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RPG Lucky Devils [M-VLS]


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[SIZE=1]The sun shone down on Arcrith, but it only served to show how dreary the city really was. he small section towards the city?s center where the rich and the politicians lived was extravagant, but everything else was falling.

Soma walked into the plain stone house carrying several papers in her gloved hands. It looked the same as the other buildings in the outer city: worn, practically crumbling, and abandoned. Inside, however, they had managed to fix it up nicely. She went to the living room and plopped down on a beanbag chair next to Snake Eyes, who was lovingly cleaning her pistol Caldera.

?Didja have fun going out?? Snake Eyes asked.

?You could say that,? Soma smiled. ?Who is in the house right now??

The younger girl?s eyes glowed as she focused her power and replied, ?Everyone. Most of them are in their rooms, but Roll just came back. He?s??

?I?m right here,? Roll interjected as he came into the living room. He was smiling; Soma had never seen him without a smile. She briefly wondered whether he had been out ?having fun? again; he and Bust usually had more ?fun? than the other members. Not that Soma minded.

?Snake Eyes, would you mind getting the others in here? I would really appreciate it. And if they?re unhappy about it, tell them it?s my fault for getting them up.? Soma smiled fondly as Snake Eyes nodded and went to fetch the others. ?Lucky we?re all here.?

?Lucky is in our name,? Roll said. ?You don?t usually need all of us here. Did something happen??

Soma waited to answer until the other members of the household had joined them. A few of them looked disgruntled at having to get up, but they would not be mad for long. She spread out the ten pages she had been carrying. Each one held a portrait of a man or woman and a dollar amount. A [I]large[/I] dollar amount.

Soma explained, ?I received some information. In two days, one of the biggest mob bosses is having a party. I was hoping we could crash it together. It?ll be safer if we go in a group, and we can get several big payoffs at once. They are all wanted dead or alive, so no one has to hold their power back.? Soma knew that would please the more? intense Fate?s Children. ?Just try to cover your tracks at the end of the night.? Soma watched everyone choose a bounty head, hoping they would all be able to cooperate since they usually went on solo or two-person missions. ?Let?s watch each others backs, okay? We have two days to fool around. I?m going out.?

That said, she turned out of the living room and left the house. [I]Let?s see what else is on the streets,[/I] she thought.

OoC: Whew, lots of typing. O.o You can either follow Soma, stay at the house, or go somewhere on your own. Take a few posts to get to know each other since we have so many people. I thought I would let you make your own bounty to catch/kill, just because I don't want an argument about who gets who and who gets the kill. I might split us into groups for some parts, just so it?s easier to manage. xliquidousx, you can either meet up with everyone at the party, or you can go ahead and meet someone who is walking around.[/SIZE]
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Matthew had heard the beating at his door, "What do you want?" escaped his pale lips as he lay on the ground with a single black blanket spread over his body "Youre wanted in the Living room... Soma Requested" matthew thought for a minute and opened his eyes letting out a yawn "Yeah, i'll be out in a minute". Matthew stretched his arms his back has started hurting a irratating pain thumping and pulsating, he threw the black blanket off his body and anchored his weight up, his room was pitch black nothing really interesting just a white bed with it's blanket ripped off and a dream catcher pinned up above the bed.

He walked to the door and rubbed his fingers through his hair he could hear the voices of Soma, and roll getting the other "Devils" matthew peeked over the corner "What?" he noticed papers in soma's hand "Another bounty?" soma never really bothered unless it was, He walked over near the table and waited crossing his arms and leaning on the wall "Yeah" Soma replied she looked into the hall awaiting the others "Something big?" matthew insisted on asking.

Soma shook her head once more "Great".
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]"Exactly Dimes. I aint sure who is the one capturin' all my men, but I do know that I want 'em dead. And if there's anybody that can find out who's doing it, it's you." The Don sat back in his leather chair, bathing in the sunlight that that was flooding through the tenth-story window of his home. "And if you can do this -"

"Then I get my own place, right?" Dimes interrupted. "I don't just want money again. I want one of the exclusive villas that only you can provide me. You know, real fancy stuff." Dimes grinned in the darkness that filled the corner of the room. He stood up from the office chair that he had been occupying for over an hour and walked up to the Don.

The Don spoke calmly, Dimes's face in his, "Look, I'll see what I can do. But right now, you just need to concentrate on finding these scum." He was beginning to sweat.

Dimes frowned, stood up straight, and turned around. "Whatever Don. I'll be back soon enough," and with that he left, slamming the large oak door behind him. As Dimes walked out into the street and the sun drenched him in light, he decided he would enjoy himself for once. After all, the Don didn't exactly give him a direct assignment. He could begin looking for the bounty hunters anytime he wanted; money wasn't a problem for now. So he took a walk down the most crowded street he could find, hoping to run into something or someone interesting.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Bust put on her over coat and long pants outside of her room she had to wear these long clothes because of her power she sighed she hadnt gotten to kill anyone sinse she joined this team but she didnt complain she had [I]some[/I] fun atleast with Roll he was the only one she hadnt had fun with and killed something was differnt about him and she didnt have the gall to kill him but she did enjoy the fun she had with him
"Bust are you covered cause Sona wants to see you" she sighed and walekd out sona explained
"FINALLY I GET SOME BODY TO KILL!" she said smiling
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Roll thumbed his way through the stack of names and profiles. There were some big hits on this list. The mob kings around here sure through some stoand outish parties. Every contract killer, drug dealer, pimp and there mother were all invited to this damn thing. One name imparticular caught Roll's eye. It was a one Julia Tarense. She was a rather plain looking woman. She was 22 years old, brown hair, brown eye, 5'5, 125lbs., and one of the biggest speed dealers in the known area. It had been two years of tries, but Roll had never caught her. He was all over the idea of getting her at this party. There was a hefty bounty on this one.

