would like to acompany me I have no problem with that."

"I too would like to know why you want to join us..." Lopmon said with an enthusiastic smile. She was sitting on Rain's head now and looked rather happy there.

Ogremon nodded, "Well I just happen to like the way you two work thats all. I figure letting me tag along is your way of doing something for me..."


"I will be able to learn a lot from you, that is good enough reason as any in my book."

Lopmon giggled, "However short that book might be..."

Ogremon picked up his club and stomped the ground which ALMOST knocked rain to the ground, "Hey what is that supposed to mean..." He paused and thought about it and then laughed, "Yeah, I suppose you are right. Some battle..." He looked over to Mekratrimon who seemed to be soaking in the victory.

"Some battle? That was downright awesome. I cant wait till Lopmon can get to ultimate. It shouldnt be long now. Then maybe we can really of some use! Im tired of being grouped in the weaker sections of battles like this."

Lopmon nodded silently in agreement. She was rather looking forward to evolving to the next level as well. Ogremon picked Rain up so both lopmon and rain were in his large green arms. He turned to the groups of evil digimon that stuck around and he walked on into it with his new friends. Rain smiled. She was glad they had won. One of her first major events... she didnt want to lose it, after all that would have been a let down, but the evil players victory was a mood lifter. She wondered what was next for them.

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It was chaos. Utter and complete chaos. Eiffel hated chaos. busy as the gang were to lose Kalika, they had split in two. As luck would have it, Eiffel was stuck with Gabumon. Towing the rookie by the hand behind him, the player dashed madly between the fighting ultimates and mega, trying to avoid being stomped or hit by a stray attack at the same time. When he stopped for a few seconds, Kalika was nowhere in sight. Gabumon cheered loudly, earning himself a twap from the human.

"That probably means she's after Patamon and Guilmon," he panted.

Gabumon gave the surrounding battlefield a worried glance. A black grid formed on the ground.

"Aaah... Eiffel? I think we'd better move it," the digimon commented.

Eiffel looked up to see the grip shape itself up, surrounding the good digimon and attempting to trap the both of them alongside a Panjamon. The grid began to close rapidly, and they could barely slip out before it enclosed the ultimate completely. A few seconds after, a massive attack hit the ice-based digimon, forcing Eiffel and Gabumon to run away again as the battlefield cleared itself slowly. A Phantomon began chasing them, forcing Eiffel to curse loudly at his luck.

[i]Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire...[/I]

Guilmon and Patamon were not having much more luck. Between dodging stray attacks and not getting crushed by the stomping of incautious massive digimon, they did not have much attention left to avoid being spotted by Kalika. Just when the pair was pretty sure they'd managed to lose her, the fighter scattered themselves as a powerful attack ensnared many amongst the forces of good. Devidramon dove at them two rookies.

The attack was predictable and the dragon digimon's Crimson Nail hit the ground, sending dirt everywhere. Guilmon and Patamon took advantage of the momentary distraction to launch their attack, hitting Kalika's ally in the face. Devidramon clawed at its head in pain, almost throwing the player and her partner to the ground and allowing the two to slip away.

"Oy! Guilmon! Patamon!" a familiar voice carried over to them.

Guilmon and Patamon looked over in joy as Eiffel came down running in their direction. Their smile quickly mutated in a look of panic when they noticed the Phantomon attacking in their direction.

"There you are, Eiffel!" Kalika's voice interrupted.

[i]Why me?[/I] Eiffel wondered to himself as Devidramon into position.

Unfortunately for him, Labramon and Kalika, that put them straight in Phantomon's path. The ultimate couldn't change its course fast enough and collided into the champion's back.

"Why you wench, get out of my way!" he yelled at the woman.

"He is mine!" she yelled back.

She glanced back to the ground and curse loudly. Eiffel and his infernal trio had disappeared again.

The quartet slunk into the forest, wheezing. Eiffel slumped his hands on his knees and stopped to catch his breath.

"I've had my share of running for today," he managed.

"Me too," Guilmon agreed.

"Me three," Gabumon added.

"Pansies," Patamon taunted them.

He was advantaged by the possibility for him to glide, and liked to tease his fellow digimon about it from times to times. Guilmon growled at the Eiffel's partner. Eiffel turned around to see Mekratrimon dominating the battlefield and the forces of good slowly repelled toward the forest. He shook his head.

"Let's move it guys. I hate to say that, but this battle is lost."

"Really? So soon?" Gabumon whined.

The three others glared at him.

[i]Some things never changes,[/I] Eiffel though as he grabbed the rookie by his horn and dragged him away. He did not get to ponder on this too much as they stumbled on a smaller battle. It seemed that a secondary tunnel opened in the side of the mountain, and that a group of less-experienced players had tried to enter in the dark lair that way. Unfortunately, a Devimon was now tearing through their digimon, having trapped everyone in some sort of dark energy field. Eiffel frowned. He hated bullies.

"Hey Patamon, I've still got a healing tablet. Think you can go for another round?" he asked.

Patamon nodded enthusiastically, just as his tamer had expected. Neither of them wanted this day to conclude on such a bitter note.

An Elecmon cried out in pain at is was shredded by Devimon's Death Claw. It exploded into data and the Champion smirked at the other digimon.

"Now, who is going to be next?" it asked, revelling in the look of fear on his opponents' faces.

"How about 'nobody'?" a confident voice answered.

Devimon looked around with a look of fury on his face.

"Who dares!?" he yelled.

A fireball crashed into him from above. It easily ripped through the demon's energy field and sent him to the ground.

"I do," Piddomon answered.

Eiffel grinned at his partner's antic. Patamon had a flair for the dramatic. The human shrugged, figuring he might as well play along. He walked up to the still petrified players.

