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RPG Legend of Zelda:Return of the Mask[play]

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[I]Akira steps into Zora's Domain, only to see nothing[/I]

Akira:where is everyone? And what are these tiles on the floor for?

Sean:A Wizrobe must control the Zora's Domain now...

[I]A Wizrobe pops out of the ground, and shoots lava at Akira and Sean[/I]

Akira:Sean, shoot it!

Sean:On it!*puts a arrow in his bow, and hits the Wizrobe*

Akira:Good, but not enough!*charges up his sword, and spins around, casting fire out in a circle*

Wizrobe:I'll be back!

[I]A door opens where the Zora's Kings throne room was[/I]

Akira:Should we go?

Sean:Yes we should*relodes bow*
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[color=indigo][I]Drake is in his blacksmith shop, working on a new sword.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) This one is coming along nicely...

[I]Suddenly, a man bursts into the shop.[/I]

Man: We just got a message from the Zoras! They're under attack!!!

Drake: ******!!! How bad is it?

Man: Bad! Devil Ganon's forces are overwhelming Zora's Domain! We're sending some soldiers to help!

[I]He puts down the sword that he was working on and grabs his Tempered Sword and Red Shield.[/I]

Drake: I'll be with them!

[I]He puts on his cloak and stows a small bottle of Red Potion underneath it.[/I]

Drake: When are they leaving?

Man: Right now!

Drake: I'm on my way!

[I]He runs out of his shop and mounts his horse. Galloping towards the exit to the village, he sees a small group of soldiers heading for Zora's Domain.[/I]

Drake: Is this all!?

Soldier: This is all the people who would come.

[I]Drake counts eight other men besides himself.[/I]

Drake: Nine people aren't going to do much good, but I'm not going to stand by while the Zoras are being slaughtered!!!

[I]They gallop down the side of the river towards Zora's Domain...[/I][/color]
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Akira:*sighs*Where is the King?

Sean:They didn't actually get him to move, did they?

Zira:Not without a struggle*points to trail of blood leading to Jabu-Jabu's shrine*

[I]The three enter the Shrine, and see the Zora King's corpse on the floor, beside him is Princess Ruto.[/I]

Akira:They killed a Sage. Whatever is here must be hella-strong.

Zira:Stop saying that!

[I]They hear screams coming from the Great fairy's Fountain[/I]

Akira:Lets go!
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*Kool is a young sorceress in a small village. She soon also gets word from villagers that the Zora village is being attacked and is now trying to stop Link's decendant, Akira. (um, you did say that in the sign-up, right?)

Kool-Wha?! NO!!!!! This can NOT be good! *Kool runs out of the village. She then winds up by the coast. (it's a good thing the village is nearby.) Kool uses some of her magic on herself. a few gills sprout on her neck.She can now breathe underwater and on land. Kool dives in and makes her way to the Zora village. It wasn't hard for her to find the way. She just followed the trail of blood that was now spreading over the ocean. She goes into Jabu-Jabu's shrine. A wizrobe appears.*

wizrobe-I was beaten up by a few kids earlier, so I'll get my revenge by taking care of you!

Kool-Don't hold your breathe! *Kool takes out her sword and kills him entirely. In no time at all she caught up w/Sean and Akira.*
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Craig rides upto Lake Hylia on his horse, Necron. He notices blood streaming from the portal.

Craig: What the....... stay here Necron.

Craig stands up on Necron, and dives into the water, then into the portal. He swims swiftly too the shore, and draws the Biggoron sword. He notices some muddy footprints on the ground.

Craig: These tracks, they belong to Sean....... and someone else... I don't know who.

Craig swiftly starts following the tracks.
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[color=indigo][size=1]OOC: I take it we're using the map from Ocarina of Time?[/size]

[I]Drake and the soldiers ride up along the river until they come to the entrance to Zora's Domain. They dismount their horses.[/I]

Soldier 1: Lets be careful... We don't know what exactly is in there.....

[I]Sunddenly, a Flare Dancer appears infront of the entrance.[/I]

Flare Dancer: Are you here to help the Zoras?

Soldier 2: YES! Now step aside, or die!

Flare Dancer: HAH! Pitiful!

[I]The Flare Dancer shoots a giant fireball at the group. Drake manages to jump away, but the soldiers wheren't quick enough. Their charred bones lying on the ground.[/I]

Drake: Heheheheh...

Flare Dancer: Do you find their deaths amusing?

Drake: Fire...

[I]The Flare Dancer launches another fireball at Drake. He raises his Red Shield and deflects the fireball.[/I]

Flare Dancer: WHA!?!?!

[I]Drake stabs the Flare Dancer with his Tempered Sword.[/I]

Flare Dancer: NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!

[I]The Flare Dancer fades away, as it's absorbed by Drake's sword. His sword is now glowing, even brighter red than before.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) Devil Ganon will pay for this...

[I]He glances down at the bones of the soldiers.[/I]

Drake: ...With his life...

[I]Drake walks into Zora's Domain, alert for any attacks.[/I][/color]
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Matt dives into Zora's Domain from lake Hylia where he was fishing from a distance. He looks around to find no one. Nothing. He makes his way very quickly to his old friend, King Zora. Matt follows the blood to where the others are staring at the fairy fountain. Matt stares at the cave breathing heavily with anger.

Akira: Good, we need all the help we can get.

Sean: Let's go, Zira's in there now!

Matt: Devil Ganon will pay, for the Zoras!
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[color=indigo][I]Drake walks into Zora's Domain.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) I'm too late.....

[I]He looks around at all the bodies.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) The king!

[I]He runs to Jabu Jabu's shrine, and sees the king's and Princess Ruto's corpse.[/I]

Drake: No...

[I]He looks around and sees some people standing by the entrance to the Great Fairy's Fountain.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) So others came too...

[I]He walks around the edge of the pool and approaches the people.[/I]

Drake: I am Drake. If you are of Devil Ganon's army, prepare to fight! If you are friends, you have nothing to fear from me.

Craig: Huh?

Akira: Um....he can see us!

Devil Ganon: You will all die now!

Drake: That voice.....[/color]
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