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RPG Sword of Destiny:New World Order[play]

9mm Avenger

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*The sky turns black, lightning streaks crazily across the sky*

* A dark figure descends in a blaze of energy - lightning flashing from his eyes*

*A collosal cape follws his path as he walks towards the powerful five figures standing in extravagant might*

In the deepest voice the eatrh could fathom:

"I shall aid you in your quest to destroy what is the most malevolent evil in the Universe! I am Saber!"

*Lightning streaks from the Sky and strikes the ground with it's mighty hand - uniting what will be the most powerful group of warriors the Universe has ever known!*

Saber: "This is my destiny!"
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*The Elite group of warriors walk into the deep forest*

*A short, sharp breeze blows past the like someone has just run past them*

*There goes another, and another*

Saber: Fellow warriors - I fear we are not alone!

*Saber draws his sword ready for battle, his body tensed, his mind poised!*
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Kool-You're right. We're not alone. There are others here. My magic tells me they're demons.

Kaioshin-Demons? That means we MUST be on our guard. Don't let it down for one second!

*the demons then start to materialize and the group knows they are outnumbered by 30 to 1.*

Siren-this won't end too well.

Kool-Well then, just be ready for anything!

*the demons advance on them*
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*Liam runs forward with his sword bared, then stops, smiles and his fangs bare slightly*

Demon1: Liam? *stops and makes motions to the others to stop*

Liam: brother *sheathes sword* *motions to the others* This is Djyek, he once saved me from certain death when I was turned half vampire, we have been friends since

Djek: *smiles* yes. .I can give you protection, but the others *shrugs* they will have to die

Liam: let it slide. .say we got the better of you

Djek: *laughs* *hisses in some demon language and the others demons dissapear* well I suppose we can let it slide :D in exchange for your arm band that you found

Liam: always a catch *rolls up sleeve and removes a golden armband encrusted with a large ruby*

Djek: thank you *takes it and dissapears*

Kool:*twitch* what was that about? *sword drops slightly*

Liam: never mind. .old friend

Kaioshin: *advances on Liam* are you telling me you converse with demons? one of the most hated and scourged of this land

Liam: I am half vampire, are they not also one of the most hated?

Kaioshin: *mutters darkly, fingering his blade*
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