"Get out of here. You should never hang around after a lost battle."

He pointed over his shoulder at the Mekratrimon-dominated battlefield. Those who still had befriended digimon gathered them and got away while Piddomon and Devimon clashed. Eiffel's partner was driven back by Devimon's Razor Wind and the player gritted his teeth. He had stupidly underestimated the wild digimon. It had to be strong to create and maintain that force field. It was his luck that Piddomon's being an angel gave him an edge in this battle. Devimon attack and racked his claw in his opponent's side. Piddomon responded by hitting him clear across the head and following up with an Apollo Tornado. Devimon was hit directly and deleted. Piddomon flew to land next to Eiffel.

"That was harder than I expect," he said.

His partner was about to answer, but was interrupted by a slow clapping. Eiffel looked over to see a familiar face.

"Very nice, very nice, Eiffel," JJ applauded.

"What do you want?" Eiffel asked tiredly.

"Just wanted to comment that you should follow your own advice," the other man said.

Eiffel stared back, puzzled. JJ rubbed his chin mockingly.

"What did you told me the first time we came here?" he asked to himself. "Oh right, 'Never get in fights for the sake of others.'"

Eiffel glared at his friend and began to turn around when Piddomon, who had let his guard down, was hit by an electric attack.

"Gotcha," JJ said calmly.

Piddomon turned to face the Tentomon responsible for the attack. From the corner of his, Eiffel caught JJ grinning.

[i]Oh no...[/I]

"Battle Rod Break!"

JJ's partner attacked from the undergrowth, hitting Piddomon right in the wound left by Devimon's earlier attack. Piddomon was weak, he was wounded, he had no chance. He devolved to Patamon, releasing a string of data that Ginryumon absorbed.

"You bastard!" Eiffel growled at his friend.

"I thought you'd learned your lesson by now," JJ retorted, unfazed. "I am [i]not[/I] a nice guy in there."

Eiffel did not answer and went to get his partner.

"Oh, and by the way, you might want to get away before the chase starts," JJ continued.

Eiffel looked over his shoulder.

"The chase?" Eiffel looked over his shoulder.

"There won't be any wild or good vaccine left around when it's done. You might want to keep an eye on your new friends," he chortled,turning around.

"I'm not exactly proud of it either, if you want to know!" Eiffel called after the other man.

He sighed and dropped his head.

"Let's go, guys," he motioned with his hand.

Then he frowned.

"Where did Gabumon go again?" he asked.

Guilmon pointed at the forest without a word. Eiffel palmed his forehead. He had offended the digimon.

"Oh great..."

Edited as requested. Sorry 'bout that.

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OOC: Okay, no 'dark field'. Please edit that part out of your post, Circeus.


[color=indigo]Kiva, Vaxla, their Digimon, and the wild Phoenixmon traveled as a group to Serenity City. The Digimon landed, and Kiva and Vaxla jumped to the ground, their Digimon returning to their Rookie forms of Hawkmon and Biyomon.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Well," Kiva said, "even though our side lost, that was fun."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Indeed," Vaxla agreed. "It was quite enjoyable, wasn't it? I mena, so what if our side lost? I think you and I did quite well. Besides, it wouldn't be any fun if our side lost every time, now, would it?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "True. But it's not like this is over. The 'bad guys' may have won the battle for Saware, but this isn't over. Saware is certainly not Mekratrimon's final objective. She's up to something. The next task is to find out what. And we don't need a large force to accomplish that. Brute force won't get us much information. We'll need to take a more covert approach. You know, espionage."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Sounds like fun," Vaxla replied. "That'll have to wait, though," she continued, looking at her Digivice's clock. "Right now, I have to go. Hopefully I'll see you tomorow, Kiva."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Vaxla selected the 'log off' option on her Digivice. After confirming that she wanted to log off, her status was saved to her Digivice, and then she was gone.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva looked at the clock on her own Digivice. "I should be going, too," she told her Digimon. She turned to face the wild Phoenixmon. "But before I do that, I'd like you ask you something, Phoenixmon. I was wondering-"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"If I'd be willing to accompany you," Phoenixmon finished for Kiva. "I was wondering when you'd ask me about that. And I knew you would, even though I've declined every time you've asked me in the past. Youdon't give up easily, which I suppose is actually a good thing. Besides, things are a bit differend now. You did save my life, after all. So this time my answer is yes. I will accompany you from now on."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"And it's good to have you, Phoenixmon," Kiva said. "Of course, you won't be doing much right now, as I kind of need to get home. I'll be back tomorrow, though, and then we'll have some fun."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva selected the 'log off' option on her Digivice and confirmed that she wanted to log off. After her status, including the newly-befriended Phoenixmon, was saved, Kiva experienced a brief moment of disorientation, [/color]after which she was back in reality.

Kiva climbed out of her VR unit and walked out of the Electronic Worlds facility, waving to Alexa and a few of the other employees as she did. Kiva would indeed be back tomorow, though not man y of her co-workers would. Tomorrow was Saturday, and the staff for Saturday and Sunday, especially in Kiva's area, was mostly made up of part-time employees, high school and colledge students who wanted to make some money. Their presence meant that full-time employees like Kiva could have the weekends off. Sure, there were no part-time employess involved in programming, maintainance, or security, so those people had to rotate off days, but the rest of the employees, such as Kiva, got the weekends off, so they weren't in the facility. Kiva, though, would most definitely be there, as she was a [i]Digimon[/i] player. She'd come, and she knew that no matter what she ended up doing in the game, she'd have quite a bit of fun.