After he pocketd the piece of paper he followed Soma's lead and walked out of the house to enjoy the night life of the city. True he had only been in for a few hours, but hell, the night was still young. There was still lots of money to be made and fun to be had. Roll came up behind Soma [B]"Going out for a good night?"[/B]

Soma turned to Roll with a grin to match his perpetual one [B]"Maybe. Care to join me for a night on this dirty little town."[/B]

Roll looked up and down the grey street as the dim street lights started to flicker on. His smile leaned to his right[B] "Why not. Your just as interesting as anything else in this little burg."[/B]

The two smiled at each other for a moment and then looked out toward the city as he heard the others in the house fumbling around still.
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[SIZE=1][B]"I shouldn't have done that the other day..."[/B] Gemini whined, hopefully out of earshot, and brought a hand up to her head. Pain lanced through her temples at the slightest movement, but she knew she'd live. She always did. [B]"Never expected that goon to be so tough."[/B]

Gotta get better. Gotta get better. The phrase became her mantra, cycling around her thoughts until it broke itself up and disintegrated into nothingness. In silence she examined the papers that Soma had brought along, scanning the players and analyzing the possibilities. All were interesting, but she didn't know how close she could get to any of them. It was a pity that there were very few hints about the people they had relationships with, because that would have helped Gemini immensely.

[B]"Hey, Gem'. What are you planning tonight?"[/B]

Gemini glanced up, but returned to examining the papers a moment later. [B]"I gotta headache, Archer. Leave me alone."[/B]

[B]"Maybe a walk on the town will help,"[/B] Archer sauntered over, and pulled the papers away from Gemini. The smaller girl was forced to look up, and didn't know how to react to Archer's smile. [B]"I hear that night air works wonders for a wandering mind."[/B]

Gemini shrugged. [B]"Thoughts and pains are two different things..."[/B] Midsentence, she had an idea. [B]"But, I think I'll go with you anyway."[/B]

[B]"Whoo hoo! I knew there was a way to bring Gem out of hiding!"[/B] Archer triumphantly skipped off to her room, winking at Gemini's smile.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]OoC: I'm not doing anything big until at least Monday. Latharix_sama is out of town and probably can't post until then.

IC: Soma had let everyone else have first choice, leaving her with a man named Mark Lewis. Lewis's name was familiar to her. She knew he was a black market dealer, but needed specifics. His penchant for womanizing was well-known, so she knew exactly which contact to use.

Roll came up behind her. "Going out for a good night?" he asked.

Soma turned to Roll with a grin to match his perpetual one "Maybe. Care to join me for a night on this dirty little town."

Roll looked up and down the grey street as the dim street lights started to flicker on. His smile leaned to his right "Why not. Your just as interesting as anything else in this little burg."

Soma continued to smile as they headed through the city. "I have one stop I need to make, and then I'll go wherever you want. Do you mind?" she asked. Roll shook his head no. "Good. When we get to where we're going, don't call me anything but Wylind."

Their wandering lead them to building more towards the city's center. All the black-shuttered windows were closed, and a red lightbulb illuminated the doorstep. Soma rang the doorbell, and a voluptuous woman with bright red lipstick and mascara-heavy eyes answered.

"I want Jolie for for an hour," Soma said, flashing three one-hundreds in the madam's face. Roll continued smiling, but raised an eyebrow.

"It'll cost extra if he comes with you," the woman replied. Soma held out another two-hundred. The woman let them in the door and said, "You know where it is, Wylind. Top of the stairs."

The inside of the house was decorated in every shade of red. After the head prostitute was out of ear-shot Roll commented, "I didn't know you swung that way."

"I'm straight, and this is business," Soma said as she knocked on the first door to the right of the stairs. A doe-eyed redhead answered, her eyes flashing worry then relief. Soma and Roll stepped into the dimly-lit room and seated themselves on two maroon chairs. "This is Jolie," Soma explained, "one of my best contacts. Jolie, last time I came you said one of your newest customers was a man named Lewis, right?"

Jolie nodded. Soma showed her the picture, which confirmed it was the same man.

"I don't know much firsthand since I've only had him a couple of times, but he's used the other girls before," Jolie offered. "But I did hear that he has two Fate's Children as bodyguards." She shivered slightly. "And he's really cruel. The last girl he was with... That's all I can say."

"Thanks, Jolie," Soma said.

