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Anime Things Naruto Characters Would Never Say or do...


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Hm, i thought for sure this would have been moved by now. Guess i'll toss a few in myself whether it is or isn't.

Things characters wouldn't say:

Naruto: Hokage? Who the hell wants to be hokage, i'd rather be in sasuke's shadow!

Chouji: YUCK! roasted pork! Hurry up and get me some tofu!

Jiraiya: Aww...do we HAVE to go to the co-ed hot springs today?

Lee: This curry is too spicy!!!!

Tsunade: Shizune! Give the order to close down every casino and sake house in konoha.

Shikamaru: Can i come on the super dangerous week long mission to the country with no clouds?

Kakashi: Hey Gai, where can i get one of those smooth looking green outfits you and lee wear?

Things characters wouldn't do:

Sakura won't mature and realize that her futile obsession with sasuke is causing unhealthy detriment to her mental well being.

Chouji won't offer anybody his last potato chip.

Neji won't walk up to Hinata and give her a great big hug and tell her what a great relative she is.

Hinata will never ask Naruto out face to face.
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Where the hell are the mods? Oh well, I'll play along.

Naruto: I could never beat Sasuke! He's the coolest! I'm gunna go start the Sasuke fanclub!

Konohamaru: I'm the honered grandson, *****! Go make me a sandwhich!

Sasuke: Oh, almighty Naruto! Let me bask in your glory!

Itachi: *dresses like a ballarina and does an Irish jig*
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[COLOR=Sienna]Welcome to OtakuBoards [B]UchihaNinjaGirl[/B]

I will be closing this thread for several reasons. First of all threads like this are rarely allowed since like your opening post they often end up being nothing more than simple statements without any reasons or explanations of why you think the character would never say certain things.

The other reason is expected post quality. Not only does post quality involve the concept of having clear, easy to read posts, along with correct use of spelling, grammar and punctuation, but it involves just how much a poster?s reply contributes, and expands to any given discussion. Something your opening post does not do. This is something that is greatly valued here at OtakuBoards, and we encourage members to exceed with their writing skills.

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