OOC: Okay, everyone, when you post next, please end your post with your characters logging off. You don't have to go into any detail about what they do next. Heck, I'm fine with you just saying that your character logged off and went home, just as long as you mention the logging off. And don't worry, there won't be any lengthly out-of-game stuff. We're just logging out so we can go home for the evening. You know, eat, sleep, that sort of thing. It's for realism purposes. After logging out, you can begin the post after that with something as simple as, "After logging back in to [i]Digimon[/i] the next day".

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[B]OOC:[/B] So sorry that I haven't posted in a long time. No inspiration as of late.

[COLOR=Navy]Sakura saw the rest of the army fleeing around her as they were dispersed. She clenched her fist and frowned, calling to Magnamon to finish the battle. He nodded and let out a Magna Blast, knocking the evil digimon unconscious, with the trainer standing above it glaring angrily.

[B]"Let's go guys."[/B] Sakura turned and ran toward where she had entered from.

Seraphimon flew up from behind her and wrapped his arms around her torso, lifting her into the air and the four of them headed back toward Serenity City.

[B]"I enjoyed that."[/B] Magnamon commented as he flew up beside her.

Sakura smiled, [B]"Yeah, it was fun. Renamon and I used to go to every event, it was fantastic..."[/B] she realised she had brought up Renamon again and looked down. [B]"I'm sorry to talk about her again, I just have to accept.....she's gone..."[/B]

[B]"Don't be sorry. You were partners with her for years, it's completely ok for you to mourn her deletion."[/B]

Sakura nodded and smiled and looked straight ahead as they flew through the sky. Soon she saw Serenity City come into view and they soared overhead, touching down in the Mission area, and Magnamon reverted to Veemon.

Sakura heard the alarm on her digivice go off. She pulled it from her belt and turned the beeping off, glancing at the time.

[B]"I have to go."[/B] the angels nodded but Veemon looked at her with a puzzled face. [B]"Uh, I have to go home and eat, rest, sleep, and all that stuff."[/B]

[B]"I see."[/B] he nodded.

[B]"Don't worry, nothing will happen to you while I'm gone. See you soon."[/B] Sakura smiled and selected log off in her digivice. The status of her and her digimon saved as she disappeared from the digital world.[/COLOR]

Sakura opened her eyes and pulled herself out of the VR unit. She noticed that there were dirty tracks on her cheeks from crying and went to the bathroom, washing her face and drying it. She fixed her hair after lying down for hours in the unit and left the place when she was satisfied with her appearance.

Sakura tucked her hands into her pockets and grasped her digivice in her right pocket, biting her lip as she thought of her foxy friend yet again. She sniffed hard to keep the oncoming tears back and lifted her chin, deciding that she wouldn't let the past bring her down anymore. She walked home the rest of the way and got her mind off it by turning on some music and grabbing a snack.

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Rain sat in ogremon's arms as he travled through the different evil players and wild evil digimon who were still enjoying their win. Rain however was beggining to feel a bit foggy and didnt feel all to excited anymore. She checked the clock and realized why. It was very late.

She yawned and looked at lopmon, "I will be logging out soon. Ogremon can you please get us somewhere a little more quite, such as a forest or something. Some kind of tree cover, and perhaps a secluded camping like spot."

Ogremon paused, "Sure boss"

Rain frowned,"Just call me Rain."

"Alright Boss Rain...I uh mean Uh Rain."

After a few minutes of large jumps and moving out of the way Ogremon had settled down in a small group of trees near some large boulders. The trees gave good cover and the boulders gave her a deeper sense of security. Yes this was now an area under evil's control but she did not want to take any chances.

She went about the normal log out procedure and said goodbye to her digimon for a while. She yawned just as she started to feel strange and then [i][color=green]suddenly she was back in the vr unit.[/color][/i]
[i][color=green]She stretched and stepped out. She fele tired and exxited the room. Soon she was out of the building and well on her way home. She sighed at its looks. A small plain place that did not see much activity of any kind. This was because she was either at work or in digimon, she figured that would be the schedual from now on anyways. She was slightly new at digimon but she was getting a quick hang on it. Neeless to say her new home wasnt really a home. It was more like a place to sleep at night and eat when she needed to. Other than that she didnt need much.[/color][/i]
[i][color=#008000]ooc: Sorry the green was supposed to be my normal font color... (for in game stuff) but i kinda forgot so ill switch it back when i "log back in"[/color][/i]

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[Color=DarkBlue]JJ felt no regret as he, Tentomon and Ryuudamon walked out of the passage, having let Eiffel hightail it out of the area before they moved. As the digital sunlight slowly faded from sight, JJ sighed and whipped out his Digivice. He clicked over to the message system and was about to send a message to Angel, when he remembered her words.

He shook his head and instead clicked to the travel section, needing to get Tentomon back to the shadows so JJ could get his reward.

?So guys, ready to head back to the Square?? JJ asked the two.

?I?m good to go.? Tentomon responded.

?Hit it.? Ryuudamon remarked.

JJ clicked the button and everyone felt the rush of transportation. Seconds later, they all stood in the middle of the busy market once more, all looking worse for the wear. JJ strutted over to the shadows that all seemed deep in conversation.

JJ cleared his throat and all three of them whipped around and looked at him.

?Yes? What do you want?? The one on the far right asked.

?I brought the package.? JJ answered, smirking.

?Ah, good. Tentomon, come here now.? The shadow commanded.

Tentomon looked at the shadow, looked back at JJ, then at Ryuudamon. ?Do I have to??

JJ faltered for a second. This was a very awkward position and JJ was not sure he wanted to answer the question. He looked at the shadow and back at Tentomon. The little guy had grew on him lately, despite the circumstances, he had actually helped a lot and JJ was not so sure he wanted to get rid of the digimon just yet.

?Look, whatever you are? can I keep him and still get my reward?? JJ questioned, sheepishly.