Paying six hundred dollars for just five minutes with a hooker was suspicious, so Soma and Roll waited until the hour was up before leaving. As they walked out Roll said, "That was not what I expected. I had no idea you did that when you went out."

Soma laughed. "There are contacts everywhere, Roll, you just have to know how to find them. Anywhere you want to go now?"[/SIZE]
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Roll cocked his smile to the right again and turned back to her [B]"I have contacts of my own. And I'm gonna take you somewhere to meet an old friend. Sadly it's not as fun as this place, but I think you'll still find it to be a good time."[/B]

Soma smiled back and the two stepped off the stoop of the brothel and started back into the downtown. As they made there way deeper into the seedy black district, the more the streets seemed to fill up. They went from nearly bare streets to crowded and clutterd. It only built up til it was virtually Marti Gras in the street. Roll reached back and took Soma's hand [B]"You might want to stick close."[/B]

Soma smiled and pulled her hand away [B]"Thanks for the offer, but I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself."[/B]

Roll looked back and cocked his smile to the left this time and kept walking on through the crowd. He looked back to her and waved her toward the source of the crowd. It was the door to a large, neon trimmed night club with a sign above the door that read 'Tarot'. Roll approached the door, where a rather large line had formed. He walked up to the bouncer at the door, who casually stepped aside and let him right in.

The two walked in on a rather typical night club scene, given a few exceptions. This was a very obviously open place, what with every thing from open sex on tables to drugies shooting up in the corners and bathrooms. This was not the most desirable place, and it was obvious Soma wasn't that comfortable with it all. She tapped Roll on the shoulder [B]"Why the hell am I here? This place is starting to give me the creeps."[/B]

Roll looked back and just kept waving her on as they moved further and further through the night club. But as the further they moved back, the less active it seemed to become. Then the cause became apparent. There were two large guards and a thrid in the middle, obviously one of Fate's Children. Roll walked up to the young man [B]"Hey Andy, I need to see Bret."[/B]

The middle guard, Andy, nodded and waved the other two off to the side. Roll nodded and went on through the door. Inside was a man seated behind a tacky red desk. The room was a shade of blue, making the desk stand out that much more. Roll waved Soma in after him. The door closed behind her [B]"Hey Brett. This is a friend of mine. Don't worry, she's on the level."[/B]

The man's, Brett, eyebrows lowerd, and he seemed to calm down. He was a plump little man, with a full head of platinum blonde hair. He had squinty little eyes that seemed completely black from there angle in the brightly lit room. Roll approached the desk and a blue stool rose from the ground. He took a seat and waved Soma over to join [B]"Come on. This is your chance to learn a thing or two."[/B] He then looked to Brett again [B]"Brett my man, I've got a few questions for you. First off, as normal, have you picked up anything on Tony"[/B]

Brett shook his head [B]"Sorry pal, same as last week. No one knows where he went off to."[/B]

Roll nodded back [B]"Don't sweat it."[/B] He sighed, then shook his head [B]"Anyway, next question. Do you know anything about a Dealer named Julia Tarense?"[/B]

Brett nodded [B]"Now theres a big name. You usually don't ask about clientel. Is there something you'd like to tell me?"[/B]

Roll chuckled a bit [B]"I've got myself a little get together set up and I'd like her to be my guest of honor."[/B]

Brett laughed [B]"She's a good client, but I do owe you one for not causing a rucus here. Don't let your guard down with that one. She might not have any powers like you, but she does have a few tips and tricks. How else would she make it without any bodyguards?"[/B]

Roll got to his feet [B]"I'll keep that in mind." He reached his hand out "Thanks for the info. I'll keep it in mind for my little shindig."[/B] The two shook and then Roll looked to Soma [B]"Now are you ready for the real party?"[/B]

She smiled back to him again[B] "Where is this 'Real Party'?"[/B]

Roll looked to Brett and gave him a nod. Brett rolled his chair away and pushed the flat panel wall. The wall shifted in, the to the right as if it slide on a rail. Inside was a room that permeated the color of silver. It was a massive banquet hall, with quite a number of guests. This was a hot spot for the upper class of all backgrounds. Roll turned to Soma once more [B]"This is the perfect place to learn anything and everything you want to know about the underground. Just don't cause trouble til we leave."[/B]

With that the two walked into the banquet hall, filled with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous canidates.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]As Eliska enyered her room one of her fellow devils grapped her shoulder just as she dropped her plastic bag.

"Meeting in the living room."

She frowned and shut her door following the darked haired Lucky Devil to the living room to see Soma standing with a stack of papers. Eliska stood back as Soma spoke telling them about the bountys and that they we're to take one and to take out the target.

Bust seemed extremly exicted after hearing that they could kill. She rolled her eyes at her reaction and waited for the wanted posters to be taken up and walked up to take once once the rush had left. She really didn't care who she got, as long as she got someone. She glanced at the paper, [i]Roger Igor. The hell is that?[/i] Shurgging Eliska crumpled up the paper and figured she would look for him later as she walked out of the compound.

The street light where on as she walked out onto the street as she looked around she saw Judgement and Roll walking off in one direction. She smirked as she headed in the reverse direction.

