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[CENTER]Basically it is a spinoff of Alien vs Predator[/CENTER]

[COLOR=DarkRed][U][B][CENTER][SIZE=5]The Blood Moon[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/U][/COLOR]

Leaves and branches broke as the man ran through the forest, breathing hard as he ran for his life. He looked over his shoulder as a branched hooked his foot sending him sprawling on the ground. The man tasted blood and felt the warm liquid run down from the cuts he had recieved. He began to stand up then froze as a huge shape came out of the forest. A blade slit his throat as his life left him. The moon, a deep blood red cast a evil glow as the creature let out a howl and dragged the body back into the forest.

Every year the moon goes through a phase where it turns a blood red. On this week a group of extraterrestials known as the Hunters visit the Earth and chose a small group of humans as their prey. If caught, they get to do whatever they want with their prize. If any of the humans are able to outsmart or kill a hunter which raely happens, they are found and then forced through a genetic process that makes them one of the hunters. These Hunters resemeble huge dog creatures that move with pure stealth. Are you able to outsmart the Hunters for the Blood week.

I think I need to make some changes: This takes place in an old abanded temple. The year is right now. it is a spin off of alien vs predator. This is modern day and no one knows about the hunters they just wke up in a random location and their need to survive begins

Age: 16 and up
Background: Your previous life until you were abducted. Normal people
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Name: Drou Shino
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black shoes,Blue jeans,Black muscle shirt,Blonde hair & Blue grey eyes
Background: Born in Japan,Drou had been secrtly training in the art of the sword but had a normal childhood until he was 17 & the last blood week he lost his family to the hunters to which he vowed revenge on any & all The Hunters.
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[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1][B]name [/B] Shinmen Ryuu

[B]age [/B] 24

[B]gender [/B] Male

[B]background[/B] Ryuu was born in Tokyo to a big-time business owner. When he was only three his parents were killed by Yakuza, and Ryuu was at the babysitter's at the time. He was sent to a private school for orphans and got heavily involved in Kendo. He practically dedicated his life to Kendo. At age nineteen Ryuu left the school and went to live on his own in the mountains to train himself. At age twenty-four, after five years of training, he finally left his secluded home to return to the city.

[B]appearance[/B] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Guest blooming
Name:violet lezura
Appearance:she wears a long black cloak and underneath wears a black halter top with a skull on it and a black mini skirt with a belt and she has black eye shadow on and.She has her nose peirced and her belly button peirced
Background:born in tokyo to a famous singer,she was most unusual as a child.The reason for this is because when she was three her mom found her training with her dads sword.A few daysafter that she lost her father to the hunters.Violet cried for three days straight.For one week she refused to go to her gramdma's house,finally her mother got her to go.Later thaat night her mother fell to the hunters and died.Violets grandmother had raised violet for 11 when violet decided enroll in lessons with the sword master.After five years of training violet decided to go back to where she lived with her mother and father.Shes been living in her mothers mansion for two years now and she is ready to take revenge on the hunters once blood week comes.
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