?Sure, but don?t expect me to do this often and don?t you even think about spreading any kind of rumors. I swear, you?ll never get another quest from us ever again.? The shadow answered.

?Thank you. So, Tentomon, I guess you?ll be joining us then?? JJ asked.

Tentomon nodded and JJ?s digivice beeped. He pulled it out and clicked on the flashing icon. Now, instead of just showing Ryuudamon?s information, JJ could also see Tentomon?s. He almost broke out in a smile, but instead chose not to as the shadow spoke to him. ?I almost forgot. A certain digimon is looking to talk to you about something. He said to meet him in the tavern here in the market around the corner. He said he had a proposition that might interest you. I?d suggest you head over there.?

?My reward?? JJ started.

?Here ya are. 2 Water Element Slabs, an Earth Barrier and a Fire Sword upgrade. Happy now?? The shadow responded.

?As always.?

With that, JJ and his now band of digimon headed to the tavern dodging the various people as they walked by. They arrived without much trouble and walked over to the bartender, a Starmon.

?Where?s the backroom?? JJ questioned.

?In the back, you idiot.? Starmon responded.

?Don?t you freaking pick fight with me damnit. I?m just asking out of courtesy.? JJ growled.

?God, just get back there before I call the police, ungrateful little..? Starmon muttered.

JJ and the digis strutted into the room and the door slammed shut behind them. Tentomon jumped, scaring JJ. Darkness had surrounded the group, but a single candle flickered on as all three of them stood there tensely. ?Welcome.?

JJ turned around, trying to identify the voice, but it was too dark to make out anything. JJ hoped the voice spoke again, for his fear was starting to rise.

?JJ, I presume?? The voice questioned.

?Y-y-yes..? JJ stuttered.

?No need to be scared my friend. I am Ancient Wisemon and I have been watching you all through your career. Your actions especially those during the event have impressed me immensely. I have also heard of your search for a Mega partner and I am here to make an offer to you. If you can defeat one of my biggest rivals, I will join your team. Does this sound fair to you?? Ancient Wisemon explained.

?Sure, but what kind of rival are we talking about here?? JJ questioned.

?A Seraphimon, that befriended itself to a player. He and I have some unfinished business and I want to finish it before I go off with someone.? Ancient Wisemon told JJ.

?A Mega Level that?s probably with some good player that also has a Mega Level digimon partner?? JJ started.

?Yes, but I believe you can do it. I saw your adept handling of Ginryuudamon against that Pajiriamon and I think you can do it.? Ancient Wisemon responded.

?After we?re done, where do I find you?? JJ questioned.


?I?ll be off then.? JJ announced, opening the door.

Ancient Wisemon grunted and JJ shut the door. Now JJ had something to keep him occupied for a while. He pulled out his digivice once more and looked at the clock. ?Oh shit, no more time tonight.?

?Hmm?? Ryuudamon asked

?It?s late guys, I gotta head out.? JJ responded, clicking around on his digivice.

?Oh, right then.? Tentomon muttered.

?What?s your deal?? JJ questioned.

?Nothing, nothing. You?d better log out soon.? Tentomon replied.

?Right then, good night guys.? JJ called as he clicked log out.[/color]

JJ awoke in the VR Terminal and yawned. It really was later than he wanted to stay, but getting his reward was more than important than sleep. Tomorrow was Saturday anyway, so he could sleep in. He exited the room and went to the front desk to see if Micheal had logged out yet or not. He had not, so JJ sat down in the front lobby and waited for his friend.

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[color=blue][/color][font=Arial][size=1][color=blue]Zelex, Guilmon, and Gatomon had just entered the temple. Glancing down at his watch, which represented real world time, he frowned.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#0000ff]"Hey guys, I gotta go." Zelex said.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#0000ff]"Where to?" Guilmon asked, puzzled.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#0000ff]"Home. I'll be back tomorrow, okay? You guys stay here, okay?"[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1][color=#0000ff]WIth that, Zelex tapped a button on the side of his Digivice, logging him out.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1]Matthew awoke from the machine induced 'sleep' and stepped out. Stretching some, he exited the room and the building, and as he did, he spotted a fairly good looking women ahead of him. As she reached the sidewalk, she turned in the opposite direction from which Matthew would be going,[/size][/font]
[font=Arial][size=1]"I wonder who she was..."[/size][/font]

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[size=1][color=#CD6619]All around, the sounds of battle began to die down as the good players began to search for an escape route. Above the sounds of Mektratrimon?s roar had indicated that the battle in Saware had ended finally and evil had won and looking around Angel saw Mika scurrying to run from her sight calling for her digimon as she did. With a deviant smirk creeping on her face, Angel couldn?t help but chuckle at the sight of a good player, who was once a friend to great players, run from her. From above, Dynasmon and RhodoKnightmon returned with a few scratches but overall nothing more.

[B]?It seems we?ve won the good- I mean... we?ve won the fight for now.?[/B] Angel watched as Dynasmon devolved to Wormmon and take his place on RhodoKnightmon?s shoulder. [B]?How was that dance with Justimon? It seems as though he [i]might[/i] have gotten stronger but with our performance, I don?t think either will be putting into any effort of battling us soon. Though, I was impressed by some of the others around this area, even if they are on the opposing team.?[/B] Chuckling to herself for a short while, she got on RhodoKnightmon?s back and decided it was time to shop, even though her two digimon had brought back several stolen goods.