Closing her eyes she walked along the street once again letting her power take over. It wasn't until she bumped into someone that her power left her. She was a little shocked since that hadn't happpened to her before, normally when she bumped into people her power still remained in control forcing her to go on. Opening her eyes to mutter apologize Eliska saw an attractive man with black hair and blond highlights.

"Sorry about running into you, I wasn't paying attention. Name's Eliska and I think your hair style kicks ass."

OCC: Cue xliquidousx for when they get back.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]It was night now, and the street lights were all lit; Dimes was still in search of someone or something to occupy some time with. He was busy thinking about what kind of parties might be going on when he noticed that a young girl with black hair bumped into him.

"Sorry about running into you, I wasn't paying attention. Name's Eliska and I think your hair style kicks ass," she said immediately. Dimes didn't know what to say. No one had ever complimented him before, and it made him want to return the favor, but no, that wasn't his style.

He simply shoved her aside and continued his pace, "Outta my way kid. I've got places to be, things to do." The girl didn't accept this, and stubbornly ran and tapped Dimes on the shoulder. Before she could get one word out, Dimes twisted her around in a headlock with his dagger to her throat, "Nobody touches me! You got that?"

Eliska's face was turning dark red as she muttered, "Y-yes. Please. L-let go!" Dimes released her and brushed his shoulder off. Eliska was scared now, but decided to speak anyway, "I just wanted to ask if you minded if I come along...with you..."

Dimes sighed and frowned, thought for a moment, then said, "Ugh. Fine, I suppose you can tag along. But don't think it's because I like you."

Eliska's face lit up with a smile and she and Dimes started off down the street, in the direction of some very crowded districts. "So. Where are we headed?"

Dimes thought for a second, seeing as how he really hadn't planned where to go, and then said, "Well, we're going to the pub. I need a drink."

Eliska scratched her head, "Umm, do you think they'll let me in there?"

Dimes looked over at the girl. She did look quite young, "How old are you?"


"Hmm. I'll get you in." Eliska couldn't help but grin.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Bust walked out chuckling to herself she had her own way of getting intel she went to a druggie alley and smiled there was a guy known as a client of Julia Tarense
she made sure he was the only one in range of her as she removed her covering clothes as he looked at her his vison disotrted and she looked like a friggen movie star and the pheremon made her even more irrestiable he came to her like a dog panting he was hers 'now be a good boy and tell me all about your dealer" she said he nodded as she kissed him and they began her fun as he spat out endless details about Julia when she finnaly got bored she smiled and stabbed him 'good boy' she said smiling and she lickied the blood off from him licking her lips her photographic memory memorized the info
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Guest The_K
Clover rolled over in a tangled mass of sheets as she sat up, rubbing the sleeep from her eyes and turning to the window set low beside her bed. The sun shown through as if to mock her, "Oh shush," she muttered stretching, her eyes fell upon a small porcelain pot empty except for the rich brown soil inside.
"Morning," Clover said waving a hand over the pot as a series of grape vines curled up from the soil, twisting and rithing to reach towards her hand and the sunshine. It trailed up her window, making a faulty curtain of vines and fresh purple grapes. She took one and popped it in her mouth before plucking several more and rolling out of bed with grace and soflty walking to the door.

Walking through the hallways of the house was always something of an adventure to her, meeting new people getting the latest four-one-one on available jobs and of course, the newest collections.
Thus, it didn't take long for her to hear about the house-wide job that Soma had planned. Clover pondered exactly what technique she would use and how many bounties she could get with how many tricks. She yawned slightly before sauntering into the bathroom to brush her teeth and hair.
[i]This should be 'interesting'[/i]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=SeaGreen]Rae was sitting on her bed with her earphones in her ears. The volume was up so loud that you could tell she was listening to some rock music that spoke about hard break ups. She was reading a book nodding her head to the beat of the music, from time to time mouthing out the words. The book that was in her hands was called "The Silver Kiss.'' The book was about a Vampire falling in love with a human girl and that human girl falling in love with him. Rae was into that kind of stuff and was deep into the book.

There was a knock on her bedroom door but seeing as Rae's earphones were up to a deafing sound she couldn't hear. Soon the knock on her door turned into a pounding sound.

"Archer! Open up,'' Roll yelled on the other side of the door.

Rae thought she heard something so she took one of her earphones out her ear to hear. She heard the knocking on her door.

"What is it," she yelled.

"Meeting in the living room. Soma's requested."

"Alright. Be there in a sec," Rae said turning off her CD player and marking her spot in her book. She jumped off her bed and opened the door just in time to see Roll knocking on the door next to her room. Before she left her room she grapped her MP3 player that was sitting on her dresser. She put it in her pocket and put one of the earplugs in her ear.

She walked out her bedroom bobbing her head to the music of some Rap artist. She walked into the living seeing that Soma had a bunch of papers spread out on the table. Rae plopped herself down on of the sofas. She noticed that Gem was rubbing her forhead repeatly.

"Hey, Gem'. What are you planning tonight?"

Gemini glanced up, but returned to examining the papers a moment later. "I gotta headache, Archer. Leave me alone."

