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RPG I'm startin a war!


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I'm startin a war in the otaku!You can be on my Side or you can make yer own army.Just post stuff like this.

Name:FF crew
Weapons:Swords,guns,Shields etc.
Basically i have all the FF vehicles and Weapons.I have Cloud,Squall,Zidane right now.
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Charatcer: (look at sig)
Weapons/Powers: A black staff called Mystic Staff that is 2' long but can extend to 5' long, He carries this in a sheth on the outside of right leg, a caster gun(OLS). Flying, Instant Transmission,SSJ,SSJ2,Masenko(stronger than a Kamehameha), Kamhameha, Final Justice (In ready stance says "Final" while extnding hands out and together (like when releasing the Kamehameha) says "Justice" and then three small neon green "Lasers" circle each other till it hits the target, is "heat seeking"), and regular small blasts.

Only me (Gohu) and Lady Saiya-Jin (Gotina) are in this group
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Name:Gotina (Gohu's sister)
Sex: Female
Bio: After her father is killed at age 19, her good nature is turned into one of hatred and vengeance. Not knowing she is a descendent of Gohan,or even less a Saiyan..she has reached SSJ2 with her brother, Gohu, who at a young age harnessed this power like his sister.She is driven by her anger of not being there to help her father. Gotina and her brother have turned into ruthless bounty hunters/mercenaries for sport and money. They travel around the galaxy looking to avenge their father's death,carrying out contract killings and shipping illegal cargo on their father's ship. The ship's name is "REVENGE".Gotina and her brother have returned to earth to bring an illegal cargo, and hence meet the new Z fighters and discover who they really are.
Weapons/Power:Gotina is beautiful, yet deadly. She carries a sword called "Silver Death", that can cut through anything and a caster gun ala Outlaw Star. She can do all the same moves as her brother (Kamehameha,Masenko,Instant Trans..etc..)She can fly and is super fast. Her special move is "Dragon Fire" a ball of energy that resembles a massive fireball and is hard to block or hold because of the temp.If powered enough, it can destroy a planet.Gotina extends her arms up similar to the Spirit bomb..and as she powers up she repeats Dragon fire..

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We need something to start a war with...I know!


[COLOR=red]Vivi runs along to ask Safer Cloud a question about Wars, but trips up (As usual) And knocks over someone, and that someone, because Vivi is on the floor, doesn't see him, and thinks it was someone else, so the guy punches the person next to him, then those two start fighting, then Vivi casts Fire to stop them both, but misses, and hits someone else, and everyone starts fighting and stuff![/COLOR]
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I"ll join but my character is my own except for the name.

Name: ~Mystical Pan~


Powers: Manipulation of Ki energy, the four elementals, and any natural resource. Healing powers (to some extent only) I'm able to fly, teleport, and materialize mystical weapons.

Transformation: able to transform into any of the four elementals and it a more powerful being(like SSJ but way cooler).

Main Weapon: Silver Celestial Staff (helps her enhance her powers)

Background: Unknown
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