Soon after leaving the cave, RhodoKnightmon began to skim the forest canopy but began to falter due to the extremities she had taken within the cave. This went on for a while until Angel found it dangerous for RhodoKnightmon to fly in a condition such as hers and so she tapped RhodoKnightmon on the shoulder and indicated for her to land. [B]?You could have told me that you were injured, even if I?m siding with evil, I still worry about my digimon friends.?[/B] Pulling up the list on her silver and black digivice, she scrolled down searching for a Healing Tablet and once found, she directed it to be used on RhodoKnightmon. It quickly took effect on her and she was healed; RhodoKnightmon thanked Angel who merely smiled and said they would walk but while looking at the clock on the digivice, she decided it was time for her to leave.

[b]?It seems it?s time for me to go. It was an interesting battle we?ve had, wasn?t it? I?ll see you two soon, don?t get into too much trouble while I?m gone.?[/B] Angel pressed the ?log off? button and was experienced the same short feeling of unconsciousness before[/color] she was released back to the real world. Stretching her arms out as the VR lid opened, Angel yawned as she stepped out and walked out of the room down the hall to gather the rest of her things.

While on the way to her office, she saw that Kara had left but left a note for her. Soon enough, Angelina walked towards the elevator and when it hit first floor, she walked out of the building, waving good-bye to the others around that remained. In her mind, she thought of what was to come tomorrow, though she was expected at many things tomorrow being the company representative and such, but still, [i]Digimon[/i] had become a great part of her life and she intended to keep it that way, no matter what.[/size]

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OOC: Okay, if you haven't logged off yet, just make a brief mention of it (you know, something like "...and logged off," followed by "After logging in the next day...". That's all you need to put).


When she arrived at the Electronic Worlds facility the next day, Kiva saw that the place was as busy as expected. It was always busy on weekends, as those were the days most people had off from school/work. but the weekend crouds had been anticipated when the facility was built, so it was capable of handling the number of people that showed up. The facility housed a good number of VR units. The units themselves actually didn't require much, just enough power to run, some basic software for whatever program the user was using, and a link to a sufficiently advanced computer server. Space was not a huge concern, which was why so many units could be installed in a single facility. True, this particular facility, as with most VR facilities, was quite large, but still, newcomers were often impressed by the number of VR units it contained.

Kiva checked in with the person at the front desk, a guy she hadn't seen before. Clearly a newer employee. He looked about eightteen, and according to his nametag, his name was Kyle.

"[i]Digimon[/i], eh?" Kyle said after Kiva'd requested a unit. "Sure, hold on a sec... there we go. You're in room F, unit 5. I hope you enjoy yourself."

"Oh, don't wory about that," Kiva said as she walked off. "I most certainly will."

Kiva slid herself into the VR unit and inserted her Digivice into the slot. A few seconds later, there was the familiar moment of disorientation, after which [color=indigo]Kiva was back int the world of [i]Digimon[/i]. She was, of course, in the exact same location she'd been at when she'd logged out the previous day. And her Digimon, including the Phoenixmon she' dbefriended at the end of her previous session, were right there with her. "Hello, everyone," she said. "Anything interesting happen while I was gone?"[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Not really," Hawkmon replied. "There were a few probing-type attacks against the Mekratrimon's forces at Saware. You know, attacks meant simply to test the enemy's defenses. And those defenses turned out to be as good as we'd thought. They don't have even coverage everywhere in Saware, of course, but they do have flyers for quick action wherever they're needed. And for observation purposes, too. With all the flyers they've got, sneaking into Saware would be next to impossible."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Well, that's fine, I think," Kiva said. "I'm starting to wonder how important Saware is in whatever Mekratrimon's plans are."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"I'd say pretty important," Phoenixmon put in, "given the force level she's maintaining there."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Well, that's what I was thinking, too," Kiva replied, "but then something hit me. Something that should have been completely obvious. Here, take a look."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva brought up the map display on her Digivice and zoomed in on a particular area of the map, the area in which Saware was located. The territory of the Daekos clan was also within the display. "Saware Valley is right here," she said, indicating the proper point, "within the Saware mountain range. That's where the battle took place, and until recently, I assumed that the place was important in whatever Mekratrimon's planning."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Over here," Kiva continued, indicating the Daekos territory on the map, "is the Daekos clan's territory. The Daekos clan is centered mainly in these three locations." She indicated the relevant locations on the map. "As you can see, you can draw a more or less straight path through them to Saware Valley. Now, if I extend the map to include the territories of nearby clans who also had large presences in Mekratrimon's army..." Kiva zoomed out so that the relevant areas were within the display. "...you can see that you could take one of several paths through some of these areas and wind up at Saware. This looks to me like a patern of advance, Mekratrimon moving forward through friendly territory and gathering troops as she goes."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Makes sense to me," Hawkmon told Kiva.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "Yes, it does. But you're forgetting one thing. Mekratrimon's lair is in Saware Valley. That's where she started, not where she's advanced to."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Then why did her army need to take the area?" Garudamon wondered.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"It didn't," Kiva replied. "It did look like her forces advanced into the valley and took control of the area, but think about it for a second. When the rumors of a forming 'evil' army were started, the army wasn't said by anyone to be anywhere close to Saware Valley. Mekratrimon's army didn't form in Saware, it moved there in response to the forming 'good' army. And the forces remaining in Saware are there to make sure the area isn't taken by another 'good' army. That, and perhaps to give the impression that the area is more important than it is."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"So," Phoenixmon said, "what you're saying is basically that we've been looking at this the wrong way. We've been assuming that Mekratrimon's forces were moving to Saware Valley, when in reality they were moving forward from Saware Valley and returned to Saware simply to defend it."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva nodded. "That's right. Now, if you look at this map here, you can see a number of potential paths formed by the locations of the clans with large presences in Mekratriomn's army. However, I think Mekratrimon was mainly looking to gather forces. Most of these paths are meaningless. Only one of the paths seems to lead anywhere significant, and that's this one right here," she said, indicating one that angled south away from the middle, 'straight' path.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"If you follow this path," Kiva continued, "you come to the forest city of Miskas. As you know, Miskas has always maintained neutrality. It's one of the few places where it doesn't matter if one's a 'good' of 'evil' Digimon. One can leve there regardless, and many of both varieties do, along with quite a few neutrral Digimon. The population of Miskas is, of course, composed of mainly plant Digimon. They consider themselves the protectors of the Arbora Forest, which the city lies in the middle of. There are plant Digimon protecting other forests, of course, but it's always seemed like there was something... unusual about Arbora."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Still," Hawkmon said, "'unusual' doesn't seem like enough to justify taking an army there."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"Perhaps Mekratrimon knows something about Arbora that we don't," Kiva replied. "But that doesn't really matter. What does matter is that Mekratrimon's most likely destination is the city of Miskas within Arbora Forest. So let's head there and see if we can learn anything."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]Kiva and Hawkmon climbed onto Phoenixmon's back. "Nice to be able to ride like this instead of being carried in Garudamon's hand," Hawkmon remarked.[/color]
[color=#4b0082]"I have to agree there," Kiva said. "Anyways, let's get going."[/color]
[color=#4b0082]P[/color][color=#4b0082]hoenixmon and Garudamon took off towards Arbora Forest and Miskas City, where Kiva hoped to learn something more about what Mekratrimon was up to.[/color]