"Maybe a walk on the town will help," Archer sauntered over, and pulled the papers away from Gemini. The smaller girl was forced to look up, and didn't know how to react to Archer's smile. "I hear that night air works wonders for a wandering mind."

Gemini shrugged. "Thoughts and pains are two different things..." Midsentence, she had an idea. "But, I think I'll go with you anyway."

"Whoo hoo! I knew there was a way to bring Gem out of hiding!" Archer triumphantly skipped off to her room, winking at Gemini's smile.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Joshua had just finished playing a game of solitaire and was changing cloths when he heard a knock on the door, as it started to open he said in a surprused tone, "Don't come in I'm changing cloths!"
"You're way to shy for your own good, why can't u be like you are when you're betting? At any rate meet in the living room, Soma's request."
"A-Alright i'll be there in a minute, and please quit teasing me." Joshua replied.
"Why? It's so much fun to watch you turn all those different shades of red. Now hurry it along Seven."
When Joshua had finished dressing and finally made his way to the living room, dice in hand, lightly tossing them in the air, he noticed everyone gathered around a bunch of papers and asked in a quiet voice, "So what's all this?"
Soma looked at him and said, "it's a list of hits, we're all going to be there so pick which ever you like."
Joshua started to look through the papers when one of them caught his interest. All the info it had on him was that he was 5'9, liked to gamble, and took a lot of chances, and of course his picture. His name, Ben Hashore.
He smiled and to no one in particular, all since of shyness gone, said, "This one looks interesting. Wonder if his luck matches mine?"
When he finifhed his sentence, he rolled, the dice landing on the face of the picture, just under his name. Snake eyes.
He stood there for a moment, looking at his roll, and said, "Bad omen, scratch what i said. This might hurt a bit."
He picked up his dice and walked out of the house heading for the bar.
When he got there, he walked into the back hall way, the large Bouncer guarding the door at the end stepped aside for him, and as he passed using the back of his hand he tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Hay Bubba."
The large man nodded to him, and retook his posision after the door closed behind Joshua.
The site that greeted him almost made him puke, his old firend was laying on top of his desk, with a women that had a face only a mother could love sitting on top of him.
"Good God man, do the world some justice and put some bloody cloths on!!!"pleaded Joshua.
"Oh shut the hell up, you're the one that walked in without knocking." The man said, then tapped the women on the shoulder and she left the room through the door in the back.
"It's safe ya peeping tom, i have cloths on now." The now visible man said.
He was a large man, weighing at 300 pounds. He had black, shaggy hair, brown eyes, and stood at 5'4.
Joshua, turning around to face him, not remembering turning his back in the first place, said, "Alright, now that that nightmare has ended, i need some info Ted."
Ted motioned to the seat across from him on the other side of the desk and said, "Alright then, Seven. What'll it be today? And before ya ask, i haven't got any info on Orso yet, but i promise i'm trying my best, but this guy can cover his tracks, and good. You'd think after all that he's done, killing your entire family, and nine other families, that he would have been found by now, but hay, i'm off topic what'cha need?"
Joshua was silent for a moment, then said, with a choked sound to his voice, "Yah, he should have been found by now. But what i need now is some info on a certain man named Ben Hashore. I need anything you got."
"That man's a big time husler kid, i hope u know what you're getting into. But this info wont come free, but for a friend we'll bet. Simple game, a roll of the dice, u win u get the info u don't u have to pay."
"Now that's my kind of game, lets roll."
Joshua pulled out his dice and rolled, after saying, "Luck of the Gods."
Double five.
Ted smiled, picked up the dice, and rolled.
Double four.
"You win. This one is a big time hustler like i said, but he loves to gamble, and takes a lot of chances, he's dangerous to, no bodyguards and he's never been hit or shot once, and lots of ppl have tried believe me. As far as i know he isn't Fate's Children, but watch yourself."
"All right man thanks for the info, i think i'll go get drunk, later man."
As Joshua rose to leave Ted said, "I know it's none of my business, but if you find Orso, kill him if you can, but your family died to protect you, don't make their deaths be in vaine."
Hand on the door nob, Joshua paused and said, "You know the saying, if you seek revenge, dig two graves."
With this he left, and went to the bar to start drinking.
He stumled into the house later that night drunk off his ass, and as he walked in he looked at the clock and saw that it was 2 in the morning and said to himself, "I'm gonna regret this in the morning, hope i make it to my room."
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[SIZE=1]OoC: I wasn't sure if the banquet hall was still a club atmosphere. If I got the setting wrong tell me so I can change it.

Soma's first impression of the club was not the best it could have been; even so, she valued any information she could get. Her former mentor Garet had kept the worst contacts from her, so there were still places in the city she had yet to find. She picked up Roll saying the name [I]Tony[/I] and wondered who that was, but before she could ask they were ushered to a swanky silver back room.

"This is the perfect place to learn anything and everything you want to know about the underground. Just don't cause trouble til we leave," Roll told her.

Soma nodded, relieved that at least they were away from the open sex tables. The people here were obviously richer than the patrons of the regular club. She felt underdressed in just her jeans and t-shirt, but a handful of others had dessed like her. She pulled her hair out of the usual braid, ran her fingers through it, and took one last glance at Roll before heading by herself into the crowd.

