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Art [GFX] Dragon Warrior VS White

Dragon Warrior

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[size=3]Dragon Warrior vs. White[/size][/center]

[size=1]The following is a Graphics Battle with White versus myself. We will both makes the required graphics and when the time comes, anyone can vote. To vote, simply post your likes and dislikes of each participants graphics and then state who gets your vote. If you do not do this, your vote will not be counted.

[b]Graphic Requirements:[/b]
[list][*][b]Dimensions:[/b] 400 by 600 pixels.
[*][b]Theme:[/b] An advertisement poster for an unusual broadway play you most likely won't see ever coming out.
[*]The poster must contain some sort of fruit.
[*]It has to star "Gavin Brown" and "Stephen Ellerby"
[*][b]Due Date:[/b] June 6th, 2006. If both pieces are submitted before June 6th, then people are allowed to vote.[/list]

Good luck to White :)[/size]

[b]EDIT:[/b] Since I can't double post, I'm putting my entry here.


It's 400x600, has an apple in the baby's mouth (fruit), the starring names at the top, and is in on June 6th exactly :) The weirdest play I could think of. Hah.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple]White: I liked your poster design a lot; the colors and the text worked well. However, the idea may be odd and original I suppose, but it didn't really make me go Ah! I love it!

Dragon Warrior: Your poster was interesting, to say the least. The text and colors seemed pretty random and didn't have much of an effect. The photos worked nicely though. The whole idea and the quotes really made me laugh. The whole thing just had me from the first quote. I love it.

So my vote has to go to [B]Dragon Warrior[/B]. Good job to both of you.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]ZOMG FRUITS!! :O Anywho, awesome battle to you both... the pieces look so awesome that I want to go see both of them there plays! XD

Anywho.. onto the voting!! =D

[B]White[/B]: Wow... the blueness that is called the banana. This one really appealed to me because of the simpleness of the font and text, but they really work well together, thus creating an awesome poster. The blue banana is really awesome too because it just... pops out at you, I guess. Also, I must say that the font for The Blue Banana is really loverly.. what kind of font is that, may I ask? Anyway, this one really made me laugh and I enjoyed it. ..was it really a book and a television series? :O About the things that I didn't like oh so much... kind of simple and it has the stripes.. XD Maybe you should add a little bit more in it? I can't really say.. but I feel as if it's missing something..

[B]DW[/B]: ZOMG BABY EATING!! I've always wanted to see a baby being presented like a turkey. XD Anywho, this was an exciting poster too, but it just seems so cluttered to me. :/ The title font is great, but all the comments around the baby in white is kind of overpowering the whole poster... and also, the text of Stephen Ellerby (lol) is covering the baby's face, which is kind of distracting to me. And, last but not least... the cloudy background... I'm just wondering what that has to do with anything... :X Other than that, it really is awesome and I really liked it. XD

Well, other than that... [B]White[/B] gets my vote. Good job to you too, DW. Let the epicness commense!! XD[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=#333333]Another tough choice.

[b]Dragon Warrior[/b]: Baby eating, now who else could come up with something such as that? I also love the bad reviews on the advertisement, creative. However, I have to agree with keyblade wielder that it seems a bit clustered to me and might be hard to draw your attention to the main pieces. There just might be too much to look at.

[b]White[/b]: I love the blue banana, maybe I just love fruits or what but the colors look amazing especially the striped background. The fonts and image really seem to blend well as if with the specific blue and yellow theme, the reviews are also neatly proportioned. Only thing that I could point out wrong with it would be the above text is pretty plain but even that I find suits it well.

So basically I have to agree with keyblade wielder on this one....My vote goes for [b]White[/b] based on the overall theme.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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