OOC: Okay, if you want to show up at Miskas, feel free to do so. You don't have to if you don't want to, though.

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Rain got up early that morning and made it to the facility just before it got busy, She quickly signed in and went into her vr unit. She logged in and felt that odd sensation...

[color=darkgreen]When she opened her eyes and found herself staring at a large green hideous face. She smiled and saluted the Ogremon. He nodded in response and Lopmon flopped down from his head and landed in front of Rain.[/color]
[color=#006400]"Welcome back!" She cheerfully greeted. "I am feeling very good today."[/color]
[color=#006400]"So that means...?" Rain asked with a slight smile.[/color]
[color=#006400]"I have a feeling the Ultimate Level will reached very soon!" Lopmon replied taking her place on top of Rain's head.[/color]
[color=#006400]Ogremon scratched his head and looked around, "So uh Boss, What are we going to do today?"[/color]
[color=#006400]They stood in a wodded area near Saware valley and they were protected by trees and rocks. Rain didnt quite remember why she chose such a spot but it didnt matter, they would be moving along now anyways.[/color]
[color=#006400]"Well I was hoping to find something interesting to do. Something that envolves fights so we can achive Ultimate quicker. Any news while I was gone?"[/color]
[color=#006400]Ogremon shook his head, "Not really. I kinda uh.."[/color]
[color=#006400]"The big lug went to sleep moments after you left. Ican say for sure though that being where we are i couldnt pick up much. Thankfully I have abnormally large ears. I hear a certain virus digimon a few miles south has need for some.... help. Not entirely sure what it is but I heard an evil player who was just starting out tried and didnt fare so well. I, however, think we have what it takes to help him out."[/color]
[color=#006400]"Lopmon, what digimon is this?" Rain asked[/color]
[color=#006400]"A uh... Maybe we shouldnt..."[/color]
[color=#006400]"Which is it... Lopmon." Rain said sternly.[/color]
[color=#006400]"A Devimon."[/color]
[color=#006400]Rain shook her head, "Just because One Devimon was an ass doesnt mean they all are... well you know what I mean. Being an ass as an evil character doesnt exactly mean the same if your a good character. Meh whatever, lets go."[/color]

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Adam awoke with a startled look on his face. Another nightmare about Augumon, his digimon partner. He had been playing Digimon a week when his partner was deleted by a Dobermon. Adam still hasn't recovered from the ordeal. " It was another dream..." He looked at his Digivice on his dresser. " I guess i will have to go back sometime. But this time will be different. I have to be stronger." He got out of bed and grabbed his Digivice, put some clothes on and walked out of his apartment complex.

When Adam arrived at the VR Facility he entered the doors and saw that the woman that was there when he registered was not at the desk. The man behind the desk asked," How way I help you?" Adam replied, " I need a VR unit for Digimon, Please"

"Right. Your name is...?"

"My name is Adam Chastian. I came here last week."

The man look down at the computer, " Right. What do you want your new partner to be?"

Adam replied, "BlackAugumon and here is the evolution line" Handed the man a piece of paper.

"Right. Room 3 Unit 4. Have a nice day."

"Yeah you to."

Adam got to the specified room he opened the door and walked over to the unit he would be useing. He took a long deep breathe. "Here I go." He climbed in to the unit and laid down. He put his black digivice in to the slot." His consciousness was jerked from the world of reality and into the Virtal World known as Digimon.


Adam appeared in Serenity the place he and Augumon had first met. He looked aroung quickly looking for his new partner. He was nowhere in sight. He looked at his digivice and saw that BlackAugumon was in the forest. "The forest... that is where I lost Augumon. I can't lose him to." He ran towards the forest.
Adam had just entered in the forest where he had lost Augumon.

"Why does he have to appear here?" he asked him as
He was looking around when there was a russle in the bushes next to him. "Come on out." A black colored Augumon walked out of the bushes and made his way towards Adam. "I guess your my new partner." The Augumon didn't respond. "Can you talk?" He remained silent. "I guess not." said Adam. " I won't speak unless you wish me to Master." said BlackAugumon. "Master? You don't need to call me that."

"Yes, I do. For you are the one I serve. Loyally and unquestionably"

"I guess I can't stop you. I think I will call you Nega. What do you think?"

"What ever you wish... Master Deathsye."

"Then that's your name. I have to admit I do like being called Master. Come on Nega."