The music pounded in her ears as she moved closer to one of the casually dressed guests, a young man with dyed-green hair and dark eyes. He stood talking to two women with fake smiles and slutty clothing. Soma heard the name "Lewis" and decided she had found a source..

"Mention my name and Lewis will be gentler with the price," the man said. Lewis was wanted for illegal weapons sales. "I'm his right hand man, after all. He values me more than any man in the organization. 'cept maybe those two freaks he calls bodyguards..." The last part was muttered with bitterness, so quietly that the women did not hear it. But Soma did, and decided the guy was a good choice.

The man went up to a waiter and grabbed a drink. Soma chose to play the "shy girl" routine and get him while he was alone. She quickly but unobtrusively glided up to him, glancing shyly from side to side with a small smile barely at her lips.

"Umm... I'm Lindsey," Soma offered, taking the alias from part of her surname. She twiddled her thumbs and looked off to the side. "I do-don't really know anyone here. It's my first time and..."

The man looked at her with a lewd smirk. "Call me Colt. Who are you here with?"

"My cousin has worked with Miss Tarense," Soma lied. Roll's target was the first that came to mind. "But I think he left with another girl, and everyone else here looked sort of intimidating, and I thought you looked pretty nice."

"You don't look that bad either," Colt said. "Tarense is a weird one. Doesn't have any one guarding her."

"Well, at least she doesn't use--" Soma had the sudden urge to cut out her tongue. "--those freaky Fate's Children. They aren't even human." This was said very quietly, because it there were definitely other Fate's Children in the crowd, some flaunting their marks around the people they guarded. Soma felt the bile rise in her throat for saying it, even though it was just to keep Colt talking.

"My boss uses them. They [I]are[/I] freaks." Colt replied, and downed half of his whiskey. "One can paralyze you, and the other likes to freeze things. Bastard set my entire car in ice once." That last part of news was unsettling; her powers would not work as well if she got too cold. "But on to better subjects..."

Soma was even more unsettled when Colt placed his arm around her. His hand was [I]definitely[/I] straying too low. She kept her face perfectly calm, but was consumed by an intense urge to burn him to a crisp right there in front of all the other guests.

"Would you like to have a more... private talk somewhere?" Colt asked, the lewd look back in his eye.

Soma furtively scanned the room for Roll but could not find him. [I]I wish I had Snake Eyes's power right now,[/I] she thought. [I]Roll said not to cause trouble until we leave. I guess this means I'm leaving.[/I]

"Alright. Where do you want to [I]talk[/I]?" Soma asked suggestively, dropping the fake shyness. In answer, he brushed his hand someplace he definitely should not have touched. That was the biggest and final mistake he would make. Soma fought another urge which told her to rip his arm off and beat him with it.

Colt led her to a back exit and outside into a deserted alley. As soon as they were out of every one else's sight, she pushed him hard against a wall, forming flames centimeters from his face. Fire is very useful for interrogation; she learned that Lewis's bodyguards each had their markings on the shoulder, the one who used ice liked to draw out fights, and the one who could paralyze people hated the other bodyguard.

Soma usually reserved killing for jobs that required it, but Colt had thouroughly deserved it. She focused the bright hot flames over his heart and burned a hole through his chest. She was neither upset nor was she particularly happy; her expression remained one of utter serenity as she moved his corpse into a dumpster.

[I]I hope Roll isn't upset that I left early,[/I] she considered. [I]Then again, I don't even know if he can get upset. I've never seen hm without a smile.[/I] Soma returned to the house, scrubbed herself in the shower until her skin was raw, and went to bed.[/SIZE]
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June walked down the alley and saw Sona holding a man up with fire she sat down on a trash can watching
"Bust what are you doing here" she said
"following a lead" she said
"what are you doing trying to have some fun I thoght that was my gig" she said sighing
"just shut up why dont you go inside and talk to Roll" she said Bust shrugged walking in she saw Roll and smirked
"hey" she said
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]"Outta my way kid. I've got places to be, things to do."
Eliska paused for a moment, a normal person would of said thanks but this guy. This guy began to walk on ice in her mind, thin ice. Running up she tapped him on the shoulder her mouth open ready to speak when her put her in a full headlock and a dagger at her neck.

"Nobody touches me! You got that?"

Looking down she felt her face turn dark red as she muttered in gasping breths as he help her airway thight,
"Y-yes. Please. L-let go!"

The man with the kick ass hair released her and brushed his shoulder off.
A little frightened wasn't the word to describe how Eliska felt right now, but, as her nature was too, she decided to speak anyway,

"I just wanted to ask if you minded if I come along...with you..."

She flinched as the man turned sighing and frowning. "Ugh. Fine, I suppose you can tag along. But don't think it's because I like you."

Eliska's face lit up with a smile and followed the man down the street, in the direction of some very crowded districts. She knew what was in this direction but felt the need to ask anyway.

"So. Where are we headed?"

She watched as he paused fora millisecond before speaking, "Well, we're going to the pub. I need a drink."

Eliskafrowned at this, she [i]hated[/i] pubs or any place for drinkers. She remembered a vow she made after seeing the inside of her first pub. Eliska vowed to never drink anything, but water for the rest of her life. Yet if she wanted to stick around with this guy she would have to go in.

