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Art GameRef - Game Magazine Cover

Hittokiri Zero

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Ugh i've been working on this for a while, it's basically an online game magazine I plan on releasing on a bi-monthly basis in .pdf format. Some of the text is still just filler text and the "Pg.07" text and circle looks a little odd in my opinion but for the most part this image is complete.

Any comments or criticism are much appreciated.

[b]*Link Updated May 13th, 2006*[/b]
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O_O Wow... that's pretty damn good! *looks back at magazine covers I used to draw as a kid and cries* j/k anyway, I really like it. Can't wait to see what the mag looks like!


[size=1]Why do you think it's "pretty damn good?" You've offered no real criticism, and no explanation as to what makes this look "pretty damn good." Really, Hittokiri won't be able to use your comment to better himself, as it is relatively useless praise. Try incorperating specific elements you find to be pleasing and telll him.

[b]- Retribution[/b][/size][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I think you did an excellent job. The pictures, text and overall effects go nicely together. The only thing I see a problem with is some of the smaller text. It could be my screen, but the smallest text is a little hard to read. I can read it but I have to lean a little closer to the screen to properly see it. [/COLOR]
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[size=1]Good on the whole, but the boxes don't seem unified with one another. In short, the right side feels lacking. I would guess that is because Snake is standing in space, and there's no continuing background. I don't really feel like articulating my point, so just look at the example below:


See what I mean? The background sort of continues throughout, and the text is on top.

And as a sidenote, the "History Lesson" really, really confused me. I was reading "The past, present and of Final Fantasy," which really didn't make sense at all until I saw "future" underneath. Revise!

And you've really got a flare for this type of stuff, no?[/size]
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[b]Eh I updated the first post again with a new bg, larger text, and some other misc. adjustments.[/b]

@ Tical - Thank you for the compliment

@ Aaryanna - I'll work on blowing up the text or making it clearer since I got the same complaint on another board.

@ Retribution - Yeah =P just comment on the new version if you would be so kind.

I may change those squares with rounded edges to circles, but that'd basically require me to recreate/reposition the entire right side of the image :'x
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[size=1]It looks much, much better now. The only other complaint I have now is that the bottom left corner feels empty. Try filling it in with some extra text, right above the "20+ REVIEWS" but to the left of "ONE GRAND DEBUT WITH". The background could also be darkened a slight bit... it draws your attention a little too much.

But as it stands, it could definitely be a magazine cover for say, Nintendo Power if you changed the heading title. Very well done.[/size]
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Retri beat me to saying it, but the new background is so much better than the old one. It adds a different flavor to the whole image.

Aside from some grammatical criticism, the only other thing I would change is the position of the MGS character's hand. I don't like how it breaks up the logo; it makes the "GAM" and the "EREF" seem to be located on different levels--which would be fine if they were separate words (i.e. "GAME" and "REF"), but since they aren't, it's visually awkward.

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- All right i'll adjust the levels a bit and see how the background turns out.
- Dagger you are about the third person in the past 15 minutes who has complained about how Snake's hand cuts through the text :'x so i'll probably end up changing that...
- As for the somtimes odd grammar... I guess I should fix that :animestun. All the text was meant to be filler text but I guess I liked my filler text so much that I have already started to write articles about the random headlines I created :=P

Okee dokee i'll be sure to update the image again...


I'll update the first post later, but in the url above I added a slight "tint" to the "ref" text.

[b]edit: I updated the first post yet again ~ 3:38 p.m.

Also if anyone is interested in helping with the magazine just drop me a private message and wel'' talk :rolleyes: [/b]
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We had to Magazine covers for one class at school, then we had to do entire Magazines...

[INDENT]-Magazines [i]usually[/i] have barcodes on the front. I think most, if not all, gaming magazines have a barcode somewhere on the bottom. ...A price is usually on the barcode too.

-It's nice that you included the date, and issue number, but what about the volume number?

-You have a line of text on the bottom with information of what's inside. Usually something like this is done on the top of the cover so that it can be seen when placed in a magazine rack (usually the bottom half of a magazine is covered by the magazine infront of it).

-It might just be me but the second line of the Final Fantasy piece seems a little too long in comparison to the other lines.

-Now I'm being nitpicky... The descriptions for SSB and Halo3 are left aligned while the FFXIII description is right aligned. The result is the ">>>" preceding each description is aligned with the text for the first two, but indented for the last item.[/INDENT]

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Here is a quick updated version of the cover. I have to fix Snake's hand again so that it is behind the "E" but that should only take a few minutes.

I'm still debating as to whether or not to add a barcode (I don't know how relevant it would be), and i'm still tweaking the "Final Fantasy" / other game text.

I'm also thinking of removing all of the page numbers from the cover...
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