Adam and Nega start walking out of the woods when a Dobermon came running at them. "No. This is the same Dobermon that killed Augumon..." said Adam. The Dobermon closed in on them.

"I guess you didn't learn your lesson the last time boy." said the the Dobermon. "I have to do something..." Adam looked down and saw a sharp stick lying on the ground. He quickly picked it up.

"What do you expect that to do to us? I am a Champion level you can't beat me with a stick!" he said with a howl.

" I guess you don't see the point." said Adam. "Nega."

"Yes master. Pepper Breathe!" The attack just glanced off of the Dobermon. "That wont do anything. That's how your other partner died." Adam gripped the stick tightly nearly breaking it. "Nega! Time to Digivolve!" he yelled at the top of his voice. "Oh, I am really scared now." Said the Dobermon with a mocking tone. Then Nega evolved into BlackGreymon. "Nova Blast!" said Nega. A fireball welled up in Nega's mouth. Then, the fireball went flying towards the Dobermon. The dog digimon quickly dodged the attack and lunged at Nega, latching on to his arm. Nega roared in pain. He then threw the Dobermon off of his arm it bleeding a little. "Nova Blast! " The fireball launched at him again and again he dodged the attack.

Adam was looking at the battle worried. "This isn't good. Nega is too slow to hit the Dobermon." He quickly looked around at the surrounding tree until he saw there was a huge tree behind the Dobermon. "Nega! Aim for the tree!" Adam yelled. Nega looked at his master confused ,but he quickly knew what he was talking about.
"NOVA BLAST!" The attack went past the Dobermon and struck the tree making it fall. " Are you an idiot you missed!" yelled the Dobermon. "Oh, really look behind you." said Nega. He looked behind him and the tree was right on top of him. The tree fell with a huge crash on top of him. He was pinned under the tree heavyly damaged.

Adam walked over to the Dobermon and said, "This is for my friend." He stabbed the sharp end of the stick into the torso of the Dobermon. It exploded into data and Nega devolved and aborpted the data. "Master?" Adam didn't say anything. He hadn't known his master long ,but he knew as of right now not to push the issue.

Adam was silent for a longtime. Then Nega finally spoke up, "We need to get going Master. We have much to do." Adam looked at Nega with possessed looking eyes. Slowly he began laughing at the top of his lungs. " This is just the beginning... now this entire world will feel my pain." said Adam. "Master Adam..." "No. Call me Master Deathsye I like that name better. " Something had awoken inside Adam. Something that he has never felt. A unquenchable bloodlust. They they quickly exited the forest and headed towards Serenity.[/COLOR]


OCC- so how is it for my first post?

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Eiffel sighed and turned toward Guilmon.

"Think you can track him?"

Guilmon smirked.

"You doubt me?" he asked, running forward.

Eiffel and Patamon took after the sniffing lizard.

"Not for a second," the man said.

The forest slowly changed as they moved. As they moved deeper into Saware valley, it became darker. The air dampened and the shadows thickened until it seemed like they could not see beyond the next tree. The ground began to make light squelching under the trio's feet. When Eiffel looked down, he immediately noticed Gabumon's tracks. They were widely space and rather erratic. The rookie had obviously not been spending much attention as to where he was going, and had ended up tripping over several times. Eiffel bent over to collect a now familiar item: Gabumon's lost claw.

[i]Damn! Why do those things always happen to me?[/i] he thought.

Just then, Guilmon stopped to sniff more intently at the air. Eiffel looked at him.

"What now?"

"Caltrop plants," Guilmon answered.

Patamon shook his head with a dispirited expression. Eiffel could only stand there with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well, color me stupid," he announced. "What the heck are caltrop plants?"

Guilmon quickened his pace and Eiffel panted slightly as he himself tried to keep up. Patamon continued to hover next to his partner

"Carnivorous plants," the digimon explained. "They grow underground and they can open or close like pit holes."

"So if he get caught, we can't even [i]find[/i] him?" he exclaimed.

[i]I hate my life,[/i] he added for himself just as the gang reached a clearing.

It was an almost perfectly circular area covered with the tall fronds of ferns. From place to place a tall purplish flower rose through the plants. Eiffel was about to enter the glade, but froze upon hearing muffled screams.

"[i]Help! Anybody out there?[/i]"

"He's there! I can hear him!" Patamon said.

"How do we find him?" Eiffel asked. "If we get in there, we risk getting caught too."

Guilmon grabbed a rock the size of a football. He turned around and threw it in the clearing. Almost immediately, the ground split open, revealing a long pit lined with a thick-mucous covering. It was a brownish green in tint. From inside the pit a yell came. It was Gabumon's voice.

"Hey! Watch out with these things!"

Eiffel gave a short smile and shook his head. The player took out his Digivice and looked through his item list until he reached what he needed and summoned it. Eiffel handed his partner and Guilmon an end of the rope and had them tie it to a tree. He tied the other end to his waist and advanced cautiously to the edge of the caltrop plant's pit.

"Some help there please?" Gabumon's insisting voice rose. "I'm starting to slip."

Below, desperately clinging to a root that stuck from the wall, was the rookie. The bottom of the pit was filled with a yellow liquid, the nature of which Eiffel didn't ponder on. He looked around to check that the other two digimon were ready and started scaling down without a word. When Gabumon noticed him, he pointedly looked the other. Eiffel sighed and reached out with his hand.

"Come on, we're getting you out of this soup," he said.

"Go away," Gabumon flatly retorted.

Eiffel blinked and tried to hinge closer.

"Don't be like that, I promised..."

"GO [i]AWAY[/i]!" the lizard suddenly yelled.

He reached around with his right arm to try and push the human away. Fatal mistake. His already uncertain hold gave up. Gabumon, his fingers clawing at the air, fell down. Eiffel did not have the time to catch him or anything. With a gasp of surprise, Gabumon was swallowed by the unknown fluid and did not resurface. All the player could do was watch in shock as is charge vanished.