"Umm, do you think they'll let me in there?"

"How old are you?" As he spoke he looked at her as trying to determine her age.


"Hmm. I'll get you in." Smiling Eliska followed th man closer and began to try to start up some converstation. Maybe learn about this man.

"So what are oding on the side of town?" No answer.

"Your shirts pretty cool too." SHe went to touch it, but a warning glance from the man told her not to and her previous headlock flashed before her.

"Oh, sorry forgot about the whole no touching thing. Maybe you do need to drink I mean it does seem to make people relax more. Then again I heard that some people get more edgy when their drinking. I hope your not one of those." [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1]As Dimes and the young girl neared the pub he decided to ask her an important question, "What's your name kid?"

Eliska decided to give him her real name; she didn't want him to know her alias, "I'm Eliska. And what's your name?"

Dimes answered as they kept walking at the same slow pace, "No one but me knows my true name, and a very few know my nickname, so don't think I'm gonna tell you. But maybe one day, if you're lucky, you'll find out." Eliska thought she saw him wink at her. "Alright, now here we are," they had arrived at the pub.

Eliska whispered to Dimes, "I don't really like pubs that much."

Dimes acted as though he hadn't heard her. He pulled her close to him and said, "Hold tight. This is going to be fast." Eliska grabbed onto Dimes's waist, her face reddening. Dimes closed his eyes, concentrated on the surrounding air, and was off; within less than a second he and Eliska were standing in the middle of the pub, which was busy with travellers and locals. "Are you alright?"

Eliska let go of Dimes and nodded, "Wow. How'd you do that? You're not one of..." she whispered the next part, "Fate's Children are you?"

Dimes whispered, "Silence! We don't discuss that in public. But don't think you're keeping any secrets yourself."

This caught Eliska off gaurd, "What? What are you ta-talking about?"

Dimes grinned, "Look, we can talk later. Just follow me for now." He led Eliska up to the bar and motioned for the bartender bearing the nametag [I]Charley[/I]. "Hey Charley, have you heard anything about the," he glanced over at Eliska, then brought his voice down to a whisper, "the hunters?"

Charley looked over his shoulder then said, "I don't know what you're talking about Reita. I know nothing." Dimes slipped a bill of two-hundred dollars to Charley. "Wait, I think I remember something. I think I heard someone talking in here about a week ago about a group of 'em that lives in the slums or something."

Dimes rubbed his chin, "The slums huh? Okay Charley, thanks." With that he led Eliska to the exit, "Alright, now we can go back to my apartment and talk kid. Because I think you might be able to help me out." Eliska was starting to feel uneasy. "And by the way, yes, I am one of Fate's Children." He grinned.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: Oh dear, oh dear! Sorry I'm so late! The posts just confuddle me when I'm trying to read them ALL...-_-;

Lares looked around miserably as everyone left her alone in the house. All the targets she had wanted were taken, and she knew no one really wanted her to tag along. She bent down and picked up a random one. The name was Vennet Fjorde. A big-time dealer in the black market. Namely antiquated, or, on the opposite of the spectrum, high-tech hot items; most of which was illegal pretty much everywhere. Anything you want, he'll deal it to you cheap.
Lares smiled. She liked to know what was in style. She looked about to see if there was anyone left willing to go along with her.
"Hallooooo? Does anybody want to take this thug out with little old meeee?" She wailed grimly. Luck with the fast draw she could handle, luck with people she couldn't.
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[SIZE=1]Kazuki Tamir. Gemini smiled. Even the name was exotic! She remembered the young man's portrait, remembered the wide dark eyes and straight black hair that pointed to either Japanese or Greek descent, and remembered the nice sum on his head.

She had changed from her short exchange with Archer into something more...night worthy. Her black hair was clipped back, as there was little she could do with it, and she was content with the short pink plaid skirt, black tank top, and boots that she had chosen to wear. Anything else would have been excessive with where she planned to go and whom she planned to see.

"Archer," She knocked on the other girl's door. "You ready? We don't want to miss the night, do we?"[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]"So that's why-" Eliska cut herself off as she noticed that she was begining to revealve her own powers though she knew he probely figured out she was one from her large marking that covered her right arm. Then again maybe he hadn't she did have a few other tattoos on her body which made most people assume she was just an ink addict.

"Why what?" The man had asked. She remember that the bartender called him Retia and wondered if that was his real name or cust a code name. She didn't have time to worry about that now, she had walked herself into a hole and needed some way to get out. An excuse popped into her mind almost instantly.

"Why you moved so fast when I tapped your shoulder. I've never seen anyone other than a person with the gift move that fast."

She smiled warmly, her beautiful green eyes sparkling enhansing their color. She was still nervous around this guy, but like all things she had started to grow accustomed to him and his strange behavior. She had an idea of what 'hunters' he had inquired about an if things go t messy or dangerous she was already ready with an escape route that would take her far out of her way, but was diffucult to follow for anyone. That is unless you shared the same gift as Eliska.