"Get me out!" he finally yelled.

He knew there was more panic in his voice than he'd have liked.

"Got 'im?" Guilmon yelled.

"Get. Me. OUT!" he yelled more urgently.

He did not hear the answering "Okay, okay!" over the deafening sound of his own breathing. He did not really notice it once he'd been pulled out of the pit. The digimon looked at him inquitively, but he just shook his head, incapable of words. Nobody spoke again until he logged off, once they had gotten away from Saware Valley.

[/COLOR]Eiffel found his friend waiting for him in the lobby. He barely gave Jakob a look before he grabbed his bike and walked out. The other man looked after him in bewilderment before jumping to his feet and following him.

"Hey Michel!" Jakob called. "What's going on?"

"I failed, Jakob, that's what's going," Michel calmly answered.

Jakob's eyes widened.

"Come on! I beat you, and so? I know you're going to get the crap out of us next time."

Michel rolled his eyes and gave out an exasperated sigh.

"T's not that. It's Gabumon."

"You mean that brat thing that was following you around?"

"Yeah, he got eaten by a Caltrop Plant."

Jakob couldn't help it. He guffawed. Michel quickened his pace, forcing the other man to run after him.

"That's rich.Oh really Michel, you know just how to choose your friends, don'tcha?"

"And you, what happened to that Tentomon of yours?"

Jakob looked away with a distinct blush.

"He's going to stick around for a while."

Michel repressed his laughter.

"Interesting. I thought you had bigger ambitions," he teased.

"Says the guy who got his charge killed," Jakob retorted.

Michel frowned.

"You got a point..." he sighed another. "See ya tomorrow? I'm probably going to be a bit late though. My bike met with a old wrench on the way in."

"Sure thing! Can't wait to see what,s in store!"[/SIZE]

Disclaimer: I don't like this post. It sounded so much better when I was thinking it out in my head :mad:

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[size=1]Watching the sunrise at early dawn, Angelina stretched her arms and legs and reclined into her deck chair. Once the sun had risen fully, she readied herself for the meetings with clients, staff, and etc.; Angelina grabbed her keys and walked out of her apartment building. She stopped by a small café and bought a cup of coffee, not for restlessness or tiredness but for the taste.

[center]+ + + + +[/center]

The meetings had ended and all paperwork was being filed away, marked, and such by the temporary secretary who took Kara?s place only for the week. With a smile, Angelina told the secretary to hold all calls and to schedule all meetings on Monday and the days after. She walked down the hall and into the lounge room, putting in her digivice and did the necessary things she had to do before settling herself into a VR unit. Once done, Angelina settled into the VR unit where her digivice was and closed her eyes, letting herself be drifted off as she had done the day before.

[color=#CD6619]The sounds of the small clearing indicated the place she was before; although, her digimon were nowhere to be found but from behind the brush came the sounds of Wormmon?s snoring and RhodoKnightmon?s training. Angel walked towards the sounds and found the two digimon doing what they always did: sleep and train. With a smile, Angel walked up to the two and greeted them, wanting to know what happened.

[B]?Other than the fact that Mekratrimon?s forces are still moving about and that the good had left, nothing since you left.?

?Disappointing, really.? [/B] Angel reached for her digivice and checked through to see what she may need and found that she was in need of several items. [B]?Oh, bother. It seems we?re nearly out of items, time to go to the market.?[/B]

Nodding, RhodoKnightmon allowed Angel and Wormmon onto her back and lifted them into the sky, taking flight above the canopies towards the Temple Shopping District. They reached the area soon and found themselves among a crowd of unruly shoppers and barters. Wormmon tried to eat anything the shopkeepers held up, but was quickly denied the choice, RhodoKnightmon, on the other hand, strode with such finesse and strength that they all had to turn heads to see who was walking down, and Angel kept walking with one sight on her eyes, a particular shop near the middle of the district rarely visited by customers because of its shady appearance.

The creak of the door echoed throughout the dimly lit shop. It seemed as though no one had been there for ages but Angel knew better than to doubt the shopkeepers and stood at the counter while RhodoKnightmon and Wormmon stood by her. The sound of shifting was heard behind the counter and Angel knew it to be the shopkeepers. The lights brightened and before the three were the shopkeepers with a new riddle for Angel.

[B]?If you can answer my brother?s riddle correctly,?

?We?ll give you what you came for??

?But are you ready??[/B] Angel merely smirked and cocked a brow. [B]?Then let us begin??

?I am the ruler of clowns,
I always smile, I do not frown,
I am a jack-of-all-trades,
I call my Girl Friday for aid.
Who am I??[/B]

Wormmon looked at the two shopkeepers with confusion but Angel leaned over with a smirk and replied, [B]?There can only be one clown who is a jack-of-all-trades and always smiles and does not frown, but when in aid he calls his Girl Friday; the clown you are speaking of is Piedmon.?[/B]

The two shopkeepers nodded to each other and the one who stood by while his brother told Angel the riddle went to the back and shuffled through some things before reentering the room with an elegant wooden box. [B]?Within this is what you?ll be looking for.?[/B] Angel reached to open it but the riddling shopkeeper held it shut. [B]?I warn you, though, this?[i]item[/i] is very powerful and should only be used when necessary. Take it with you.?

?I bid you farewell, shopkeepers. You?re always a big help in my quest.?[/B] Walking out, Angel held the box in her hands and was tempted to open it but became interrupted by the person in front of the tavern.

[B]OOC:[/B] Oh bleh, I really didn?t like this post. Que sera, sera, it?ll just have to suffice.[/size][/color]

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