"So where is your apartment anyway?" Eliska questioned as she walked a few steps behind the man whose name was still a mystrey to her.[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=SeaGreen]"No, not yet," Rae yelled at Gem from the other side of the door. She was rummaging through her dresser trying to find the right outfit for tonight. She either wanted to wear a black shirt with the words "I love me" on the front written in red with a black mini skirt that had chains running around the waist, with black goth boots. Then there was another outfit: That was red with the words "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" on the front in glitter. She wanted to wear baggy pants with this outfit. But in the end she decided to go with her first choice.

Rae opened the door to see an impatient Gem standing in front of her. "Hey."

"Let's go. We don't want to miss the night, do we," she said smiling a bit.

"No we don't. Besides, the night last a lifetime for me," Rae said grabbing Gem's hand and pulling her outside.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Soma fitfully slept for a few hours before getting up again. Looking at her brightly glowing clock, it was a little after midnight, still early compared to most of the jobs she did. Her stomach let out a soft growl, and she realized she had not eaten anything. She quietly crept through the silent house. If anyone else was there, they were probably sleeping, and she did not want to be blamed for waking them.

As she turned a corner into the kitchen, a younger, pink-and-blue-haired, electric-blue-eyed object collided with her. Soma landed on the floor with a soft [I]thump[/I]. "That hurt," said Snake Eyes as she rubbed her head.

"No kidding. Are you okay Snake Eyes?" Soma asked as she extended her hand to the girl. Snake Eyes did not seem too happy, but accepted Soma's hand. "I'm getting something to eat. Want to go with me?"

"Sure," Snake Eyes answered, looking a little happier. "Where did you go earlier?"

"Somewhere interesting, but I'll spare you the gritty details. I found out some good information, though." Soma grabbed the milk from the fridge and a spoon. She filled her favorite blue bowl with sugar coated cereal. "I went with Roll, and saw Bust as I came home. I think she's with him now. How as your day?" Snake Eyes lost her happy face again, and Soma regretted the question.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple]Dimes was walking fast, and Eliska he could tell was trying her hardest to keep up with his pace. After a few turns and many blocks, Eliska wasn't exactly sure where she was anymore. She had a good knowledge of Arcrith, but the section they were heading through now seemed unfamiliar. "So where is your apartment anyway?" she finally asked.

Dimes answered without slowing his relentless pace, "Right...here." He suddenly halted and with his hand gestured to the door of a small apartment, seemingly the same as all the others that surrounded it. It was painted a light creme color, and the door was painted red. The one difference in this building from all the others was that the paint wasn't at all chipped; it looked almost brand new.

Eliska looked up at the three-story apartment building in awe. She had a hard time judging whether or not she was in the slums or not. "Which floor is yours?"

"All three belong to me. Now come on." He motioned for her to follow as he walked up the small stairway and unlocked the thin door. Inside, everything was very well-organized and clean. It looked as though an interior designer had decorated the place. Every room had its own tone, and the entrance hall was surprisingly calm. Eliska had expected a dark, trashy apartment with no order to it.

"I - I like it. I'm actually surprised." She looked up at the shadowed figure that was Dimes.

"Suprised, huh? I figured you would be. Well, let's not waste all of my time admiring the place. Come into the den." She followed him into the den and sat down on a large red couch where she proceeded to remove her shoes."

Dimes also took his own shoes off, placed them by the door, and then offered, "Would you like a drink?"

"Umm...do you have water?" Dimes nodded and walked into the kitchen. He poured two glasses of water and brought them back into the den, where he sat down beside Eliska. "Thank you," she said with a smile.

"Oh, you're welcome." He took a drink. "I have a question for you." Eliska took a drink and sat her glass down on the coffee table. "You see, there are these bounty hunters that have been messing up the local Don's business. It's my job to find these hunters and kill them. I need to know, are you one of those hunters?"

Eliska's breath left her. She was starting to grow hot. "I - no. No I'm - I'm not. Why do you ask?"

Dimes slid much closer to Eliska, so that his face was mere inches from hers, "Let's just say, I have many connections kid. And I have a big hunch, that you...are lying to me right now. It's not my gift. I just happen to be pretty sure who you are." Eliska was sweating profusely now. She didn't know what to do. If she told the truth, all of her friends along with her would be in a very bad position. "Just tell me the truth kid, and you won't get hurt."

"Who do you think I am?"

"I've heard about a girl named Soma, and I'm guessing you would be her."

Eliska coughed. "What? No, that's not me! Soma's -." She stopped. She realized she had just given away the fact that she knew Soma.

"Then you know Soma!?" Silence. "Tell me!"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Eliska flinched at his sudden harshness and began to form lies in her head. She needed a plan and all that she could think of was how the hell was she going to get out of this mess.

"Fine, I'll tell you what you want. I worked for Soma once or twice for a bounty. My power lets me find things and places", she figured it would be best to leave out that she could find people as well, "She needed some help in that field so I offered my services. She lives with a few other Fate's Children. There, that's all I know."

During her entire spill she keep her eyes locked onto the man's eyes. Eliska prayed to God that he would take her story. It wasn't a big lie, most of it was true minus the part about the times she had helped Soma and her powers. [/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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